Best Colored Down Comforters With Reviews & Buying Guide 2020

Are you the type of person who gets chilly at night which affects your sleep or living in cold areas?

A great way to get you warm during chilly nights and improved sleep is by getting a colored down comforter. These comforters are like traditional down comforters that provide great insulation for its users, but do not use duck or geese down which have allergens. Nowadays, you will find all sorts of colored down comforters in the market and if you want to get one, it can be hard to pick.

To help you out, here is our buying guide of the best colored down comforters that you can buy. Our guide will also explain to you how these comforters work, how they are made and how to maintain them. These facts will help you decide the right colored down comforter for your needs and work for you whenever you use them.

Top 10 Best Colored Down Comforters Reviews

1. Beckham Hotel Collection 1300 Series Goose Down Alternative Comforter

The Beckham Hotel Collection 1300 Series Comforter claims to be the only lightweight down comforter that you will need. It is made from hypoallergenic polyester that will keep you warm no matter when you use it which the company says will last you a lifetime.


This comforter from Beckham Luxury Linens uses hypoallergenic polyester to provide insulation for its users. It is very lightweight and soft to the touch as if you own a standard down comforter. Users can use this comforter on its own without having to buy a duvet cover and worry about it getting damaged. It can also be used as a duvet insert to any twin, queen and king-sized bed.

The comforter is very easy to clean at home because it is machine-friendly. To dry, it can be dried under the sun or with low tumble dry. The comforter will retain its quality each time you clean it thanks to its durable stitching, which also ensures that it will stay usable for a long period of time.

If users are not satisfied with the comforter, they can reach out to the company for their 30-day satisfaction guarantee. The company will offer a full refund with no questions asked or a replacement if customers request it.

  • Uses 100% polyester to provide great insulation
  • It has durable stitching that keeps it together longer
  • Can be used on its own or as a duvet insert
  • Can be washed in a regular washing machine
  • Comes with a customer guarantee if they are not satisfied with the comforter
  • Requires careful washing based on the manufacturer’s recommendations to prevent the comforter from fraying
  • Colors may fade easily depending on how it is washed

2. Sweet Home Collection 7 Piece Comforter

If you are looking for an all season down comforter that will give your bedroom a luxurious look, this comforter set from Sweet Home Collection may be the one for you.


The comforter set is made from 100% polyester and brushed microfiber to give it a soft feeling while keeping you toasty at night. The material is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant, making it the ideal down comforter for those with allergies.

As this comforter is washed, it becomes softer and the company says it will not become itchy due to its microfiber body. The material is also breathable to help disperse heat to keep you comfortable during the summer months. Cleaning the comforter is very easy because it can be washed in the machine in cold water. Drying can be done at home as well under low settings or by sun drying.

The set is available in four different sizes and comes in 22 different colors. Aside from the comforter, you will get a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillowcases which are also made from the same microfiber material used for the comforter which is hypoallergenic.

  • It feels soft to touch and not itchy thanks to its microfiber-polyester material
  • Can be used even in summer seasons thanks to its breathable construction
  • It remains soft even when it is cleaned constantly
  • Available in various sizes and colors
  • Affordable colored down comforter set
  • Some of the colors may not be accurate in the set
  • Requires careful washing and installing in the cushion

3. Bare Home Bed-in-A-Bag 7 Piece Comforter

Get some good night’s sleep without having to pay a lot of money with the help of Bare Home’s Bed-in-a-Bag 7 Piece Comforter and Sheet Set. The Set comes with a very luxurious colored down alternative comforter that is long-lasting and gives you the best sleep each time you cover yourself in it.


Bare Home is known for producing high quality sheets that are both luxurious and long lasting, which can be seen in this set. It is made from 100% brushed microfiber and siliconized fiber to keep it comfortable to use and insulate you every night in any season.

The material is also hypoallergenic and resistant to common allergens that may accumulate from your bed. It also won’t get stained and crease easily, as well as shrink when washed through a washing machine.

The company also used solid box stitching to ensure the comforter’s fillings don’t shift too much and prevent them from bunching in one corner. This type of stitching also ensures that it remains sturdy even when they are cleaned and last a lifetime.

Every Bare Home 7 Piece Set comes with a 30-day 100% guarantee if clients are not satisfied with their purchase. The company will accept returns and provide a 100% refund.

  • Made from high quality hypoallergenic microfiber fabric that can be used for any season
  • Uses a solid box stitch to prevent fill bunching or shifting
  • Available in various colors and sizes with a flat sheet, shams and pillow cases
  • Affordable compared to other comforter sets in the market
  • Comes with a 100% customer guarantee for returns and replacements
  • Some may receive damaged sets depending on where it is purchased
  • Requires careful washing to prevent tears and discolorations

4. KASENTEX All Season Down Alternative Quilted Comforter

Need an all season down comforter that will change your bedrooms forever? The KASENTEX All Season Down Alternative Quilted Comforter Set is made from a unique hypoallergenic material that not only provides insulation, but also a luxurious style to beds without spending too much money.


The KASENTEX colored down alternative comforter is made from 100% hypoallergenic hydrophilic filling and microfiber which is soft to touch. The filling can trap air inside the comforter and keep its users warm throughout the night.

There is also a 3D hollow staple down fiber that keeps the comforter in shape even after it is washed. The materials used also ensure that it is machine washable and won’t get damaged during cleaning. The comforter has a box stitched make that ensures that the hydrophilic fiber is distributed evenly and not move around. The stitching also supports its durability and maintains its luxurious feeling.

When users receive their comforter, it is vacuum sealed to preserve its quality and protect it from elements that may affect its quality. Users can give it a slight fluff to bring it back to size and machine wash it easily before use. If users are not happy with the comforter, Kasentex comes with a customer satisfaction guarantee. They will replace the set or provide your 100% money back guarantee.

  • Uses hydrophilic down fill that gives it an extra fluff and insulation
  • It is very easy to maintain thanks to its unique down material and filling
  • Not that heavy to use despite its size
  • Comes in a beautiful vacuum-sealed pack for easy storage and gifting
  • Made by a trusted brand who has been working on beddings for 14 years
  • Requires careful washing to prevent shrinking
  • Can be difficult to fluff up before use

5. Eikei Washed Cotton Chambray Duvet Cover

Relax under Eikei’s Washed Cotton Chambray Duvet Cover that will give you one of the most unforgettable sleeps in your life. It comes in great classy colors that will work in any type of bedroom and give it a luxurious touch for a long time.


This classic duvet cover is made from 100% cotton, which is very comfortable to use during chilly nights and summer nights. It is stitched into a cotton percale with a 280 thread count which is very durable and keeps the fillings in place even after each wash.

Eikei knows that duvet covers can be hard to manage because they tend to move around depending on the user. To ensure that it is in place, the company installed hidden inside ties and closures to keep it in place.

The duvet comes in 36 different colors and three sizes which would not wrinkle easily. Each time it is washed with a washing machine, it will become softer and retain its comfortable quality. If users will store it or give it as a gift, a storage bag is included in every duvet set.

  • Made from 100% cotton which can distribute heat easily
  • It uses 280 thread count to keep the cover stay durable
  • It remains firmly secured in the bed thanks to its hidden ties and closures
  • Becomes softer after every wash without affecting its quality
  • Comes in 36 different colors in three different sizes
  • Sizes can be very big depending on the cushion of the bed which makes it look uneven when it is in place
  • Color may be different if purchased online, some users say that they got a lighter color for their sets despite the color displayed on the site

6. SNOWMAN Luxury White Goose Down Comforter

Want to feel like you are under luxurious down comforters without worrying about its price? The SNOWMAN Luxury White Goose Down Comforter is for you. The company is known for producing great down and feather comforters for 18 years which can last users a lifetime.


SNOWMAN made this luxury goose down comforter with 100% cotton proof fabric which is hypoallergenic and soft to touch. Its filling is a combination of white goose feathers and down to offer great insulation. Thanks to the cotton fabric, users with allergies can use it without problems.

To keep the filling in place, the company used a baffled box construction. The construction also ensures that the down expands equally and provides maximum warmth for any season. To wash the comforter, users can wash it with a machine and dry it under the sun for 5 hours. Before using it again, users are advised to hand fluff it to remove any smell that may have developed during storage.

To ensure that everything stays in place when you use it, the comforters have 8 loops in the outer cover. It is also available in three different colors and sizes, and comes in a zipper package to help store it when not in use.

  • It is very lightweight thanks to its 100% cotton fabric, goose down and feather fillings.
  • Oversized to give full coverage for users
  • Fabric is breathable which can provide a cooling effect during the summer months
  • Very fluffy to use even after it is washed and dried
  • Fits perfectly in the bed and not move around easily
  • May have some areas with uneven filling distribution
  • Can get very hot due to the goose down filling it has

7. LOVO Down Alternative Comforter

Want a touch of European class for your all season down comforters? LOVO offers their Down Alternative Comforter Quilt for users to try out. The company is known in China for their high quality textiles and their comforters are perfect for any bed, especially if it will be used by kids.


This unique quilt is made from 100% brushed polyester that gives its outer material a soft and durable feel. Meanwhile, the filling used on the inside is 100% polyester and microfiber, which is proven to be hypoallergenic, lightweight and breathable to use.

To keep the fillings in place, the company used a baffled box stitching which also added a touch of class in the comforter. There are even embossed flowers on the fabric to add that romantic ambiance it adds to your room.

This comforter can be used as a duvet cover and it has fittings on it to keep it in place. Users can also use it as a stand-alone comforter without any problems and cover the entire bed easily. To clean this comforter, the company says it can be washed with a machine on a gentle cycle and dry it on tumble dry settings. Users can also dry it under the sun and tap it gently to restore its fluff.

  • Not too heavy and hot to use thanks to its polyester material
  • Very soft to touch but also very durable
  • Works well even in summer season due to the breathable polyester used
  • Comes in four solid colors and unique embossed patterns
  • Works perfectly for any type of bedroom, including a child’s bedroom
  • Does not come in a plain down comforter setup
  • Colors may not be precise if buy online. Some users report it is too pale

8. L LOVSOUL Queen Comforter

When it comes to quality-standard comforters in this best colored down comforters list, the L LOVSOUL Queen Goose Down Comforter is a great choice. It offers users an eco-friendly colored down comforter that is both stylish and comfortable to use in any season.


This comforter by L LOVSOUL is made with customer satisfaction in mind. The down comforter is made from lightweight and hypoallergenic Egyptian Cotton and goose down that passed OEKO-TEX, Downpass and IDFL standards. The standards also guarantee they are naturally made fabrics and no chemicals were used to process them.

The comforter has a 700-fill power rating which provides ample insulation and comfort for its users. The fabric is also very breathable, enabling users to use it without problems in any season. Many users will also be happy to know that this luxurious duvet uses double stitching and corner loops to keep the duvet in place. The stitching and the baffle box layout also ensures that it will not fray easily and move the fillings.

The comforter comes in two different sizes and can be machine washed. To dry it properly and ensure that the fluff remains soft and filled with volume, it must be aired for 2 hours. When not in use, users are advised to keep it in a breathable storage bag to protect it from moisture and the elements. A 100% 30-day money back guarantee is available if users are not satisfied with the product.

  • Made from high quality and eco-friendly Egyptian cotton and goose down
  • Comes with a high fill power that guarantees equal insulation
  • Constructed with durable stitching and keeps the comforter’s shape
  • Easy to clean through washing machine
  • Comes with a full refund guarantee
  • Can be very noisy to use due to the goose down
  • Can be slightly heavy due to its high fill power

9. Park Hotel Collection Goose Down Alternative Comforter

Want to feel like you are in a hotel without having to pay a lot for the colored down comforter? The Park Hotel Collection Goose Down Alternative Comforter is perfect for you. It is designed to work in any season and provide ample warmth for its users for a long time.


The company that made this all season down comforter with hypoallergenic material that can users all the warmth they need during cold nights. During the hotter seasons, the material has breathable qualities that will help users stay dry and cool even when under the comforter.

The comforter has a diamond baffle pattern to keep the fillings in place and ensure it remains durable even after washing. It also provides a touch of class when in use, no matter which of the seven colors you picked for this item. It can also be used as an oversized stand-alone cover or a duvet insert, covering the entire bed easily.

To make it easy to manage and clean, the comforter can be machine washed with cold water. To dry it correctly, users can sun dry it or use tumble dry in their dryer. Fluffing it will also restore its volume before use. If there are any problems with the comforter, the company offers a 100% money-back guarantee. Replacements may also be requested within a 30-day period for free.

  • Made from breathable and hypoallergenic material that works in any season
  • Comes in a diamond baffle design that adds to its classic look
  • Can be used as an oversized stand alone cover or a duvet insert
  • Can be machine washed and machine dried
  • Very affordable than other colored down comforters in the list
  • Requires careful washing before use
  • May be slightly heavy than advertised

10. Globon Fusion White Goose Down Comforter

To cap off our list of the best colored down comforters in the market, we definitely need to include the Globon Fusion White Goose Down Comforter. This comforter uses a different kind of filling structure that distributes temperatures easily and keeps it fresh each time it is used.


This white down comforter uses a unique kind of filling known as Suprelle fusion. The filling is a new advancement in Germany which ensures that it does not develop any foul odor throughout use and distribute temperatures easily. It is also breathable and easy to re fluff after washing.

The fabric used throughout the comforter is 100% cotton, which is very soft to touch and use. It is also very durable and passed the standards of OEKO-TEX and Downpass, guaranteeing it was made from eco-friendly materials. To hold the filling in place, it uses a baffle box design which also adds to its stylish design. The design also ensures that it can distribute temperatures easily and cover the entire bed without problems.

When cleaning this comforter, it can be done through any washing machine. To dry, it can be done under the sun or through a dryer on low settings. The company guarantees that users will get a high quality goose down comforter because before they are sold, they are inspected one by one. They also sterilize the comforters to make sure it is safe to use.

  • Made from high quality cotton which is durable and soft to use.
  • Uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure it does not develop any odor and distribute temperatures correctly.
  • Very stylish thanks to its baffle box stitching
  • Easy to maintain with machine washing and drying
  • Very safe to use
  • Can be very pricey
  • Requires careful washing to retain its fluff

Why you need a Colored Down Comforter?

There are many reasons why you should get a colored down comforter. First, it is a great alternative to traditional comforters which are made from 100% goose or duck comforters. Goose and duck comforters are very expensive but they have excellent insulating properties. Colored down comforters are cheaper because they use rayon, polyester and cotton as fillings. These fillings also have great insulation qualities thanks to the technology used to improve their insulation.

The second reason why you should get a colored down comforter is because they are hypoallergenic. Some people are allergic to goose and duck fillings, which can cause them to have allergic attacks even if they like how warm it is to use. Since colored down comforters use other materials as filings, it is safer to use if one has allergies.

Colored down comforters are also easier to maintain compared to traditional down comforters. Goose and duck comforters require a specific cleaning maintenance to retain their quality. Failure to do so and you will end up with a down comforter that looks weak and rough to use. It may also affect the insulation quality of the material, which removes the very reason why they are perfect for people who want to be warm as they sleep in cold seasons. If you get a colored down comforters, they are easier to maintain because it is like cleaning traditional comforters due to their filing material. When they are properly dried, their quality remains the same.

It can also be very difficult to use traditional down comforters because they may be too warm to use throughout the year. While they are perfect during winter, using the comforters during summer or other seasons may be too much. With colored down comforters, they can be used no matter what season you like to use it. It is also not that hot to use because the filling material distributes the temperature well.

Finally, traditional down comforters require a cover to keep it down the bed and not move around that much. But, it is not a guarantee that it will stay in place throughout the night. Colored down comforters do not need covers before they are used. You can wash it, place it on your bed, and use it as it is. While they may move around your bed depending on how you sleep, you don’t have to worry about damaging the fabric.

What Things To Consider When Buying a Colored Down Comforter

Comforters, no matter what type, are great for people who want to have a great night’s sleep every night and feel warm. Even if a person doesn’t live in colder climates, they may need the warm feeling from their cold air conditioner sets or they are just chilly every night.

But, before you buy a colored down comforter, you need to know what features make the best colored down comforters. To help you out, here are the features you need to look for in a colored down comforter.

  • Fill Power –

When purchasing a down comforter, each one of them have different filling volumes or fill power that makes up the comforter. The more filling it has, the warmer it is and more down was applied to create it.

If you want something that works in warmer climates, you can get a fill power from 500 to 600 range. If you want something that will provide excellent warmth, get ones that are within the 600 to 700 range.

  • Outer Fabric-

This part of the comforter is often determined by the thread count used to stitch the comforter together and keep the fillings in place. The higher thread count is used, the filings won’t make a lot of noise as you move around. Meanwhile, the lower thread count means the fillings will move around.

It is also ideal to find a down comforter that has a barrier weave to prevent the down used for in the comforter to slip out. It also reduces the sound the down and the filings make as you move around at night.

  • Construction –

When buying any type of comforter, it must have baffles which distribute its fillings equally. Without it, the fillings will stay in one end of the comforter and it will be difficult to move it back in place.

Aside from baffles, some colored down comforters may use ring stitch and karo step stitching. The ring stitch creates small rings on the top and bottom parts of the comforter to stitch it together. Karo steps combine baffled stitching with boxed stitching to keep the fabric and fillings together.

It is also ideal to buy a colored down comforter that has fasteners in them to ensure the bedding doesn’t move around the duvet cover.

  • Weight –

Colored down comforters can be very heavy depending on the filing used to create it. Usually, the heavier comforters are the warmest while a lightweight down comforter has a distributed temperature that works in both winter or summer. Pick the one that weighs in the middle since this will be perfect for the entire year.

  • Size –

Both traditional and colored down comforters are made to have an extra three-quarters flowing at the bottom of the bed. But, there are comforters which won’t fit the entire bed, which may be a problem if your bed is very large.

  • Maintenance –

As mentioned above, it can be difficult to maintain down comforters considering the materials they use and how large they are. Each manufacturer must offer a proper care instruction with their colored down comforter before you buy them.

You also need to pick a down comforter that comes with a duvet cover to reduce the time you need to get it washed. Duvet covers also ensures that everything stays in place even if you move around at night.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I buy colored down comforters based on their fill power?

If you are comparing between two different brands with the same fill power, it is likely that they are still different from each other. They may have different down composition, weight and construction. If you want a warmer comforter, it has to have more down and it must have some weight in them.

  • Can I still get allergies with my colored down comforter?

You can still get allergies with colored down comforters if you do not clean them properly or if it accumulates a lot of dust. It is recommended that you clean it thoroughly or with the help of a professional cleaner to get it sterilized.

  • How should I clean my colored down comforter?

Every colored down comforter comes with cleaning instructions that you must follow. If your comforter is ok to be machine washed, use warm water and mild detergent and clean it on its own. Top loading on your comforter may affect its fill quality.

To dry, use a low cycle to dry it to reduce the possibility of its down from clumping. While you are drying it, check on them regularly to see if it dries evenly. Don’t hang it out to dry because it may affect its shape and cause mildew to develop.

If you are not sure on how to clean it, you can get them cleaned with the help of professional cleaners.

  • When is it time for me to replace my colored down comforter?

To tell if your colored down comforter needs to be replaced, you can hold it up and check the areas where your shoulders will normally be located. If you see that light passes through these areas, you need to replace it because these areas no longer have insulating qualities.


If you want some good night sleep during cold or regular nights, you should get the best colored down comforters in the market. There are a lot of them available in the market and it can be very confusing to pick the one that works well for your needs.

Before you check up on your favorite bedding store, find out more about them so you know which one fits your needs. Colored down comforters are a huge investment in any home and it is important you get the one that fits you so you can get more out from your purchase.