Best King Size Electric Blankets Reviews in 2022 (Top Picks)

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An Electric Blanket is a large soft cloth that has integrated electrical heating wires. It functions like a heating pad that utilizes an insulated wire or a heating mechanism that produces heat when it is plugged into an electrical socket. Most products come with a control unit that allows you to adjust the amount of heat produced.

Electric Blankets usually come in several types. The most common is the electric overblanket, which is placed above the top bed sheet while the electric underblanket is placed above the mattress and below the bottom bed sheet. In the US, where it is the most common type, the electric overblanket gets the moniker, ‘electric blanket.’

During the cold season, electric blankets can warm up your bed, making you feel snug and comfy. You can warm up even more with your closest ones with you by getting the best king size electric blankets. Share the warmth in the winter season!

Top 7 Best King Size Electric Blankets Reviews

1. Sunbeam Heated Blanket (Editor’s Choice)

The Sunbeam Heated Blanket is a great sleeping companion to cold winter nights. This walnut-colored ultra-soft heated blanket has a welcoming feel to it that would just make you want to get yourself under it and snuggle into its warm and gentle comfort. This king size heated blanket has enough space that could cover for you and your loved ones, making it a perfect companion not just for you but for your family as well.
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The Sunbeam’s 100% Polyester micro plush fabric feels incredibly snug and comfortable. It comes with a pre-heated feature, turning the cold sheets into a bundle of warm and silky smooth fabric, packed with 2 ComforTec controllers with digital LED display and push-button controls for easy calibration.

With its Thermofine warming system, it senses and adjusts just the right amount of warmth your body needs and delivers it consistently to make you feel comfortable all night long. It also comes with 10 heat settings and a 10-hour auto-off function, so you don’t need to turn it off manually. The Sunbeam has 180 GSM rating with an ultra-soft rating.

  • Incredibly snug and comfy
  • Comes with easy to calibrate controllers with 10 heat setting
  • Has a pre-heat function
  • Has a heat-adjusting system to deliver consistent warmth
  • Machine-washable and dryer safe
  • Requires extra handling to maintain
  • You could feel the wires underneath

2. Beautyrest Fleece Combo Set-Blue-King Size Blanket

When the cold season gets incredibly cold, and a little blanket isn’t enough to keep you warm, a heated blanket is what you need! Add in a heated throw, and you get double the warmth during the cold season with the Beautyrest Fleece Heated Blanket and Heated Throw set.

This pair of warmers will make you feel snug and warm throughout winter without too much burden on your electricity bill. Not only will the warmth keep the cold away, but the therapeutic heat can also help soothe pain from muscle stiffness and provide relief from fatigue.
king size electric blankets reviews


The Beautyrest is designed to emit virtually no electromagnetic field emissions. It is also equipped with soft, flexible wires with a heavy-duty insulated cord for added protection.

It comes with 2 separate controllers for the blanket with each controller with 5-heat settings controlling their respective side while the throw comes with 1 controller with a 3-heat mode. The sheet comes in size 100″ W x 90″ L while the throw comes in at 50″ W x 60″ L. This ensures that the heated blanket will provide you the warmth that you need no matter the climate.

  • Features an ultra-soft plush fabric that feels incredibly comfy
  • Has a 10-hour automatic shut-off timer for convenience and safety
  • 2 LED indicator controllers for the blanket and 1 LED indicator controller for the throw
  • Machine washable and easy to care
  • Comes with a 5-year limited product warranty
  • Not advisable for use towards infants, pets, and people insensitive to heat
  • The combo set is expensive

3. SoftHeat Luxury Fleece Electric Heated Blanket

Ever wondered what it feels like basking in luxurious warmth, all snuggled up in comfort while it’s freezing outside? That’s what it feels like with the SoftHeat Luxury Fleece Heated Blanket. It boasts excellent features that help warm you up in the coldest nights while also keeping you safe.
best king size electric blanket


It has a super soft micro-fleece fabric that feels warm and smooth to the touch, and it is also designed with an additional layer of fiberfill and elastic material that gives extra comfort and support. The wires are individually wrapped in a layer of fiberfill that provides additional warmth and even heating that lasts longer.

The SoftHeat boasts the thinnest undetectable wires. These ultra-thin wires are flexible and are barely noticeable even during use, and they don’t cause discomfort, unlike other heated blankets that use bulky cables. It comes with two controllers; one for each side.

One of the most discussed concerns regarding heated blankets is safety. The SoftHeat is designed to use low levels of voltage while keeping you warm. It uses technology that converts AC power into non-hazardous low voltage DC power to provide warmth. It does not emit EMF, and it is certified non-hazardous.

  • The SoftHeat has a pre-heat feature to warm up your entire bed before you use it
  • It warms you up while keeping you safe
  • Low voltage use means less energy consumption
  • Machine washable
  • Comes with a 5-year Warranty
  • Having thinner wires make them more fragile
  • Requires multiple outlets for the independent controllers

4. Biddeford 1004-903292-706 Electric Heated Blanket

The Biddeford model is one of those few products that doesn’t talk too much about itself but gets the job done as far as functionality is concerned. Sure, it doesn’t look flashy or as premium as the rest, but it offers quality that can compete with other more expensive products out there in the market.
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The Biddeford is tailored with 100% Polyester imported fabric that gives the same snug and comfort just like other products. It comes with two controllers, both sporting a dialed calibration design with 10 personal heat settings on each side. This feature makes sure that you are warm and toasty every time.

Even in low settings, this heated blanket is surprisingly warm enough to keep you cozy. You can turn up the notch by increasing the setting to get more of that therapeutic warmth and relieve some of that muscle stiffness.

This heated blanket is easy to maintain thanks to its fabric being machine washable and easy to care for. It also comes with a reusable zipper bag with a handle when you plan to keep it stored until the next winter season.

  • Cheap and affordable
  • It is warmer than other products at the same level of setting
  • Has a 10-heat setting
  • Machine washable and easy to care
  • Easy to pack and store for the next cold season
  • It has a higher power consumption
  • It can experience inconsistent heating at times

5. Thermee Micro Flannel Electric Blanket

Stay stylish and warm during the cold season with the Thermee Micro Flannel Electric Heated Blanket. It entices anyone to a comfortable sleep with its calming English blue look. Don’t let this cool blue-colored bundle of snug fool you, it may look cool and refreshing, but it’s surprisingly warm and cozy that is perfect for cold seasons. A product that looks good, feels just as good, and maintains itself well is certainly fit to be called a luxury.
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The Thermee is constructed from Micro Flannel, a rich and lush fabric made from 100% imported polyester. This patent-pending fabric is designed never to shrink or fade. It is designed to remain smooth, soft, and continuously stay the same size. It is tailored with elegant satin trim and reinforced with diamond stitching. It is also wrinkle-resistant, and it remains smooth and tidy-looking.

The Thermee comes with 2 large-number back lit controllers for each side with an 8-heat setting and a 12-hour programmable timer with an automated shut-off feature. Now, you do not have to worry about how cold it is outside since with the Thermee blanket, you are as warm as you want it to be.

  • Premium quality look and comfort
  • Comes with 2 controllers that match the look of the cool blue design
  • Features 8-heat setting with a programmable timer and automatic shut-off
  • Made from a long-lasting fabric that is easy to care and maintain
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • It’s heavier than other heated blankets
  • It’s quite expensive

6. Serta Luxurious Electric Heated Blanket

Relax in the soothing warmth of the Serta Luxurious Electric Heated Blanket. Tailored in royal red 100% polyester fabric, it exudes sophistication and elegance, which could make for the perfect decor for your bedroom. You can indulge in luxurious therapeutic warmth for all occasions to soothe those stiff muscles and relieve yourself from back pain. It is also the perfect item to be with during cold weather.
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It has a pre-heat feature that is useful to warm up your mattress before using it. It also has built-in temperature protection that prevents too much heat from being generated for your safety. It comes with two controllers that each control their respective areas for individual adjustment. These controllers have a dial calibration with a digital display. It also automatically shuts off after 10 hours for safety and convenience.

It is designed to utilize low-voltage technology that makes it safer than other products, and it also makes it easy for your electrical bill. Thin wires prevent discomfort experienced compared to other products that use thick and bulky cables.

It uses luxurious micro-plush fabric that makes it machine washable and prevents pilling and maintains its size consistently throughout its use. The Serta heated blanket is definitely a product that will provide you with all the comfort you need during the colder months.

  • Premium quality look and texture
  • It has a convenient pre-heat feature
  • Uses low-voltage and safe technology
  • Easy to wash and maintain
  • Uses thin wires to prevent discomfort
  • Thin wires are fragile
  • It takes some time to warm up

7. SensorPedic Heated Electric Blanket

A great product doesn’t need to be expensive to deliver premium quality looks and functionality. The SensortPedic Electric Heated Blanket is an excellent example of that case. You’d never expect something that looks so luxurious and feels silky smooth to be one of the cheapest options out there on the market. It packs a lot of functional features too! Overall, the SensorPedic gives you a lot of bang for your buck.
electric heated blankets reviews


The first thing you’d notice is its elegant ultra-plush 100% polyester anti-pill fleece that gives a slight sheen, which makes it even gorgeous-looking to any bright room. This makes it a perfect addition to your bedroom during the winter season.

It has two zones of warmth that can be individually controlled by each of their respective controllers. The digital controllers are user-friendly and easy to use with the functions for turning it on and off, setting it to any of the 9-heat personal settings, and a built-in timer that you can set to shut itself off from to 1-12 hours automatically. It shuts itself after 12 hours automatically, by default, for safety, in case you forgot to turn off the heating blanket yourself. With this, you also save power too.

  • Cheap and affordable
  • Premium quality look and texture
  • Features 9-heat settings with an automatic shut-off timer
  • User-friendly display controllers
  • Comes with 5-year warranty period
  • It is prone to slide all over the bed due to its silky-smooth texture
  • It can be too soft for some people’s taste

Different Types of King Size Electric Blankets

Electric Blankets come in a variety of sizes. The best size you can get for most of the products available in the market is the king size. King Size Electric Blankets give the widest warmth and comfort fit for beds of the same size, except for a few products that offer bigger sizes.
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King Size Electric Blankets come in two types. Your lifestyle usually influences what type is what you need, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to get it. At the end of the day, it all comes down to how you maximize using it and which type will offer you more comfort than the other.

  • Regular King Size Electric Blankets
This type of electric blanket only has one controller and is designed to be used by only one person. This type typically allows adjustments to the amount of heat for the whole area of the blanket with a single controller. This is a perfect blanket for bachelors and single individuals who prefer all the warmth and space to himself or herself.

This is the ideal type of heated blanket that doesn’t allow anyone else to adjust the level of warmth you prefer, thus preventing any nuisance getting in the way of your preferred comfort. However, this is also a perfect type for those who share the bed with other people. Because there is only a single zone where heat is distributed, it means that heat is consistently provided and spread out across the blanket. With this, everyone gets the same level of warmth.

  • Dual Control King Size Electric Blankets
This type of electric blanket is designed for use by two people. Thus it comes with two separate controllers on either side of the sheet. The purpose of this is for both persons to control their level of warmth on their respective sides without inconveniencing the other person.

The electric blanket is divided into two zones, with each zone controlled by their corresponding controller. Because not everyone has the same preference, this is an ideal type for couples who share the same bed. However, this isn’t the right choice if you decide to use the blanket alone and want every piece of the blanket for yourself.

Although you can use both controllers even when alone, it feels just awkward doing so and can be quite bothersome since you have to use both controllers if you want to adjust the level of heat and make both areas have the same levels of warmth.

Benefits of King Size Electric Blankets

King Size Electric Blankets are considered luxury items that offer you benefits you couldn’t live without. However, with cold seasons getting colder and how the world’s climate has become harsher over the years, it can be a good investment to purchase one for your home.
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Regardless of their type, king size electric blankets provide benefits that you can enjoy and improve your quality of life.

  • Protection from Cold
Electric blankets are mainly designed to provide warmth during times of cold weather. It is best used during the winter season where it gets incredibly chilly and uncomfortable to sleep. They are intended to warm you up across its wide area of coverage so you can relax snuggly and cozily without a care from the chilling elements surrounding outside your home.

  • Wider Coverage
King-sized electric blankets enjoy the advantages of occupying wider space and providing more comprehensive coverage of warmth for multiple people to enjoy.

  • Personalized Warmth
Electric blankets come with a controller to allow you to adjust the level of your preferred warmth. The regular type comes with one controller, while the dual control type allows two separate persons to control their own designated areas. Having the ability to adjust at the tip of your fingers is a great way to enjoy these products’ features without any hassle.

  • Therapeutic Warmth
These blankets aren’t just meant to stave off the cold. These can also be used to provide therapeutic warmth to your body to help relieve pain from muscle stiffness. It also gives a soothing and relaxing sensation to alleviate all that stress pent up inside you. An appropriate level of warmth is good for the body, and it promotes blood circulation.

  • Bedroom Aesthetics
Of course, electric blankets should look appealing and inviting. Depending on your preference and the ambiance, it can be a great addition to your bedroom. Whether it seems simple or downright gorgeous, all that matters is that you are content with how well it goes with your bedroom setting.

  • Tactile Comfort
As a premium quality product, electric blankets must look not only functional but also feel good. To be able to enjoy a warm and soft feeling while you feel snug and cozy is a great way to sleep through the winter’s cold. Feeling snug and cuddling up to something that has a nice smooth texture is conducive for sleeping.

  • Uninterruptible Convenience
Electric blankets come with controllers that have timers you can set when to shut itself off, so you don’t have to. Some products also come with automated shut-off timers. Having timers prevents them from using power when you forget to turn them off, thus not only saving your electricity bill but also keeping your home safe as well. The most high-quality electric blankets come with safety precautions as well in being able to prevent unwanted mishaps from occurring.

  • Pre-heat Preparations
Some electric blankets come with a pre-heat feature that allows you to warm up your mattress before you lie on top of it and slip under the blanket to double-down on the warmth.

Things to Consider Before Selecting a King Size Electric Blanket

Electric Blankets may be a bundle of warm joy, but there are a lot of things to consider before you buy the perfect king size electric blanket for your bedroom.
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  • Lifestyle
Your lifestyle affects your decision on what type of king-sized electric blanket that would be best for your bedroom. If you are single, the regular kind is the most suitable choice. If you have a special partner living with you and you both share the same bed, then the dual control type is perfect for your situation. However, if you’re married and have kids sleeping with you on the same bed, either type would fit in just fine.

  • Warmth
Electric blankets are designed to provide warmth that will help you cope up through the cold season and make you comfy and warm. However, not all electric heaters are designed to give the same amount of heat. They also have different levels of heat generation, which could range from the usual  5 to up to 10 levels. However, it still depends on the technology the product uses to determine how warm it is. Low-voltage technology uses lower power, so it warms up slower compared to other electric blankets utilizing technology using higher voltages.

Everyone has their own preferences, and what’s warm and comfy for one person wouldn’t be the same for some people. Therefore, it is essential to take note of how warm an electric blanket is at its lowest settings and how high up it can go at its highest settings.

  • Safety vs. Comfort
Due to the fact the product uses electricity and is plugged into a socket, it is essential to consider what safety measures the manufacturers made to prevent unwanted mishaps from occurring.

Most electric blankets utilize thicker wiring that allows electricity to flow to the heating mechanism, which provides heat to the blanket. However, thicker wires can be a nuisance and can cause discomfort while sleeping. Some electric blankets use thinner wires, which negates discomfort by preventing you from noticing them while you sleep comfortably.

Having thinner wires may sound appealing, but they are usually less durable than the annoying thicker cables. If the wires aren’t durable, this could eventually lead to problems with the product. Sometimes it will malfunction and won’t heat appropriately until finally, it will no longer heat up anymore. Worst case scenario, it could even ignite a spark and cause a fire, which could result in burns or irreparable damage.

  • Quality Material
The material used for the electric blanket’s fabric is also something that you should consider. Your preference in texture is a crucial factor that can influence your decision. There are materials that you may find too soft or too hard for your taste, so you have to know what the actual material feels like if you plan to order online.

If you’re able to shop for electric blankets personally, you’ll have to feel them and decide for yourself if it has the right tactile sensation you’re looking for. After all, it doesn’t matter how warm you get during the cold season if you’re not comfortable with the fabric of the electric blanket.

  • Product Features
Of course, you don’t want to miss checking out what features each electric blanket has to offer. What sets most electric blankets apart is the quality of controllers they have and what they are capable of doing. Controllers will either be using dials or digital displays. Other products only have an automatic shut-off timer while some allow you to manually set your preferred timer and also have a default automatic shut-off feature that turns off the electric blanket after a maximum period to conserve energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does using electric heating blankets increase the risk of cancer?
According to recent studies, there is no conclusive evidence that using an electric heating blanket regularly, even for many years, does not increase the risk of cancer. However, several manufacturers have taken extra measures to assure consumers they use the safest available technology for their peace of mind.

Some would even go to the lengths of not using Electromotive force, or also called EMF, at all for the heating process to dispel any fears or concerns from certain consumers.

  • If the electric blanket uses electricity, is it safe to wash it?
Yes. You need to remove all cords and controls from the blanket first. You shake it out and try to remove as much loose debris as you possibly can before putting it in the washing machine. It is not recommended to do a full wash cycle, so be sure only to wash it for a few minutes while setting the washer to a delicate or gentle cycle.

  • Are electric blankets safe for pets and infants?
It is generally not advised for electric blankets to be used by infants as they have far more sensitive skin than adults. The same goes for pets because they have different constitutions than humans. However, some manufacturers make electric blankets safe for pets.

  • Why is it generally discouraged to use electric blankets for those with diabetes?
Due to complications from diabetes, nerve damage can cause loss of tactile sensation. Due to this, people who suffer from this complication are prone to get burns from using electric blankets because they are unable to determine how warm the setting is. This inability to discern the level of warmth could prompt them to increase the temperature further, which would inevitably lead to burns.


During the cold season, an electric blanket is your best go-to option. You get adjustable levels of warmth at your fingertips. You’re also so close to the source of heat that it is literally covering you to keep you warm and comfortable throughout harsh cold nights.

You can even relieve yourself from stress and muscle pains with this beautiful product, thanks to the therapeutic warmth it generates. An electric blanket isn’t just a luxury item, but for long and cold winter nights, it is a necessity and a worthwhile investment to ensure that you get a well-deserved snug and comfy sleep.

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