Best Bed Frame Wheels 2020 Reviews (Top Picks)

There are so many benefits of getting the best bed frame wheels. When you have bought your metal, wooden or upholstered bed frame, you want to ensure that it lasts the longest time possible. You also want to protect your floor from damage. The best caster-wheels for bed frames can help you achieve all that. There are many types of casters for bed frames in the market. Thus, to choose a nice set, first find information about the available varieties.

You may be worried that the wheels for the bed frame could make the bed move about when you are deep asleep. That is not right at all because most of these wheels have locks and if they do not, they stay put anyway. You can just lock the casters and prevent all movement. Besides, they are very stable on the ground, so even if you are overweight, there is no risk of toppling over.

Since these accessories are very affordable, there is no reason why you should not buy them. They also increase the ground clearance of your bed, therefore giving you more room for storage underneath.

Top 10 Best Rated Bed Frame Wheels On The Market

There are so many bed frame wheels and casters in the market.  The most important factor to consider is the type of floor that you have at home. If you have carpeted, tiled and wooden floors in the same house, it is possible to find wheels that work well on any floor. But first, here are reviews of the best wheels

1. King’s Brand Heavy Duty Caster Wheels for Bed Frame

A heavy bed can be quite nasty to move from one area of the bedroom to another. However, you can solve that when you get casters such as the King’s Brand Heavy-Duty wheels for bed frames. They will make it easy to move your bed from one section to another.

Since these are heavy-duty caster wheels, it means they can take some weight and some abuse too. For example, the wheels have been rated for a total weight of 600 pounds. Thus, whether you have a king size, queen size or even an adjustable hospital bed, these wheels will be good for it. The wheels are good even on the heaviest bed frames. The metal parts are corrosion-resistant and the plastic parts are high quality, strong and durable.

Two of the wheels will lock and the remaining two will be free moving. When you lock the lockable ones, you can be sure that the bed frame will remain stationary throughout the night. If you like plopping on the bed heavily, these wheels will handle your weight very well.

  • The wheels roll well on any kind of floor, including on carpets
  • High quality with good locking mechanism
  • Good weight rating
  • They do not cause damage to the floor if used correctly
  • They come in a set of four
  • Plastic inserts can be a bugger to pull off
  • They do not have a tight fit and will come off any time you lift the bed

2. Generic Set of 4 Locking Bed Frame Casters

These wheels have been rated for a total weight of 600 pounds. This means they can take some abuse and remain intact. The quality is good and they can work on all types of floors, including carpeted floors. However, it is important that you do not roll them on the carpet too much. In any case, you just need to set the bed to the right place where you do not need to keep moving it back and forth.

You will get four casters in one set. They are sold with their plastic sockets, which may or may not fit the bed. Thus, it may take some time to fix these casters and some drilling too, but you will do it in a short time.

These wheels, all of them, have a tab that you can push down to lock them into place. This makes them secure even when they are handling the maximum weight that they are rated for. Even if your bed frame weighs over 100 pounds, these casters will carry the weight very well without showing the strain.

With good care, which basically means not moving the bed around unnecessarily, they can last years on end.

  • All of the four wheels are lockable
  • They roll well on carpeted floors
  • These casters can support a lot of weight
  • The wheels cannot damage your floors
  • There are no installation instructions
  • It takes some force to get the bed moving when the casters are new

3. Khome A Set of 4 Heavy Duty Caster Wheels

Metal bed frames are excellent when it comes to quality, durability and build. They also resist mold and bed bugs. However, most of them are too heavy, that is, even when you haven’t placed the mattress on top of them. Combine that with the weight of the person who will be using the bed, and you have some weight to worry about.

When it comes to moving the bed frame from one position to another, the Khome casters can help. They roll easily on any kind of floor and can make your bed seem weightless.

So what will you get with the package? First, these casters come in a set of 4. Two of the casters are lockable by design and two are not. The lockable ones keep the bed stationary even when you plop down on it. Thus, you need not fear that the bed will move on the two free wheels. Engaging and disengaging the wheel lock is ever so easy. It takes a few seconds only and you can have the bed locked into place or moving.

If you have lost your bed frame caster, you can buy these ones for replacement. If you have a new bed frame that lacks casters, these wheels will serve your needs just fine.

  • Sturdy and strongly built for daily use
  • When locked, the lockable casters stay truly locked
  • The 360-degree swivel action makes it easy to move the bed
  • Can support a lot of weight
  • Plastic inserts are a bit small for your bed frame feet
  • Might not move as smoothly as we would like on carpets

4. MALOUF STRUCTURES Set of 2 Extra Wide Bed Frame Caster Wheels

Now, if you do simple research, you will find that MALOUF is a bed frame maker, and they make very good ones. Thus, you would expect their casters to be just as good, if not better. Once you test these replacement casters, you will agree that indeed, they are of high quality.

However, even if you want to buy these to fix them on your bed frame for the first time, do not let the word replacement dissuade you from buying. You just have to buy two sets since each set has two wheels. They may not be as affordable as some brands that we have reviewed here but they are good.

These wheels are made of polypropylene material. Thus, they are strong and durable. They are also able to withstand all conditions including wet conditions. The metal part is also corrosion-resistant. Just so you can see how confident the manufacturer is in their product, they give you a limited warranty of one year if you are in the USA.

You will see that these casters come with a plastic sleeve, which you should remove before installing them. It can be a bugger to remove, but with a pair of pliers, that should be easy. That aside, installation is simple and it won’t take much of your time.

  • High quality wheels made with polypropylene material
  • Easy to install even without help
  • Have a warranty of 12 months
  • No-hassle casters, just fit them and move your bed frame
  • The caps are not removable and if they are, they are so hard to come off
  • They do not swivel – they move backward or forward

5. Combo Solutions Caster Wheels for Trundle Bed

These casters are quite different as they install differently to the other wheels that we have looked at here. First, they are low profile by design, and that helps a lot when you have uneven floor at home.

They are sold in sets of 4, but don’t worry about the price because they are very affordable. Please note that these wheels are made for trundle beds. Do you have one? A trundle bed is a low profile bed with wheels that you keep under your main bed and only remove it when you need to use, such as when you have kids sleeping over. These wheels would be alright to install on any bed frame, but they do have a low weight rating of 300 pounds.

To install these bed wheels, you need screws. These are provided with the wheels so you will not have to order them. This also means that you will have to do some drilling work on the feet of the bed frame.

The wheels are also easy to install on any furniture. Because these are rubber wheels, they will not cause any damage to your floor. You can use them on all types of floors. They also roll easily on the carpets.

Please note that these are forward and backward motion wheels. Thus, they will not allow you to push the bed sideways.

  • Can be used on different furniture items but not chairs
  • As low profile, they keep the trundle bed low and easy to push under the bed
  • Available at an affordable price
  • They are easy to install as the screws are provided
  • You can install them on underbed cabinets
  • Not very flexible on deep carpets

6. Tech Team Locking Bed Casters, Wheels

If looks matter, the Tech Team casters look really stylish, what with the bronze-like metal part and the rough plastic part. With a single glance, you can tell that these casters are high quality and that they can make your bed frame quite mobile. Sold in a set of four casters, each has its own locking mechanism. For your security, lock the wheels to position when you have made your bed. Unlocking them is so easy when you want to move the bed.

Every part of these casters has been molded with care. From the heavy-duty metal frame to the hard plastic making the wheel, durability is assured. Anyway, no one wants to be in the market all the time looking for casters. This is why durability is such an important consideration.

These casters are good for your steel bed frame. Even if you have one of those heavy steel bed frames, these wheels will do the trick for you. They also move easily on any type of floor including carpets. These wheels are also good on your floor and they will not do it any damage. If you recently varnished your floor, it is safe.

  • Safety is guaranteed since each wheel has its lock
  • Easy mounting and installation without need for tools
  • Built to last with heavy-duty metal and plastic
  • These casters are good for all types of floors
  • Almost universal as they fit on all bed frames
  • You have to be very keen if you are ordering them for replacement lest they refuse to fit

7. Shepherd Hardware 9535 2-1/8-Inch White Bed Rollers

These ones are sold in a set of two pieces, and so they are best used as replacement casters. However, you can always order two sets since they do not cost you all that much if you want uniform wheels on your bed frame. These are high quality casters. They look pretty solid, they are white in color and they fit in with almost any décor. Ok, they might look too white if you have a black metal frame, but the contrast is really beautiful.

Apart from looking unique, these casters also serve their purpose in several ways. For example, each has a weight rating of 125 pounds. Thus, if you buy four of them, you can get a total weight rating of 500 pounds, which is quite good.

Because of the 2-inch width, they will distribute the bed frame weight perfectly on the floor, without damaging it. Please note that these are small casters. They are only 1/8 of an inch, which is quite low as compared to others that are 2 inches high. However, that does not hinder their movement on the floor.

These are swivel rollers. Therefore, you do not need to turn the bed frame when you are moving it. You can move it sideways, backwards or forwards.

  • These casters have heavy-duty metal frame
  • The white color looks dashing
  • They are easy to fix on your bed frame feet
  • The weight rating is good
  • Plastic plugs on the stem pull of easily
  • The brakes do not lock very well
  • Small size makes them hard to roll on carpet

8. Leggett & Platt Replacement Wheels / Casters with Socket Sleeves

With these casters, you get a set of four. They are sold with their socket sleeves (pretty standard feature). All of these casters come with brake mechanisms, so securing your bed frame should not be any trouble at all. However, please note that these replacement wheels are mostly compatible with the Leggett & Platt bed frames.

The most important thing for casters is the quality and these ones do not disappoint. If you have a Leggett & Platt bed frame at home, you should get these wheels. However, sharing the same manufacturer does not guarantee they will fit. Therefore, you need to check the size of the hole where the casters will be inserted so you can ensure they will fit. If they fit, you will be very happy with them because they are sturdy and strong and they last a long time.

These are high wheels, so they will add some ground clearance to your bed. From the tip of the wheel to the top of the plug, this wheel measures 4 ¼ inches. The big size also helps in movement because they roll well on all types of floors.

  • Sold at affordable price
  • The brake mechanism is very effective for every wheel
  • They support a full weight metal bed frame
  • If they fit on your bed frame, they work like a marvel
  • They do not fit all bed frames. Be keen when ordering

9. GTU Furniture Heavy-Duty Bed Frame Casters

The height of these rollers is 4.1 inches including the insert part. You will realize that this is a solidly constructed wheel made of high quality plastic and heavy-duty metal frame. From experience, users say that these rollers move very well on all types of floors, including carpeted floors.

They are sold in a set of two so they are mostly intended to be replacement casters. However, you can order four of them for your bed frame. They make it so easy for you to move from one end of the room to the other.

Each of these casters has a weight rating of 150 pounds. Collectively, you can increase the weight limit to 600 pounds if you buy two sets. Because of the way they have been constructed, they do spread over and distribute the weight. Thus, even if you exceed the 600-pound weight limit (not recommended!), they will not damage the floor.

  • They come with the plastic inserts that go into the bed frame
  • Easy to install, usually no tools are needed
  • Good for protecting your delicate floor by distributing the weight
  • Universal design means they can fit almost every bed frame
  • They lack a braking mechanism

10. All American Bed Frame Casters/Wheels

The All American Frames bed frame wheel casters look unique because of the color selection. They are made of hard plastic and they are green in color. The metal frame is the color of bronze. However, looking nice and stylish is not all that there is to these bed frame wheels. There are more benefits in the features as well as in functionality. With good care, these casters will serve you for a long time. They do not require any care and maintenance. Just install and use them.

You will get a set of four casters. You will find that they cost more than most of their counterparts, even up to 5 times higher. The good looks and the features justify the price, but it is still high. However, because of their strong build, these casters will give you good value for money.

They come with their sockets, which you will insert in the bed frame. These sockets measure ½ inch in diameter. You may want to ensure that they will fit in the feet of your bed frame. In most cases, they do. The wheel width is 1¾ inches. This makes it wide enough to distribute the weight of the bed frame evenly so that you do not damage your floor.

  • Every wheel has its brake mechanism to keep the bed frame secure
  • They look good with their unique colors
  • These casters last a long time
  • Perfect for hitch-free movement even across carpeted floors
  • The price is a bit higher than with other casters

Different Types of Bed Frame Wheels

If you are looking for bed frame wheels, you will find quite a variety in the market. No matter how low or high your budget is, there is a set of bed frame rollers for you. You no longer have to struggle with that hefty bed frame when moving it from one position to another. However, before you can buy a good set, you need to know the different types available.

Here are a few types of bed frame wheels for you:

  • Stem bed frame wheels

These are very common. They are so simplistic in design and most of them are wide to make them as friendly to your floor as possible. They have three basic features. One of them is the wheel. The next one is the pin that passes through the wheel and the third part is the metal frame to which the stem is attached. They also come with a plastic insert that you shall insert into the metal frame. Most of these types of wheels have the 360-degree swivel design.

  • Plate wheels

These ones are not inserted into the bed frame. Rather, they have a plate design and you attach the plate to the bed frame using screws. You may have to do some drilling work, but all the same, installation is quite simple. When ordering, choose a roller with a hole design that is most suitable for your bed frame. The screws are provided, so you do not have to go looking for them.

  • Locking brake wheels

These are the safest bed frame wheels in the market. They come with a braking mechanism on each wheel. Ok, you might buy a set that has two wheels with locking brakes and two wheels without. The most important thing is the safety of keeping the bed frame stationary so that you can sleep safely.

There are different types of brakes for these wheels. For example, some of them have individual brakes on each wheel. Others have a central locking system. Whatever you get is good as long as it has a locking mechanism for your safety.

  • Hollow kingpin wheels

These are best for lightweight bed frames. You can always check the weight rating for each caster to see whether it will meet your needs. They are referred to as hollow kingpin because the rivet joining the wheel to the frame is hollow.

  • Kingpin-less casters

These are simple in design but they last a long time too. They have a metal frame with a flat plate on top. The plate has extending races on two sides on which the wheel is attached. The plate can be attached to the feet of the bed frame using bolts. Compared to the kingpin wheel, the kingpin-less one is much better because it has a larger area over which weight is distributed. That is why it lasts longer.

Features of High Quality Bed Frame Wheels

When you need rollers for your bed frame, the temptation is always there to buy the first set that you come across. However, you should know the features that good bed frame casters should have. Here are some of the most important features that you must ensure are available in the casters:

  • Material

There is not really much to this, but there are few important considerations. One of them is that the wheels come with a plastic/nylon/polypropylene part, that is, the wheel itself. They also have a metal frame, which is attached to the bed frame using a plate and screws. Others also use a socket and plastic insert, which goes into the bed frame. Check the design of the casters carefully before ordering so that you get one that is compatible to your bed frame design.

  • Weight rating

When buying one, two or more casters, consider the weight rating of each. The higher the better because bed frames alone can be quite heavy, sometimes even running into 100 or more pounds.

You can only imagine how heavy they would be when you add the weight of the mattress and the person that will be sleeping on it. Thus, it is best to get bed frame casters with the highest weight rating. They may be costlier, but they will give you the best service.

If you like plopping heavily on the bed, you do not want casters that will bend and become useless. A weight rating of 100 pounds per caster is good enough, but you should aim for more, say, about 125 pounds. Collectively, that would make a total of 600 pounds of weight rating for 4 casters.

  • Functionality of the casters

This refers to how well the casters work on different types of floors. One of the biggest concerns for many buyers is whether their bed frame will roll well on carpeted floors. This is a genuine concern. Frankly, many rollers in the market are not very efficient on carpets. The good thing is that most of the bed frame casters that we have reviewed here for you work well on many types of floors.

While considering the functionality of the wheels, you also need to consider the safety of your floor. If the rollers are too slim and they will take a lot of weight, the force exerted on the floor can be too much and it may end up damaging the floor. Thus, you should get a wide roller, say about two inches so that it can spread the weight and keep the floor safe.

  • The swivel function

This is another important consideration. When you do not intend to keep moving the bed from place to place, you can just get the rollers that move either forward or backward. However, 360-degree swivel wheels have many benefits. One of them is that you can push the bed in any direction, without having to turn it.

Frequently Asked Questions

You might think that buying bed frame wheels is a straightforward experience. It is never that simple. Here are some of the questions that first time buyers might have:

  • What are the best casters for my wooden floor?

The first thing is to buy wheels with smooth surface. As you exert your weight on the bed frame, the wheels are not going to cause dents to the floor. You may find wheels that have a rough surface. Such would not be too good as they could cause dents on softwood floors. Rubber or polyurethane wheels are great for wooden floor. They cannot cause any damage on the floor.

  • What is the difference between casters and wheels?

While we may have used one in exchange of the other in this article, on the ground, casters are different from wheels. In reality, caster is the housing for the wheel and the mounting.

  • My floor is a bit rough. What wheels should I go for?

The most important consideration here is to get wheels that have a larger diameter because such can ride well on rough floors. However, in case you do not get big diameter wheels, you can go for softer material such as nylon, rubber or polyurethane. Such materials for rollers can help the rollers move smoothly.

  • What is the best kind of wheel for carpeted floors?

The idea is to use hard wheels for carpeted floors and soft material for the hard floors. However, other factors such as the roughness of a floor and the diameter of the wheel also come into play. You may also consider buying a wheel for all types of floors. In this case, it would be a polyurethane wheel.


This is the part where we wrap up this article on best bed frame wheels. We hope you can now be able to choose the best rollers not only for your bed frame, but for your floors as well. Just remember a few important things to consider. One of them is the usability. Make sure that the wheels are perfect for your kind of floor, by choosing the right diameter and so on. If you can get wheels with a warranty of about 12 months or more, buy them. It shows that the manufacturer is not afraid to back the claim on the wheels.

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