Best Bedspreads Reviews With Complete Guide 2020

Bedspreads are perfect decorative bed covers that can add depth and character to any bedroom. You can use this alone on warm months or as an added accessory to your comforters when the season becomes colder. Whichever way you use it, bedspreads can always add style and comfort to your bedroom.

Choosing beddings and other decorative items for your bedroom reflect your personality and your sense of personal style. Aside from the quality and comfort of the bedsheet, make sure that it will coordinate well with your bedroom’s interior concept. There’s a wide selection of bedspreads that come in various designs.

Bedspreads come in different varieties using various materials depending on what style you prefer and for what kind of season you intend to use it. There are bedspreads made of all-natural fiber materials meant for those prone to allergies, while others have a specific thickness perfect for cold nights.

10 Best Rated Bedspreads Reviews

1. Chezmoi Collection Austin Bedspread Set

The Chezmoi Collection Austin Bedspread Set is an imported coverlet that you will surely love. The textured coin medallion design looks elegant, making it the perfect focal point for a modern contemporary bedroom.


This oversized bedspread made from 100% microfiber material comes with two pieces of matching pillow shams made from the same super soft material. The bedcover measures 118 x 106 inches and has a weight of 160 GSM while the pillow shams measure 20 x 36 inches. This patterned and pretty bedspread is so big that it entirely covers any king or California king-sized beds but still leaves a two-feet overhang on the sides.

The overlapping fabrics at the back of the pillow shams serve as its opening to keep the pillow well hidden and protected from dust and dirt. This easy to maintain bed cover and pillow sham set is durable enough to endure numerous washes and will last for several years. It is available in 13 solid colors that will match any bedroom concept.

The lightness of the bedcover and the thinness of its material is perfect for warm nights. Additionally, the size of the bedspread did not shrink even after several washes. It is also affordably priced that you don’t have to break your bank as compared to other bedspread brands in the market. Plus, the colors are true to its description that can give life to a dull bedroom.

  • You can use the bedspread in any season.
  • It is made of lightweight materials.
  • Its durability can withstand many washes.
  • It has an elegant and sophisticated design.
  • It has an overhang of almost two feet.
  • The embossed design is not stitched.
  • It’s made of thin material.

2. Mellanni Bedspread Coverlet Set

The Mellanni Bedspread Coverlet Set is just one of the many bedding collections from Mellanni Fine Linens that speaks elegance in every aspect. It has a traditional and straightforward look that will undoubtedly blend in any bedroom decor.


This Mellanni bedspread from 100% microfiber fabric offers softness and durability that promises many years of comfort. The design was created using the Pinsonic stitching method, which offers elaborately designed with intricate details that will never be out of style. You will be impressed by the warmth and comfort that this coverlet can provide throughout the year.

This bedspread set comes with an oversized bed cover measuring 111 x 106 inches, ensuring full coverage of your king and California king-sized beds, including the sides and end with enough overhang to spare eliminating the need for a bed skirt. You will also receive two pieces of pillow shams that measure 20 x 36 inches each.

This wrinkle-free bedspread is machine washable and can also be tumbled dry in the low setting without shrinking. Everybody will enjoy this bed cover, even those that are prone to allergies since it is hypoallergenic and is created to repel dust mites. You will get your money back or a replacement if ever you will not be satisfied with your purchase.

The bedspread is perfect for summer nights and is an excellent addition during the colder months. It feels stiff out from the package but will eventually soften once used and washed.

  • It is more durable than cotton.
  • The bed cover will not fade.
  • It is stain resistant.
  • The color is the same as advertised.
  • The bedspread holds its shape.
  • The stitching came apart after several washes.
  • The designs are not entirely pressed in some areas of the coverlet.

3. Fancy Collection 3pc Luxury Bedspread Coverlet

The Fancy Collection Luxury Bedspread from Fancy Linen is the perfect addition to enhance the beauty of your room. This versatile product is an ideal gift for any occasion, whether it is for friends or family members.


The bedspread has the right weight and quality that offers warmth and comfort as you sleep at night and is sold at an affordable price. Its elaborate design is completely embossed or heats pressed, so there’s no fear of stitchings coming loose and ruining the design and the bed cover. This oversized coverlet is big enough to sufficiently cover your king or California king-sized beds with an overhang that generously extends to both sides of the bed and at the end.

It also includes two thick and well-made pillow shams that are zippered on the side to protect the pillow insert. The beautiful and solid color of this bedspread will go well with any bedroom decor. You can easily wash the coverlet in your washing machine and dry it in your dryer for that soft and comfortable texture that we all want.

It has a sophisticated and classic design that can add depth to your personal space as you make it the central attraction in your room. You can also choose your preferred color that matches your room’s motif as it comes with a variety of solid colors to choose from. The vivid color of the bedspread stays even after many washes.

This practical bedspread is attractive in every way and is excellent for daily use, especially in areas where the weather is on the hotter side of the scale.

  • It comes in a three-piece set.
  • It is available in 12 different colors.
  • It’s the perfect accent piece.
  • The price is affordable.
  • It is well-made.
  • It has a chemical smell.
  • The description is misleading.

4. Madison Park Quebec Coverlet Set

The Madison Park Quebec Coverlet Set is an excellent alternative to those bulky comforters but can also provide a solid look to your bedroom. The simple and classical pattern of the bed cover can easily blend in with your bedroom’s existing design.


The durable and imported bedspread is made of 100% polyester and a 90% cotton fill plus an additional 10% fiberfill that offers its excellent comfort. This coverlet measures 104 x 94 inches, which perfectly fits either a king or a California king-sized bed. It also comes with two pieces of pillow shams that measure 20 x 36 inches for king-sized pillows.

This coverlet set is easy to maintain as it is machine washable and has proven to wash thoroughly without losing its shape and color. The intricate floral design of this bedspread adds an element of elegance to its overall look. It also has a soft and comfortable texture that will wrap you as you sleep.

The manufacturer used a light fabric for this coverlet that is not shiny and does not snag even with constant use. It is a perfect bedspread even for those who have pets as the pet hair does not cling to the fabric. You can also get rid of your bed skirt and simply use this oversized bedspread for full coverage.

The stitched design on this coverlet is well-made and will not unravel even after washing. It is also easy to clean and will not leave any stain. It offers just the right amount of warmth that is not uncomfortable with the feeling.

  • It does not have a chemical smell.
  • It does not shrink.
  • True to its color description.
  • It’s durable.
  • It is color-safe and does not bleed.
  • The coverlet is not reversible.
  • The fabric does not breathe.

5. Greenland Home Antique Chic Bedspread Set

This Greenland Home Antique Chic Bedspread Set from Greenland Home Fashions was crafted using the manufacturer’s more than two decades of experience when it comes to providing high- quality home textile products.


It is made of 100% imported cotton material with an added traditional styling. It is designed with paisleys and floral prints with overlapping of vermicelli or a zigzag stitch for added texture to the surface of the bedspread. That same stitching pattern also adds durability to the finished product.

Only beautiful fabrics with warm earth tones were used for the patchwork pattern using a cotton fabric that was preshrunk and washed before its construction of this bed cover. The complete set of this king-sized bedspread includes two pillow shams made from the same materials for a perfect match. The spread is designed for full bed coverage with an ample amount of overhang and is machine washable for easy maintenance. All bedspread sets are reversible, so you can easily switch your bedroom look in an instant.

The bed cover is oversized so it can gracefully drape over the bed, removing the need to use a separate dust skirt just to hide the bottom part of your bed. The fabric design of the bedspread looks refreshing and inviting, which will add beauty to any bedroom. It can also match any room color or theme concept.

The overall look of the bedspread will bring you back to memory lane when to when you have a quilt made by your grandmother. Each square fabric on this bedspread is taken from a piece of different material and then machine sewn.

  • It is made of real patchwork.
  • It’s a versatile bedspread because of its irreversibility.
  • It is a durable and well-made bedspread.
  • It is reasonably priced.
  • Able to hold up to several washes.
  • Too heavy to wash at home.
  • Some seams are not appropriately sewn.

6. FineHome Fully Quilted Embroidery Bedspread

This brand new FineHome Fully Quilted Embroidery Bedspread Set is beautifully made to make any room inviting.


This quilted bedspread is made of 100% polyester material. It measures 102 x 94 inches and will fit either a full queen or a king-sized bed. Two pieces of pillow shams measure 20 x 30 inches each.

You can easily machine wash this bedspread in cold water on a gentle cycle with a mild detergent avoiding the use of any bleaching solution. You can also put it inside the dryer. This durable bedspread can last a long time and can endure numerous washes.

It comes in a simple black and white color that will look elegant in any room setting but is also available in other color combinations. There are embroidered flowers on the bedspread to add texture to the quilt. The reversible side of the bed cover comes in pure white color.

The bedspread is lightweight for a quilt but has the right amount of lightness and warmth to it that will keep you comfortable as you sleep. Even your pets will also love this great-looking bedspread. You will never go wrong once the bedspread is fitted correctly on your bed because it looks so inviting that you will want just to wrap yourself with its softness. The quality of the bed cover is worth every penny you paid for it.

  • It feels soft.
  • The bedspread is durable.
  • It is well-made.
  • It is made of quality fabrics.
  • It does not have a chemical smell.
  • It’s not oversized.
  • Stitches are unraveling.

7. BrylaneHome Amelia Bedspread

This BryLaneHome Amelia Bedspread was created using more than two decades worth of experience by the manufacturer, who insisted on providing products that are colorful and with classical designs.


The Amelia Bedspread from BryLaneHome is designed with a paisley motif that is painstakingly embroidered along with a scalloped border that was quilted to make a nice overhang. It is made of 100% imported polyester fabric that has an exceptional softness that you will enjoy. The bedspread is machine washable with cold water making it easy to care for.

The polyester material provides a satiny shine that can easily handle numerous washes without changing its quality. It also comes in various solid colors that will blend well in any room decor. The bedspread is oversized so you will have extra fabric that extends to the sides and end of the bed, so there’s no need to use a bed ruffle.

The bedspread is suitable for warm nights and may need an additional blanket during wintertime, depending on your preference. It has a perfect weight that offers the warmth that you need to feel comfortable as you sleep. The embroidered design on the bed cover used a shiny thread to enhance its overall look. Its color is also as described in the picture.

This lovely bedspread is well-made but affordably priced, so there’s no need to break the bank just to have a beautifully made-up bed. If you are a decor enthusiast and would want to improve the look of your room, then you can check the beddings from BryLaneHome.

  • The bedspread is lightweight.
  • It is very soft.
  • It is well stitched.
  • It did not shrink.
  • The color did not change after washing.
  • Pillow shams are not included.
  • It’s not warm to use during winter.

8. Serenta Damask 4 Piece Bedspread Set

This Serenta Damask Bedspread Set from Home Soft Things is perfect for those who love to beautify their home at an affordable price.


The bedspread is made of 100% imported polyester material. This oversized bedspread measures 120 x 120 inches, so you have enough fabric to let it hang on the sides and end of your bed. They used high-quality microfiber materials to make this bed cover last for a long time.

The design is beautifully embroidered all over the bedspread to make it look elegant in any bedroom. This oversized quilted bedspread provides full coverage of your bed, so you don’t need to use a separate bed skirt to achieve that clean and sophisticated look since the lower part of the bed is hidden from view. You will also have enough fabric to tuck it under your footboard.

This soft bedspread can become even more delicate as long as you follow the instructions on how to care for it by machine washing it with cold water without using any bleach. You can also tumble dry it on a low setting. The bedspread set includes two pillow shams and a tiny square decorative pillow all designed with the embroidered pattern all over to make your bed the center of attraction inside the room with this work of art bedspread.

You get the classic and romantic look once you have made up your bed with this beautifully embroidered bed cover. There will be no back and forth pulling with your partner with this oversized bedspread.

  • It’s available in many colors.
  • It does not shrink.
  • The product is as described.
  • The bedspread is lightweight.
  • It is well-made.
  • It has a chemical smell.
  • There are knots and loops in the embroidery.

9. Modern Heirloom Collection Brooke Bedspread

This Modern Heirloom Collection Brooke Bedspread is perfect for those who enjoy vintage decors to enhance the overall look of their personal space.


This bedspread is made of 100% cotton fabric that is completely machine washable. It is an oversized quilt that offers full coverage for your king-sized beds with a measurement of 120 x 118 inches. It has vermicelli stitching to add durability and texture to the surface of the bed cover.

This bedding set is created to last for years. It has a classic color combination and two coordinating print designs that are delicately pieced together into the scalloped border. The beautifully embroidered floral motif creates a medallion at the center of the bed cover combined with a trailing vine design that goes around the whole width of the bedspread.

The face and filling of the bed cover are made from 100% cotton material while the back is made with 100% brushed polyester fabric. It responds well to machine washing without any issues. It shows a decent drop on its sides when laid on the bed to completely cover the lower part of the bed, so it does not show.

Numerous washings proved its durability without any issues on shrinkage and fading. Just make sure that you only wash it in cold water. You can either hang it on the line to air dry it or tumble dry on the low setting to keep its first-class quality. The cotton fabric in this bedspread is breathable, which feels good on your skin.

  • Great customer service.
  • It’s offered at an affordable price.
  • It provides full bed coverage.
  • The product is the same as advertised.
  • It looks classy on the bed.
  • Pillow shams are not included.
  • It has a distinct smell from out of the package.

10. Comfy Bedding Jigsaw Quilted Bedspread

It’s in the bedroom where we usually relax and unwind, so it’s just natural that we invest in excellent beddings. This Comfy Bedding Jigsaw Bedspread set is the right choice for that purpose.


This oversized coverlet will generously fit either a king or a California king-sized bed with its measurements of 118 x 102 inches. It also comes with two pillow shams that measure 20 x 36 inches each. The surface of the bedspread is made of soft microfiber polyester for that comfortable feel. It is an excellent choice for people who have asthma and prone to allergies as it has hypoallergenic fillings.

Every bed needs to have a coverlet that can offer the right setting for your bedroom. This lightweight coverlet is delicately designed with jigsaw quilt patterns that are meant for long time use. The bedspread is prewashed so you can use it right after your purchase. The overall look of the coverlet will not change even after numerous machine washes.

This bedspread will surely enhance any bedroom with its solid color, so it will be easier to coordinate it with other items inside your room. The design is actually stitched, and not just embossed, adding more beauty to the overall look of the coverlet. What’s even more amazing is that this bedspread has the same classic look on the other side.

This bedspread is thinner than the usual quilt and is a lightweight coverlet which you can use as a blanket on warm days and can be an additional accessory when the weather becomes colder.

  • Well-made bedspread.
  • It looks the same as advertised.
  • The pattern is securely stitched.
  • The fabric is soft to the touch.
  • The matching shams are also king-sized.
  • The color is not as described.
  • The fabric is stiff out of the package.

Different Types of Bedspreads

Bedspreads are decorative bed coverings that add beauty to the overall look of the bed. It is usually covering the entire bed, and most of the time, there’s an extra fabric that touches the floor. It can be made of different materials such as cotton, polyester, chenille, wool, and more. It is also available in various designs and styles. Below are some bedspread types that you will see in the linen department.

  • Comforters

This product is one type of decorative bedding that is easy to maintain. Comforters are designed to provide warmth to the user. It is usually constructed by sewing two layers of fabric together as you fill it with a variety of materials such as cotton, wool, and other alternatives. The weight of a comforter and its ability to provide warmth is measured by how thick the filling is.

  • Duvet Cover and Insert

It is very much like a comforter in that duvets are also filled with various materials that can add warmth and weight to the bed cover. Duvets are not as decorative as comforters and typically come in either white or off-white colors unless they are inserted in a decorative cover, which also helps protect it from spills.

Duvets are versatile since you can use it as it is or put it inside a duvet cover which can be interchanged to blend with your room’s theme.

  • Quilts

This type of bedspread is a popular choice among homemakers because of its texture and how it feels to touch. Mostly, quilts are soft due to its three-layer composition and made of warm materials such as silk or polyester. They are also identified with romance and luxury, which makes them pricier than other types.

  • Coverlets 

These are lightweight and thin bedspreads customarily used on top of thicker bedspreads. Sometimes, these bedspreads are also used as a bed cover or as a throw blanket on your couch. Some coverlets are reversible and are either quilted or woven, which also belongs to the decorative variety of bedspreads.

  • Throws 

A throw is another type of bedspread that is woven with intricate designs that can add beauty to your room. It is a perfect choice for those who want to add style to their bedroom without having to spend a lot of money. Throws are smaller than bedspreads and are usually found draped at the end of the bed. You can also wrap a throw around your shoulder as you sit on a couch.

What Things to Look For When Buying a Bedspread

Bedspreads need not be expensive, but you have to make sure that it is comfortable enough for you to sleep in and relax. Make sure to invest in beddings that are made to last for a long time. Here are some factors that you can check before heading out to the department store and buy a bedspread for your bedroom.

  • Material

It is vital to choose the right material for your bedspread, as this will determine the level of comfort it can offer. Here are some of the most common materials used for a bed cover.

  • Cotton

This material is the number one material choice for a bedspread because of its softness, breathability, and easy maintenance. It is a natural fiber, which means that it came from plants that you can wash with hot water.

  • Polyester

This synthetic fabric is durable and affordable that usually imitates the softness and lightness of the cotton fabric. This material is a human made fiber that is generally combined with cotton to make it more manageable and easier to maintain. It does not fade and dries faster than cotton.

  • Microfiber

Microfiber material is durable, lightweight, and breathable but difficult to clean. It is a synthetic fiber made of extra fine fibers from polyester, which makes it soft and more affordable than other material. However, microfiber is not suitable for those that have sensitive skin.

  • Size

Determine the size of your mattress and how you would like your bedspread to look once placed on your bed. Those are factors that you need to consider before choosing the size of the bed cover that you want to buy.

  • Warranty

You cannot be sure of the bedspread until you have tried using it, so it is essential to know if the seller or manufacturer has a return policy if in case you are not satisfied with your purchase.

  • Construction

The way a bedspread is made determines its durability. The design of a bed cover may either be embossed, printed, or stitched. That information is usually indicated on the packaging of the bedspread.

  • Care Instructions

Check the instructions on how to take care of your bedspread to ensure that you will use it for a long time. Choose a bed cover that is machine washable so you can give it some proper washing whenever necessary.

  • Price

It’s a good thing to invest in good bedding so you can sleep peacefully and comfortably each time. But you don’t have to spend a fortune to have one. There are a lot of affordable bedspreads that you can find in the market.

  • Fill Power

You will determine the fluffiness of the bedspread depending on the fill power range of the bed cover. Bed covers with low fill power are suited for hot summer months while the high fill power bed covers are meant for colder months.

  • Thread Count

The thread count is the number of vertical and horizontal threads you will find in every square inch of fabric. The higher the thread count, the softer the material will be.

  • Fabric Finish

The fabric finish of your bedspread is also an essential aspect when buying a bed cover since this can also add beauty not only to the product but also to the bedroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between a bedspread and a coverlet?

A bedspread is lightweight and typically used as a decorative bed covering, which you can use alone on a warm climate or as extra bedding when the weather turns colder. Bedspreads are designed to cover the entire bed with an overhang that typically touches the floor. On the other hand, a coverlet generally covers the top of the bed to display the bed skirt.

  • How do I pick an excellent comforter?

An excellent comforter should be able to protect you from the cold and help you stay warm and comfortable as you sleep. Make sure that the bedspread is well-constructed for it to last a long time. Choose a comforter that is machine washable instead of the kind that requires other forms of cleaning.

  • What is the best material choice for a bedspread?

Choosing the best material for your bedspread would depend on your preference. However, if we are talking in general terms, it is better to select a bed cover that is made of either cotton because of its softness, linen because it is the most breathable or silk because it is the warmest, which is best during winter.

  • What are the benefits of having a bedspread?

Bedspreads are ideal bed coverings during spring and summer because of its lightness. It can offer the right amount of warmth that you need during those warm months. Bedspreads look neater on your bed as it adjusts to its shape.

  • Can you use a coverlet as a bedspread?

A coverlet is also a type of bedspread that is either woven or quilted. It is lightweight and non-reversible with classic designs that can enhance the appearance of the bed and the entire room. However, a bedspread is oversized so it can beautifully drape the bed, whereas a coverlet only offers minimal coverage.


Whatever type of bedspread you choose, make sure that it has the factors that you are looking for in a bed cover. Having one of the best bedspreads for your sanctuary is one of the best rewards you can give yourself so you can comfortably sleep every day. Choose a bed cover that will surely last a long time.

Take note of the things that you want in a bedspread before you decide to buy one for your bedroom. Look for a bed cover that can liven up your room and will blend well with your room’s design concept.