Best Loveseat Sleeper Sofas Reviews in 2022 (Top Picks)

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These days, it’;s not enough that a piece of furniture only has one use a coffee table now converts to a dining table, and a chair can serve as a storage compartment. In fact, as we speak, furniture designers all over the world are thinking of innovative ways to develop items that are not only stylish but also functional. This is where loveseat sleeper sofas come in.

A loveseat sleeper sofa, which is sometimes referred to as a pull-out couch, features a full mattress hidden inside of it. Having one in your living room, then, means that you can easily add another sleeping accommodation for a visiting family member, a friend staying over for the weekend, or your child’;s sleepover buddy.

A quick internet search would show you hundreds of choices, and to help you find the right piece, we’;ve gathered 10 of the best selling loveseat sleeper sofas on the market and reviewed each one thoroughly.

Top 10 Best Loveseat Sleeper Sofas Reviews

1. Novogratz Brittany Sleeper Sofa

For 25 years, Cortney and Robert, a husband-and-wife team of designers, have been sharing their love of architecture, art, and design with clients around the world. From treehouses and modern homes to castles and entire city blocks, these two can do it all.

Best Loveseat Sleeper Sofa

If you have a modern design home, then this Novogratz sleeper sofa would be a great addition to your living room or guest room. The Brittany sleeper sofa combines wooden legs and modern linen upholstery with a tufted, ribbed backrest. In turn, you get a piece of furniture that is not only functional but also adds beauty.

During the day, this piece of furniture is where you can lounge in as you read a good book or watch your favorite TV show. Come nighttime, and this can be transformed into a comfortable sleeping space.

It is quite easy to assemble too. Simply pull out the mattress, grab a couple of pillows and your favorite blanket, and you’;re good to go. The mattress it comes with is a memory foam mattress, which means that it will follow the shape of your body and spread your weight evenly.

  • This sofa is available in different colors, including pink, orange, light blue, light gray, dark gray, navy blue, mustard, green, and gray.
  • For your convenience, it is designed to be assembled easily.
  • Made using strong materials, this sofa can carry up to 440 pounds. When in bed mode, though, it has a weight limit of 225 pounds.
  • This twin sofa measures 54 by 32 by 35.5 inches, but it is also available in Queen size, which measures 86 by 54 by 35.5.
  • Inside this sofa are encased coil cushions that ensure your absolute comfort.
  • One issue with this sleeper sofa is that the colors may be different from the pictures.
  • The linen cover may not be that comfortable on bare skin.

2. Signature Sleep Devon Sleeper Sofa

This brand has been in the furniture industry to know what’;s good and what’;s not when it comes to comfort and sleep. They are a company that is known throughout the globe as someone who delivers anything from spring mattresses to memory foam beds.

Loveseat Sleeper Sofa Reviews

Similar to the sleeper sofa from Novogratz, this one also features a contemporary design. You can add it to an already modern-looking home, or you can use it to add a breath of fresh air to a rather classic interior. It is designed to bring style, comfort, and functionality to any small space.

In just a matter of seconds, you can turn this sleeper sofa into a comfortable bed. The memory foam mattress that’;s hidden underneath ensures that you sleep soundly throughout the night. The linen upholstery also adds to the style and comfort that you would get from this innovative piece of furniture.

  • With this, you get two options when it comes to color: blue and grey.
  • Both covers are made of linen and would be easy to pair with other pieces of furniture.
  • This sofa measures 32.5 by 54 by 35.5 inches.
  • While the twin sleeper sofa can only seat two, this same model is also available as a Queen-size sofa, which seats up to three persons.
  • This sofa is very easy to assemble. Follow the instructions given, and you’;d be good to go.
  • The package also includes an Allen wrench to use in the assembly.
  • With the memory foam mattress, you can be sure that you’;d be sleeping comfortably. As you know, memory foam distributes weight evenly and contours to the body.
  • This modern sofa has a tufted backrest, giving it a small hint of the mid-century style of furniture.
  • Sadly, unlike the other options on this list, this only comes in two color options.
  • The wood on this sofa appears to be particleboard, but for its price, that’;s understandable.

3. Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Zeb Sleeper Sofa

Yet another great option when looking for a most comfortable sleeper sofa is this one from Signature Design by Ashley. This company is dedicated to making every square foot functional and aesthetically pleasing, so it comes as no surprise that their sleeper sofa offers the same.

loveseat twin sleeper sofa

This sleeper sofa boasts a steel frame, which ensures longevity. While it has a steel frame, you’;d find that the feet are made with a faux wood finish. The cushions are made of highly resilient foam and are covered in a thick poly-fiber fabric.

Again, this transforms into a comfy bed in a matter of minutes. Then, you will find a memory foam mattress you can sleep in. Aside from being a mattress that supports your weight evenly, it also promotes better airflow.

  • Because of this sofa’;s contemporary look, you can easily put it in your guest room, home office, or in your living room.
  • It is also perfect for studio apartments.
  • This requires assembly upon arrival, but it is very easy to do.
  • The cushions are upholstered using nylon/soft polyester, which is easy to clean.
  • This is perfect for small spaces, measuring only 55 by 38 by 38 inches.
  • This is available in four color options, which are charcoal, espresso, quartz, and brown.
  • You can also buy it in a bigger size.
  • When handled roughly, you will find that the stitches on the cover can become undone.
  • The seat cushions may be too firm for your liking. You might also want to check the dimensions to make sure that it would fit in your door.

4. HOMCOM 3 Position Convertible Chaise Lounge Sofa Bed

To save you from the worries that come with having unexpected overnight guests, HOMCOM created this lounge sofa bed. With its overall minimalist design, you can add to your dorm room, office, or den.

cheap loveseat sleeper

To ensure that it can carry heavy weights, this sofa bed is crafted using a reinforced, high-quality oak frame that is solid and sturdy. As a result, it can carry weights up to 462 pounds. Completing the look are plush, comfy cushions and two pieces of large accent pillows.

With a simple flip of the armrests, you can turn this sofa into a comfortable sleeping space or a chaise lounger. This makes it a perfect solution to those days where you just need a quick nap. A piece of high-quality linen fabric is used to cover the medium-density foam that sits on top of the frame, adding a luxurious touch to any space.

  • This comes available in four colors: cream white, dark blue, dark charcoal grey, and light silver grey.
  • If you’;re after value for money, then this is what you’;re looking for.
  • It boasts three adjustable positions for the price of one piece of furniture.
  • The pillows come with removable covers, which you can easily wash.
  • With your safety in mind, this sofa has seat cushions that are made from fire-retardant foam.
  • Because of its simple design, you can match this to any interior décor setting.
  • Unfortunately, this comes with no assembly instructions. However, you can call the manufacturer to ask for a copy.
  • Another issue is that this sofa bed sits too low on the ground, which means that it can be a challenge to get up from.

5. Divano Roma Furniture Modern Modular Convertible Sleeper

If you’;re looking for a piece of furniture to add to your kid’;s room, then this modern design modular sleeper sofa from Divano Roma Furniture might be the answer.

leather loveseat sleeper sofa

This modular sleeper sofa is a simple and clean yet functional addition to any room. It is a finely crafted sofa that delivers quality and comfort at a very reasonable price.

Upholstered using soft, hand-picked linen, you can be sure that this modular sofa would add a minimalist twist to any home. Similar to most other options on this list, this also features memory foam, which ensures a good night’;s rest.

  • This two-tone modular sofa is available in three color combinations: blue and beige, dark blue and beige, and purple and beige.
  • Measuring 58 by 27 by 30 inches, this offers a seating option for two people. You can sit here as you watch TV or play your favorite video game.
  • This is sold at a very affordable price, which means that you get a functional piece of furniture without having to break the bank.
  • In a matter of seconds, you can turn this into an XL twin bed, a comfy sleeping space for one person.
  • Because of its two-tone design, this can easily make a room more lively.
  • Since it sits very low to the ground, this might not be suitable for adults.
  • When on bed mode, the wooden base, which acts as a support for the couch, is not comfortable to lie down on.

6. Novogratz Leyla Loveseat Couch Sleeper

If you’;ve got a small space, then adding extra sleeping accommodation for a visiting family member or a surprise guest is a must. Luckily, you can easily achieve that with this loveseat couch sleeper from Novogratz.

cheap loveseat sleeper

The Leyla Loveseat another proud creation of the brand Novogratz. This one is especially designed to fit in small spaces, making sure that the size does not affect how stylish, functional, and comfortable it is.

Supporting the sofa are chrome legs, which ensure sturdiness and longevity. The cushions are wrapped in good-quality fabric and secured using subtle tuft stitches. Unlike most other couch sleepers, this one comes with side pockets where you can put magazines or your TV’;s remote control.

For the price of one furniture, you could enjoy four different kinds of positions. Therefore, you’;d have plenty of options depending on your lounging or sleeping requirements.

  • You can get this sleeper in five different colors, including berry, black, gray, navy blue, or tan.
  • Because of its simple design, you can add this item to any room in the house. You can even put it in your office for those much-needed afternoon naps!
  • This furniture requires assembly, but you can get this done in just a few minutes.
  • Measuring 56 by 30 by 32 inches, this loveseat will fit right through any door.
  • With its solid and sturdy frame, this sofa sleeper can carry up to 400 pounds of weight.
  • One problem with this furniture is that the back cushion is not very firm. This means that, at times, you will feel the metal rail underneath.
  • The backrest on this loveseat sofa is too low.

7. Stone & Beam Kristin Round Arm Loveseat Sofa Couch

If what you’;re searching for is a traditional-looking piece of furniture to add to your home, then this loveseat from Stone & Beam is the answer. This comes from a trusted furniture brand, so you can be sure that you’;re getting a good-quality couch.

white loveseat sleeper sofa

When it comes to choosing a sofa, there are many factors to take into consideration. Of course, the looks matter, but equally important is the comfort it offers. All of these and more are what you’;d get from the Kristin Loveseat Couch.

This comes with a solid frame made using a combination of hardwood and laminated wood. It is then combined with a comfortable yet durable foam cushion. The cover is made with polyester/nylon fabric, which ensures that the couch can stand against heavy-duty use.

  • With your convenience in mind, this comes already assembled. All you need to do, then, is find a place where you can put it and let it serve its purpose.
  • Every purchase of this loveseat couch comes with a three-year warranty. You can also return it within 30 days should you find any problem with its manufacturing.
  • This loveseat couch is a classic-styled piece of furniture. Nevertheless, it would look great in any setting.
  • Because of its high-quality cushions, this is a loveseat that is very comfortable to sit on.
  • You can buy this loveseat couch in either navy blue, sand, or stone color.
  • You might find this loveseat couch to be too expensive for what it can offer. However, it does deliver on its promise of comfort and style.
  • It would have been better if this was available in more lively colors, aside from just neutral ones.

8. Mainstays Home Theater Sofa Bed

It’;s not easy maintaining a couch, especially if it has linen fabric as the cover. Luckily, the experts at Mainstays understand this, which is why they created this home theater sofa bed that is made using faux leather.

modern loveseat sleeper sofa

This sofa bed is a small-sized couch that will be a great addition to a teenager’;s room or an office. It sports a very sophisticated, minimalist look but in a small size, which means that it won’;t take up too much space. The seats are thickly padded, and the backrest is also cushioned to ensure comfort.

This sofa bed seats two persons and converts into a twin-size bed, which has a spring system that offers great support. This one is unlike any other sofa bed from this list because it has faux leather covers. This means that you can easily keep it clean by wiping it with a damp cloth.

  • Because this features a faux leather cover, this sofa bed is stain-resistant. This means that it can easily survive everyday wear as well as spills.
  • This is the sofa bed to choose if you have pets or kids at home. That’;s because it is very easy to clean.
  • You can buy this faux leather sofa bed in three different colors, which are brown, black, and gray.
  • Its simple, classic design means that you can easily match it with any home décor setting.
  • This sofa bed is very easy to put together.
  • It comes in four parts, which you assemble by simply following the instructions it comes with.
  • You will find that this sofa bed has plastic feet instead of wood. This means that it might not be too sturdy.
  • Others might feel that the mattress this sofa bed came with is not too comfortable. This can be solved by adding a thin mattress on top for more back support.

9. US Pride Furniture Kathy Fabric Loveseat Sleeper

For many years, US Pride Furniture has been passionate about providing quality furniture at budget-friendly rates. You will find that their line of products is not only stylish but also functional. One such item is the Kathy Sofa Sleeper.

armless loveseat sleeper sofa

Downsizing is all the rage these days, and the Kathy Sofa Sleeper from US Pride Furniture can be a great solution to having an extra bed. This loveseat sleeper won’;t take too much space, measuring only 30.7 by 51 by 28.7 inches and weighs 38 pounds. This makes it easy to put in any room.

To ensure your comfort, this loveseat sleeper is equipped with three layers of foam cushion. On the other hand, it uses wood as a frame to guarantee that it stays strong and functional for longer. The fabric used in this sofa is polyester, which is woven to ensure durability.

  • Unlike most other loveseat sleepers, this Sleeper requires no assembly. This means that, upon delivery to your house, you won’;t have to do much except take it out of the box!
  • This sofa sleeper is available in three color options: yellow, ivory, or brown. Choose the yellow model if you wish to add a lively accent piece in your room!
  • Because it is made with woven polyester fabric, you can be sure that it won’;t get easily torn or scratched.
  • Although a little small, this sofa serves its purpose really well, which means you get great value for your money.
  • When transformed into a bed, this is a rather spacious sleeping space, measuring 22 by 47.2 by 78.7 inches.
  • This would have been perfect if there were more color options available.
  • Unfortunately, the backrest does not offer much support.

10. Jaxx Zipline Convertible Sleeper Loveseat & Ottomans

Last but not least, we have the Zipline Sleeper Loveseat and Ottomans. Coming from a brand that is dedicated to providing innovative solutions, you can be sure that this loveseat would be a great piece to put in your home or office.

ashley loveseat sleeper sofa

If what you’;re looking for is a full set of furniture to put in your living space, then check out this selection from Jaxx. In one purchase, you get a sleeper loveseat and two matching ottomans. The loveseat and the ottomans, of course, converts into a Queen-size bed that easily sleeps two people!

With your comfort in mind, this furniture set is made with polyurethane foam. Aside from being comfortable to lounge or sleep in, this is also highly durable. What’;s even more amazing is that it comes with removable, machine-washable covers. The mattress liner is also secured with child-proof zippers.

  • This sofa bed is made in the USA, which guarantees durability.
  • To make it easy for you to match this furniture set with your existing interior décor, it comes available in various colors, including black, brown, mocha, blue, moss green, red, and sand.
  • From a two-person loveseat, you can quickly and easily convert this into a Queen-size bed, which measures 75 by 61 by 11 inches.
  • This is very easy to keep clean. Just remove the covers, toss it in the washing machine, wash it in cold water, and dry on low heat.
  • The cushions are both comfortable and firm, which ensures good back support.
  • With heavy use, the seams on this loveseat sofa bed might give out.
  • This furniture set is more expensive than most other similar options.

Features of Best Quality Loveseat Sleeper Sofas

These days, you can find loveseat sleeper sofas in different settings some put them in their home’;s guest room or their kid’;s room, while others like to keep it in their office. Because of their versatile nature, more and more individuals are choosing to invest in a loveseat. But what is it really? Here are what you’;ll normally find in a loveseat sleeper sofa:

  • Frame

Similar to regular sofas, most loveseat sleepers also come with a frame underneath all the cushions. More often than not, the frame is made using wood or some kind of strong metal to ensure durability.

comfortable loveseat sleeper sofa

The frame determines the weight capacity of any loveseat sofa. Obviously, those made using metal are the strongest, with some being able to carry up to 400 pounds. However, when transformed into a bed, the weight capacity usually lowers a bit.

  • Cushion or Mattress

The cushion or mattress can be crafted using different kinds of stuff, but the most common are polyester or cotton fill, foam, and innerspring. Normally, futon-style loveseat sleepers use cotton or polyester fill as cushioning, which can vary in thickness.

Foam mattresses also come in varying thickness, but you’;d want one that’;s high density to ensure good support. As you may already know, innerspring mattresses use coils and thick padding for cushioning.

  • Cover

Loveseat sleepers are available in different kinds of covers some use linen fabric, while others use faux leather. More often than not, those with linen fabric covers provide you with the option to remove the cover and have them washed. These also come in more color options from neutral to lively ones like mustard, red, and orange.

If you’;d like a more sophisticated look, then a loveseat sleeper sofa with faux leather covers is what you’;re after. This usually come in neutral colors like black or brown. Since it is made with faux leather, it is very easy to keep clean. You can actually wipe it down using a damp cloth, and you’;re all done.

  • Style

As with any type of furniture, loveseat sofas are also available in different types. Of course, the style you choose is dependent on the theme of your home and your personal preferences that is, whether you have a modern, contemporary home or a traditional one.

Here are some of the most common types of loveseat sleeper sofas:

  • Futons

Inspired by the Japanese culture, a futon is a simple yet functional piece of furniture. With its armrests up, a futon functions as a comfortable couch. However, if you fold down both the left and right armrests, you’;d create a bed.

  • Sofa Bed

The most space-efficient of the three, a sofa bed is a piece of furniture that you’;d want in your home if you have a really small space. It is a sofa that folds down to create a bed. Although, it doesn’;t come with any additional mattress. You also won’;t have to remove cushions to turn it into a bed.

  • Pull-out Couch

Lastly, there’;s the pull-out couch. From the name itself, this type of loveseat sleeper sofa has a hidden mattress stored inside it, which you simply pull out to turn into a bed. The problem with this, however, is that most pull-out couches eat up a bigger space compared to futons and sofa beds.

Things to Consider Before Selecting a Perfect Loveseat Sleeper Sofa

With any purchase, there are factors that you’;d have to take a close look at to ensure that you are buying the right model that fits your needs and preferences. The same thing applies when selecting a loveseat sleeper.

As you may already know, the market offers hundreds of options for you to choose from. Now, to make sure that you’;re making the right decision, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Open/Close Mechanism

More than anything else, obviously, you want a loveseat sleeper sofa that works. To make sure that it does, find out what kind of open/close mechanism is under all that cushioning. This pertains to how you transform a loveseat sofa into a sleeper. Basically, there are three types:

Best Loveseat Sleeper Sofa Reviews

  • Click-Clack

This is the simplest method and is usually found in most futon-style loveseat sleepers. With this, all you need to do is pull the frame forward, wait for it to click, and fold it all the way down so that it lies flat like a bed.

  • Pull-Out

Next are pull-outs. With the advancements in furniture technology, more and more loveseat sofas and chairs use this mechanism. With this, you can turn the sofa into a bed with the use of just one hand. However, you would have to remove the sofa’;s cushions first. Then, you’;ll find the handle, which you pull to unfold the mattress.

  • Power Open

Go one step higher than pull-outs, and you’;ll find power-open sofa sleepers. These are designed for those who suffer from mobility issues or back problems. With this, you simply push a button to unfold the sofa bed automatically.

  • Mattress Quality

Since you’;re getting a loveseat sleeper sofa because you want someplace you can rest and take a nap in, then you’;d also want to make sure that you’;re getting a high-quality mattress. For a good night’;s sleep, choose one that features memory foam. This type of mattress contours the body, spreads the weight evenly, and also allows for better airflow.

  • Size

The size of the loveseat you choose depends on the free space you have in your room. You have to make sure that it fits your room when it’;s fully opened and turned into a bed. You’;d also want to ensure that it would fit through your door.

  • Color and Style

Obviously, it is not enough that a loveseat sleeper is functional; it also has to be aesthetically pleasing. As such, you’;d want to look at color options and style.

Contemporary and modern loveseat sleeper sofas, more often than not, come in many colors. You’;d want to make sure that it matches all your other furniture, as well as your walls and flooring. Choose a bright-colored loveseat sleeper if you want to add an accent piece to your room. In this way, you’;d have not only brought more life to your space but also have a functional piece of furniture.

  • Your Budget

Lastly, consider your budget. As mentioned, there are hundreds of options out there. With hard work, and with the help of reviews such as this one, you’;d soon find the loveseat sleeper sofa that meets all your needs and preferences and is within your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’;re still quite not sure whether to go for a loveseat sleeper sofa or not, here are some frequently asked questions and their answers to help you decide:

  • Are sleeper sofas comfortable to sleep in?

This depends on whether you buy the right kind of sofa bed. Of course, as we have already mentioned, those that come with a memory foam mattress will give you the highest level of comfort. Nevertheless, if you find that your sofa bed is not comfortable to sleep in, you can always add a thin mattress on top of it.

  • How much weight can a loveseat sleeper sofa carry?

Again, this depends on the kind of loveseat sleeper that you buy, especially the kind of frame that supports it. Generally speaking, though, you will find twin sleepers that can carry a total of 250 pounds, full-size sleepers that can support up to 500 pounds, and queen-size sleepers that has a weight capacity of up to 600 pounds.

  • What’;s the difference between a futon and a sofa bed?

The main difference between the two is that a futon is a sofa that folds down to form a bed, whereas a sofa bed has a hidden mattress that you pull out to create a bed.


Loveseat sleeper sofas would be a great addition to any room. Thankfully, the furniture market offers tons of options The burden now rests on your shoulders to choose the one that is within your budget, meets your needs, and of course, would look great in your home!

Regardless of which among the 10 options we reviewed you choose, we are confident that you will find the right loveseat sleeper sofa for your home. In case you end up having a hard time, simply refer to the buyer’;s guide we have included to help you decide.

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