Best Bunk Beds With Desk Reviews For 2022

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No matter if you’;re a student, living at home, or are just limited on space, a bunk bed with a desk can be a great way to utilize existing floor space. It’;s important to understand that bunk beds with desk can be an excellent option for those looking to optimize their workspace while also having less clutter in their room.

Plus, investing in a bunk bed with desk can also be more cost-efficient than buying the items individually. In this article, we’;ve done the research and will provide you with the best bunk beds with desk.

Top 10 Best Bunk Beds With Desk Reviews

1. DHP X-Loft Metal Bunk Bed Frame with Desk

The DHP X-Loft is the perfect solution for those wanting both comfort and style. The bed’s frame features a foam and polyester blend that are layered between the coils. This helps provide optimal comfort and prevents your back from feeling sore. The coil futon mattress included is 6 inches thick and is fitted with a soft and cozy tufted microfiber cover.

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Additionally, the framework can fit any full-sized standard futon. This allows you the ability to optimize and change your mattress if needed. Although, the mattress is crafted using high-quality materials and avoids harmful chemicals such as flame retardants, mercury or lead.

The foam features low VOC emissions and is perfect for indoor air quality. It features a build that avoids phthalates and is regulated by the consumer safety product commission. It also includes a thick 6-inch foam that is CertiPUR-US certified.

As for the desk, this part includes a beautiful and well crafted silver metal frame that is highly supportive. The ladder and guard rails help support the upper bunk and protect it from collapsing. Plus, the surface area is as wide as the bed, which provides you plenty of desk space.

Lastly, the desk includes some assembly which may be a bit difficult. However, all the tools are included in the package. You will need to follow the step-by-step instructions to help put it together. We recommend having at least two people to put together the desk and bunk bed.

  • The desk includes a space-saving design with a heavy-duty frame.
  • It includes easy to assemble and hassle-free instructions and tools.
  • Avoids chemical and other harmful or low-quality materials.
  • Extra desk space and provides a sturdy work environment.
  • The beautiful silver framework that’;s durable and stunning.
  • It needs more than one person to assemble due to the heavy framework.

2. WE Furniture BTOLBL Modern Twin Loft Bunk Bed Desk

The WE Furniture is a stunning piece that comes in a wide range of options. The one we’;re reviewing today is the twin-sized frame that’;s elevated and fits a small desk underneath. It includes extra space that you can either use as storage, a desk, or for toys and/or bookshelves. Either way, it’;s an optimal pick for those looking to utilize small rooms and needs the extra space.

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The dimensions of the entire bunk are 71’’ H x 79’’ L x 42’’ W and are crafted from powder-coated steel. The framework is available in three different colors; black, white, and silver. This makes it perfect for choosing individual styles and figure that matches the room’;s theme.

While this option doesn’;t include a desk, you can choose from different designs. One includes a full-loft, a full-workstation, and then twin bed options. This makes it perfect for either college students or kids due to the different sizing options. Plus, there are added guardrails to help prevent any accidents from happening.

The company recommends that you use mattresses with thicknesses from eight to nine inches. However, the desk does not come with a mattress. You don’;t need a box spring as long as the bed itself is thick enough. The entire framework is enough to support up to 250 lbs in weight.

  • Includes multiple options for desk design and bunk sizes.
  • Heavy-duty rails with added reinforcement for protection.
  • Easy to assemble with step-by-step instructions.
  • Supports up to 250 lbs on the top bunk.
  • Multiple color options to choose from.
  • The top bunk can be squeaky, we suggest using lubricant spray.

3. DONCO Kids Low Study Loft Bed

The Donco Kids is a perfect bunk desk that includes lots of storage space for extra items. One side of the bunk includes three large-sized drawers that can be used to store clothes, toys, or other objects. Additionally, every side of the bunk includes shelving units, which are perfect for storing books, text-books, and putting toys on display.

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When it comes to design, the Donco Kids is the most stunning on our list. However, it’;s also one of the most expensive. The desk is originally crafted with wood and pine but is crafted in brazil. This is how you know you’;re getting a beautiful low study bunk that is not only space-saving but also stunning to look at.

Aside from its stunning look, the low rise bunk desk is perfect for children. Due to it being low to the ground, your child can access all of the shelves and drawers. Plus, the addition of it being low to the ground makes it safe for your little ones. They won’;t trip or fall as it’s only a few feet off the ground.

Lastly, the bunk desk is relatively easy to assemble and only weighs around 28.1 lbs. The dimensions of the desk are 79 x 43 x 41 inches. The only downside we’ve found is that the desk itself does not come with a bed. You will have to purchase a mattress separately.

  • Includes a beautifully stunning dark oak exterior.
  • Multiple storage compartments which allow plenty of options.
  • Versatile usage and is perfect for young children.
  • Safe for young children to use due to low design.
  • Includes a lightweight design that makes assembly easy.
  • The majority of it is not made from real wood.
  • The bed is only suitable for a child.

4. Avalon Full Workstation Loft Bed Black

The Avalon Full Workstation is another excellent pick. It features premium quality with tons of extra space for a small home office. The main mattress area is big enough to fit a full-sized standard bed, which can be useful in an apartment or dorm setting. Overall, we say that this is one of the most sturdy on our list.

4 13

The materials used for the framework are pure metal and are colored with black paint. These heavy metal railings both guard your body while you sleep but also support up to 400 lbs of weight. A full-sized bed can easily fit one to two people in the bed without trying.

Additionally, the desk space underneath is just as sturdy. It includes a work desk with a back shelf which allows you to store other objects. Underneath the desk is a keyboard tray that can be used while you type. Each side of the unit includes ladders and extra support beams to help support all the weight.

The only issue we’;ve found with the bed is that the supporting railings encompass the whole bed, which makes it difficult to get in and out of. If this wasn’;t there, we’;d say this is almost a near-perfect bunk desk. However, this is a small detail that shouldn’;t deter you from trying it.

  • Clean design that comes with a pre-installed desk
  • Small details that help keep your desk organized.
  • Beautiful black exterior crafted using pure metal.
  • Weight capacity of over 400 lbs.
  • Large size mattress that fits one to two children or adults.
  • Support rails make it hard to climb into the bed.

5. Dorel Living Wood Loft Style Bunk Bed

The Dorel is an amazing white bunk desk that is surprisingly contemporary. It includes a twin-sized bed on top with a small work station area below. You can easily switch up what you use below as it has plenty of space for drawers, cubbies, or a desk. If you’;re not a fan of the beautiful white style, it’;s also available in walnut.

5 13

The pinewood construction is what stands out on this bunk desk. It includes state of the art construction that helps keep it safe and durable. The panel, headboard, and footboard all surround the bed area to help create a safe sleeping environment.

As for the dimensions, it includes 65.5 x 79.8 x 72 inches and weighs approximately 175 lbs. Set up may be easier if you get help from multiple people, as the wood can be too heavy for one person. However, assembly is still hassle-free and is pretty straightforward.

Overall, it’s a highly durable bunk desk that can easily support a lot of weight. Although, we have been seeing reviews that some of the wood slats might become scratched during shipping. It’;s best to contact their customer support or to get your package insured.

  • Features a traditional style design perfect for contemporary rooms.
  • Complete pine wood construction made to be durable and sturdy.
  • Enhanced safety features that make the bed suitable for all ages.
  • Multiple wood colors such as walnut and pinewood.
  • Straightforward and easy assembly with hassle-free design.
  • Slates can be damaged when shipping so be sure to insure your package.

6. DCraft Berdine Metal Loft Bed

While many of the others on our list are quite bulky, this bunk desk is extremely compact and thin. It provides the same stability as others but features a unique white design that’;s sure to blend in with any contemporary room. The bed supports a twin-sized mattress and a desk can easily fit underneath.

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The sturdy framework is crafted using pure steel that has been coated in powder to help keep its structure. The materials are all lead-free and are free from harmful chemicals that may cause irritations. As for weight restrictions, the bed can only hold up to 250 lbs at one time.

To ensure safety, the company installed full-length guardrails to help prevent falling out of the bed. Plus, two of the ladders are very sturdy and provide easy access to the bed and desk. The supportive slats also help keep the mattress in place. The company recommends you to use a mattress with at least 9 inches of thickness.

Lastly, the whole unit ships ready to assemble and is hassle-free. The step-by-step instructions are very easy to understand and comes with most tools necessary to put it together. Unfortunately, the biggest downside is that you will need to purchase a desk separately.

  • Sleek and modern design perfect for contemporary rooms.
  • Durable and sturdy framework that supports up to 250 lbs.
  • Enhanced safety with full length guardrails.
  • Easy to assemble with step-by-step instructions.
  • Doesn’;t come with a desk, you will need to purchase it separately.

7. ACME Willoughby White Loft Bed

The ACME bunk desk is a wonderful addition to any kid’s bedroom. It comes with the ability to support a twin-sized bed. The dimensions of the entire product are 76 x 42 x 67 inches and weigh approximately 289 lbs. It can be quite heavy, so the company recommends having at least two to three people help with assembly.

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Underneath the loft bed, there are a few different options for how you can construct it. The first option allows you to use the bottom half as a desk, drawer chest, and include a twin bed on top. However, since the desks and drawers are located on the side you can fit another twin bed underneath the other.

Additionally, the look and feel of this bed is unique. It features a classic wooden style that’;s finished with white paint. The slates are all wide headboards and come with rounded knobs.

Overall, it’;s a very sturdy bed that will last for years to come. However, the downside is that it’;s very hard to put together. Not only that but the wooden slates also have a slight risk of becoming damaged while shipping. It’;s important to ensure your package or contact the company if any issues occur.

  • Very versatile and includes multiple drawer sets.
  • Comes with a beautiful white painted finish.
  • Heavy-duty support that has a weight capacity of 289 lbs.
  • Includes a classic style with rounded knobs and panels.
  • Need to insure package because it can get damaged while shipping due to being made out of wood.

8. DHP Miles Full Metal Loft Bed with Desk

The DHP bunk desk is another wonderful addition to any apartment, dorm, or small room. It features a durable and sturdy metal build that’;s both clean and simplistic. The style fits in with many modern rooms and the metal framework is painted dark blue. Plus, underneath the loft bed is an integrated desk frame that has over 58 inches worth of space.

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The upper bunk includes heavy-duty secured metal slats that help ensure that the whole unit is supported. To help prevent injuries or accidentally falls, the bed includes 14-inch guardrails. As to which bed size, you can fit a full standard mattress with a thickness of 6 inches.

The upper bed dimensions are 74.5 x 56.5 x 72 inches and has a bed weight limit of up to 300 lbs. Additionally, the desk can support up to 50 lbs of weight. Overall, the whole unit can hold up to 350 lbs which you won’;t find in many other units.

Since the unit is around 120 lbs in weight, it will take at least two people to build the bunk desk. Additionally, the unit needs to be properly installed or else the unit will become loose or squeaky. If you happen to hear any noises, you should add some joint lubricant to prevent this.

  • Durable and sturdy design with a modern industrial style.
  • Space saving design with lots of storage space.
  • Enhanced safety with extended guardrails.
  • Maximum weight capacity is set to support 300 lbs.
  • Easy to put together and hassle-free design.
  • Need to apply lubricant to joints or else it can squeak.

9. Furniture of America Franklyn Wood Twin Loft Bed

The Furniture of America has a beautiful espresso finish that looks both refined and stunning. All of the units are built with either wood and wood veneer. As for the mattress size, this can support a twin-sized bed with an 8-inch thickness.

9 13

On the bottom, there is a three-piece workstation. To the right and left there are drawers, cabinets, and a small cubby area. This allows you or your child to effectively keep clutter out of the room. Under the center table, there is ample leg space which is perfect when your child is growing.

For safety, the mission style rails help prevent any slipping or falling. To help make it more comfortable, the headboard and footboards are slightly curved, which can help prevent you from bumping your head or feet. Additionally, the slat kit is already installed and can hold approximately 300 lbs of weight.

Lastly, the bed dimensions are 80 x 41.63 x 75 inches and weigh around 216 lbs. For assembly, it’;s recommended that more than two people assemble it. The only downside we’;ve found is that some of the pre-drilled holes may need to be redrilled in. Other than that, the bunk desk is one of the sturdiest products you’;ll find.

  • Beautiful refined design with espresso furnished wood.
  • Made from durable yet lightweight material, making it easy to move.
  • Large workstation that has plenty of storage areas.
  • Includes extra leg space which is suitable for most adults.
  • Pre-drilled holes need to be re-drilled to make it easier to put together.

10. Dorel Living Harlan Wood Loft bed

The last on our list is a stunning traditionally designed loft bunk. It includes a deep espresso-colored frame that features a slat, headboard, and footboards. These can help prevent any accidents and keep you safe. Plus, the guardrails also prevent you or the mattress from slipping.

10 11

Below the bunk is a pre-installed workstation that’;s perfect for any child or teen. It features a large surface area and can hold up to 100 lbs at once. The dimensions of the desk are 63 x 78.8 x 72 inches and weigh approximately 150 lbs.

The four-step ladder is also installed on the side of the bed. This makes climbing up and down the bunk easier than others. It features a thick slate design which is both supportive and durable. The bed itself won’;t wobble and is perfect for active children who spend time going up and down the bed.

Lastly, the assembly will need at least two people as some of the pieces are extremely heavy. Although, the step-by-step instructions are very simple to understand and allow you to put together the bed within 3 hours. Overall, it’;s a sturdy and stunning bunk desk that gets the job done.

  • Beautiful dark and simplistic design perfect for contemporary rooms.
  • Includes low set headboards and footboard for added comfort.
  • Easy to use four step ladder that’;s safe to use ad supportive.
  • Has a max weight capacity of 250 lbs which is suitable for an adult or child.
  • Sturdy and durable wood construction that’;s long lasting and high-quality.
  • Needs at least two or more people for assembly due to heavy wood materials.

What is a Bunk Bed with Desk?

A bunk bed with a desk is a loft-style bed that raises the bed above the ground. Generally, they are similar to bunk beds. However, the bottom area where another bed would be contains a desk area or can fit a desk underneath.

These types of beds vary in size, shape, and style. However, you’;ll mainly see either a wooden or metal style supported framework. The main difference is that these beds can fit different sizes of mattresses ranging from single beds to full standard size mattresses. Although, you will need to check how thick the mattress is because not all thicknesses work for loft style beds.

Bunk Bed vs Loft Bed: Which One is Best?

It depends on if you’;re trying to have two people or just one person with a desk. If you’;re only buying the bed for one person, a loft-style bed is always the better option. This is because you can utilize the space underneath the bed and use it as a desk. Plus, you’;ll end up with plenty of extra storage space.

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  • Bunk Beds Can Be Dangerous

Alternatively, you may be wondering why you can’;t just get a bunk bed and not install the bottom bunk. The issue is, some models come pre-drilled and have wood or other pieces sticking out. This can be dangerous for you or your child. Instead, it’;s better to invest in a loft-style bed made to support a desk.

  • Bunk Beds Don’;t Come with Desks

Additionally, loft beds often come with a built-in desk. Many of the ones on our list feature loft-style beds that have sturdy built-in workstations that can be used for several different activities. A regular bunk bed doesn’;t have any of this and you will have to invest in more furniture.

  • Loft-Style Beds Are Sturdier

Loft-style beds also come with supportive slates and guardrails to help keep the bed from collapsing. If you were to use a bunk bed and were to not install the bottom bunk it could become unstable. This could cause the top bunk to come tumbling down and can pose a huge risk. With a loft-style bed, the desk area is carefully protected by several supportive frames.

  • Loft-Style Beds Have More Variety

Lastly, loft-style beds come in more styles and sizes than bunk beds. Bunk beds are usually made for younger children and can’;t be used for adults. However, loft-style beds often have a larger variety and can easily fit adult-sized mattresses.

Different Types of Bunk Beds

There are many different bunk beds available, especially in today’;s market. Each of these styles comes with a different design that provides additional features. We’;ll give you a complete breakdown of the major eight styles of bunk beds we could find;

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  • Standard Bunk Bed

These are the most common type of bunk beds that you’;d normally see in siblings’ rooms. They include a top and lower bed which are supported by wood or metal framework. The wooden ones use timber and are generally favored for their durability. However, their metal are less bulky and provides a nice aesthetic.

  • Loft-Style Bunk Beds

Loft style bunk beds have a top bunk for sleeping and a lower area that is used for something else. In this article, we featured loft style bunk beds with desks. However, some also include storage areas, cubbies, and other types of workstations. Generally, you can place whatever you want in the bottom half.

  • Futon Bunk Bed

A futon bunk is similar to a standard bunk bed. However, the main difference lies within the bottom bunk that can be turned from a bunk bed into a sofa. This is useful for those who want an extra piece of furniture. It’;s also helpful if you plan to watch tv or play video games.

  • Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

This Twin Over Full Bunk Bed is good for sleeping at least three people at once. The top bunk features a single sized bunk bed that is perfect for one person. However, the lower bunk is a full-sized or standard bunk bed that can suit two people at once. These are perfect for smaller kids or teens who share rooms.

  • Study Bunk Beds

Study bunk beds are exactly like they sound. The top bunk area will be designated to sleeping while the bottom area is converted into a desk space. These types of bunk beds are generally more expensive because the desks often don’;t come attached. However, they allow you to customize the space to you or your kid’s liking.

  • L-Shaped Bunk Bed

A L-shaped bunk bed is where one bunk bed is facing one direction and the other is shaped to make a L. These types aren’;t usually used unless you’;re super limited on space. This type of bunk bed mainly works when you need to fit two beds into the corner of a room. Otherwise, we’;d recommend skipping this type completely.

  • Triple Bunk Bed

Triple bunk beds are far less common and are generally very uncomfortable to use. However, they do utilize a small space and allow three people to sleep at one time. Although, they may consume more space than other types of bunk beds.

  • Novelty Bunk Bed

A novelty bunk bed is a type of bunk where the top portion is intended for sleeping and there are extra fun’’ additions to the bunk. Some of these additions include slides, cubbies, race car models, etc. Novelty beds are very expensive since many manufacturers don’;t make these intentionally. However, they are a great addition to any kid’s bedroom.

What Key Features To Look For When Buying a Bunk Bed

When making a purchase you’;re going to want to consider a few factors. Buying a bunk bed with a desk can be difficult if you don’;t know what features to look for. In this section, we will be mentioning five of the main buying considerations;

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  • Sizes

One thing we see buyers overlook is the size of the mattress. It’;s important to understand that not all bunk beds are the same. Many bunk beds are designed for kids, but there are also ones for teens and older adults. The twin and single bunk beds are useful for a singular person. However, standard size beds are ideal for an adult or two young children.

  • Materials

The materials are going to be one of the biggest buying considerations to worry about. There are pros and cons to the different material types. The most common is metal materials. These often are perfect for a sleek and sturdy design they are also less bulky than wood and take up less space. Overall, they are good for those looking for a minimalist bunk bed. However, they do tend to get noisy if not properly lubricated.

Secondly, wooden are better in the long run due to their sturdy nature. They also can be customized in terms of design, carve, and color. The beautiful finish also makes for a contemporary or refined style.

Although, you will need to consider how heavy they are. If they are made from pure wood, they can get up to 200+ lbs. Additionally, the wood can easily become scratched, which ruins the appearance.

  • Safety

No matter what age you are, it’;s important to consider safety. Guard rails are a must on any bunk bed. Not only do they prevent the mattress from slipping, but they also help prevent you or your child from falling off. Extra support should also be considered. The more support slats that are included, the higher the weight capacity. Weight capacity indicates how much the top bunk can hold. Don’;t buy ones that are for 100-150 lbs unless they are for a child.

Additionally, bunk beds with desk can have a weight limit for the desk area. This is usually capped at 50-80 lbs. To put this in perspective, this is around enough table space for a computer, monitor, textbooks, and a few other items.

  • Thickness

Another common factor we see buyers skip is the thickness of the bed. When purchasing any bunk bed, it’;s important to know what type of mattress thickness you need. This is due because the thickness of the mattress will change depending on what the dimensions of the bunk’;s guardrails are.

Many brands often specify what thickness is suitable for the bed. However, there are rare occasions when they don’;t. We’;d say that an important guide is to always allow at least 5-8 inches for the guardrail.

  • Price

Pricing can range anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand. The best bunk bed with a desk can easily float anywhere in the $500-1,000 range. While this seems like a steep price, the reason for this is the quality of materials.

If you get a low-quality bunk bed, it could be made from materials that wear down over time. This can cause squeaking in metal frames or broken slats in wood. It’;s important to remember that you’;re paying for the quality and durability of the bunk beds.

Although, some bunk beds with desks tend to be overpriced. These are the ones that are usually seen as novelty’’ type bunk beds. They come in fun designs and are usually hand-carved or include unique designs. We only recommend these if you believe that the price is worth the design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we’;ve covered the buying consideration it’;s important to take a look at the most frequently asked questions.

  • Why a Bunk Bed with Desk?

A bunk bed with a desk is space-saving and can help you make use of limited floor space. Additionally, if the bunk bed doesn’;t include a pre-installed desk, you can use the extra space for cubbies, bookshelves, and other storage units. Either way, they are very good at getting rid of the clutter in your room and making use of the space that you have.

  • How Much Weight Can a Bunk Bed Desk Hold?

The maximum capacity is based on the types of materials used. Generally, you will see a bunk bed with a desk hold at least 150+ lbs. However, depending on construction and support, some bunk beds with desks can hold up to 350+ lbs of weight.

  • Do Bunk Bed with Desk Come with a Mattress?

For the most part, bunk beds with a desk do not come with a mattress. There are a few models that may come with a mattress, but it’;s very rare. Mostly, you will have to purchase a mattress separately that fits the dimensions of the bunk bed.

  • Can You Use Memory foam Mattresses with a Bunk Bed?

It’;s not recommended to use memory foam mattresses or any type of thin mattresses. This is because bunk beds are designed to be used without a box mattress. A box mattress usually provides a thick layer of support for your mattress to go on top of. However, a bunk bed needs a mattress at least 6 inches thick.

  • Are Bunk Bed with Desk Safe?

Yes, bunk beds with a desk are safe to use and have specific safety guidelines to help prevent construction issues. Many desks include extra support beams, slates, and extra rail guards to prevent accidents and increase durability. The only safety hazard that they present is climbing up and down the ladder.


As you can see, there are plenty of choices when it comes to bunk beds with desks. You can either get one with extra space and customize the desk area to your liking or purchase one with a built-in desk. Either way, they are space-saving and are perfect for areas limited to space.

Just remember to get the right size of the mattress for the bunk bed and measure the dimensions before you purchase one. This can help you avoid any issues when installing. Hopefully, we’;ve helped you find at least one or two of the best bunk bed with desk.

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