Best Metal Bed Frames Reviews 2022 (With In-Depth Buying Guide)

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Bed frames are very important parts of your bedroom because they provide strong support for your mattress so that you can have some elevation for your bed. Of course, most people consider the metal bed frame type these days because these are the most durable.

Now, when most persons select metal bed frames, they’;re often overwhelmed with the choices with different features. So that you won’;t have such as hard time, we provided you with a nice list of the best metal bed frames brand in the market. We’;ve also provided a buying guide so that you’;ll know which is the best for your own needs.

Top Rated Metal Bed Frames Comparison Chart

ImageNameDimensionsMaterial TypeSizeWhere To Buy
1 13Home Life Premiere Classics85 x 61 x 51 inchesLinen FullCheck Price
2 13Zinus Olivia Metal and Wood Platform Bed 74.5 x 38 x 14 inches SteelTwinCheck Price
3 13Olee Sleep Heavy Duty Steel Slat 76.5 x 55.5 x 15 inchesSteelFullCheck Price
4 13Zinus Wen Wood Platform Bed Frames 74.5 x 38 x 12 inches WoodTwinCheck Price
5 14Zinus Casey Premium SmartBase80 x 60 x 18 inches Steel QueenCheck Price

10 Best Metal Bed Frames Reviews On The Market

1. Zinus 14 Inch SmartBase Platform Bed Frame

This is one of the few bed frame brands that can replace the need for a box spring as a foundation for your mattress. It provides the same type of support like springs but with higher stability. With regard to durability, it makes use of very steel slat material to hold the mattress up and prevent it from sagging. If you’;re looking for a popular bed frame that has very strong mattress support, then this brand is definitely something that you might be interested in.

Best Metal Bed Frame


  • Strong stainless steel design
  • Bed frame height of 14 inches with 13-inch clearance under the frame
  • Foldable design
  • Strong plastic caps on the ends of your bed’;s legs
  • 5-year limited warranty

  • High clearance of 13 inches under the bed for storing other things
  • Easy assembly and storage through folding design
  • Strong and sturdy build for average-weight individuals
  • Comes with drilled holes for fitting headboard brackets
  • Flexible plastic caps that can protect the floor
  • Built with support that is on a par with the average box spring type frame
  • May not be able to take the weight of 400 pounds or more
  • Does not already come with a headboard or headboard brackets
  • Difficult to put the bed skirt or the bed sheet
  • Mattress tends to slide all over the frame

2. Olee Sleep 14 Inch Heavy Duty Bed Frame (QUEEN)

Olee Sleep prides itself with an extremely sturdy bed frame. As compared to the previously mentioned bed frame, this one is fastened very tightly preventing any squeaking noises that most people with metal frame experience. Another unique feature of this bed frame is that it is non-slip– meaning the metal frame is built in such a way that it prevents the mattress from sliding off. This allows you to have a peaceful sleep without any sound or shaking.

Metal Bed Frame Reviews


  • Tight and secure build
  • Strong stainless durable steel frame
  • High support mattress design
  • 13.5-inch space under the bed
  • 59.5-inch height
  • 20 steel slats in total
  • 5-year limited warranty

  • Comes with necessary toolkit and hardware for assembly
  • Can hold up to 1,200 pounds
  • Can be used along with box springs too
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Very sturdy and solid design complete with screws for all corners
  • Anti-sagging feature
  • Parts are not labeled and requires studying of the instruction manual
  • The end of the frame sticks out and may cause accidents
  • Tools are not that high-quality so you may need to use your own
  • Space between the bars make it a bit hard to put bed sheets

3. Best Price Mattress New Innovated Platform Metal Bed Frame

This foldable bed frame is probably one of the longest that you’;ll find in the market. Because of that, it can be used as two bed frames if you want to use two separate mattresses. All you have to do is unscrew the middle portion and you’;ll have two twin sized beds. Put them together and you’;ll have a queen sized bed. You may also buy one twin bed frame first just to test it out, then buy another one later to connect it to the first one to form a queen bed. You’;ll also notice that this bed frame can be used with a box spring if you want a little more leverage and support, but it’;s not really needed.

twin metal bed frame


  • 14-inch clearance space underneath
  • Construction grade steel material used for the body
  • Easy middle folding feature
  • Box spring compatibility

  • Can be connected to another twin sized bed frame to double the size
  • Very sturdy frame and can take even heavy people
  • Foldable so that you can save space
  • Does not contain any sharp edges
  • Not slip-proof
  • Does not come with headboard or holes to fit headboard brackets

4. DHP Tokyo Daybed and Trundle with Metal Frame

This bed frame is a little bit more different than your average bed frame. This bed frame is designed for beds that can be found in your lounge, your living room, bedroom or your guest room. One thing that most customers rave about would be how versatile this bed is. It can be turned into a sofa by folding the other half under the frame.

If you want it to become a queen sized bed frame, then you can just unfold the trundle and attach it to the daybed. Also, there’;s already a headboard installed, so you don’;t need to buy one or attach one. This is the right bed to buy if you don’;t like buying too many pieces of furniture. In a sense, you can have two pieces of furniture in one item.

king size metal bed frame


  • Made out of very sturdy metal material
  • Has metal slats for overall support of the mattress
  • Comes with headboard and sideboard
  • Daybed weight capacity of 400 pounds while total bed capacity is around 600 pounds
  • Space to fold and store the trundle underneath the daybed

  • Very sturdy and does not creak
  • Can act as both a daybed and a queen sized bed
  • Can take weight of up to 600 pounds
  • Has metal slats for overall durability
  • Lightweight built of 63 pounds for easy carrying
  • Rather difficult to assemble
  • No caps on the legs to keep the bed frame from sliding around
  • Sideboards aren’;t too tightly attached

5. Classic Brands Hercules Heavy-Duty 14-Inch Platform Metal Bed Frame

If you’;re a little bit overweight, then this is the bed frame that is recommended for you. Unlike a lot of bed frames, this has a very robust build that is meant for supporting weight. This is because the metal used is construction grade heavy duty metal which is very sturdy. Also, you won’;t need a box spring because the leverage is enough to keep the mattress in its place. If you want to store anything underneath, there is a 14-inch space, so that’;s another plus to this product. Since assembling bed frames is pretty hard for most people, this one doesn’;t require it. All you have to do unfold it from the box and you get a nice bed frame.

queen size metal bed frame


  • Heavy-duty steel material
  • 14-inch clearance space underneath
  • Comes with non-slip leg caps
  • 2400 weight capacity for queen sized bed
  • Can be used separately as two twin size beds or one queen sized bed
  • Separate support arms for four main legs
  • Foldable design

  • Compatible with headboard and headboard brackets
  • Ideal space for storage
  • Heavy duty slats prevent mattress sagging
  • Great support for overweight individuals
  • Versatile usage
  • No need for any assembling
  • Has tendency to creak and make noise from time to time
  • Screws are not properly tightened
  • Does not include headboard or brackets in the package

6. Zinus Compack 9-Leg Support Bed Frame

Most bed frames that have 6 legs would often bend toward the middle since the middle has the most space that’;s on air. Due to this, the mattress would usually curve and end up being bad for the back. The only way to solve that problem is to add extra legs in the middle to give the mattress more support.

This is exactly what the Zinus Compack 9 Bed Frame does. Instead of 6 legs on the four corners and two sides of the frame, there are 9 legs where in there are 3 extra legs in the middle. Also, it’;s made out of very steel slat material, so you can expect it to be able to hold weight pretty well. Overall, it’;s a very robust bed frame with great support so that your mattress won’;t sag or bend.

metal platform bed frame


  • 9 legs with 3 extra legs in the middle
  • Thick and robust metal bars
  • Safety recessed leg design
  • Easy-to-use locking system
  • Rubber leg ends to prevent slipping
  • Anti-squeak design

  • Very solid and sturdy support
  • Very thick bars used for the frame
  • Does not make any noise
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Does not slip or slide around
  • Lightweight bed frame of 21 pounds
  • Has very low storage space underneath the bed
  • Size chart is a bit confusing

7. GreenForest Metal Bed Frame

This is a nice and modern bed frame that will look good in any bedroom. If you’;re after a bed frame with a rather quaint and contemporary design, then this one is a pretty good. It comes with two headboards with one for both ends of the bed. Also, it makes use of frosted metal slats so that the mattresses won’;t slide while it’;s on top of the bed. It also has a storage space of 11 inches under the bed. This is an ideal bed frame for bachelors who live in condo units, dormitories, and studio units because of its compact size. It’;s also the perfect size for kids.

metal frame bunk beds


  • Frosted metal slats
  • Two headboards with respective brackets
  • 11-inch height storage space
  • Comes in three colors: black, silver, and white

  • Sleek and compact design
  • Saves space in your bedroom
  • Prevents sliding and slipping of the mattress
  • Already comes with headboards so you don’;t need to buy separately
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Rather affordable price
  • Does not come with rubber caps to protect the floor
  • Makes noise if not screwed properly
  • Does not have side bars
  • Not compatible with side bars

8. VECELO Reinforced Metal Bed Frame Queen

Vecelo is a brand that’;s pretty known for making great luxury bed frames. The design in itself may be simple, but it’;s quite classy because of the decorative features on the headboard. Other than that, it’;s very easy to assemble. All parts of the bed frame are labeled and packaged neatly to ensure that the buyer will have an easy time assembling the bed. This bed frame is also known for its sturdiness as the material used is a imported metal. Basically, this product combines both sturdiness and beauty in one. It’;s a great addition to your bedroom or guest room.

how to put together a metal bed frame


  • Robust imported metal design
  • Comes with headboard on both ends
  • Non-slip features so that mattresses will be kept steady
  • Center support bar for higher level of support
  • Upgraded metal legs for more strength
  • 11-inch storage space clearance under the bed

  • Very precise and organized instructions
  • Beautifully designed for sophisticated bedroom interior
  • Includes tools in the package for easy assembly
  • Very strong support with center support bar
  • Beautiful design
  • Creaks and moans if you don’;t screw it properly
  • Plenty of parts that need assembling
  • Middle support bar tends to bend when overweight people use this frame

9. SimLife Metal Bed Frame

This metal bed frame is quite similar to the Greenforest bed frame but with different kinds of slats. The slats of Simlife Metal Bed Frame are curved downward, unlike most bed slats that are just straight. The downward curve is meant to provide the back with better support as it would adjust the mattress to your own sleeping position and body shape.

That way, you’;ll not only get a very comfortable night’;s sleep, but you’;ll also do your back a favor by allowing it to retain a natural position.  Other than that, this bed frame is also very sturdy being made of steel and has extra side legs to support the bed. There’;s also a middle support beam for more sturdiness.

vintage metal bed frame


  • Downward curved metal slats
  • Weight capacity of 280 pounds
  • Can easily fit in standard bed skirts
  • Steel frame with extra side legs
  • Includes middle support beam

  • Does not require a box spring for mattress support
  • Downward curved slats are good for the back
  • Has a middle support beam to prevent sagging and bending of the legs
  • Extra side legs provide more support
  • The mattress may slide around easily
  • Limited weight limit

10. Yanni Easy-to-Assemble Bed Frame

The Yanni Easy-to-Assemble bed frame is a very strong steel metal bed frame with a very strong foundation that offers mattress support. It has both a built-in headboard and footboard so that you don’;t need to install them separately. What makes this bed frame really attractive is that it allows equal weight distribution.

This means that it is built in such a way that no side will have to carry more weight than the other. This type of feature will be able to prevent bending and deforming of the slats or the legs. The slats are also downward curved just like Simlife. This allows you to have a very comfy sleep at night.

metal toddler bed frame


  • 100% heavy duty steel built
  • Beautiful design for headboard and footboard
  • Enhanced downward curved slats
  • Box spring compatible
  • Sturdy built

  • Very comfortable and good for the back because of downward curved slats
  • Long shelf life because of equal weight distribution feature
  • Robust and sturdy support to ensure no wobbling
  • Does not squeak or creak
  • Very easy assembly
  • Mattress tends to slide off the bed from time to time
  • Small size bed which may not fit taller person
  • Does not come with rubber caps on the legs

Things To Consider Before Buying High Quality Metal Bed Frame

Now that you’;re familiar with some of the best products in the market, how exactly do you choose the best one out of the 10? Well, that’;s where the buying guide will come into place. With this guide, you’;ll have some sort of grading criteria for your choice. With the criteria, you can at least know which one suits your needs. So if you’;re vying for the best metal bed frames for your bedroom, you can use this short guide to help you:

  • Size

First and foremost, you have to consider the size of the mattress. There are certain sizes of metal frames depending on the size of your mattress. For instance, if you have a queen size mattress, there are queen sized frames. If you own a king size mattress, there are king sized mattress frames. Also, it’;s important to take note that there are bed frames that are twin sized individually but can be connected with other twin sized beds to form a queen or king sized bed.

This is the more economical type of bed frame, especially if you move stuff around quite often. Our list has a number of these types of bed frames to choose from. That said, always consider the size first so that you can easily transfer your mattress to the frame.

how to assemble metal bed frame with center support

  • Foundation

There are two types of bed frames; namely: the platform bed type or the box spring type. The ones that are platform bed types are a little lower but cheaper. However, the box spring type will give more elevation and also better support for the bed mattress. The choice will ultimately depend on your preference, but the more common ones that people buy are the platform types since these are the more comfortable alternative.

In fact, our list contains mostly platform bed frames. There are some that are compatible with box springs, but most of them don’;t need to have box springs anymore in order to provide the mattress with some good support or leverage.

  • Metal Type

Now, there are many types of metals that are used to make bed frames. Depending on your own design preferences, you can buy either a brass bed frame, stainless steel bed frame, or iron bed frames. The choice you make will really depend on which one has the most suitable look for your room’;s interior.

You may also want to consider wear and tear. Iron and brass rust pretty easily while the metals such as stainless steel don’;t. Take note that most of the products that we’;ve listed above are made out of steel because steel happens to be one of the strongest and has the longest shelf life. However, the choice is ultimately up to you and your own respective tastes.

  • Assembly

This factor is more geared toward those who don’;t know how to assemble bed frames or who don’;t like to assemble bed frames. Most of the bed frames are not assembled when they are in the box, so you need to put all the parts together when you receive your product. However, there are those that are foldable and require very little assembly.

If you don’;t like assembling things, then better consider getting one that is foldable as these don’;t require putting together. All you have to do is unfold the frame, set it down wherever you want, and put your mattress on top. If you don’;t mind a little assembling though, then you may get the type that isn’;t already put together. The advantage of that is you know each part of the bed frame and you can really tighten each screw so that you’;re sure it won’;t fall apart.

  • Style

You must also take into the consideration the style and design of the bed. You would want the overall style of your metal bed frame to match the style of your interior. The metal bed frame will look good and consistent with your design. For instance, if your bedroom haves a rustic or Victorian type of design, black metal or brass metal bed frames are the best looking ones while more modern bedrooms would look good with iron and stainless steel bed frames. You can use your creative juice to choose which style is the best.

  • Cost

The last thing that you have to think about would be the cost of the bed frame. When you select your bed frame, you’;ll want to have the most reasonably price done. Fortunately, all of the metal bed frames in the list are not too expensive yet not too cheap to scrimp on quality. All brands are quite well-known, so you don’;t need to worry about quality. So when you form your budget, you can use the price range of the products in this list of good metal bed frame products as your basis.


With our list for the best quality metal bed frame products and our buyers guide, you now know exactly what to look for when you go to the store to choose your metal bed frame. We came up with this list by comparing the features, the pros, and the cons of several products based on our own experience and other reviews. That way, we are able to see which ones bring the best bang for the buck.

So when you want to make your choice, take into consideration all the features, advantages, and disadvantages of the product and use this buying guide to know if the product is for you. That way, you can pick the one that gives the best value for money.

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