Best Organic Blankets Reviews For 2020

When it comes to comfort, some people tend to go the extra notch to level up their sleep and relaxation experience. Sometimes sticking to the ordinary can feel so mundane to the point you’d want something better and comfier. Some prefer something that feels more natural and “healthier”; products that contain no harmful chemicals.

Eco-friendly Choice

Organic blankets are made using organic cotton, an earth-friendly material that is not treated with chemicals that could harm the environment. The production of organic blankets also involves less water consumption than that of regular inorganic sheets.

Because organic blankets are made using organic cotton, they feel more natural and breathable. These are skin-friendly due to the exclusion of chemicals that can cause irritation and allergies, thereby making the preferred choice with such skin sensitivities.

Getting the best organic blankets is the way to go if you prefer a healthier choice that comes with the benefits of being eco-friendly.

Top 10 Best Organic Blankets Reviews

1. LUNA Adult Weighted Blanket

The Luna Adult-Weighted Blanket is an innovative smart-designed organic blanket that utilizes 7 layers of fabric into a streamlined design and features even weight distribution.

  • Material Type

The Luna Adult-Weighted Blanket is made with naturally soft cotton fabric. It is naturally hypoallergenic, making it ideal for those with skin or respiratory allergies.

  • Design and Comfort

The even weight of the Luna Adult-Weighted Blanket is made possible by the use of unique glass beads that are comfier and more durable than plastic beads. These beads are held within the fibers of the blanket so that it wouldn’t sink to one corner. Furthermore, smaller pockets are stitched on the blanket to allow even more weight distribution. It is also equipped with 8 ties to enable the sheet to be securely fastened to the cover to prevent or minimize shifting during sleep.

Sturdy double-stitched seams make the fabric stronger and durable and lessen the effects of wear and tear from regular use.

The Luna is also designed to adapt to any temperature and provide instant relief to warm or cold nights. It is designed for better breathability and temperature control.

  • Special Features

It is made with Hypoallergenic Oeko-Tex Certified Cotton Fabric utilizing natural cotton free of harmful substances and chemicals as well as containing numerous, small non-toxic glass beads.

  • Why we recommend it

The Luna is meticulously designed to utilize critical features to help promote better relaxation and a comfier sleep. It uses deep pressure stimulation by having an even weight press on your body, utilizing small glass beads held meticulously within the lustrous fibers of the blanket to create an equal distribution of weight and prevent it from sinking into one corner. Furthermore, the layered construction includes air channels to further air circulation and maintain a sleeping temperature comfortable on any climate.

  • It uses super soft organic cotton
  • It utilizes a deep pressure stimulation
  • It uses double-stitched seams for better strength and durability
  • It has excellent temperature control and breathability
  • It is hypoallergenic Oeko-Tex Certified
  • It’s quite pricey
  • It’s not for those who don’t like to sleep with a heavy blanket

2. Clover & Sage Organic Muslin Baby Toddler Blanket

The Clover & Sage Organic Muslin Blanket is a great blanket for the young tykes. This is the perfect blanket for the kids, and it is also an excellent gift for friends and family who have infants and toddlers in their homes.

  • Material Type

The Clover & Sage Blanket is made with 100% Muslin cotton. This super-soft fabric is not only great but also gentle on a baby’s sensitive skin.

  • Design and Comfort

It comes with a child-friendly design suitable for their age and unisex animal print with neutral colors to make this ideal for both boy and girl toddlers. This organic blanket is made with four premium breathable layers for softness and security.

With this much thickness, this provides the child with just the right amount of warmth that he or she needs to feel comfortable. It comes with a 47″ x 47″ size that you can use for your newborn even after he or she grows to an infant and then a toddler. It can also be used for strollers and car seat use as well as a throw blanket or a nursing cover.

  • Special Features

The 100% Muslin cotton fiber relax after every wash, resulting in a blanket that gets softer with time. Unlike regular inorganic blankets that become scratchy and a bit irritating to use even after a few washes, this organic blanket will do the opposite, and it will continue to provide even more softness and comfort for your growing child.

  • Why we recommend it

Because of its quality of being softer with time, this is the ideal blanket for your growing infants and toddlers. It is also designed to provide optimal warmth and comfort thanks to its four-layer design.

  • It has cute animal prints and is suitable for both baby boys and girls
  • It uses 100% super soft organic Muslin cotton
  • It gets softer after every wash
  • It has four premium breathable layers to provide optimal warmth and comfort
  • It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • It’s slightly pricey for its size and use
  • It becomes too small for your kids to use as they get older

3. GnO Premium Adult Weighted Blanket & Removable Bamboo Cover

If you have a higher budget to spend, then this extravagant organic blanket and bamboo duvet cover bundle is the best gift you can give yourself or to a friend. The GnO Solutions Adult Weighted Organic Blanket and Bamboo Duvet Cover Bundle are among the best sellers for several reasons, and these points will be discussed further below.

  • Material Type

The GnO Solutions Adult Weighted Organic Blanket is made with 100% organic cotton while the Removable Duvet Cover is made with bamboo. It also comes with a fashionable plush carry bag to store the organic blanket and the removable bamboo cover while it also doubles as a nifty gift bag.

  • Design and Comfort

With the organic blanket made of organic cotton, it provides a super comfy softness, breathability, and a relaxed sleeping environment for you to sleep under its sheets. Combined with a breathable removable bamboo duvet cover, it doubles the comfort thanks to its silky smooth touch.

The GnO Solutions organic blanket is designed with a 5-layer weighted blanket made with high-quality materials using ultra-durable fabrics. The 5-layer weighted blanket includes the following components: hotel-grade organic 400TC cotton, breathable, lightweight fabric, premium micro glass beads, durable sewing technology, and even weight distribution. This 5-layer system makes it longer lasting and far more durable than other competing products that use a 7-layer blanket with cheaper, low-quality materials. The premium micro glass beads give it an even weight distribution to provide better sleep.

  • Extra Features

The organic cotton used is 400TC Oeko-Tex Certified to ensure no harmful chemicals were used in the production. It has a high thread count of 400, which makes it softer than some products. The removable bamboo duvet cover is machine washable, making it easy to maintain and long-lasting. The stylish plush bag is a plus so that you can bring your blanket and its cover with you in style.

  • Why we recommend it

Despite its price, you get premium quality and some extras with the GnO Solutions Adult Weighted Organic Blanket and Bamboo Duvet Cover. You get to enjoy both the qualities of an organic cotton blanket and a silky smooth removable bamboo duvet cover in a bundled price. It also comes with a lifetime guarantee with a 100% money-back refund if you’re dissatisfied with the product.

  • It comes as an organic cotton blanket and a removable bamboo duvet cover bundle
  • The stylish plush bag is a plus
  • It uses a 5-layer blanket that is made with high-quality materials
  • It has a 400 thread count and certified by Oeko-Tex standards
  • It comes with a lifetime guarantee with a 100% refund
  • It’s still quite pricey
  • It can be uncomfortable for those who don’t prefer some weight on their blankets

4. Zenssia Organic Cotton Baby Blanket Warm

If you’re looking for a cheap but quality baby blanket, then the Zenssia Organic Baby Blanket might be your best option. Reasonable in price but never in quality. This organic blanket is one of the most cost-effective solutions for your baby’s needs.

  • Material Type

The Zenssia baby blanket is made with 100% organic cotton and is padded with non-toxic microfiber filling, making it thicker than most baby blankets available. The use of 100% cotton also makes this blanket hypoallergenic, stretchable, and wrinkle-resistant. It is smooth and gentle to the baby’s sensitive skin.

  • Design and Comfort

With the addition of microfiber filling, the Zenssia Organic Baby Blanket can provide more warmth and keep the cold away from your baby at all times. This is ideal because babies tend to lose body heat faster than other age groups, so keeping your baby with just the right amount of warmth makes them comfortable.

The baby blanket comes in a variety of quilted designs to make it more plush and comfy. It can also be used for a variety of purposes such as a nursing cover, a stroller cover, a toddler blanket, a crib blanket, and a car seat blanket. If you don’t have babies, then not to worry since you even use this for your pet instead.

  • Why we recommend it

The Zenssia Organic Baby Blanket is the perfect baby blanket to provide warmth and comfort to your baby without spending extravagantly. With its price tag, you can buy two or three more of this blanket for spare use or use one for each separate function. It’s naturally hypoallergenic, so there is no need to worry about your baby’s sensitive skin. It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty.

  • It’s the cheapest item on this list
  • It’s made with 100% organic cotton
  • It is padded with non-toxic microfiber filling for extra warmth
  • It’s thick and lightweight, making it ideal for a variety of purposes
  • It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and one-year warranty
  • Its small size makes it only suitable for use for babies and toddlers
  • The stitching isn’t very durable

5. Beauty Kate Weighted Blanket

Elegant and affordable, the Beauty Kate Weighted Organic Blanket for Adults is designed for both comfort and functionality. It is a premium-grade weighted organic blanket that’s built to last for years.

  • Material Type

The Beauty Kate Weighted Organic Blanket is made with 100% organic cotton, making it light and ultra-soft. It’s medical-grade glass beads that are hypoallergenic and non-toxic.

  • Design and Comfort

A weighted blanket can provide a conducive sleeping environment and help promote sleep and relaxation. It also has benefits of reducing tossing and turning during sleep.

This organic blanket uses an innovative 7-layer system composed of 100% breathable cotton fabric on each side, a tear-prevention polyester layer on each side, an inner organic soft cotton layer per side, and a core layers composed of premium micro glass beads. This design with the smaller pockets makes sure that the micro glass beads stay in place and to avoid leaking and shifting of weight so that the weight of this organic blanket remains evenly distributed.

To make it cool and highly breathable, there are air channels to promote the circulation of air to help maintain a comfortable temperature during sleep.

To further its durability and help counter the wear and tear of regular use, new sewing technology is implemented, making the pockets smaller by 30% and enhancing the surface area contact. It uses 8 reinforced loops for durability and to secure the blanket in place.

  • Why we recommend it

The Beauty Kate is one of the cheapest weighted organic blanket alternatives that doesn’t compromise its quality and features in return for a more affordable price tag. It also addressed a design flaw of micro glass beads leaking out, that other competing products suffer from, with smaller pockets. It’s designed to offer comfort, temperature control, soothing weighted pressure, and long-lasting durability at an affordable price. Furthermore, it also comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a full refund.

  • It has a cheap and affordable price tag
  • It uses 100% organic cotton
  • It has improved, smaller pockets to avoid the micro glass beads from leaking
  • It uses a 7-layer system to provide optimum comfort and breathability
  • It comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a full refund
  • It can feel a bit too warm for some people
  • It can be uncomfortable for those who don’t prefer weighted blankets

6. Elite Home Super-Soft Organic Blanket

If you fancy something that looks simple yet offers premium quality, then the Elite Home Super Soft Organic Blanket is the one you’ve been looking for. This organic blanket is proof that you don’t need something looking extravagant to enjoy luxurious comfort.

  • Material Type

The Elite Home Super Soft Blanket is made with high-quality and super soft 100% organic cotton, ensuring an extra-warm, breathable, and hypoallergenic comfort as you relax and sleep.

  • Design and Comfort

This very large 108″ x 90″ blanket boasts superior quality craftsmanship using high-quality organic yarns made with 100% organic cotton. Thanks to the high-quality organic cotton material, the Elite Home Super Soft Organic Blanket is wrinkle-free and feels extra warm but breathable enough to make you feel comfortable.

It has an elegant, but not too flashy, diagonal herringbone weave pattern, and it comes in natural colors. It is also highly resistant to fading, staining, and shrinking. This fully machine-washable organic blanket won’t give you any stress as it is easily maintained by washing it in cold water and it can be dried quickly on tumble.

  • Extra Features

The organic cotton used by the Elite Home Super Soft Organic Blanket is 100% GOTS Certified organic cotton, meaning it is guaranteed to contain at least 70% certified natural organic fibers. With this certification, it just proves that this product has met quality standards and transparency.

It also has a 300 thread count making it softer and comfier. The superior craftsmanship of this organic blanket also makes it softer with every wash aside from making durable and long-lasting.

  • Why we recommend it

The Elite Home Super Soft Organic Blanket not only has an affordable price tag, but it boasts superior quality and comfort compared to other products within its price range. It is also a king-sized blanket with GOTS certification and a high thread count. All that for an affordable price is a steal.

  • It has a cheap and affordable price tag
  • It is made with 100% GOTS Certified Organic cotton
  • It has a 300 thread count
  • It is resistant to wrinkles, shrinking, and staining
  • It comes with natural colors that are also resistant to fading
  • The size can be too big for some people with smaller beds
  • It is a little bit heavy, and some people might not find it comfortable

7. HILLFAIR Organic Cotton Winter Blankets

Despite its name, the luxurious Hillfair Organic Winter Blanket isn’t just great for winter or the cold season, but it’s an ideal all-season blanket that feels just as comfy during warm nights.

  • Material Type

The Hillfair Organic Winter Blanket is made with 100% organic cotton. A reusable tote bag that comes with it is also made with organic cotton.

  • Design and Comfort

The Hillfair Organic Winter Blanket is designed with a plush weave, giving it a warm and cozy impression just from a glance. It is intended primarily to combat the cold season and chilly winter nights but it can also be used for all seasons thanks to the excellent breathability of organic cotton fabric.

This 66″ x 90″ organic blanket is easy to care and maintain. It is machine-washable, but it has to be dried on a very low tumble. No ironing is necessary since the blanket is resistant to wrinkling so it appears fresh after drying.

  • Extra Features

The Hillfair Winter Blanker is made with 100% GOTS-Certified Organic Cotton. It also comes with an authentic smart card certification which can be scanned for authenticity. This makes sure that the product meets quality standards, and it provides transparency for your ease of mind.

Furthermore, this organic blanket use Azo-free dyeing, ensuring no harmful chemical compounds will put your health at risk.

  • Why we recommend it

The Hillfair Winter Organic Blanket falls on the middle ground between price and quality. It offers luxurious quality and comfort as well as the certifications and authenticity to back up its benefits. All of that for a slightly lower price compared to other extravagant brands and products. It may be an all-season organic blanket, but this is used best during cold and winter nights.

  • It’s made with 100% organic cotton
  • It comes with a free reusable tote bag made with organic cotton
  • It’s an all-season blanket that can be used for warm and cold nights
  • It meets GOTS Certification standards
  • It does not use Azo dyes
  • The size of the blanket is only good enough for a twin-size bed
  • It’s prone to having loose threads, so careful washing is advised

8. Kyrahome Ultra Soft Organic Muslin Cotton Throw Blanket

If you’re looking for an organic blanket that would make a great gift, then look no further. The Kyrahome Ultra Soft Organic Muslin Cotton Throw Blanket makes a great gift for friends and family on any occasion. It can find great for both adults and kids alike.

  • Material Type

The Kyrahome organic muslin throw blanket is made with pre-washed chemical-free plant-dyed organic cotton.

  • Design and Comfort

The Kyrahome Ultra Soft Organic Muslin Cotton Throw Blanket measures 55″ x 60″ and weighs incredibly light at 15.2 ounces, making it handy and portable. Because of this, it can be used as a travel blanket, a toddler blanket, a stroller cover, or a bath towel. You can even use it while lounging on your couch or bed, watching TV, playing games, or reading your books.

Because it uses 100% organic cotton, it has exceptional breathability and moisture absorption. It is also resistant to wrinkling, so it looks fresh after every wash and dry.

It is easy to maintain, and it is machine-washable. Take note to only use non-chlorine bleach if necessary, otherwise, never use it at all. It can be dried on low tumble.

  • Extra Features

The Kyrahome throw blanket is made with exceptionally soft Okeo-Tex Type 2-Certified pre-washed plant-dyed organic cotton. Harmful chemicals are never used on crops and during production to ensure the integrity of the fibers and that it is safe to use for kids and even pets.

  • Why we recommend it

Aside from making an excellent gift for any occasion for friends and family, the Kyrahome Organic Muslin Cotton Throw Blanket is quite cheap and affordable. Not only you get to make someone happy, but you also get to keep your wallet happy by not overspending.

It also has a lot of uses, and it has that portability to be even used on the go during travel or lounging in an air-conditioned cafe.

  • It is made with 100% Pre-washed Plant-Organic Cotton
  • It is portable and lightweight
  • It makes a perfect gift for any occasion for both kids and adults
  • It has a variety of uses
  • The organic cotton is Okeo-Tex Type 2 Certified
  • It’s thin and delicate
  • It’s not recommended to be used for sleeping adults due to its smaller and slimmer size

9. Grund Ultra Soft Sea Pines Organic Cotton Throw Blanket

Another organic blanket in a mid-range price is the Grund Ultra Soft Sea Pines Organic Cotton Throw Blanket. This plush-weaved throw blanket is the ideal couch and bed companion at home.

  • Material Type

The Grund Ultra Soft Sea Pines Organic Throw Blanket is made with 100% organic cotton. It has the qualities of being hypoallergenic, soft, and breathable, which makes it great to use for you and your kids at home.

  • Design and Comfort

The ultra-soft texture is thanks to the high-quality organic cotton that this throw blanket is made from. It also has a little weight to it to provide more warmth and comfort when you need it. It has excellent breathability thanks to the spaces from the gaps of the expertly woven design. It is also plush and comfortable. It can be used anywhere in your home you wish to relax, be it on the sofa, on the bed, or on the floor.

This 50″ x 70″ mid-weight woven organic blanket also tends to get softer after every wash, so it only gets better after every regular use.

  • Extra Features

The Grund Ultra Soft Sea Pines Organic Cotton Throw Blanket has full Global Organic Textile Standard Certification, ensuring that this blanket and all of its components do not contain toxic substances and are chemical-free. With this quality standard, you are guaranteed of its authenticity and safety.

  • Why we recommend it

The Grund Ultra Soft Sea Pines Organic Throw Blanket has excellent breathability and a plush, comforting texture. It doesn’t only look fresh and new after every wash and dry, but it also gets softer after every wash. Needless to say, you get a throw blanket that gets more and more comfortable the more you use it.

  • It is made with 100% Organic Cotton
  • It is plush and highly breathable
  • It has a little weight to it to make you snug and feel relaxed while you do other activities
  • It has full GOTS Certification
  • It gets softer after every wash
  • It’s expensive for a throw blanket
  • You need to be extra careful when washing it

10. TBI Pro Premium Weighted Organic Blanket with Soft Cover Set

The extravagant-looking TBI Pro Premium Weighted Organic Blanket helps relieve stress using its attractive shaped cover designed to provide a small weighted pressure for therapeutic purposes.

  • Material Type

The TBI Pro Premium Weighted Blanket is made with pure organic cotton. It also contains 7 layers of breathable material. These layers include premium-quality micro glass beads to add a soothing light pressure and warmth.

  • Design and Comfort

The TBI Pro Premium Weighted Organic Blanket uses a rhomb shape for better support as well as better stress and anxiety relief. It is designed even to combat the struggles of insomnia. It uses a 7-layer system that includes a 100% polyester cover, two layers of exquisite fabric, 2 layers of 100% organic cotton, and a core layer of premium non-toxic, high-quality nano glass beads. These glass beads are arranged in the rhomb-shaped packets to maintain equal weight distribution and prevent leakage. The beautiful navy blue soft cover that comes with it is designed with bumps to provide a relaxing, comfortable, and therapeutic effect. When both weighted blanket and removable soft cover combine, you will never feel more relaxed on any other blanket again.

Keeping this weighted organic blanket clean and maintained is easy as long as you take note of how to care for the sheet and the cover separately. Both the blanket and cover can be machine washed with warm water at 40 degrees Celcius. Both can be dried flat while only the cover can be hanged dry. Both cannot be bleached, tumbled dry, dry cleaned, or ironed.

  • Why we recommend it

Out of all the items on this list, the TBI Pro Premium Weighted Organic Blanket with Soft Cover Set feels the most therapeutic. It also feels the most luxurious, and its elegant navy blue cover speaks for itself. Overall, you get a premium-quality look and functionality at a premium price. Hence, you get what you paid for.

  • For what it’s worth you get the bang for your buck with this item
  • It comes as a set of weighted organic blanket and cozy softcover
  • It uses premium-quality, non-toxic micro glass beads
  • Its cover is designed with bumps to provide both aesthetic and therapeutic functionality
  • It uses a 7-layer design made with exceptionally breathable materials
  • It is warmer than regular blankets
  • People who don’t prefer heavy blankets would find this uncomfortable

Different Types of Organic Blankets

Organic Blankets are classified depending on the type of materials they are mainly made from. These materials are natural and renewable resources that can be obtained through a sustainable farming process, and these do not require the use of chemicals and pesticides. Each type of organic blankets come with their own advantages, disadvantages, and unique qualities.

The types of organic blankets include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Cotton

Organic cotton is naturally light and boasts high breathability. Cotton is naturally hypoallergenic, making it a go-to choice for those with skin and respiratory allergies. Organic blankets made using organic cotton inherit the qualities of being light and comforting breathability that helps you keep fresh and absorb moisture during warm nights. If it’s cold, then organic blankets also provide excellent insulation to keep you warm during cold nights. No matter the climate or the season, you will always feel comfy with an organic cotton blanket.

  • Wool

Wool is a textile fiber obtained from several animals such as sheep, cashmere goats, and many others. It is a natural material that can be harvested by raising sheep and other animals without harming them, making the process cruelty-free. The harvested wool straight off a sheep, called greasy wool, comes with several impurities such as vegetable matter and pesticides. It has to undergo a process called Scouring to be cleansed. This process may be as simple as a warm water bath or as complicated as undergoing an industrial process involving chemicals.

Organic blankets made of wool are usually heavier and warmer compare to other types. Because of these qualities, it is more recommended for use for cold nights and weather. Aside from its wrinkle-free and durable qualities, organic wool blankets are highly resistant to soiling, fire, and moisture.

This type of organic blanket is usually more expensive than the other brands but it comes with benefits and qualities that make it worth the price.

  • Bamboos

Bamboo materials are fast renewable resources that make them a popular alternative to cotton. Bamboos grow very quickly and can grow up to 4 feet daily.

Viscose is a type of fabric created from the processing of bamboo. It possesses similar qualities to cotton such as high breathability and durability. It is also a straightforward material to blend with other kinds of fabrics thanks to its high compatibility with most of them. Because bamboo is easy to sustain and harvest, organic bamboo blankets do not usually fetch a high price. Needless to say, you get quality without the need to go beyond your budget.

Benefits of Using Organic Blankets

Organic blankets make use of natural materials so, naturally, it comes with healthy and eco-friendly benefits. Although sheets using inorganic materials use designs to mimic some of the qualities of organic blankets, these cannot copy some of the qualities and advantages of the latter.

The following are some of the main advantages of organic blankets:

  • Eco-friendly

Natural blankets are produced without chemicals, thereby its production does not produce waste that could be exposed to the environment and harm it. Less water is also used during its production, even more so in the case of bamboo that is a self-sufficient crop that requires no irrigation. It also uses water more efficiently than cotton and other trees.

Since the materials used are natural, renewable, and sustainable, the production of organic blankets does not pose a risk to endanger the ecosystem. Wool does not also require to harm the animals in the process and it also helps them in a way to reduce the weight of their heavy wool.

  • Hypoallergenic Quality

Being natural comes with perks and this includes being hypoallergenic. Cotton, bamboo, and wool are naturally hypoallergenic so there is a guarantee that these will not cause any skin or respiratory irritations. Wool is also exceptionally resistant to dust mites and also to soiling, fire, and moisture.

  • Comfier and Better Breathability

The natural materials used in the production of organic blankets provide them superior comfort over inorganic sheets. Organic cotton and bamboo also offer excellent breathability and moisture control over inorganic blankets made with synthetic materials.

If you live in a cold climate, then organic blankets made from wool provides superior warmth to stave off the cold. It is thanks to the wool’s ability to hold air, causing the fabric to retain heat.

  • Sturdier Fabric

Organic blankets offer sturdier quality compared to inorganic blankets since natural materials are usually thicker and stronger when they are untreated. Chemically treated fabric fibers are weaker because they become thinner from the process. When fabric fibers become thinner, they become more delicate.

  • Natural Color

Most organic blankets come with the natural color based on the material it is produced. This makes does not only make sure that it does not contain any irritants that could cause rashes or allergic reactions to those with sensitive skin, such as babies, but this also makes it wash-friendly. Due to its natural color, you don’t have to worry about it fading when washing as long as you don’t use bleach or any other synthetic cleaning agent.

  • Affordable

Since fast-growing, renewable, and sustainable materials are used, organic blankets can also fetch a lower price. Bamboo can also be made so stylish and luxurious without pumping up the price. Not only would you get a “healthier” and “comfier” blanket, but you don’t need to go over your budget to enjoy it.

  • Other Qualities

Organic blankets come with unique qualities depending on the materials they are made with. Cotton is generally easy to clean and possesses most of the qualities that other types have. Wool is sturdier than the different classes and it always retains its shape, while bamboo is more wrinkle-resistant than cotton.

What Things to Look Out for When Buying an Organic Blanket

The best organic blankets are the cream of the crop that you’d find in the market. Organic sheets provide several benefits but how can you tell which one is the right one for you? The following are the key things to look out for when searching for the best organic blanket for your home:

  • Cost

This is the most essential thing to look out for. It is best to note that a higher price doesn’t automatically guarantee better quality. The value is determined by a lot of factors, from manufacturing costs, logistics, and distribution costs to expected retailer profits, but what you should remember is that you’re after the quality first, and not the budget. Sometimes, even the cheapest product has better quality than the priciest one.

  • Aesthetics

Of course, you wouldn’t want just any design to go with your bed. Organic blankets should be able to fit with the ambiance of your room. Thankfully, most organic blankets come with neutral designs due to their use of natural color, making most of them compatible with any room setting.

  • Climate

When deciding what type of organic blanket to purchase, you should consider what environment does your place have. If you live in a warm and humid climate, it is for your best interest that you get cotton or bamboo organic blankets. If you live in a cold climate, then organic wool blankets would be the best option for you thanks to the superior warmth it provides.

  • Size

Size is important so that you get all the comfort you need with your blanket. It is pointless to buy one if you don’t feel comfortable with it because it’s too small. There is also an inconvenience when purchasing one that is too big. So before you make a purchase, make sure you take note of your bed’s size. Thankfully, there are organic blankets that can fit several bed sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I take care of my organic blanket?

Organic blankets contain natural materials that can produce adverse reactions when used with other chemical products. Avoid using bleach and different kinds of softeners since it could cause discoloration when they react with the organic dye. Other products such as facial creams, ointments, and other skincare products are also capable of bleaching out the color.

To properly care for your organic blanket, wash it in cool water and then tumble dry low. Using organic-friendly detergents will help ensure that your organic blankets would last longer and not prevent discoloration during the washing process.

  • Is it better to go with a 100% material type of organic blanket or is a mixed material type just as good?

It depends on preference. Viscose is a fabric made from processing bamboo. It is compatible and easy to blend with other fibers, such as cotton. Viscose has a silky texture, and it is more wrinkle-resistant than cotton. A mixture of materials is usually made to combine the qualities of both materials and provide more benefits. Depending on the overall quality of the product, it can either be cheaper or pricier than that made of pure organic cotton or bamboo.

  • How are organic blankets more durable than regular, inorganic blankets?

The main reason for this is the fact that organic blankets aren’t treated or exposed to chemicals that would cause the fabric fibers to become thinner. Because they aren’t treated with such chemicals, organic blankets have thicker fabric fibers, making them more sturdy and less susceptible to wear and tear when used regularly.

  • Is Wool really hypoallergenic?

Not only is wool is naturally hypoallergenic, but it is also resistant to bacterial growth and mildew. Wool fresh off a sheep is cleaned by a process called Scouring, which removes impurities such as the sheep’s dead skin and sweat residue as well as vegetable matter and pesticides from its environment. This process varies but it is mostly made to cleanse the wool to its pure form, in which state is naturally hypoallergenic.


People tend to have misconceptions about organic counterparts to their conventional inorganic products. The most common mistakes include being fancier and pricier. However, that is not usually the case considering how some natural organic materials can be quickly and easily cultivated in a short time to provide an abundant and renewable resource whose harvest wouldn’t pose a risk to the environment. Organic products such as organic blankets offer more benefits than their regular inorganic counterparts and they are not only environmental-friendly, but they are also skin and animal-friendly as well. You get to enjoy a product that is not only “healthier” but is also worry-free.