Best Electric Bed 2022 (In-Depth Reviews & Buying Guide)

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If you are wondering whether there are beds that can be adjusted as per your comfort and convenience, an electric bed will surely be your answer. Although these beds are not that new, plenty of modern homes are still going for these smart sleeping solutions. Also known as adjustable beds, the electric beds are designed to lower or elevate an individual’;s legs or upper body. This results in easy positioning of one’;s posture and, thereafter, eliminates the possibility of back pain. These adjustments can be done by either remote control or manually. So, if an electric bed is what you are willing to buy for a good night’;s sleep, you are doing a wise thing.

Top 10 Best Rated Electric Bed Reviews

1. Classic Brands Adjustable Bed Base with Massage

Have a similar experience as that of a royal recliner in a movie theater with this electric bed and bed base from Classic Brands. Whether you want to take pleasure in lounging or watch television in a posture of your choice, this electric bed set will bring on a smart fusion of luxury and technology and meet all these purposes in style. Vibrating massagers with 3-speed settings for head and feet will just keep you glued to it for hours. Plug in all your smart devices with the help of the two USB ports provided and enjoy quality time unwinding on this super soft foam bed mattress.

best electric bed

Features and Specifications:

  • Classic Brands brings an adjustable bed base designed for lounging, sleeping, resting and watching television
  • Vibrating massagers with multiple speed settings for head and feet, allowing the user to relax after a long tiring day
  • Three-legged height positions at 3 inches, 6 inches and combined 9 inches makes convenient postures for the user
  • Takes no effort and no time to assemble
  • Relaxing is a pleasure as this bed comes equipped with a whisper-quiet mechanism
  • Includes a wireless remote that makes you operate from any corner of the room

  • Easy to set up and assemble
  • Bed legs can be easily adjusted as per their heights
  • Convenient to operate through USB ports
  • Nice upholstered frame to complement any room décor
  • Great for both sleep and posture
  • Not good for one who has knee or back pain
  • Too heavy to weigh
  • Makes a bit of noise

2. Sleep Leggett & Platt Adjustable Bed Base King Split

Leggett and Platt brings you a fabulous combination of style, elegance, and technology with this wall hugger adjustable bed base to give your bedroom a fresh new look. Equipped with an alarm wake system and a pillow-tilt style, this electric bed set comprises two 10-inch gel memory foam mattresses along with 2.0 Split King Prodigy. With incredible features like head and foot articulation and pre-programmed seating positions, it includes a black shaded upholstery, adjustable legs of 6 to 10 inches, wave-featured dual body massage etc. The cover provider is made of good quality cotton that makes it easy to wash. iPhone and Android users can even enjoy operating the electric bed from their respective handsets.

electric bed reviews

Features and Specifications:

  • Electric bed set by Leggett and Platt comprises two gel memory foam mattresses of 10-inches, one SGT memory foam mattress of 1 inch, SVT memory foam of 1.5 inches
  • Comes with a poly cotton cover that is absolutely washable and anti-allergenic
  • Pillow Tilt and wall hugger technology along with preferred seating positions that can be pre-programmed
  • Body massage, head and foot articulation, backlighting and under-bed lighting
  • Apple and Android smartphone users can operate the bed system through Bluetooth instead of remote control
  • Dimensions are 80 x 38 x 13 inches while its weight is 430 pounds

  • Operational from any corner of the room
  • USB charging units on both sides of the bed
  • Superb construction and quite sturdy
  • Amazing features at a fabulous price
  • Mattresses are quite comfortable to lie upon
  • Memory foam bed is not of good quality
  • Mattress tends to collapse in the center
  • Mechanism to move the bed is a bit loud

3. Fashion Bed Group S-Cape 2.0 Adjustable Bed Base

Here comes an awesome sleeping system by Fashion Bed Group that features a queen size bed along with a 4-inch adjustable base. Equipped with wall hugger technology, it evokes modernity and comes with upholstery in a charcoal gray shade. Moreover, it comes with a backlit, wireless remote that makes way for Zero Gravity. Furthermore, it comes with a full-body dual massage, under-bed lighting, programmable positions, and even safety lock. The legs are all of heavy-duty and measure 2.5 inches in diameter and 6 to 10 inches in height. Its body angle adjustments will not only reduce stress but also eliminate soaring and lessen body soarness.

best electric bed frame

Features and Specifications:

  • Fashion Bed Group brings the S-Cape 2.0 electric bed base equipped with wall hugger technology, keeping you close to the nightstand
  • Push button enables the bed base to create an ambiance of rest and relaxation
  • Full body massage enabled with wave feature while Snore button allows airways to stay open
  • Dimensions of the S-Cape bed base are 17 x 60 x 79 (H x W x L) while it weighs 150 lbs and can support up to 850 lbs
  • 3 AAA batteries are required to power up the electric bed

  • Comes fully assembled and do not require effort to set up
  • Does not make noise at all and hence quite pleasant for the user
  • Vibration feature results in pure relaxation for the user
  • Remote control provided is very easy to understand and operate
  • Quality of the bed is not good
  • Construction of the bed could have been better

4. LUCID L300 Adjustable Bed Base with LUCID 12 Inch Memory Foam

Lucid unpacks an adjustable bed base, L300 along with a 12-inch hybrid mattress made of premium quality memory foam. Easy to assemble, it takes not even 5 minutes to unpack the bed set from the box to the bed. Where the head can be inclined at an angle of 0 to 60 degrees, the foot can be inclined at 0 to 45 degrees. Another great feature of this bed base is that it has a USB charging station on both its sides. Infused with aloe vera and bamboo charcoal, the memory foam used eliminates odors and keeps moisture away. With a total weight of 750 pounds, it includes a finely balanced layer of support.

electric adjustable beds

Features and Specifications:

  • 12-inch hybrid mattress made of memory foam by Lucid makes it a comfortable sleeping solution for one and all
  • High on safety, it comes with 6-inch edge support while the 2-inch support foam brings on a pleasant feel for users
  • Innovative hybrid construction keeps your spine aligned and keeps your posture correct while you are sleeping
  • Mattress can be compressed in such a manner so as to carry it through narrow passages with ease
  • Assembling is not a hassle at all and can be done in less than five minutes

  • Scores high in terms of both look and feel
  • Great for those who have back pain
  • Beneficial for those who are pregnant and supports the back
  • Keeps the temperature neutral and makes it convenient for the user to sleep
  • Leakage of fiberglass fibers results in health hazard
  • Too much firm and makes it difficult to sleep

5. Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Upholstered Adjustable Bed Base

Classic Brands brings you a feature-rich bed where you can now spend quality hours after a hectic day at work. With three adjustable legs at different heights, it would make you relax as per your preferred position. The mattress retention rail even keeps your mattress in a convenient position so that you don’;t face inconvenience while sleeping. The multiple USB ports will let you power up your electronic devices without any hassle. Even a head and foot massage will now be possible on this incredibly designed electric bed. Having dimensions of 38 x 79 x 15 inches, it is apt to fit a standard size room.

electric bed frame

Features and Specifications:

  • Adjustable bed base by Classic Brands comes with multiple features like head and foot massage, programmed elevation positions, wireless remote, USB connectivity and more
  • Operates with silence and has separate head and foot elevations, TV viewing and zero-gravity positions, and lounge settings that can be programmed
  • Relaxation unlimited with 3-speed head and foot massage, bringing a soothing experience for the user
  • User-friendly wireless remote having preset settings
  • Two USB ports present on both sides of the bed
  • Takes no time and effort to assemble

  • Excellent in quality and rightly priced
  • Easy to set up and does not take time to put together
  • Fits well with European king size bed
  • Works great with mattresses made of good quality latex
  • One of the buttons on the remote does not work
  • The center legs are bent and lack strength

6. iDealBed 4i Custom Adjustable Bed Base

Now sleep without snores and relax without worries on this best adjustable bed base by iDealBed. Being fully customized, it has been designed to double your comfort level through complete articulation as your head can be adjusted till 70° and foot till 42°. The 18-button backlit, wireless remote will let you operate multiple things from any corner of the room. What makes it operate with silence is its quiet power motor that weighs 850 lbs. Enjoy full-body massaging multiple modes and intensity levels. Moreover, its 3-in-1 height position makes it quite flexible to sit back and relax.

 electric adjustable bed frame

Features and Specifications:

  • Adjustable and customized bed base by iDealBed equipped with the ability to virtually adjust at any angle
  • Comes with an ergonomic remote control that is not only wireless but also comprises two position memory buttons, anti-snore, zero-gravity, flat button etc.
  • 850 lbs capacity power motor that results in silent operation of the unit
  • Complete body massage with 4 different modes and 3 intensity levels
  • Compatible with all sorts of mattresses and includes 3-in-1 height options, making it easier to rest at one’;s desired posture
  • Steel frame design makes it absolutely sturdy

  • A wonderful bed to lie upon for hours without any back pain
  • Takes no effort to set up and install
  • Positioning of zero gravity is quite comfortable
  • Remote control provided is easy to understand and operate
  • The durability of the motor is poor
  • A bit heavier
  • Remote is not of good quality

7. Ghostbed Queen Custom Adjustable Power Base

Make your bedroom your favorite place on earth by bringing home this adjustable bed base from Ghostbed. Equipped with a 5-mode massage unit, it aims at eliminating back aches and pains. The LED lights located beneath brighten your space with just a single touch of a button. Moreover, the USB ports located on both sides of the bed are helpful in connecting other electronic devices with ease. Having made of pure quality steel frame, it is excellent in terms of durability. The retainer bar made of steel also keeps the mattress in place. Featuring anti-skid decking, it also has three preset positions as those of Zero gravity, TV and Lounge.

electric beds

Features and Specifications:

  • Adjustable bed base from Ghostbed is meant for queen size beds and comes with multiple features for unlimited relaxation
  • Interactive massage units comprise five modes in total with the intention to minimize backache and body pain
  • LED lights under the bed make it look bright and stylish, making the space around illuminated
  • USB ports present on both sides of the bed make it convenient for one to power up other electronic devices
  • Solid construction as it is made of pure quality steel and keeps the mattress absolutely in place

  • Very easy to set up and does not take time
  • Makes no noise at all despite making movements
  • Sturdy construction for being made of steel
  • Fits within the bed frame well
  • Massaging options are quite beneficial for relaxation
  • Buttons on the remote are not clearly visible
  • Alignment problem with the pins
  • Bolts often go missing

8. HOFISH 2019 Upgraded Solid Wood Slat Adjustable Bed Frame

Beds are getting more modernized and feature-rich with time, and the HOFISH electric beds are making news in this respect. Requiring no tools for assembly, this electric bed features a thoughtful design that makes it stand out among other contemporary beds. What makes it beneficial for the user is that it has two USB ports each on both its sides where multiple electronic devices can be charged with ease. The remote control it has includes customizable programs, hassle-free sync process, wireless technology and more. Besides, the electric bed base is made of high-quality fabric that makes it anti-slip as well.

electric bed

Features and Specifications:

  • Queen size adjustable bed frame by HOFISH that features a hassle-free assembly process with no requirement of tools
  • Four USB ports are located on each side of the bed
  • Back-lit and wireless remote control that comprises two customizable programs
  • Foot inclination at 0 to 30 degrees while independent head inclination will be at 0 to 60 degrees
  • Electric bed base is non-slippery as it is made of good quality fabric
  • Height adjustable bed legs are useful for positioning as per one’;s convenience
  • Anti-crushing powerful motor runs silently

  • Comes assembled beforehand that makes it easy to set up
  • Motor is very quiet and operates quite smoothly
  • Comprises motion section lights beneath the bed
  • Remote comes with a holder that keeps it secure
  • Takes little time to set it up
  • Remote does not always signal the bed
  • Head of the bed takes time to lower itself

9. LUCID L100 Adjustable Bed Base Steel Frame

Stay calm, cool and composed on this adjustable bed frame from Lucid that brings with it multiple features for users to relax. Designed to support all types of Lucid mattresses, it has the ability to fit in almost all sorts of bed frames. With a solid steel frame, it is high on strength and is, therefore, quite durable. Its independent head inclination ranges between 0 and 58 degrees while the foot incline range at 0 to 40 degrees to provide more comfort and relaxation. The motor on which it runs is quiet and hence operates with silence.

9 1

Features and Specifications:

  • Lucid L100 adjustable bed frame made of superior quality steel stands compatible with all sorts of 14-inch mattresses
  • Superb construction and convenient for shipping for having a steel frame that also supports durability
  • Includes a wireless remote control with easy to understand buttons for operating several features of the unit
  • Operates on a motor that is quite reliable, quiet and powerful as well
  • Does not need much time to assemble

  • Very easy to set up without taking much time
  • Look of the frame is quite impressive
  • Remote control with six user-friendly buttons
  • Construction is sturdy and bed base quite durable
  • Great for both back and side sleepers
  • Not comfortable to sleep for long hours
  • Not helpful for those suffering from sciatic pain

10. Classic Brands Comfort Affordamatic Upholstered Adjustable Bed Base

Classic Brands brings on an adjustable bed base that is not only of excellent quality but also quite economical in comparison to other expensive bed frames. With the help of a wired remote, the head and foot elevation controls can be operated with ease. Besides, one can easily watch and operate television, read a book, and even sleep on it with no backache. It does not take any effort nor any time to assemble. Moreover, it can be used with mattresses made of latex, foam, air etc. with a 12-inch leg height, it can be adjusted at a favorable position for relaxation.


Features and Specifications:

  • Adjustable bed base by Classic Brands comes with multiple features and proves to be an affordable choice among contemporary bed frames
  • Holds the ability to adjust with all types of mattresses made of latex, foam, air etc.
  • Wired remote controlled makes it easier to operate elevation controls, television and more
  • Can be used with or without the help of any standard bed frame
  • Leg height of 12 inches makes it easier to adjust as per one’;s convenience
  • Dimensions are 74 x 54 x 15 inches and it has a weight of 114 pounds

  • Takes hardly any time to set up
  • Bed base is perfect to fit within a standard bed frame
  • Four types of position memories to set one’;s preferred sleeping position
  • Ideal for multiple activities like sleeping, reading, watching television etc.
  • Construction is not sturdy at all
  • Poor quality fabric that gets ripped after a few months of use

Things to Consider Before Purchasing an Electric Bed

It’;s been quite some years that electric beds have made way to modern homes, apartments, and even hospitals. With the passage of time, plenty of features have been added and new designs have been incorporated into these stylish bed systems. This is probably one of the reasons why it has become a bit challenging to pick the right electric bed for one’;s need. Well, there are a few factors to judge prior to buying an electric bed. So, once you know these, buying an electric bed will no more look difficult.

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So, here are a few crucial things you need to consider before buying the best electric bed:

  • The Assembling:

Assembling an electric bed is not something you should go for as it needs proficiency and perfection. So, why take too much effort and not buy one that comes pre-assembled? If this is not the case, make sure you get it assembled by an expert. Even if you are willing to move, make sure you seek assistance to get this work done because DOI for these beds will not be easy.

  • The Usage:

As electric beds are getting modernized with new controls and settings, you need to be careful about these at all cost. While buying, make sure you are easy with the controls and whether they are easy to operate. Most electric beds come with dual controls that are designed to adjust any one side of bed without affecting the other. So, if you are sleeping with your partner, he/she will not be disturbed in case you want to adjust your position.

  • The Look:

The look of an electric bed, of course, cannot be compromised for comfort. There are lots of stylish electric beds that are high-scoring in terms of both aesthetics and coziness. Right from divan style to stylish beds with conventional base, you will find a wide variety of modish yet comfortable electric beds. The more you spend, the best you get.

  • The Support:

Sometimes, you might need an adjustable base for the electric bed you will be buying. As a matter of fact, you might not always sleep on it but would often like to watch movies, read a book, elevate your legs post workout and more. In such cases, an adjustable base will certainly be of great help in sustaining one’;s body positioning and spine alignment as well. In fact, some beds would bring you features like LEDs, massaging and what not. So, if you want both luxury and comfort, spend accordingly for that specific electric bed.

  • The Price:

Price certainly matters when you are going to buy an electric bed. For this, you need to do a bit of research and find out which beds have good features and how pocket-friendly they as per their role. If possible, talk to a friend or someone who had bought one for use. This would definitely help you decide whether you are paying the right money for the right bed.


Be it price or look, assembling or disassembling, the best electric bed should always be considered in terms of the user’;s comfort. If he is having back pain, the bed should be chosen carefully, and if he prefers luxury over everything, money will come into the matter. Those who are completely new to adjustable beds must take a bit of time, check out the reviews, compare a few options and crack the deal. In other words, an electric bed is worth buying if you make good use of it.

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