Best Pima Cotton Sheets Reviews For 2020

The modern workforce is often plagued with overtime and stress with work that finding a good night’s rest can be quite challenging to achieve. To keep themselves ready and refreshed for the tasks the following day, they need to have a comfortable sleep to forget the stress and relax their mind. The best way to achieve this is to have a great sleeping environment that promotes a night of restful sleep and relaxation.

Having the most comfortable beddings can make that happen as it provides direct comfort to the skin. Sheets that use 100% cotton are among the best linens to use because they provide optimal comfort that is conducive for sleep and relaxation. Pima cotton is one of the most sought types of sheets that can offer this coveted sleeping environment.

People tend to feel relaxed and fall asleep more when they feel cool and lay on a smooth and soft surface. This guide will help you find the best Pima cotton sheets to achieve that so you can feel refreshed and ready to tackle the next day’s tasks.

10 Best Rated Pima Cotton Sheets

1. Peru Pima – 415 Thread Count Queen Bed Sheet Set

Peru Pima is a brand based in Peru dedicated to providing luxury bedding at affordable prices. This small family company gets its source of Peruvian Pima cotton from the country’s sunny coastal valleys.


This elegant ivory-colored queen-sized bed sheet comes as a set of 1 flat sheet measuring 92″ x 102″, 1 fitted sheet measuring 60″ x 80″, and 2 pillowcases each measuring 20″ x 30″ with envelope enclosure. The fitted sheet comes with a 15-inch deep pocket and fully elastic corners to secure the sheets tucked and secured in place.

It is made with 100% Peruvian Pima cotton, so you get to enjoy the pure Pima cotton fibers and their superior benefits over standard cotton. It is woven in a crisp percale weave with an elegant finish and lasting durability. It has a 415 thread count ensuring high-quality, relaxing softness, smoothness, and strength. This Peruvian Pima cotton bed sheet set is valued for its luxury hotel quality, commonly used by renowned hotels such as Westin, Hilton, Marriott, and more.

It is also OEKO TEX Certified; no harmful chemicals were used during production. This does not only mean it’s safe to use by those suffering from skin sensitivities or other allergies, but it’s also eco-friendly and does not harm the environment. To ensure you get quality as advertised, Peru Pima offers a 30-day full refund if you’re not satisfied with the product.

  • Made with 100% Peruvian Pima Cotton
  • It features deep elastic pockets
  • It has a 415 thread count with a Percale weave for a crisp and beautiful finish
  • Eco-friendly and Hypoallergenic
  • It comes with a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee
  • It’s a little pricey
  • Requires proper care when washing to prevent colors from fading

2. Pinzon 500-Thread-Count Pima Cotton Sateen Bed Sheet Set

Pinzon is a brand by Amazon that caters to products for home living. From bath towels to pillows and beddings, their range of products offers a budget-friendly alternative when doing online shopping.


The Pinzon 500 Thread Count Sateen Cotton Bed Sheets come as a set of 4 sheets, including a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and 2 pillowcases. The fitted sheet has a 15-inch deep pocket system to help secure the sheets in place and to accommodate both deep and pillow-top mattresses.

It is made with 100% Pima Cotton, giving it better breathability, softness, and smoothness compared to standard cotton. It has a 500 thread count for even better smoothness and durability. Its sateen weave gives it a beautiful smooth finish and a lustrous shine. This combination of mid-range thread count and sateen weave makes it silky smooth and pleasing to the eyes. Furthermore, thanks to this 500 thread count, the Pinzon doesn’t suffer from susceptibility to pilling and tearing. The drawbacks of having a sateen weave have been well compensated by this thread count, making it more durable than most sateen woven fabrics.

It is also OEKO-TEX certified, ensuring it does not contain any synthetics and toxic chemicals that can cause allergic reactions to those suffering from skin sensitivities. This also means it’s environmental-friendly as no harmful chemicals are released into the environment during its production.

  • It’s cheap and affordable
  • Made with 100% Pima cotton
  • It features a 15-inch deep pocket system
  • It has a 500 thread count with a sateen weave
  • It’s eco-friendly and easy on the skin
  • The sheets are prone to wrinkling
  • They eventually thin out over prolonged use

3. Isabella Cromwell 500 Thread Count Pima Cotton Bed Sheets

Isabella Cromwell is a brand that provides affordable options for premium quality bed sheets. It is a top-rated seller trusted by thousands of customers.


The Isabella Cromwell 500 Thread Count Bed Sheet Set includes 1 flat sheet measuring 90″ x 102″, 1 fully elasticized fitted sheet measuring 60″x 60″ with a 15-inch deep pocket system to fit mattresses 18 inches thick, and 2 standard pillowcases, each measuring 20″ x 30″.

It is made with the highest quality pure Pima cotton sheets. It has a mid-range thread count of 500 to ensure softness and durability. With a sateen weave, it has a silky-smooth texture and glistening sheen thanks to the ultra-softening finish process. These Pima cotton sheets get softer after every wash, and it is also designed to be resistant to fading.

These sheets are OEKO-TEX certified. Eco-friendly and skin-friendly, these sheets are guaranteed not only to be safe for even the most sensitive skin but also to the environment as no harmful chemicals or synthetics were used. It is also thoroughly tested and meticulously inspected individually before packaging to ensure that it meets the quality standards the company has envisioned.

This also comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee service backed with very supportive customer service. Considering you get a set of 4 sheets for an affordable price with premium hotel quality, this purchase could give you one of the best bang for your buck.

  • It comes with a cheap and affordable price tag
  • Made with 100% Pima cotton
  • It has a 500 thread count with a lustrous sateen weave
  • Skin-friendly and Environmental-friendly
  • Features a 15-inch fully-elasticized deep pocket system
  • The sheets are susceptible to wrinkling
  • Requires careful care during washing to prevent the sheets from shrinking


When it comes to premium quality bedding, Chateau Home Collection has years of experience as experts on the matter. This is a brand that uses precision craftsmanship and high-quality control to ensure its products live up to company standards. They offer luxury style bedding using only the highest quality cotton sheets available in the market at affordable prices.


The Chateau Home Collection 500 Thread Count Bed Sheets Set includes a 108″ x 102″ flat sheet, a 70″ x 80″ fully-elasticized fitted sheet with a 16-inch deep pocket system, and 2 king-sized pillowcases measuring 20″ x 40″. It also uses a unique way of stitching fitted sheets to make sure it has a snug fit.

Made with 100% Pima cotton sheets, this set boasts a thread count of 500 for superior softness and durability. Furthermore, Chateau Home Collection took things up a notch by using their own finish process that results in improved durability and longevity. The fabric undergoes a unique procedure for softening.

The use of select premium-quality combed cotton yarns yields more durable sheets that are highly resistant to pilling with an incredibly soft finish. The sheets are made to be durable and stress-resistant to endure multiple washes. It also has a higher surface area compared to sheets using standard cotton for improved moisture and sweat absorption. And top it off with a sateen weave, this gives the sheets a super smooth and silky texture.

It is made in an OEKO-TEX certified facility so you can be sure that no harmful chemicals and substances are involved in its production that can do potential harm to your skin or the environment.

  • Premium quality at an affordable price range
  • It is made with 100% Pima Cotton
  • It features a 16-inch deep pocket system with unique stitching
  • The sheets are resistant to pilling and stress from multiple washes
  • It features a 500 thread count with a sateen weave
  • The sheets are prone to wrinkling
  • Additional care is required during washing to prevent the sheets from shrinking

5. DreamFit Degree 3 Pima Cotton Split King Sheet Set

DreamFit is a brand that provides premium quality beddings with a wide selection of sizes. From luxury priced beddings to budget-friendly options, you have plenty of alternatives to choose from with DreamFit linens.


The DreamFit Degree 3 Pima Bed Sheet Set includes 2 pieces of their patented fitted sheets, one extra-large size flat sheet, and two king-sized pillowcases.  The fitted sheets have a deep pocket system that can fit mattresses up to 22 inches thick with a patented DreamFlex corner elastic straps to provide a secure fit and a 360-degree elastic band for a tailored fit. The Degree 3 also uses FirstFit Corner bands for color-coding to help identify the head and foot.

This bedding set is made with 100% Pima cotton sheets and has a sateen weave. This combination of Pima cotton and sateen weave results in a luxurious super silky texture and remarkable softness that will keep you relaxed and comfortable. It also has high breathability to make sure you stay cool and fresh no matter the weather.

As the name suggests, the DreamFit Degree 3 Pima Cotton Sheet set features a degree 3 category 300 thread count, making them extra soft and smooth that almost feels like silk. DreamFit uses only the highest quality materials so you can rest assured that the Degree 3 Bed Sheet set will retain its softness and color after prolonged use and multiple washing. The sheets are also resistant to wrinkling and shrinking. It comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Has a Deep Pocket system that can fit up to 22-inch thick mattresses
  • The sheets are highly resistant to wrinkling and shrinking
  • It is equipped with elastic and color-coded bands for a secure fit
  • The sateen finish is soft and silky-smooth
  • It comes with a one-year warranty period
  • It’s one of the more expensive options
  • It eventually thins out, and it is prone to wear and tear over time

6. AURAA Comfort 500 TC Long Staple Pima Cotton Sheet Set

Offering luxury beddings at budget-friendly prices, AURAA is a brand that showcases products with both functionality and attractive design. Not only would you get luxury quality comfort with AURAA brand products, but you also get to decorate your bed with style.


The Damask Stripe Sheet Set includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet with a 16-inch elasticized deep pocket system, and 2 pillowcases.

This set is made with pure Supima cotton, which is even rarer and better than both Egyptian and Pima cotton, exclusively cultivated in the United States. Supima cotton can also last longer than Pima cotton due to its superior strength and durability. It is remarkably resistant to pilling as well as wear and tear. It can deeply absorb dyes and exceptionally retain color, making sheets made with Supima also highly resistant to fading.

As far as quality goes, the Damask Stripe Sheet Set feels exceedingly soft thanks to the 500 thread count and smooth sateen weave that adds more silkiness to its texture and the latter giving a subtle sheen to the fabric. It is decorated in a timeless damask stripe detail to give it a subtle elegance and sophistication.

Given that Supima cotton is rarer and more expensive than Pima and Egyptian cotton, getting this set at an affordable price is an incredible bargain that you shouldn’t overlook.

  • Surprisingly cheap and affordable
  • Made with 100% Supima cotton
  • It features a 16-inch deep pocket system
  • It has a 500 thread count and sateen weave
  • Damask stripe design gives it an elegant and timeless look
  • They may be too light for those who prefer more massive sheets
  • They tend to stretch or thin out quickly over time

7. The Big One Percale Sheet Set (Queen, Gray Trellis), 275 Thread Count

Known for colorful and decorative designs, The Big One offers affordable products from pillows, towels, blankets, and bedsheets. It has a wide selection of assorted designs ranging from simple patterns, animals, to pop culture characters.


The Big One Percale Sheet Set comes as a four-piece set, which includes one flat sheet, one fully elasticized fitted sheet with up to 17-inch deep pockets, and 2 pillowcases.

It is made with a blend of 60% Pima cotton and 40% polyester. This blend makes the fabric soft and strong, combining both qualities of Pima cotton and polyester fibers. It has improved resistance to tearing while maintaining the breathable properties of cotton.

However, polyester is a synthetic fiber and chemicals were used in its production. One setback of using the blend on making fabric is that it may not be suitable for those suffering from allergies or other skin sensitivities. On the good side, producing this sheet is cheaper since it doesn’t use pure Pima cotton, which can be very expensive to acquire and cultivate.

This sheet set uses a 275 thread count and a percale weave. It has a crisper finish similar to some sheets you may find in several hotels. One advantage of percale weave is that it makes the sheets last longer and more durable than sateen weave.

  • It has a very cheap price tag
  • The sheets have just the right weight and crispness
  • Fitted sheet with up to 17-inch deep pockets
  • The sheets are more comfortable to care and maintain
  • More durable than sateen woven sheets
  • It’s not made with 100% Pima Cotton
  • It’s not meant for those with skin sensitivities

8. THOMAS LEE 500 Thread Count Percale Pima Cotton Sheet Set

THOMAS LEE is a trusted and well-known brand specializing in luxury quality sheets keeping in mind what the customers are looking for. This brand has made its own designs dedicated to providing the best percale sheets in the market.


The THOMAS LEE Percale Sheet Set comes as a 4-piece set which includes one flat sheet measuring 90″ x 102″, one fitted sheet measuring 54″ x 75″ with up to 15-inch deep pockets to fit even mattresses as thick as 18 inches, and 2 pieces of 20″ x 34″ pillowcases.

The sheets are made with 100% Pima cotton with a single-ply 500 thread count. The percale weave makes these sheets stronger, durable, and softer to make it last for many years to come, and, as a bonus, it even gets softer after every wash. These sheets are expertly sewn with 12 stitches per inch, improving their durability and integrity.

These sheets are made all-natural and pure. No harsh resins or chemicals were used to treat these sheets, and no pesticides were used during the cultivation process. With that said, these sheets are safe to use for those with sensitive skin, and it does not harm the environment. THOMAS LEE offers a 30-night warranty period with a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee.

  • Luxury-quality sheets from a trusted, quality brand
  • Uses a single-ply 500 thread count with a percale weave for a smoother and crisp finish
  • Safe for the skin and the environment
  • Expertly sewn with a remarkable 12 stitches per inch
  • Offers a 30-night warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • It has quite a hefty price tag
  • Crisp sheets may be too noisy for some sleepers

9. Pointehaven 400 Thread Count Pima Cotton Fitted Sheet

Pointehaven produces sheets and linen with exquisite designs and patterns to spruce up the bedroom. They also sell sheets with neutral and simple designs, but these will never look bland.


The Pointehaven Sateen Sheet Set includes one flat sheet, one fully elasticized fitted sheet that fits up to 21-inch deep pockets, and 2 pillowcases.

The sheets are made with 100% Pima cotton with a 400 thread count and sateen weave to give it a smooth and silky texture that’s comforting and relaxing to the touch. It also offers a beautiful subtle sheen to the dark grey dye of the fabric.

These sheets are machine wash friendly, and they are resistant to pilling, tearing, and fraying as long as you observe proper care during the washing process and use a gentle wash cycle with warm water. Thanks to the extra-long individual fibers of Pima cotton, it can retain colors better than standard cotton or other materials, so the sheets made with it are also resistant to fading.

With these sheets made with pure Pima cotton, this means they are all-natural, and no harmful chemicals were used during cultivation and treatment. Suffice to say, these sheets are safe and gentle to the skin as it is to the environment.

  • Made with 100% Pima cotton
  • It genuinely feels like sateen with its incredible softness and smoothness
  • It has a deep pocket that can fit up to 21-inch mattresses
  • The sheets are highly resistant to pilling, tearing, fraying, and fading
  • The sheets are hypoallergenic
  • The sheets are prone to wrinkling
  • They may thin out over time

10. CottonWorks 1000 Thread Count Single Ply Pima Cotton Sheet Set

CottonWorks is a quality brand that produces affordable premium-quality beddings using the finest quality materials available. Products made by this brand can rival the quality of the sheets used by 5-star and other premium hotels.


CottonWorks has produced a remarkable single-ply 1000 thread count sheet set that makes for fine more massive weighted sheets. Some sleepers prefer sleeping with heavier, thicker layers, and this is the demographic that this sheet set is marketed to.

This set includes one flat sheet measuring 112″ x 102″, one fully elasticized fitted sheet measuring 78″ x 80″ with a 16-inch deep pocket system, and 2 pieces of 20″ x 40″ pillowcases.

The sheets are made with 100% Pima cotton with a whopping 1000 thread count and a sateen weave. Sateen is usually less durable compared to percale weave, but with a 1000 thread count, its durability is improved, so you get a very soft and silky finish without sacrificing durability and strength.

A Single Marrow Embroidered Hem Stitch fortifies the flat sheet and pillowcases to make them durable and help preserve their structural integrity. These sheets may feel a little stiff when you first use them, but they eventually get softer after regular use and multiple washes. CottonWorks offers a 100% money-back guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Made with 100% Pima cotton
  • It has a very high thread count of 1000 and has a sateen finish
  • The sheets are thicker and heavier
  • Uses a singly-ply thread that’s more durable than multiple-ply threads
  • Comes with a 100% money-back guarantee
  • It’s the most expensive item on this list
  • These may not be preferred by sleepers who prefer lightweight sheets

What is Pima Cotton?

Pima cotton is harvested from a species of cotton plant known as Gossypium barbadense, more commonly known as Extra-long staple or ELS cotton. This cotton plant yields cotton with, as their moniker suggests, extra-long silky fibers than can be longer as 1 3/8 inches. This long fiber length usually equates into a high-quality cotton cloth.

Pima cotton is more expensive than regular cotton because of the conditions required to grow them. It requires full exposure to sunlight, high humidity, and rainfall. It accounts for less than 5% of the total cotton production in the United States. Pima Cotton that is only grown in the U.S. is called “Supima” cotton.

Aside from its superior quality compared to standard cotton, it is also sought for its softer texture when woven into a fabric. The cotton is commonly sold as Pima or Egyptian cotton, although only a minuscule amount of the latter produced annually is actually ELS cotton.

Although Pima cotton is rare, it is not as expensive or rarer than Supima cotton, making it more available for manufacturers who wish to produce fabrics that exhibit more exceptional qualities than regular cotton.

Different Varieties of Cotton Sheets

Cotton is a common material used to make several products such as clothing and bedding. It enjoys its popularity because of its softness, breathability, strength, durability, and hypoallergenic properties. 100% all-natural cotton is most especially preferred in several products because of its tried and tested quality.

Several sheets of cotton in the market contain the term “staple” in their product description. This term refers to the length of the cotton fiber. Naturally, cotton varieties that have longer fibers are harder and more expensive to cultivate and process into sheets.

The main varieties of cotton sheets will be discussed further below:

  • Pima Cotton

A cotton sheet variety with extra-long fibers that feel smoother and softer than standard cotton. In addition to its superior strength and durability, products made with this variety are resistant to fading, pilling, tearing, and even fraying.

Supima brand cotton is authentic extra-long staple Pima cotton exclusively grown in the United States. These are rarer and have even better quality than Pima cotton but aren’t as readily available to manufacturers and consumers all over the world. In fact, several manufacturers also had to resort to combining Pima cotton with lesser quality types of cotton to make their products more affordable to consumers and to keep up with demand.

  • American Upland 

This cotton sheet variety offers a less expensive option for manufacturers and consumers. This type of cotton is far easier to cultivate and process compared to Pima cotton and other cotton types. Around 90% of the world’s produced cotton is sourced from American Upland Cotton, making it the most common and commercially available type of cotton. The remaining 10% of the produced cotton worldwide is derived from Pima and Egyptian cotton, both of which have better quality and higher market value.

American Upland cotton can either be short-staple or long-staple. Whenever you see beddings or clothing with a 100% cotton label, these are usually indicative that they are made with Upland cotton unless it specifically indicates that it’s Pima or Egyptian cotton.

  • Egyptian Cotton

Like Pima cotton, this cotton sheet variety has an extra-long staple. As the name suggests, this cotton sheet variety is grown exclusively in Egypt, where cotton grows particularly well thanks to its all-year moderate climate. Some Egyptian cotton is also produced using Pima cotton plants. However, Egyptian cotton generally has slightly longer fibers than Pima Cotton. Combined with extensive care in the cultivation process and Egypt’s conducive climate for growing cotton, pure and Egyptian cotton sheets boast lighter and stronger features, and they are highly resistant to wear and tear, making them last longer than standard cotton or other varieties.

What Things To Look For When Buying a Pima Cotton Sheet

Several factors come into play when choosing a Pima cotton sheet to purchase. These factors determine not only the quality of the sheet but the level of comfort you would expect from it.

These following factors will be discussed accordingly below:

  • Staple

As previously discussed, this refers to the length of the cotton fiber. It has become widespread knowledge among manufacturers and consumers alike that the longer the staple, the better the quality of the cotton sheet. Naturally, if you’re only after to the highest quality cotton sheet available in the market, look for cotton sheets with labels explicitly indicating the use of “Pima,” “Supima,” or “Egyptian cotton.”

  • Weave

There are three main types of design in cotton sheets. These affect the overall feel and look of the sheet as well as influence how long it could last. Basic plain weave is the most common and budget-friendly type, and it utilizes the same number of vertical and horizontal yarns in place.

Percale refers to a type of tightly woven plain-weave with an elegant finish and crispness. This type usually has more than 180 thread count and is commonly used in beddings that last longer than most.

Sateen weave is softer and has an even smoother finish compared to Percale. This type of weave uses lesser horizontal yarns than vertical yarn, resulting in its superior qualities. But this better quality has one major setback. To obtain softer and silkier quality, longevity and durability are sacrificed as this type of weave is more susceptible to tearing and pilling from regular use.

  • Finish

This refers to the various processes involved when making woven fabric into usable products you see in the market. This mainly consists of the use of chemical treatment to further the quality of the products, such as giving them resistance to wrinkling and deformation as well as improving their overall feel and look. If you suffer from skin allergies and are sensitive to chemical treatments, some products offer a hypoallergenic solution to this problem by using organic, untreated sheets.

  • Ply

The number of plies determines the quality of the threads. The lower the number of plies, the better the quality. It would be for your best interest that you opt for sheets with a single-ply label.

  • Thread Count

This refers to the number of threads woven per inch. Generally, the higher the thread count is, the softer and more durable it gets. However, the quality or type of fiber used has a more significant influence over the quality than the thread count. This is why you sometimes see reviews of sheets using Pima cotton with lower thread count being superior to lower quality sheets with higher thread count.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does shrinking occur in Pima cotton sheets? If so, then how can I prevent them?

Shrinking is a natural result when cotton sheets are washed with hot water and dried on high heat. Some manufacturers would even advise taking them out of the drier before the dryer cycle ends. To prevent your Pima cotton sheets from shrinking, it is highly recommended to wash it in cold or warm water and then tumble dry the sheets on low heat.

  • How about wrinkling? How can I prevent wrinkles on my Pima cotton sheets?

Chemically-treated sheets give them resistance to wrinkling, pilling, and other nuisances that all types of sheets are susceptible when untreated. However, some products do not use chemical treatments to provide a hypoallergenic alternative for those suffering from skin sensitivities and other allergies. To prevent your Pima cotton sheets from wrinkling, you have to remove them from the dryer immediately after it finishes drying. Some manufacturers also claim that drying the sheets on a line or laying them flat to dry significantly prevents wrinkling from occurring.

  • If having a higher thread count means better quality, then should I always choose Pima cotton sheets with the highest thread count?

Not necessarily. Although it is a fact that the higher the thread count, the better the quality, some manufacturers combine Pima cotton with other lesser quality cotton to not only cut costs in production but also to provide consumers a cheaper alternative. After all, Pima cotton doesn’t come cheap. Therefore, it is not only advisable to check the thread count when shopping for a Pima cotton sheet but also checks whether it’s pure Pima cotton without lesser quality cotton additives mixed into the sheet. Take note that a pure Pima cotton sheet with a lower thread count has superior quality over mixed Pima cotton sheets with a higher thread count.


Beddings made with ultra-quality sheets such as Pima cotton give the most comfortable experience when you require that sleep and relaxation you deserve. But knowing what the best bedding is made of just half the ordeal. There are many factors and things to take into consideration when purchasing Pima cotton sheets.

If you’re going to invest in more expensive beddings, then you must do so responsibly by doing your share of research. Thankfully, this detailed guide sorts out the different types and varieties of cotton sheets, the factors that influence their quality, and the know-how on choosing the right Pima cotton sheet that suits your lifestyle and budget.