Best Low Bed Frame Reviews For 2020

There are many reasons why you might want a low bed frame. You may not have a whole lot of space in your home. A low bed frame can fit into smaller areas than a regular frame can. These lower frames may take a while to get used to for sleeping if you’re used to another type of frame, but they are quite comfortable. They are made from various materials such as wood or metal.

You can buy these bed frames in many different types and styles. If you want to save space, they are the perfect option. For example, they make a good choice in the current trend of “tiny homes” as these frames have a lower profile. Despite your best efforts, it can be difficult to find the best ones in the current market. This best low bed frame guide will help you pick out one to meet your needs.

Top 10 Best Low Bed Frame Reviews

1. Zinus Suzanne Metal and Wood Platform Bed

This bed frame is made by Zinus. It features a 7-inch high structure made out of strong steel. To provide the mattress more longevity, it has a wood slat support system. You’ll stay nice and comfortable while sleeping on this mattress. The product is easy to assemble, and you’ll have your new bed put together in no time at all. The headboard is made out of pinewood, and the height of this board is 37”.

best low bed frame

This bed frame has reduced noise as there is the addition of foam-padded tape on the steel frame. The wooden slats feature non-slip tape, which keeps the mattress in place, so it doesn’t move around while sleeping on it. You’ll have an excellent support system for your latex, memory foam, or spring mattress.

Your mattress will stay stable on this platform and look great in any bedroom. It can be used with or without a box spring to suit your needs. The mattress is sold separately. When you purchase this product, you get a 5-year limited warranty so you don’t have to worry if something should happen to your mattress.

  • Solid construction with steel frame and metal slats
  • Saves space in any room due to its low profile
  • Foam padded and non-slip tape reduces noise and mattress movement
  • Easy to put together
  • Comes with 5-year limited warranty
  • You need to put it together when it arrives
  • Might not work for every décor

2. Best Price Mattress 14 Inch Metal Platform Beds

This low bed frame is made by Best Price Mattress. The product is made out of steel, so it’s nice and stable on the floor. It features steel supports and nine legs for added durability throughout the frame. Under the frame, you get 12 inches of clearance, so you have room to store small items. You don’t need a box spring with this mattress frame. The frame capacity is up to 1,500 lbs. The frame fully supports the mattress and helps prevent sagging and extends the life of your mattress.

Low Bed Frame reviews

It comes in various sizes for twin, full, queen, and king-sized mattresses, so you have plenty of size options when you order. The frame is colored black, and there are no other color options. The frame is easy to put together, and you won’t need any tools to do it. The simple construction saves you a lot of time as there is a Fit2Lock system. Frame comes with slots for a headboard if you decide that you want one.

You are covered by a 5-year limited warranty in case something should happen to your frame, so you have peace of mind when ordering.

  • Easy assembly with Fit2Lock system
  • Comes in various sizes to match your needs
  • 12” clearance under the bed so you can store items
  • Slots to attach a headboard if you wish
  • Solid steel construction and nine supports for stability
  • Doesn’t come with a headboard
  • Could use other color options

3. Fold Platform Bed – Twin

This bed frame comes from KD Frames. It’s made out of a smooth tulip popular wood, so it has a wonderful appearance and can match many different décor styles. The frame is nice and low, so it can fit into confined spaces and save you a lot of room.

low profile bed frame

The corners of the frame are rounded so they will match your mattress and help keep the mattress stable in the frame. The frame is made out of non-toxic material, so it’s the right choice for anyone that may happen to have an allergy. The frame is easy to put together, and it folds up out of the way when you’re not using it.

The bed is the ideal solution when you need and extra place to sleep for guests. Use it in a cabin or another place where you need an extra bed. The frame does not come with a mattress, so you’ll need to buy one separately. You get six inches of ground clearance for small items under the bed. You get a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty when you buy it. The product is made to a high quality in the USA.

  • It features an all-wood design
  • The product is made in the USA
  • Rounded corners to fit your mattress
  • The low profile helps you save space in any room
  • Comes with 5-year manufacturers warranty
  • No other color options besides natural wood
  • Doesn’t come with a headboard

4. Manhattan Queen Bed Frame | Modern Style Low Profile Headboard

This mattress comes from Pinnacle Systems, and you can get it in a Queen size. It comes with a frame and a headboard to fit your Queen mattress. You get good support for your mattress with wooden slats. You won’t need a box spring, and this frame extends the life of your mattress. The slats are around 4 ½ inches apart, which adds to the stability of the frame. The weight of this product is around 67.8 lbs.

low queen bed frame

The mattress has a nice modern and elegant style to it, and it fits in any room and fits your décor in a nice way. The low profile saves you a lot of room and still looks great. The frame and headboard are easy to put together, so you’ll save time when you assemble it.

You get all the hardware you’ll need for proper assembly. It’s made with upholstered faux leather with an ebony color. The material is padded, so it gives you extra comfort. The bed is around 6 feet long, so there is enough room for most people, but not a lot if you’re tall.

  • The mattress comes with a headboard
  • Stylish ebony color and modern look to the frame
  • Comes with all the hardware you need for assembly
  • The low profile of the frame saves you a lot of room
  • The wooden slats provide good support for your mattress
  • Only comes in a queen size so it won’t fit other sized mattresses
  • No warrant listed by the company for the product

5. South Shore Step One Platform Bed

South Shore produces this low bed frame. The frame has a contemporary design and looks great in any room. The frame will match and décor that you have. You get added storage with this frame as there are sliding drawers under the frame. The drawers have metal handles, and you get one on each side of the bed. You can buy a headboard to go with this product if you prefer.

low platform bed frame

You don’t need a box spring for this frame, so you’ll save money. It’s made with laminated particle panels in Canada. These are certified Environmentally Preferred, so the product is better for the environment. The product is easy to clean with a soft cloth. The product does require some assembly and tools, but it’s easy to put together. It’s best if you have someone help you to make the job go quickly.

Your risk of product damage is reduced when you buy as the packaging has been tested for durability. You get a 5-year limited warranty with this product so you can buy the product with confidence that you’re covered for your purchase. You get 7-day support when you purchase, so call if you have any questions about your purchase.

  • Stylish and modern design that looks great
  • Comes with drawer’s underneath for extra storage
  • Panels for the product are environmentally friendly
  • The product works without a box spring
  • You get a 5-year limited warranty when you buy
  • No added clearance under the bed, but you do get two storage drawers
  • You have to buy a separate headboard if you want one

6. Zinus Trisha Heavy Duty Low Profile Platforma Bed Frame

Zinus produces this low bed frame. The mattress is a 7-inch low profile, so it doesn’t take up a lot of room. It’s very low for even the tightest of spaces. It works with or without a box spring, so you have different options available to you. The need to buy a mattress separately. You can get the frame in Queen, King, Twin, or Full to suit your individual needs. You can also get a version that comes with a headboard.

heavy duty low profile bed frame

The frame is made with a steel matte, so the structure is strong and durable. This frame will last you a long time. You get decreased mattress sagging thanks to the wooden slats that the frame comes with. Your mattress is going to last longer when you use this frame as it supports it well.

The steel frame has the addition of foam-padded tape, which reduces noise. The wood slats feature non-slip tape, which secures the mattress. This prevents movement while you’r sleeping or resting on it. The frame is easy to put together in a few minutes, so it’s ready to go when you need it. You get a 5-year warranty when you buy it. You’re covered in the unlikely event that you run into problems with your new mattress.

  • The mattress is low profile to take up less space
  • It comes in various sizes to suit your needs
  • You get a non-slip tape and other tapes to keep the mattress secure to the frame and to reduce noise
  • The frame is made with steel for added durability
  • You get a 5-year warranty to protect your investment
  • The frame could have a bit more clearance underneath for storage
  • The product could use a few more color options for more variety

7. In Style Furnishings Stella Modern Metal Platform Bed Frame

In Style Furnishings produces this mattress frame. The frame comes in various sizes, such as Twin, King, Full, and Queen. You get different three different color options to meet your décor needs. The contemporary and modern design of this bed frame fits into your room. The frame features thick wood slats for durability, and the rest of the frame is metal.

low metal bed frame

The frame keeps the mattress stable, so it doesn’t move around while you sleep. The legs of the frame give it added support as they are sturdy. Your mattress won’t sag or wobble on this frame. You’ll get a longer life out of your mattress when you buy this product.

The frame supports your body for even distribution, so you remain comfortable as you sleep on it. You can use the frame for an extra bedroom, at the cottage, in a loft or wherever you want another bed, but don’t have a whole lot of extra room available. The frame is easy to put together, and you don’t need any extra tools for assembly. You don’t need a box spring to use this frame.

  • It comes in different sizes to meet your needs
  • You can choose from several colors to meet your décor requirements
  • The frame is well constructed and sturdy
  • The product looks contemporary and stylish
  • The frame is easy to put together
  • This product doesn’t come with a headboard
  • You need to put it together once it arrives

8. Mellow Queen 9″ Metal Platform Bed Frame

Mellow makes this low bed frame. The frame comes in Queen, Full, King and Twin sizes, so you’ll find the right size to meet your needs. The frame is a heavy-duty steel construction, so you’ll get a lot of use out of the frame. It supports the mattress well and won’t create a lot of noise when you move around in bed.

low profile metal bed frame

The slats are metal, so you get added stability. Your mattress isn’t going to sag down when you use this bed frame. The mattress will last longer when supported by the frame.The corners are rounded for safety when you get in and out of your bed.

The bed frame is low profile, so you stay comfortable while in bed. You don’t require any tools to setup your bed, and it uses an Easy Quick-Lock system for simple assembly right out of the box. It comes with full assembly instructions, so you’ll be setup in no time. The frame looks great and comes in an attractive grey contemporary finish, which should suit most rooms.

  • It comes in various sizes to meet your needs
  • It has a low profile so it won’t take up a lot of space
  • The frame is attractive with a contemporary look
  • The product is built well and will last a long time
  • The frame is easy to assemble with an Easy Quick-Lock system
  • The frame doesn’t come with a headboard
  • Not a lot of room underneath for storage

9. Zinus Joseph Modern Studio Platforma Bed Frame

Zinus produces this well put together low bed frame. The frame is a 6-inch low profile frame. It supports spring, memory foam, and hybrid mattress types. You can use the product with or without a box spring. You have various options on how you wish to use your new frame.

low modern bed frame

You will have to buy the mattress separately as it doesn’t ship with one. The frame has an attractive contemporary style to it. You can buy it in King, Twin, Full, and Queen sizes to meet your individual requirements. It has a solid steel frame construction so it will last a long time. The mattress won’t sag down on this frame. You’ll get a longer life out of any mattress that you use with this product. The wood slats prevent the sagging from occurring.

The frame features an easy construction, and you’ll have the product setup and ready to go quickly once you receive it. The frame has a capacity of up to 1,200 lbs. You get a 5-year warranty with your product when you order.

  • This product is easy to assemble once you receive it
  • You can buy it in several different sizes to accommodate your needs
  • The frame is well put together with a solid steel construction
  • Your mattress won’t sag on the frame, and it will last a long time
  • The frame is low profile so it will fit in many different rooms of your home with ease
  • This product doesn’t come with a headboard
  • You only get one color option when you buy

10. MUSEHOMEINC California Rustic Solid Wood Platform Bed

Musehomeinc produces this low bed frame. It features a low profile design, so it’s perfect for many rooms in your home. The platform sits directly on the floor, so there is no movement of the frame and mattress. It’s made with sturdy wood and designed to last a long time. There is non-slip tape, which keeps the mattress stable in the frame. You won’t need a box spring with the frame, so there is less to buy. It comes in king-size, and you can get it in beige or teak colors.

low profile wood bed frame

It’s easy to put together once you receive the product. You can put it together in one afternoon on your own with not a lot of work involved. The frame is built to last with quality wood and other materials. The slats of the frame prevent mattress sagging, so your mattress will last a long time with this bed frame.

You’ll have a contemporary and modern looking room once you setup this stylish bed frame. The frame has steel tubing and wooden slats that provide support and weight capacity. The rails of the frame are made with 100% pinewood for extra visual appeal.

  • The frame is made with attractive wood
  • The low profile makes it easy to get in and out of
  • The product is easy to assemble
  • The non-slip tape keeps your mattress in place when you sleep
  • Steel tubing adds extra support when sleeping
  • Only comes in a couple of colors
  • It’s flush to the floor so no storage available underneath the frame

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Advantages of Low Bed Frames

There are several advantages to low bed frames that you need to be aware of before you buy.

  • Better Security While Sleeping

Since the bed frame is low to the ground, you don’t have very far to fall if you slip out of bed. Normal beds can cause great injury as you’re much higher up in the bed. Most low bed frame beds are only a few inches off of the ground. You will not injure yourself if you fall out. Low bed frames are ideal for those that are at risk of falling out of bed. You will enjoy the added safety and less risk of falls with a lower bed frame.

  • Easier to Setup

These frames have an easy setup as there are not as many parts you have to put together. Many frames don’t have headboards or other pieces to attach. You can buy other pieces if you prefer, but they also work perfectly fine without them. Many of these frames have simple instructions to follow. You won’t need a lot of extra tools to set them up properly. The frames often work fine without the need for a box spring, so you won’t have to buy anything that is overly expensive to use your new bed. All you need is a comfortable mattress in most cases for the frame.

  • Modern Look

Many people today are looking to save space in their homes and buy just enough for their needs. Younger buyers today are embracing lower bed frames. They are perfect for apartments, lofts, and other areas where you have space restrictions. They look great and add to the visual appeal of any room in your home. It’s easier to add smaller accessories such as a nightstand when you use a lower bed frame.

  • Different Styles and Sizes

You can get these frames in different styles and sizes. Some of them are a few inches off the ground, so you have storage space underneath for your items. Other frames are flush to the ground which adds a bit more stability. They come in different colors, and you can get them for different sized mattresses such as King, Queen, Full, and Twin sizes. You’re sure to find a frame that matches your needs. You’ll find that your low bed frame can support various mattress types.

  • Save Space

With a low bed frame, you’ll save space. These beds don’t take up as much room as a full-sized bed. You will have room for other items when you use a low bed frame. If you have a small apartment, for example, a low bed frame is ideal as it won’t take up a lot of room when compared to a regular-sized bed. They are ideal for loft areas as well as tiny homes.

  • Less Expensive

You’ll save money when you buy a low frame. In most cases, you won’t have to buy a box spring to go with your normal mattress. You will also need expensive bedding like a bed skirt like you may have with a full-sized bed when you use a low frame. These frames can also be used without a headboard if you prefer, which will also save you some money.

  • Easier for Children and Pets

If you have pets or children they will find it easier to get in and out of a lower bed frame. These frames are ideal for kids since they don’t have work as hard to get into the bed. If you let your pet sleep on the bed they will enjoy the lower frame. This is especially the case if you have a smaller dog that has difficulty jumping up to a high space, such as a regular bed.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

  • Should I Buy a Low Bed Frame?

It’s up to you to decide whether you should buy one or not. They have a lot of advantages over regular beds, but they are not for everyone. You should look at all of your options and then find ones that meet your needs. This guide should make it easier to find a bed that works for you.

  • Do I Need to Buy Anything Else with the Frame?

In most cases, you’ll get everything that you need on the package. This will include any necessary hardware to put the bed together. You may need to buy a headboard to come with it as many don’t ship with one, but some do.

  • Do I Need a Box Spring?

You don’t really need a box spring with a low bed frame. You can buy one if you prefer, but they work just fine with a simple mattress. When you use a regular mattress, the bed is a lot lower. For some people that have limited mobility, you may need the extra height of the box spring so you can get in and out of bed easier. If you have issues such as knee or leg pain, a lower bed is probably not going to be your best option.

  • Do They Have Room Underneath?

This will all depend upon the type that you buy. They typically have around 6-10 inches of clearance underneath the bed. This allows you to store small items. Some have sliding drawers but will be flush to the ground with no clearance. Other lower bed frames are flush without any drawers or room underneath. They tend to have less storage space when compared to regular beds, but don’t take up as much room.


You have a lot of options when it comes to low bed frames. These frames come in many different styles, colors, and have options to suit your needs. They are ideal for areas where you need extra room and don’t have space for a full-sized bed. These frames have a modern and contemporary look to them to match your décor.

They cost less as you can use them without a box spring or a headboard. You can still buy these for your lower frame bed if you prefer, so they are customizable to meet your preferences. This guide should help you find a great low bed frame for your home.