Best Bed Frames for Back Pain Reviews 2022 (Top Picks)

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One of the best and smartest ways to bid goodbye to back pain is not to change your sleeping pattern but most importantly your sleeping platform. No, it’;s not the mattress but the frame acts as the foundation of the bed. So, if you end up choosing a wrong bed frame, things will not look peaceful and thereafter the nights will be more like hell. Today, there are plenty of modernized bed frames that do not even require box springs, and these work wonders in eliminating backaches, thereby bringing you peaceful slumbers. So, if you are planning to invest in treating your back pain, make sure to bring home a strong and sturdy bed frame.

6 Best Bed Frames for Back Pain (Comparison-Chart)

ImageNameDimensionsWeightMaterial TypeWhere To Buy
1 8Zinus Shawn Bed Frame80 x 60 x 14 inches34.2 lbsWrought & Cast IronCheck Price
2 8Zinus Demetric Bed Frame79 x 59 x 14 inches46.9 lbs Steel Frames, wires Check Price
6 7Modway Horizon Bed Frame 54 x 75 x 14 inches40 lbsMetalCheck Price
4 8Olee Sleep 18 Inch Tall 81.5 x 77.5 x 18 inches55.2 lbs
SteelCheck Price
5 7Mellow Rocky Base E 14 Inch79.9 x 9.1 x 9.1 inches49.8 lbs Heavy Duty SteelCheck Price
5 7Classic Brands Hercules Bed Frame75 x 39 x 14 inches24 lbsMetalCheck Price

Reviews of Top 6 Best Rated Bed Frames for Back Pain

1. Zinus Shawn 14 Inch SmartBase Mattress Foundation Bed Frame

Now put your hands together for Zinus as it brings on a new-age bed frame to wipe off all back pains. It doesn’;t even need a box spring since the smartbase is good enough to keep your mattress in position. Equipped with multiple contact points, it gives solid support and unmatched durability that would keep the user safe and comfortable. It has a height of 14 inches while its under-frame clearance is of 13 inches that makes enough storage space under the bed. Also, it can be stored with absolute safety owing to the plastic cap provided as well as for its unique folding design.
Best Bed Frame for Back Pain

Features and Specifications:
  • With 13-inch clearance under the frame and 14-inch height, this smartbase mattress support is ideal for keeping backaches away
  • Does not take much time to assemble and also requires no tools for installation
  • Built with mainly steel frames and wires, this popular bed frame is ideal for people of average weight
  • Supports a sturdy construction and would stand strong for years to come
  • When laid under the mattress, it makes no noise, keeping the user at ease
  • Takes only 5 to 10 minutes to assemble
  • Makes ample storage for storing plenty of bedroom essentials
  • Doesn’;t need a box spring and still establishes a solid foundation
  • Worth the price as it quite flexible for use
  • Possibility of the mattress sliding from all sides
  • Not sound-proof as promised
  • Does not come with good packaging

2. Zinus Demetric 14 Inch Elite SmartBase Bed Frame

Relaxing at home will now seem to be the best thing in the world when you bring this 14-inch bed frame from the house of Zinus. What makes it a great pick among modern homeowners is that it doesn’;t need a typical box spring. The bed frame is made of good quality steel that lends it durability and sturdiness for years to come.
Its under bed storage space is huge as it measures 13 inches of clearance. Ideally fit for bigger and taller people, this bed frame doesn’;t need many tools for assembling, which can be done in quick time. What makes it convenient to carry and effortless to store is its folding design.

Zinus Demetric 14 Inch Elite SmartBase Bed Frame

Features and Specifications:
  • Designed to assure relief to those suffering from back pain, this 14-inch Zinus bed frame is sturdy and stylish
  • No box spring is required here unlike what people used earlier
  • Storage space under the bed is sufficient as it makes a clearance of 13 inches
  • People who are tall and heavy will find this bed frame to be quite safe to lie down and relax
  • What makes it easy to store and move is its foldable design
  • Very sturdy construction that assures solid security for users
  • Frame is big enough and can hold up to 4000 lbs
  • Storage space is quite impressive
  • Can be moved around with no effort and makes no noise at all
  • After using a month, it starts making a squeaking sound
  • Screws come out often that need to be tightened when required

3. Modway Horizon Full Bed Frame

Style and stability are sure to come hand in hand with this super trendy bed frame by Modway. No box spring, no tools for installation and no cheap construction makes this bed frame an eye-catching addition to one’;s room. These horizon bed frames are made of stainless steel that account to their durability. With middle leg support, it achieves stability so as to hold up to 1300 lbs and that also without bending. Whichever mattress you are willing to put on, it would lend the best possible support. Even if you wish to keep it unused, simply fold it and it would be preserved safely.
adjustable bed frames for back pain

Features and Specifications:
  • Built with an amazing design, this Modway bed frame is perfect to lend your dull room a fresh look
  • Frames are undeniably strong as these are made out of brilliant quality steel
  • Bears the strength to hold up to 1300 lbs at a time
  • Sturdy in nature, it does not depend on any box spring and rather fits mattresses of all sorts
  • Easy to store anywhere in the house as it can be folded easily
  • Scores high in sturdiness and very easy to assemble
  • An impressive display of color that makes it complement the interior
  • Affordable to buy and also quite comfortable to lie upon
  • Can be folded with no effort at all
  • As per quality, it is not worth investing
  • Middle of the frame often breaks apart
  • Makes weird sounds

4. Olee Sleep 18 Inch Tall Heavy Duty Steel Slat Bed Frame

If you have been looking for the best bed frames for back pain that gets assembled in a jiffy, involves no complex installation and makes adequate storage space under the bed, you will be happy with what Olee Sleep has to offer. Noise-free, anti-slip and sturdy, this 18-inch bed frame is tall indeed to fit all sorts of standard mattresses. Its round-edge legs are quite beneficial from letting you bump in the edges. With such a solid frame, the high-quality steel slats can even take care of a heavy foam mattress. Forget owning a box spring as the mattress will fit right into the frame with just a push.
best bed frame to purchase for back pain sufferers

Features and Specifications:
  • Unique, sturdy and modern, this 18-inch bed frame is simply outstanding with hardy slats made of pure quality steel
  • High on strength, Olee Sleep is very efficient in providing immense support to heavy mattresses
  • Designed with legs having round edges, it outclasses others in terms of safety and comfort
  • As it has a good height of 18 inches, it requires no box spring and easily keeps mattresses in a safe position
  • Keeps the user free from any sort of noise during sleep
  • Looks quite artistic and perfectly complements the modern décor
  • Does not make any squeaking sound once it is correctly assembled
  • Convenient to use and does not require a box spring
  • Looks quite good and suitable for any type of home décor
  • High on sturdiness and makes ample storage
  • The process of assembling is very complex
  • Storage space could have been more
  • Slats are not strong enough to fit snugly

5. Mellow Rocky Base E 14 Inch

Twin bed frames have always been the talk of the town, and this simple yet modern bed frame will keep its promise to keep you relaxed for hours. Made of solid steel, it is no doubt hardy and neither leaves any question in terms of durability. With multiple points of contact, it assures unmatched support and stability for its user. Taking no time to assemble, it does not require any tool for installation. The steel slats are also quite reliable in ensuring that the mattress doesn’;t sag from the sides. Value for money, this bed frame features 11-inch under bed clearance that will make enough space for storing essentials.
5 3

Features and Specifications:
  • Designed to prevent sagging of mattresses, this 14-inch metal bed frame has a very simple yet trendy design
  • Steel slats provided are absolutely durable as these are made of excellent quality steel
  • Assures stability and support like anything for having multiple points of contact
  • Under-bed storage capacity is huge as it makes 11 inches clearance and stores a good number of essential items
  • Matches well with the interior of your room
  • Assembling seems a lot easier for the clear instructions provided
  • Extremely sturdy as it can hold on to a weight of 500 lbs
  • Heavy-duty in nature and supports foam mattresses without any complications
  • Does not make squeaky sounds even if you end up jumping on it
  • Difficult to put together and breaks apart after a few months of use
  • Screws often come out that gradually loosen the parts

6. Classic Brands Hercules Heavy-Duty 14-Inch Metal Bed Frame

What keeps a bed more secure is its frame, and this Hercules 14-inch metal bed frame by Classic Brands will assure the highest standards of safety and comfort. As far as its construction goes, it is made of heavy-duty steel. It clearly eliminates the need for a box spring and acts as solid support for mattresses. With an ability to fold, this 21st-century bed frame makes plenty of storage space beneath the bed. With an impressive length of 14 inches, it can be assembled without any effort and doesn’;t even require tools for the same.
best selling bed frame for back pain

Features and Specifications:
  • Establishing a solid foundation, this 14-inch metal frame is designed to fit memory foam mattresses as well as the latex ones
  • Can be easily folded that makes it convenient to store when not in use
  • Under bed storage provided is excellent as it has a clearance of 13 inches
  • Equipped with leg caps for floor protection, it keeps users safe and protected
  • No hassles involved in assembling because it neither takes time nor any help of tools
  • Quite durable and can take heavy weights up to 400 lbs
  • Assembling is not a challenge and can be done in quick time
  • Can fit a heavy mattress with no squeaky sounds
  • Very comfortable to lie upon
  • Frame is not of good quality
  • Weird sounds come after a few months of use
  • Not strong enough for fat people

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Bed Frame For Back Pain

Just imagine you are back home after those tedious work hours and your bed gives a clarion call. But you find to your dismay that your back is paining like hell. At this juncture, what most people do is start bothering about their health, and so will you. But you never know the problem might keep lurking inside that bed where you decided to unwind. Yes, it’;s the frame that might possibly be the culprit, and if it is so, you must take up things seriously. In other words, you should always consider the bed frame not because it would complement the bed or your bedroom but because it must keep you miles away from back pain. Just make sure it matches your bed and mattress size, and once it does, you are sure to have chillaxed nights.

Well, if you are hardly aware of how good should be a bed frame, here are a few considerable factors that would be of great help. Have a look:
best bed frame for back pain reviews

  • Look for a supportive box spring
Although a box spring is a bit traditional, it helps in providing good support. A box spring is essential to provide solid support to your foam mattress. Usually, it comes with a bed frame so that your bed achieves a solid foundation. So, it’;s great if you can pick a bed frame along with a box spring that should, of course, be compatible and lessen the mattress support as much as possible. However, modern-day bed frames do not mostly require box spring. So, nothing to worry if you are buying a bed frame without it.

  • Check the size of your room
You might give a frown at the fact as to how the size of a room relates to a bed frame. Well, it matters, to be honest. The best thing is to take a minute look throughout the room where you want to set the bed frame. This would certainly give you a clear picture of how much space it would take. Don’;t forget about keeping other things in your room like the wardrobe, side table, baby cot etc. Just make sure you have a fair walking space between these and the bed frame.

  • Don’;t forget the slats
What most people forget is checking the slats, which stays under the mattress, however. If you are wise, you will always check the width in between that should always be greater so as to keep the mattress away from wear and tear. It would be best if you can go for the sprung slats, which are a lot thicker in comparison to the wooden ones. Remember, the sprung flats make the base quite firm and hence strengthens the support.

  • Check the material for strength
The bed frame you choose to buy has to be solid and that should make no compromise. For this, the material has to be of premium quality, that is, not some cheap particle board or something similar. If it is of wood, it would assure quality service for years to come.

  • Look for the right budget
On whichever bed frame you are willing to invest, make sure it does justice with your comfort level. You can spend dollars to get your bed frame but it has to be durable and provide you hours of comfort instead of bringing back pain. So, more than style, it should be comfort and durability that would actually stand compatible with your investment on the bed frame.


Now that you have known about some of the smartest bed frames and how to choose the best from the rest, your job becomes easy. Just do not forget measuring the space in your room so that you can choose to buy the best bed frames for back pain accordingly. Today, new-age buyers look for ample storage space beneath their bed, and this indeed is a crucial factor while browsing the top bed frames. Be aware of the installation process and don’;t be in a hurry to invest; it’;s your backache after-all that needs to be wiped off.

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