Best Box Spring Reviews 2022 (Top Picks & Comparison)

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Do you need the best box springs? In a market with so many box springs and with each brand claiming to be the best, it can be hard to choose one. But not impossible! Many people think they do not need a box spring for their mattress, until they read the terms and conditions governing the warranty for their expensive mattress.

One of the terms and conditions that make your mattress warranty valid is that you must use the mattress on some form of foundation. While the manufacturer of the mattress will not expressly say that you need a box spring, it is the best foundation’’ for your mattress.

If you use your mattress with a box spring, you will get more life from the mattress. In addition, you will increase the height of your bed. This makes it easier for you to get on and off the bed. To put it simply, you need a box spring if you would like to get more value out of your mattress.

Top 9 Best Rated Box Spring Reviews in 2020

1. Zinus Armita 9 Inch High Profile Smart Box Spring

The Zinus Armita 9-inch high profile box spring is available in different size options. You can buy the Cal King, King, Queen, Full, Twin XL and Twin sizes, depending on your needs and budget.

Best Box Spring

Buying a new queen mattress is not enough to guarantee you a full night’;s sleep. You need a good mattress foundation and they do not come any better than the Zinus Armita box. There are reasons for saying this. First, this box is of steel construction. Steel is unbeatable for durability and it handles any weight well. It will never sag even after many years of use.

Since a queen mattress is made to be used by two people, well, you need a foundation that can match that. Queen size is usually 80 by 60 inches and that is the size of this box spring. Even if both you and your partner weigh 350 pounds each, the weight rating of this box is high. It is going to carry that weight without any problem.

When you order yours online, it comes in a small and compact package. Don’;t worry, assemblage is such bliss and the tools that you will need for assembling are provided. If you ever need to move houses, you will find it so easy to dismantle and pack it up for traveling.

If you weigh 200 pounds and less, you can even stand on this box without causing it any damage. However, if you weigh more than that, you should not stand on it as you can make it bend under your weight. Considering everything, this is a great box for people who want a lasting solution to their sleeping needs.

  • Has 5-year warranty so you can use it without fear
  • Does not require any professional knowledge to assemble it
  • It adds a full nine inches to the height of your bed
  • Very supportive for heavy partners
  • There are no squeaks if you assemble and fasten it just right
  • Plopping on it too often might cause the weld to crack, so don’;t!
  • Takes a lot of time to assemble and fasten everything up to 4 hours

2. Classic Brands Instant Foundation High Profile 8-Inch Box-Spring

Your search for the best box spring stops with the Classic Brand 8 inch queen box. It is available in all size options, including the Cal King, except the Full size. The particular one that we are reviewing here is a high profile wooden box spring. Other styles that you might want to consider include the high profile metal and low profile metal and wood.

Box Spring Reviews

It comes with a beautifully finished cover with a drawstring. This makes the cover easy to get on and to remove. When you have purchased your beautiful Queen mattress, you want to protect it so that it can last as long as possible.

This box can offer incredible support to all types of mattresses. Whether you use latex or memory foam mattress, this foundation will prevent the mattress from sagging, making it last much longer than it would without a box.

It comes in a small package, so you will need to assemble it. Unlike the metal mattress foundations, this one is easier to put together. If you are handy with your hands, you can have it up in a matter of minutes and the tools for the job are provided.

If this is the first time to assemble such a frame, give yourself 30 to 60 minutes for the job. Just follow the manufacturer’;s instructions. When you fasten everything, the box stays really snug and quiet. It does not squeak even after years of use.

The cover is high quality. It is easy to install and remove.

  • Has a 3-year manufacturer’;s warranty
  • Light in weight even when fully assembled easy to move around
  • Produces no squeaks even when a heavier person turns on it
  • Gives your mattress all the support it needs to last long
  • Ships in a small, compact package that is easy to carry into the house
  • Slats are too far apart you can buy matching ones affordably and install them
  • Beginners without woodworking knowledge have to re-tighten bolts to avoid squeaks

3. Mainstay Half-Fold Metal Box Spring, Queen

It feels really good to get the foldable, no-assembly Mainstay half-fold box spring made of metal. With the high quality and durable metal construction, this box spring is going to give incredible support to latex, memory foam and other types of mattresses.

queen box spring

The best-selling feature for this box is the half-fold, which makes transport, storage and maneuverability easy. When you fold the box, it will measure 53 by 44.1 by 4.2 inches. When you unfold it, it will measure 74 by 53 by 7.5 inches. Another thing is that the material used stainless steel, repulses bed bugs. Therefore, if you have ever had an infestation in your home, it can help protect you.

The cover is anti-slip, which means it holds the mattress in place nicely. Even if you are a restless sleeper, you will be comfortable sleeping on a mattress secured on this box spring. You add a good 7.5 inches to the height of your bed, which can make the bed feel more ergonomic especially when lying down or waking up.

  • No assembly needed you can have it ready in five minutes
  • Heavy gauge steel frame is quite durable and mold-resistant
  • Has a nice, anti-slip coverlet for keeping your mattress stable
  • Fold it when you want to move it to a different place
  • It does not squeak even when you turn restlessly
  • Not for you if you want a high box spring
  • Heavier people can easily damage it by flopping on it regularly

4. Tuft & Needle Mattress Box Foundation

In 2012, two entrepreneurs launched a well-researched solution for your bedroom, which excluded everything they hated about the bedroom industry. The result was the King-size box foundation, a very convenient solution for your bedroom.

king box spring

This box spring from Tuft & Needle is perfect for you if you are looking for a moderately high lift in your bed. It has a height of 7 ¼ inches, fairly good. The manufacturer says that this foundation does not need any tools for assemblage. You can already guess that it is easy to put together and even with little to no experience, you can have it ready for your mattress in a matter of minutes.

It also comes with a high quality cover made of a woven fabric that should hold your mattress well. However, please note that this cover is not anti-slip in nature. This is a very important factor especially for restless sleepers.

Because this is a mattress foundation, many people ask whether they can use it as a box spring and the answer is yes, it is a foundation cum box spring. Once you buy it, you do not need to buy another box spring for your mattress.

This product comes in different sizes, starting from Twin to Cal King. If you have a mattress under the same brand name, they should fit well together. However, you can use it with any other mattress, including latex and memory foam.

  • So easy to assemble without needing any tools
  • Arrives in a medium-sized box that you will take upstairs easily
  • Get 100 nights of free trial to see how much you like it, and limited 5-year warranty
  • Versatile in use as you can use two twin or XL twin mattresses on it
  • Quite sturdy when assembled without giving as much as a squeak
  • The cover is but smooth for your mattress
  • Has an odor that takes a few days to go away

5. Zinus Daniel 7.5 Inch Essential Metal Box Spring

Zinus is known for making some of the sturdiest bed frames and the good box springs in the market. In the case of the Zinus Daniel, they have clearly outdone themselves. What you get is a box of heavy gauge steel. You get heavy weight rating and a promise of a worry-free 5 years courtesy of the warranty.

full size box spring

It might not be 9 inches high as their Armita, but it still adds a considerable height to your bed since it is 7.5 inches high. The manufacturer has gone a mile further to include a support bar in the center. Thus, even if you weigh 400 pounds, you can be sure that this box will support your weight without getting the sag.

Putting this box spring together is ever so easy. Just follow the user manual that it comes with. There is some screw tightening work, but you will get the tools for the job. According to many user reviews left in different online marketplaces, assemblage can take anywhere between 20 and 40 minutes. If you do everything right, there will be no squeak or shifting when you are done. The metal construction is anti-mold and it repulses bed bugs.

  • Pictorial instructions for assemblage are really good
  • The box does not squeak or shift
  • The gray material covering the side panels looks good
  • High quality steel build ensures longevity
  • Center support bar is a thoughtful addition
  • Zinus says they can only replace the center support bar for warranty but they do not sell it
  • Wood slats are 3 ’’ inches apart which is too far for memory foam mattresses

6. Mainstay Half-Fold Metal Box

Due to the foldable design of the Mainstay King-size Box spring, it is very versatile. No assembly is required of you, just unpack it, unfold it and cover it up. When you lay it on your bed frame and you find that it does not lie completely flat, do not worry. The weight of your mattress is going to make it lie completely flat.

low profile box spring

The engineering is quite commendable as is the choice of the material heavy-gauge steel. This offers excellent support for all types of mattresses. The included fabric cover holds the mattress very well and prevents it from slipping. Just to clarify matters a little here, when you get the package, it will have two pieces of box springs. The two will be equivalent to a king box spring when you unfold them.

This box spring is quiet and stable. It does not make a squeak even when you turn. You do not need to make any more reinforcement. Just slip the extended frame into the provided cover and place your mattress on top. The weight limit is pretty high at 1200 pounds.

  • Incredibly easy to move with when moving house
  • The delivered package is light in weight
  • No assemblage you can have it ready to use in five minutes
  • Steel frame resists bedbugs well
  • Gives new support even to old mattresses
  • Will be a bit hard to pack alone when you moving house
  • The cover may be entangled in the steel frame of the box

7. Spa Sensations 7.5″ High Bi-fold Box Spring

This is a queen box spring from Spa Sensations. In design, it is bi-fold, which makes it easier to get upstairs even on narrow staircases as opposed to a full box. It is also light in weight as it weighs 26 pounds only.

twin size box spring

When you unfold it, it will look like a traditional box, and it offers just about the same support if not firmer. Since this is a queen size bi-fold, it measures 79 by 60 by 7.5 inches. The height of 7.5 inches makes it a high profile box. This box has been fully tested and it passed the durability standards of Cornell, Impact and Rollator.

Because you do not need to assemble the mattress, it should take you a short time, even if you are unpacking it alone. You are going to spend a maximum 20 minutes. The heavy-gauge steel construction of this box makes it quite durable. When you lay your foam or spring mattress on the box, the weight spreads evenly. Your mattress will not sag. The steel parts are corrosion-resistant.

  • Easy to store thanks to the bi-fold style
  • Simple to install even when you have no help
  • Adds a nice height to the bed making it more comfortable
  • The included cover is easy to remove and clean when need be
  • It has a limited warranty of 5 years
  • Wire spacing is a bit big so regular use may cause the mattress to sag
  • You may feel the metal rods if you use thinner mattresses

8. HOMUS 7 Inch High Heavy Duty Steel Platform Bed Frame

This is more of a steel bed frame, but it can also serve you as a box. It comes with nine legs and a strong center support bar. The welding is of high quality, something that assures you of durability. While it is sturdily constructed, it is also light in weight and easy to maneuver into the right position in the bedroom.

california king box spring

With a weight rating of 3000 pounds, even if three people share this bed frame or you use it for many years on end, it will never sag. You will get the tools to assemble this platform. If you do it right, you should be able to set your box spring and mattress on it without hearing a squeak or feeling a shift.

To make the HOMUS steel platform fully complete, there is a rail for attaching a headboard. It is easy to install. However, the headboard is not provided so you will have to buy it separately. To hold the box spring in place, there is a side bracket. That way, when you place the box on the frame, it will not budge an inch. Some reviews say that the wrench that ships with this frame is not user-friendly and so you should use a 3/8 socket for tightening the nuts.

After you have put this bed frame together, you will have to put the cover on. That can be a bit hard but not impossible. This is a full size frame and it measures 75 by 54 by 7 inches.

  • Good features for supporting a box spring
  • It sells at an affordable price
  • The weight of the frame is very manageable
  • It is easy to take down or upstairs thanks to its collapsible style
  • Very strong steel construction with high weight rating of 4500 pounds
  • The instructions for assemblage are not very clear
  • The provided tools for assemblage may be too tiring

9. Zinus Jayanna 4 Inch Low Profile BiFold Box Spring

It is not every time that you will need a high profile box for your mattress. For example, if you have a 14-inch mattress, you may find a low profile, 4-inch box like Zinus Jayanna much better.

queen mattress with box spring

This is a bi-fold box spring by style. As a folding foundation for your mattress, you will find it so easy to carry from one place to another. If you have a constricted stairway, you need a foldable foundation like this one. That way, you can avoid hitting it against the walls as you climb the stairs.

Similar to most folding boxes, no assemblage is required. Just get it out of the packaging, stretch it out and set it on the bed frame. Once you install the cover, you can then set your mattress on it, ready to sleep. The material is heavy gauge steel for durability. Its weight is manageable but a frail person would struggle a bit.

There are no springs inside this box since the modern mattresses do not require a box of springs. However, it is very supportive. Just flip it over once you get it out of the box and spread it on the bed.

If you have been in the bedding industry for some time, you know the recommended distance between bars is 3 inches. This is what you get with the Zinus Jayanna 4-inch box. The bars are also thick enough at ¼ inch.

You can buy the full size, queen, king or queen size. Everything has been snugly fitted and there is no shifting or squeaking.

  • Works well with all types of mattresses including the high profile ones
  • Looks just like a traditional box spring when it is unfolded
  • You get 5 years of limited warranty for a worry-free user experience
  • Affordable price because of the low profile design
  • Sides are covered with a patterned fabric that goes well with any bedroom décor
  • Some heavy people have reported that the box sagged on their side of the bed
  • Although it is light, it is still a bit hectic for an older person to carry upstairs

What is a Box Spring for?

The box spring serves many purposes. Don’;t be deceived by the low prices. It can serve you for a long time with health benefits.

Here are 4 things that a box is good for:

  • A box spring prolongs the life of your mattress

This is the first reason why people buy their box spring. With mattresses becoming more expensive by the day, when you buy one, you want to ensure it lasts as long as possible. When you bounce on your bed, the box spring absorbs all the shock of your weight. That way, you save your mattress from the damage that it would have sustained.

  • It raises the height of the bed

Whether you buy a low profile or a high profile box spring, it will add some height to your bed. This can be anything between 4 inches and 9 inches. There are many reasons why you might want a higher bed. It cannot collect allergens. It is also not easy for the small pets to hop onto the bed and make your bed linen dirty.

  • They may be ergonomical for your back

People with bad backs need all the support that they can get when they sleep. A mattress is supportive. But adding a foundation makes it more supportive. Because a good box spring prevents sagging, it can actually enhance the speed of recovery.

  • It makes your bedroom look more stylish

Higher beds look better and cleaner than low beds, all the time. Box springs also come with a nice fabric cover that enhances your bedroom’;s décor.

Different Types of Box Springs

  • Steel Box Spring

These are sturdy and durable. They are made of steel and they have several benefits. One of them is that they are light in weight. Another one is that they resist bed bugs and mold. Because of their tenacity, they can be used with just about any kind of mattress. When buying one, ensure that the metal bars are not too far apart. Today, these types of foundations are easy to assemble with many requiring no tools. If you have to use tools, such will already be provided.

Best Box Spring Reviews

  • Wood box spring

These are made of wood. They are light in weight, are easy to assemble and they can last a long time. If you assemble them correctly, they will not squeak or shift. Some may come with legs so that you have some storage space underneath.

  • Split/foldable box springs

These types of mattress foundations fold into a small size for transport and storage. Despite the foldable design, when you unfold it, it is quiet. They may come in wooden or steel material so guess this makes them more of sub-types of mattress foundations. Most of the time, no assemblage is needed. Just unfold it and spread it out, and then insert the fabric cover.

  • Low profile box springs

The standard height for such mattress foundations is 4 inches. These are best for people who do not want too much height on their bed. They are either steel or wooden.

  • High profile box springs

These come in different heights such as 7 inches, 7.5 inches and 9 inches. They make your bed look good when you combine them with a high profile mattress. Assuming you have a 14-inch mattress and a 9-inch foundation, that is a full 23 inches of height. That is a bed fit for the king.

Features To Look For in a High Quality Box Spring

  • The box spring material

This is the first consideration. Usually, the choice narrows down to two steel and wood. Wooden boxes have a special kind of aura and sophistication that only wood can offer. The heavy-gauge steel ones have a promise of longevity. They are sturdy and light in weight at the same time.

The materials used for making mattress foundations are not just wood and metal. There is the fabric cover, which also makes an important part of the box. You want to ensure that this fabric is long lasting. The ones with high thread count would be best.

To stay safe from indoor allergens such as dust mites, make sure the fabric that makes the cover of the foundation is hypoallergenic. Combined with steel material for the frame (steel is resistant to mold), you will have a healthy bed to sleep in every night.

Still on the fabric of the foundation cover, ensure that it has a rough finishing so that your mattress does not slide away. It should also be easy to clean and if possible, it should resist dirt well. Make sure it is easy to take off and insert. Most come with a zipper, and some even have Velcro attachments to secure the mattress.

  • The height

There are different box spring types to suit different needs. For example, you could be looking for a low profile mattress foundation, in which case you should go for a 4-inch one. If you want to take your bed to greater heights, get a high profile foundation or box spring, with 9 inches.

It is important to determine what height you want for your bed before you can order a mattress foundation. A 14-inch mattress combined with a 9-inch foundation can result to a bed that is too high. Thus, if you have a high profile mattress, perhaps you can combine it with a low profile foundation and vice versa.

  • Size of the box spring

The size of the box spring that you can buy depends on the size of your mattress. If you have a queen mattress (80 by 60 inches), buy a queen box. If you have a California king (84 by 72 inches) or a king (80 by 76 inches) buy a similarly-sized box spring. That way, the mattress can sit comfortably on the box without leaving any part unsupported. Matching sizes will ensure that your mattress does not sag.

If you have a narrow stairway, buy a foldable box spring as it will be easier to take up the stairs without bumping your walls.

  • Warranty

Since you expect your box spring to last a long time, it is important to consider the warranty. Most suppliers/manufacturers have a 5-year warranty. Some can even have a limited warranty of 3 years. Whatever it is, take it since any warranty is better than no warranty.


If you need the best box spring for your mattress, getting one need not be hard at all with the information that we have given you here. Before ordering, read the features description so that you do not buy one blindly. The most important things to consider include the material and the height of the box spring. Check the warranty, just in case the box has factory defects. When you get the box spring, study the user manual keenly so that you can put it together correctly. If you would rather not assemble one, you can buy a folded one that comes ready to spread and use.

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