Best California King Bed Frame Reviews 2020

Choosing the best California king bed frame among the so many we have in the market can be hard work. However, we have a solution for you. We have done the footwork for you, compiling a list of ten of the best of these bed frames. We also bring you a buyer’s guide to help you get value for money.

However, before you even get to ordering one, what is a bed frame? Do you even need one?

A bed frame is the platform/place/structure where you place the mattress for support. Like the modern mattresses, these bed frames have come a long way.

From rudimentary apparitions to stylish frames that give enough support to the mattress as well as to the user, it has come a long way. Today, they are available in different sizes. The Cal king is the most popular of them all because it is big. If you choose keenly, yours can last many years in topnotch condition.

Top 10 California King Bed Frame Reviews

In this section, we will bring you the top Cal king bed frames. These have been carefully chosen to meet all of your needs. Many people wrongly think that buying a bed frame is a simple as matching the size to that of a mattress. However, much more is involved. Since the bed frame is supposed to be a one-off investment, you need to choose something that will last many years.

Keep reading to see the select bed frames that we bring you here:

1. Zinus Dawn 14 Inch Easy To Assemble SmartBase Mattress Foundation

With the modern apartment getting smaller and smaller, you want to have as much space as possible to stash things away. Thankfully, with the Cal King Zinus Dawn bed frame, you can kill two birds with one stone.

You will have enough storage room under the bed, all of 12.5 inches, which can fit medium to big suitcases very well. You also get an excellent support system for your mattress. When you lie down to sleep, you will be happy. Be confident that this frame will handle your  weight for many years to come.

best California King Bed Frame

This bed frame has many points in contact with the ground. No matter what weight you put to it, it will not sag at any point. The weight rating for this bed frame is 1200 pounds. That is high! Another thing that you should also know is that this bed frame eliminates the need for a box spring. Thus, buying it will save you some money.

The material used for construction is steel. The powder-coat finishing helps keep it rust-free, mold-free and it is bed bug resistant. Sometimes, when it comes to bedroom furniture, you just want a hassle-free bed frame. This one is the real deal. You do not have to check on things every so often. The Zinus Dawn bed frame is such an investment.

The platform has two brackets. These are for attaching the headboard and footboard, to make your bed complete. The slat bars (on the bed) are placed close together to give your Cal king mattress ample support as you sleep.

  • The frame is rated for heavy weight, up to 2400 pounds
  • Assemblage does not need any tools
  • Plenty of ground clearance gives room to store stuff
  • Sturdy steel construction assures you of durability
  • Plenty of ground contact points for stability
  • Mattress slides albeit by a small margin
  • With a 14-inch mattress, your bed can be too high posing a problem for short people

2. Classic Brands Hercules Heavy-Duty 14-Inch Platform Bed Frame

When this bed frame is delivered to your home, it comes in a small and compact package, and you might wonder whether you got the right thing. Looks and indeed size, can be deceiving. This is a California King size bed frame. It is just packaged small so that you can find it easy to move up the stairs, without bumping on your walls too much.

The bed frame itself looks quite simple in design, but it is very strong. This simplicity appeals to many people. The frame is foldable, so if you ever need to move house, that should be an easy job for you.

California King Bed Frame

This bed frame is 14 inches high. 13 of these inches are very useful as your extra storage. Think of the boxes and suitcases that you can stash under the bed, with room to spare. Being this high also does not affect the stability of the platform. It has 12 contact points with the ground, something that really matters for a bed that is designed to hold a lot of weight.

You do not need to buy a box spring with this platform. It is going to give your mattress all the support that you need. To make it more complete, you can buy the foot and headboard braces separately.

  • Folds into a small, compact and manageable size for easy movement
  • Stable and steady thanks to the many contact points with the ground
  • You do not need tools to assemble this frame
  • Good for memory foam, latex, spring and hybrid mattresses
  • Looks really stylish
  • Squeaks slightly after some time
  • With added height of mattress, bed will be too high

3. Best Price Mattress New Innovated Box Spring Platform Bed Frame

This California king size bed frame looks almost similar to the Classic Brands Hercules. This excellent mattress support system will take the place of a box spring. You get sturdy steel construction that is polished to prevent corrosion, bed bugs and mold.

This is a very stable bedstead. It will not bend or sag even with years of use. The resilience of heavy-gauge steel comes out very well with this bed frame. With a height of 14 inches, you will have enough room underneath to stash all the boxes full of stuff that you do not wish to see scattered around the bedroom.

california king platform bed frame

Because this bed frame is foldable, it will be so easy to move with it when moving house or when changing its position. Besides, the small package (when it is delivered) makes it easy to get the bed into your bedroom upstairs or to navigate narrow hallways with it.

Since this platform is designed in two pieces that you join to make a Cal king bed frame, you may split them if you like. However, they will not form two twin-sized bed frames.

This bed frame has small brackets designed to hold the mattress in place. That way, it will not slide about on the bed frame. These brackets are not sharp at all, so there should be no fear that you will puncture your mattress.

  • Made with heavy-gauge steel for durability
  • You can split it to two smaller bed frames
  • You get plenty of storage space underneath
  • Takes a few minutes to put together without need for tools
  • Quite stable thanks to many legs
  • Should have come with brackets for head and foot boards
  • Manufacturer weight rating may not be true, not recommended for very big people

4. LUCID Foldable Metal Platform Bed Frame and Mattress Foundation

Did you know that you could have a metal platform bed frame that eliminates the need for a box spring? Lucid is a well-known brand name when it comes to bedrooms. There is a good reason why. This is a high quality metal bed frame. In addition, you do not need any tools to assemble it. It is simple and it will not take you too much time.

This bed frame is made for all types of mattresses, and there is a good reason to support this claim. It has a wire grid that offers incredible support for memory foam, spring and latex mattresses. This grid is made with heavy-duty wire, so even if you are the kind that loves to plop heavily on the bed, it should stay intact for a long time.

california king size bed frame

The frame is actually a combination of two pieces. If you like, you can separate it into two bed frames, each measuring 84 inches by 36 inches. When you combine them into one big platform, they have a weight rating of 2500 pounds.

You get 13 inches of under-the-bed storage, which cumulatively gives you 22 cubic feet. This is big and can take most of the items that you do not need to see around in the bedroom. Just bag them and push the bags under the bed.

Like all of the other bed frames that we have reviewed here, this one too does not require you to have any tools for assembly. You can do it by hand, in about 10 minutes.

  • High quality steel construction ensures durability
  • It offers good support for the mattress
  • High weight rating of 2500 pounds
  • Sold with 5 years limited warranty
  • Installs in a few minutes
  • Short people will have a problem getting on the bed
  • Price could be better

5. Boyd Sleep Raised Platform Bed Frame Base

Today, it is possible to find a metal bed frame with all the bells and whistles, yet easy to assemble without needing any tools. Those are just a few of the many benefits that you will enjoy from the Boyd Sleep metal platform bed frame.

It is constructed with high quality anodized steel, and it is finished in black coating. This prevents the development of mold, a serious indoor allergen that thrives in moist and dark spaces.

california king metal bed frame

This is a 14-inch frame, meaning that you do not need to raise your bed any higher. Thus, you do not need to buy a box spring, because the metal frame offers your mattress all the required support. You will also get about 13 inches of underneath storage. This is such a big deal because such space can fit suitcases, backpacks and boxes with items that you do not use every day.

This is a California King bed frame and it measures 83 inches by 71 inches by 14 inches. In addition, it has a center leg that keeps it steady even when supporting two persons’ worth of weight. The essence of this center leg is to prevent sagging. The maximum weight limit for this bed frame is 2500 pounds.

  • Compatible with different types of mattresses like memory foam, inner spring, hybrid and latex
  • This bed frame does not squeak or make noise even when you shift
  • It is easy to assemble, takes just a few minutes
  • Does not sag at the middle as there are legs that offer more support
  • A limited warranty of 24 months
  • Foot and headboard brackets are not compatible with other bed frames
  • Some people have complained about the quality of the welding

6. STRUCTURES by Malouf HIGHRISE Folding Metal Bed Frame

The bi-fold design of this metal bed frame is very endearing. One of the reasons for saying this is that it arrives semi-assembled. Thus, you only need to unfold it and install the bolts provided and in a few minutes, you will be done. It arrives in a small and easy to manage package. You do need to thump your walls as you negotiate the narrow hallways in your home.

This is a very strong and supportive California king bed frame. It is made with heavy gauge steel, so it should be able to support a lot of weight without bending or sagging. It has 12 legs that are in contact with the ground, thereby keeping it steady for many years.

california king size metal bed frame

Even when you shift (for restless sleepers), it does not squeak or make noise. The welds are quite strong and they have been beautifully finished. To say that this is a high quality metal bed frame is the understatement of the year.

What else will you get from this bed frame? Of course, with the huge California king size, you also get a king-sized storage space under the bed. You will have all of 13 inches, which is more than enough to fit some of the big boxes that you have at home. Anything that you do not need to use daily can go under the bed. The provided limited warranty of 5 years shows you just how confident the manufacturer is in their product.

  • Wire lattice work offers best support for all mattresses
  • You do not need tools for assemblage – it is so easy
  • No need to get a box spring
  • Incredible strength – rated for 2500 pounds
  • Wires are just 3 inches apart, which is the recommended interval
  • It squeaks after some time, but a little grease on the joints should do the trick

7. Zinus Shawn 14 Inch SmartBase Mattress Foundation Bed Frame

Zinus is one of the most dominant names in the sleep industry. They make mattresses, box springs and bed frames, among other accessories for the bedroom. The Zinus Shawn is a California king metal bed frame that is 14 inches high. Like all the other platforms that we have looked at here, this one gives you plenty of storage space underneath.

If you are of average weight, this is a good bedstead for you. It is made to hold memory foam mattresses firmly. The wires running alongside the length of the mattress are three inches apart. This is the recommended gap anyway. These wires have a function; they grip the foam mattress preventing it from sliding. They do this without harming the mattress.

california king bed frame reviews

The high quality steel construction assures you of longevity. This bed frame can take a lot of abuse. The steel is also powder-coated to make it rust and mold resistant. When you store things under the bed, they might form conducive environment for mold growth. Your mattress will be safe because mold will not develop on metal.

To attach a headboard and a footboard, you will need to buy SmartBase brackets. These are easy to get online and they work with almost every bed frame in the market. Many people wonder whether they will need a box spring when they buy a bed frame. With this one, you will not need a mattress foundation.

  • High quality construction for durability
  • Flexibility – can be split to form two bed frames
  • Sold with headboard and footboard brackets
  • Simple to assemble and takes minimal time
  • Many ground contact points enhance stability
  • Mattress might slide a lot in the first days of use
  • Some people have complained of squeaking after a few months of use

8. Zinus Gerard Deluxe Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed

If you would like to bring a rustic touch to your modern bedroom, get this platform bed. Compared to the others that we have reviewed here, this is a breath of fresh air. It is different.

First, it is made of faux leather and wood. Secondly, faux leather closely imitates the real leather and with good workmanship, no one can tell the difference. The material used for this platform looks and feels luxurious.

california king bed frame wood

The bed is fitted with wooden slats. These are carefully spaced so that they do not harm your mattress. The recommended setting is 3 inches. Any wider than that and the memory foam mattress will sustain damage.

Unlike the metal platforms that we have looked at that do not come with a headboard, this one comes with one, a king-sized one. It is the complete thing. You need not buy anything extra. It has everything that you need to make a complete bed. Like its metal counterparts by Zinus and other companies, it removes the need for a box spring or mattress foundation.

For the sake of your foam mattress, just place plywood on the wood slats. That should take care of things so that the mattress does not protrude between the slats.

  • Offers enough storage underneath
  • Available in beautiful brown color, which enhances your bedroom’s décor
  • Faux leather cover adds a touch of deluxe in your room
  • Complete with a king headboard
  • Rated for 1200 pounds, it will support a heavy couple comfortably
  • You may have to replace the slats with high quality ones
  • Might need a piece of plywood under your memory foam mattress

9. ExceptionalSheets Wood Bed Frame

The truth is that while metal is good and durable, it cannot match the sophistication and class that wood brings to a room. The ExcetionalSheets wooden bed frame is made with North American pine. The slats are carefully designed with seven layers of pressed pine. Afterwards, they are meticulously placed at intervals of less than 3 inches across the bed.

When the platform bed is delivered to your home, you can commence assembling it. Just follow the pictorial user manual. It should take you a few to several minutes, considering that you do not need any tools. In fact, many users have said that they used less than 5 minutes to fit everything together to get the bed ready for sleeping.

cal king size bed frame

The weight rating is 900 pounds. It can support a heavy couple comfortably. At the same time, you do not need a box spring when you get this platform. It serves the holistic service of offering support to your mattress, so you just need your mattress.

There is room to store your stuff under your bed. It is not as big as what we get with the metal bed frames since it is only 6.5 inches. However, it is big enough to fit small boxes. Having extra storage helps you keep your bedroom tidy.

  • You can choose your favorite stain color
  • Tool free assemblage – takes a short time too
  • Requires no maintenance at all, you just assemble and use
  • High weight limit of 900 pounds
  • The bed will never sag because the wood slats are quite sturdy
  • Not compatible with any headboard
  • The price is high

10. ZIYOO 14 Inch Wooden Slats Platform Bed Frame

Actually, this platform bed frame is constructed with high quality steel and wood. The exterior frame is made of 2.4-inch steel. However, this is not regular steel because it has been enhanced for extra strength. Everything fits snugly but assemblage takes some time, so do not be in a hurry. The result is a noise-free bed that does not shift or squeak.

This platform bed has been designed with many legs. The more contact points with the ground a bed has the better. That way, it does not sag or bend with time.

california king wood platform bed frame

The wood slats are wide in surface area. They are designed like that deliberately so that they do not harm your mattress. Again, the blend of wood and metal is very good because the bed is noise-free. Even with the passage of time, you will find that the wood does not warp.

The bed has a lot of room for storage underneath. With a ground clearance of 11 inches, that should be enough to fit different boxes with your stuff. Keep your room tidy all the time. This platform is also compatible with headboard and footboard. However, you will have to buy those separately. This bed frame is also compatible with different types of mattresses, including the traditional mattress as long as it is Cal King size.

  • Designed to increase the life of your mattress
  • Heavy-duty bed is good for sleeping tall and heavy people
  • Smooth wood slats are very friendly on the mattress
  • Solid and silent – if you assemble it right, it will never squeak
  • You do not need a box spring
  • It takes some time to assemble, and you may require extra help
  • It is expensive

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Different Types of Materials Used For California King Bed Frames

Different types of material are used to make California king bed frames. This kind of diversity is very important. You can find something unique to fit your needs and those of your bedroom décor. There are three types of bed frames materials. These are metal, wood and upholstery.

Here, let us take a deeper look at them:

  • Metal California King Bed Frames

In particular, this is steel. The bed frames use heavy gauge steel, which is then powder-coated to make it last as long as possible. This kind of finishing also makes the steel resistant to mold and bed bugs. However, apart from that, steel is quite sturdy and it takes all the abuse and the weight that you throw at it.

California king bed frames made of steel may also come with a wire lattice. This wire lattice is going to hold your memory foam mattress firmly without damaging it. It also ensures that the mattress does not sag. These wires are positioned at intervals of 3 inches, which is recommended.

Most of the metal bed frames are easy to assemble, usually taking a couple of minutes. They require no tools to put together. In addition, a senior or a person with no experience whatsoever will do a perfect assembling job.

  • Wood California King Bed Frames

Next to metal in popularity is the wooden California king bed frames.These frames are designed in such a way that they eliminate the need for a box spring. They might cost more than their metal counterparts. However, they are worth every time that you will pay for them.

If you have a country décor in your bedroom, get a wooden bed frame. Check whether it comes with a headboard and a footboard or at least one of them. However, even if it does not come with one, it should have brackets to install one.

Wood bed frames may not offer as much ground clearance as the metal frames, considering that you need thicker planks of wood. However, do check for a ground clearance of at least 6.4 inches. That will give you some good storage underneath.

  • Upholstery California King Bed Frames

If you care about looks, these are the deluxe of all bed frames. They give a touch of luxury to your bedroom. The most common upholstery material is faux leather. This is artificial leather designed in such a way that it looks like real leather.

The quality of the upholstering matters quite a lot. It is thick and comfortable. Thus, even if you should hit your head against the headboard, you should not experience any pain.

What to Consider When Selecting a California King Bed Frame

When choosing your California king bed frame, you should not pick the first one that you come across. You need to do some due diligence. Since there are so many brands and they all say they are the best, you can imagine how hard it can be for a first time buyer. In this section, you will get helpful information that will help you get a high quality and durable Cal King bed frame for your needs.

  • Assemblage

This is the biggest consideration to bear in mind even before you think about the price. A Cal king bed frame is big! Therefore, you do not want a bed frame that will require you to call your neighbor to help with the assemblage.

If you are a senior, you can even look for bed frames that do not require to be assembled. The bi-fold designs are very good since you mostly just need to unfold them and lay out your mattress. However, please note that even the regular designs should be easy to assemble. You may have noted that the metal frames that we have discussed here require no tools for assembly.

  • The type of frame that you want

This depends on your taste, but there are three main types of bed frame material. One of them is wood, which is best for rustic decors. It may take more time to assemble than a metal frame, but not more than one hour even for the inexperienced person.

If you have one of these contemporary apartments and you think that steel is a bit outdated, get an upholstered bed frame. It feels and looks quite luxurious and it is available in different colors. The padding on the headboard and the sides of the bed frame feel quite nice. The mattress support is made of wooden planks.

The reigning king material of bed frames is steel. It is so common, so affordable and it comes in foldable and singular designs. You may look for a versatile design, where the bed frame is made of two pieces. You can separate them if you like to make two smaller beds.

Steel Cal king bed frames are further enhanced with a wire lattice that offers extra support to the mattress. It also gives the bed frame more stability.

  • Weight rating of the bed frame

Do not take this for granted. If you use a bed frame with more than the recommended weight, it could sag and the mattress can sustain damage. It is always a safer bet to get a bed frame with higher weight rating and never get to match all of it than go with a lower weight rating. Some bed frames have 2500 pounds weight rating, others have less.

  • Special features

By calling them special features, what we mean is that whether they are there or not, the bed frame does not lose its value. However, it is always better to pay more money for more features than pay less for fewer features.

Some of the features that should convince you to buy a bed frame include compatibility with headboard brackets. It may seem like an obvious feature. However, you may be surprised to find that not all brackets are compatible with all headboards.

Because of the weight that the bed frame is going to take, it is possible to cause the floor some damage. Therefore, if you can find one whose legs have floor protectors, it would be much better than one without.

Check out the warranty. You may never have to use it. However, it gives you a confident feeling all the time. You feel good when you know that the supplier or manufacturer has your back if anything goes wrong.

Frequently Asked Questions

When buying a California king bed frame for the first time, you will need to get a few facts right. With so many bed frames in the market, it is a bit daunting to buy the best one.

Here are some of the most common questions that buyers ask:

  • What is the difference between a California king and a king size bed frame?

Most people confuse the King and the Cal king. Thus, while the measurements are close, they are different. A Cal king bed measures 85 inches by 72 inches. A king measures 80 inches by 76 inches. Therefore, a Cal king is longer but narrower while a king is wider but shorter.

  • Do I need to buy a box spring to use on my bed frame?

No you don’t. In fact, the bed frame is all the support that you will need for your mattress. If you are worried about the height of your bed, just look for a bed frame with 14 inches of ground clearance. If you add a 14-inch mattress on top of it, you will get a bed fit for the king. Besides, the high ground clearance also gives you a lot of storage under the bed.

  • Will my mattress slide on the bed frame?

This depends on the bed frame that you buy. However, you can check for special features such as small brackets. These ones hold the mattress in place to prevent it from sliding. They will not puncture your mattress.

Even if your bed frame lacks such an additional feature, it will still hold your mattress steadily. Metal bed frames have wire lattice that holds the mattress firmly without damaging it. For the wood bed frames, you can add a piece of plywood on the planks to keep the mattress from sliding.

  • What should I consider most to keep my bed frame from sagging?

The weight rating is a good place to start. Only use the bed frame if you are below the weight limit. Another feature that you need to consider is the number of ground contact points. The more legs a bed frame has the better.


You have seen everything there is to know about the best bed frames for your use. You can see the frequently asked questions. If you want the best California king bed frame, doing some due diligence is paramount. You need to know the weight rating, the best material to meet your interior décor needs and the price. Metal bed frames such as the Zinus Dawn one are affordable. Therefore, they give excellent value for money. High price for a bed frame does not guarantee quality and vice versa. The Cal. king bed frames that we have reviewed here require little to no maintenance.