Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Out of all the spaces in your house, you spend the most time in your bedroom. In a home, that is one of the most cherished spaces for a person because this is the place where one gets rest and alone time. And whether you believe it or not, bedrooms deserve the most attention and care from you.

They say your bedroom reflects your state of mind. Take a look around. Does your room resemble your thoughts? Is your room a place where you would want to spend long hours reflecting and recharging? If your answer is no, then you may be missing something.

Apart from keeping your room clean, there is one thing more that you can do to make it a better haven for you especially when you have long days outside the home. This can be through making the right choices for your furnishing, color palette, theme, accents and decorations.

A person’s room should be a comfortable place to be in; moreover, it should also be a reflection of their personality and style. It is always the right time for a room makeover. If you have not taken the time to pay attention to your room for the longest time, here are a couple of bedroom decorating tips that you can do.

Amazing Bedroom Decorating Ideas

There are a couple of things that you can do to make your room standout more and be exceptionally comfortable. You will be surprised to see that not all these require a huge amount of investment. Let’s tackle them one by one for you to see which ones can compliment your room.

  • Wallpaper Patterns

Patterns can be overwhelming and chaotic when uncoordinated and used in excess. If you want to experiment and start spicing up your room with patterns, you can start with neutral colored patterns for a more subtle approach. After that, you can then move to using floral wallpapers and other patterns while making sure your flooring remains in unison with it.

  • Hanging Bedside Lamps

If you are running low on space, you can opt to get hanging bedside lamps for lighting and décor. These will be a chic addition to your bedroom while helping you maintain a lot of moving room. The good thing about this is that it will not interfere with your wall art.

  • Headboard: Tapestry

Did you know that you can use tapestry as a headboard? Get one of your choices and watch it blend into the whole room’s art theme while functioning as a headboard. Choose one that has bold patterns and colors, and get one with a texture that is not spaciously overwhelming. Feel free to change it every once in a while for varied designs.

  • Earthy Themed Details

If you have a veranda or a balcony in your room, you can invest in your outdoor details for a more stylish look. You can opt to get large glass doors for the door to your balcony or veranda and then set up a small hammock. To put a touch of earthiness, you can go for materials to complement the look like seashells, woven room dividers and more.

  • Eclectic Rudiments

Your room can be a mix of modern and vintage art. Using and adding different elements to come up with a room’s atmosphere can work. If you have an antique bed, you can compliment it with vintage items and handmade rugs, along with a timeless black and white art piece for your wall.

  • Workhorse Nightstands

Bedrooms where space is a premium can maximize this design. If you are running low on storage space, you can use a small dresser to act as a roomy nightstand. In this way, you get to have furniture at bed side’s reach to house books, cosmetics, flowers or lamps while serving the purpose of a dresser to store your clothes and other things.

  • Your Very Own Art

If you have an artist within, you can turn your bedroom into a resting and creative abode. You can use chalkboard paint in some corners of your room to use it as an additional and innovative element for your room. With this feature, you get to create your own art and add to the playfulness and uniqueness of your room’s theme.

  • Proportional Pieces

When choosing furniture for your room, make sure to get those that are in good proportion with your space. If you have a small space, you can opt for items that are small and minimal-looking to make it look less cramped. On the other hand, you can go for oversized furniture and mirrors to create that “wow” factor in your big, airy, open space.

  • Dramatic Curtains

While some people prefer light and simple curtains, there are those who love using bold accents and details in their bedrooms. If you are one of those people, then you will definitely want to bank on dramatic curtains to complete your room’s look. A favorite among many would be custom-made curtains that have unique cuts, texture and patterns.

  • Get a Statement Art Piece

Rooms who want to have lesser items for decoration whilst still having a strong aesthetic appeal can go for this one. A statement art piece can be placed just anywhere around the room, ideally, you can hand it on the wall, just above your bed frame. With this attached to your wall, you will notice that anything you put around it is a lot more emphasized. Hence, less is more.

  • Monochromatic Look

If you want a bedroom that is not so flashy and chaotic, you can go for a monochromatic look. This is ideal for those who want to make a small space seem more airy and spacious. Start by choosing a color and choose designs from there. A monochromatic-themed bedroom will definitely surprise you.


Revamping your room and recreating different looks for your corners can lessen your stress while giving you an outlet for expression and creativity. Not only that, creating a vision and designing it accordingly gives you fulfillment and drive to keep it looking fabulous every time. A room that you feel happy coming home to will be the only thing you need to help you recharge.

So if you have not taken the time to give your room a little makeover, you can start planning it today. With the number of decorating options and ideas mentioned above, it would be impossible to not create a picture of the kind of room you want. Start now and be amazed by how a beautiful and personalized bedroom can make you feel.