BeQueen Bed Frames 2022 (Reviews & In-Depth Buying Guide)

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A mattress on its own lacks the added support and foundation which a bed frame provides; especially those softer sinking mattresses that use gel beads, memory foams, or custom polymers for a firm yet cushioned sleep. For a queen bed there are hundreds of different options for making the perfect home for your mattress, and for this reason it’;s very important to consider the top quality sturdy bed frame that will satisfy all your needs.

Specifically the best quality queen bed frames for your room should match the space, fit comfortably without taking up too much room, and provide support for the mattress essential to getting up as well as sleeping and even sexual activity. A queen size bed frame can comfortably accommodate up to 2 people and it’;s actually the top chosen frame in the market, meaning more couples prefer a queen over a king, and because of this there are even more queen bed frame options for your particular needs and tastes.

While looking for the ideal match we advise you to look through our guideline so that you’;re well informed about these different frames, and can even get a lead on one of the top market frames on this list.

10 Best Rated Queen Bed Frame With Comparison Chart

ImageNameDimensionsMaterial TypeItem WeightWhere To Buy
1 min 1Zinus Shawn Platform Bed Frame60 x 80 x 14 inchesWrought & Cast Iron34.2 lbsCheck Price
2 min 1Olee Sleep 14 Inch Bed Frame81.5 x 61.5 x 15 inchesSteel47.8 lbsCheck Price
3 min 1Classic Brands Hercules Bed Frame80 x 59 x 14 inchesMetal43 lbsCheck Price
4 min 1Zinus Mia Modern Studio81 x 60 x 14 inchesSteel72 lbsCheck Price
5 min 1Best Price Mattress New Innovated Bed Frame79.9 x 60 x 14 inchesSteel37 lbsCheck Price
6 minZinus Gene 14 Inch SmartBase 80 x 60 x 14 inchesSteel34.4 lbsCheck Price
7 minZinus Michelle Compack Bed Frame60 x 70.5 x 7 inchesSteel21 lbsCheck Price
8 minLUCID Foldable Bed Frame80 x 60 x 14 inchesMetal44 lbsCheck Price
9 minZinus Shalini Diamond Stitched Platform Bed 80.5 x 60 x 14 inchesWooden slats, Steel Frames80 lbsCheck Price
10 minVECELO Metal Bed Frame82.9 x 63.8 x 38.6 in Metal38 lbsCheck Price

Top 10 Best Queen Bed Frames Reviews

1. Zinus Shawn 14 Inch SmartBase Mattress Foundation Bed Frame

Platform bed frames are a type of frame which supports all types of mattresses by using a crisscrossing metal pattern of struts and thinner wires; these beds also pack up quicker and can fold in half for when you have guests or need more space in a particular room.

best queen bed frame

The SmartBase offers the perks of platform support for even foam mattresses, in addition to added side bracing and hovering legs at 14 inches for a wide under-bed storage clearance. Typically, platform beds are the next upgrade from a box spring, this is because they’;re more affordable than wooden or fancier metal frames and they can also support a ton of weight; the Zinus Shawn Smartbase bed frame can handle up to 500 pounds in addition to the mattress.

The assembly process for this sturdy bed frame is simple straight out of the box with no need for extra tools or parts; however, this frame does not come with a upholstered headboard purchased separately. One of the top perks for this frame is that its easily the most portable disassembles in minutes it can be split into two twin-size bed frames, and it tucks out of sight when you’;re not using it.

  • Comes with an easy assembly process which creates two floating pieces which attach for one queen bed or detach for two twins.
  • All steel components offer rigid support for latex, gel, hybrid, and softer sinking foam mattresses.
  • 14-inches of under-the-bed clearance for added storage at a pinch.
  • Due to the metal design this frame may make more noise than your typical solid wood bed frame.
  • Upholstered headboard purchased separately.

2. Olee Sleep 14 Inch Heavy Duty Steel Slat Bed Frame

Using raised edges along all four corners of where a mattress rests, this bed frame protects your queen size bed and keeps it from slipping or even moving during the night. The frame features a simplistic four sided design which measures 81.5 inches by 61.5 inches and supports up to 430 pounds with a leg clearance of 15 inches.

queen bed frame reviews

All the hardware for assembly is included in the purchase and the instructions are simple and to the point, additionally when completed the underside of the bed frame offers 15 inches of extra space for boxes as well as extra sheets, blankets, and pillows.

The black metal makes for a great look which doesn’;t clash in any room, and the frame can be used independently of any headboard or footboard meaning it can be set up lengthwise against the wall or straight out into the room. This bed frame also comes close to offering the ideal 4.4 inches of space between metal slats recommended for supporting a foam mattress.

  • The bed frame comes with excellent easy assembly instructions including all the hardware you’;ll need for assembling from start to finish.
  • The legs offer 15 inches of added under-bed space for storing on-hand intimates as well as extra blankets/etcetera.
  • Purchase comes with an exceptional 5-year limited warranty.
  • Unlike other wood or metal bed frames, this frame does not include a headboard or footboard.
  • Provides no edge support for getting out of bed on a foam mattress.

3. Classic Brands Hercules Heavy-Duty 14-Inch Platform Bed Frame

For one of the most functional and affordable bed frames you don’;t need to look farther than this heavy duty design. The design features a net-like metal webbed design with two levels of crisscrossing support made from heavy duty steel crossing slats and cords; additionally, this design also allows you to fold the frame in half and tuck it out of sight for more room or quick set-up when you have overnight guests.

queen size bed frame

Although it’;s not the most attractive frame it offers the most perks because its highly portable, cleans up easily, and still offers the regular support of any other Queen Bed Frame. It replaces the traditional needs of a foundation or box frame and offers 14 inches of room under the bed for extra storage.

The design features capped legs for protected wood and carpet floors, as well as attachments for separately purchased head and foot boards. The best feature, however, is that the platform frame offers a rigid enough surface with crossing supports that will support all mattress types from gel beds to memory foam mattresses.

  • This bed frame ships in a small lightweight parcel and can be used without additional foundation support.
  • No setup is required; straight out of the box the frames unfold and merely need to be connected by a single screw with legs unfolded.
  • Can support any type of mattress.
  • The headboard and footboard are available for purchase separately.
  • This bed frame doesn’;t feature edge support to keep the mattress from slipping and moving.

4. Zinus Mia Modern Studio 14 Inch Platform 1500H Bed Frame

This bed frame offers a unique blend of wooden and metal components a full frame including legs, side boards, and headboard; wooden central support slats. The reasoning behind this specific design is that the frame will offer more support for larger weights, while the middle wooden slats will reduce metal creaking throughout the night and during sexual activity.

metal bed frame queen

Traditionally metal beds are louder than full wooden designs, however wood designs age quicker and eventually need to be thrown away. Additionally the steel frame is padded with foam tape to further reduce noise; it also keeps your mattress from slipping and moving. The 10 wooden slats when paired with the metal frame prevent your mattress from sagging especially if you own a foam mattress and greatly increase mattress life.

The headboard rests at 38 inches and is great for sitting up in bed reading or watching a program; the bed itself measures 81 by 60 inches and fits the standard queen-size bed. The leg lengths are 14 inches each for plenty of under-bed clearance for added storage.

  • This is a very affordable metal frame bed given that it comes with wood slats and a headboard.
  • The metal and wood look is very fashionable and looks great with any bedroom design.
  • Offers ideal support for spring, foam, latex, and hybrid mattresses.
  • Customers have complained that the assembly process for this bed is fairly complicated and that the instructions are poorly written.

5. Best Price Mattress New Innovated Box Spring Bed Frame

This bed frame is similar to the Classic Brands Hercules Design, where it unfolds in minutes and offers two levels of support for all mattress types; when you’;re done using it or need more space, it also folds in half and tucks away. The frame features all steel components and an integrated locking mesh of steel slats with steel cords for support that’;s especially ideal for sinking mattresses made from foam or hybrid materials.

queen bed frame with box spring

The assembly for this queen bed frame takes minutes out of the box and requires you to screw in the legs and attach the two parts; additionally when separated into two pieces the bed frame becomes two frames for twin sized beds. Together the frame measures 80 by 60 inches with 14 inches of under-bed clearance for added storage you couldn’;t get with a traditional box-spring.

Once your mattress is in place the bed frame offers small brackets to hold it there and keep it from slipping; additionally the bed is built with no edges or protrusions which could cause a puncture in the fabric.

  • The two halves of the bed frame can be used independently and will fit a twin sized mattress with the downside that each half is 30 inches wide.
  • The innovative design and legs with angled bracing supports up to 450 pounds including your mattress.
  • This bed frame features more of a cot-design and therefore a headboard cannot be attached to it.

6. Zinus Gene 14 Inch SmartBase Platform Bed Frame

What makes this Zinus bed frame different than their other queen sized frame is its fully metal design which also features the stability of a box springs’; crisscrossing structure. The entire bed frame is designed with reinforcement in mind, it features steel slats integrated with steel metal wires for supporting any type of mattress, it includes t-shape constructed legs for holding heavier weights, and it includes a SmartBase locking system.

queen size platform bed frame

No tools are required and this bed frame assembles in minutes, it even offers SmartBase headboard brackets for connecting a headboard purchase separately. The entire frame measures 80 by 60 inches with 13 inches of clearance for added storage; with its unique bracing and full steel design this bed can support up to 500 pounds.

This deluxe frame looks great in any bedroom and can be purchased with a bed frame and even in a beige color; it’;s also much more affordable than many offer easy-assembly platform bed frame. Purchase comes with a worry-free 5 year limited warranty from a trusted company that pioneers bedroom comfort.

  • The folding design allows for easy set-up with no tools required, and easy movement through tight staircases and doorways.
  • The bed frame with reinforced edges, provides durability and strong mattress support which prevents sagging and increases mattress life.
  • The legs are recessed for safety and the unique t-shape with locking system provides stability.
  • Headboard and footboard attachments have to be purchased separately.
  • If you want to add a headboard you will need special attachments to do so.

7. Zinus Michelle Compack 9-Leg Support Bed Frame

This is the first low bed frame on our list with little under-bed clearance; the perk is that a mattress will rest lower to the ground in houses and apartments with lower ceilings, while the drawback is less storage space under a bed. For children a bed lower to the ground is also more ideal because it’;s safer and easier to climb into.

queen sized bed frame

The structure of this particular frame is also unique, using 5 main edges to support the frame and the mattress; the middle struts are made from locking metal pieces 6 in all which create the three main points of contact along the mattress top, middle, and bottom. This structure is ideal for latex, box spring, and some hybrid mattress types; memory foam is likely to sag and age more quickly on a bed frame like this.

Another bonus this bed frame offers is easy set up with 9 legs; the added legs also prevent the frame from moving and creaking, while raised edges prevent the mattress from gradually sliding.

  • This bed frame offers one of the lowest stress easiest assembly systems with locking parts a t-grid system and no need for additional tools.
  • At $50.00 this is one of the most affordable queen bed frames on the current market.
  • Rubber feet prevent dents in the floor.
  • Must purchase a headboard and connectors separately.
  • Bed risers needed in order to use the underneath as storage.

8. LUCID Foldable Metal Platform Bed Frame

Platform Bed Frames are a popular solution to a small space, for when guests come over, for a cheap raised bed that offers added storage, and especially for apartments. This particular frame is uniquely designed with 9 legs and multiple supports to provide enough bracing for up to 2000 pounds.

platform queen bed frame

The heavy duty wire grid made from 100% steel materials supports all foam, latex, and spring mattress types, while the 13 inch legs create 45 cubic feet of under-bed storage. The bed frame itself measures 60 by 80 inches and can be split into two separate pieces at 30 by 80 inches for a long twin or equivalent.

The easy set up requires no tools and each piece can be folded in half at the base of the bed for quick and simple set-up and storage. With this bed frame there is no longer any need for a roll out bed, because this can simply fold in half and tuck under another bed or even in the closet; ideal for when guests and family are visiting.

  • This bed eliminates the need for a box spring and lifts your bed up while creating an opportunity for added storage space.
  • The frame can be divided into two pieces for twin-sized beds for extra guests.
  • The patented design of this bed frame can actually hold up to 2,000 pounds.
  • A headboard attachment has to be purchased separately.
  • This is one of the more expensive platform bed.

9. Zinus Shalini Upholstered Diamond Stitched Wood Platform Bed

This is perhaps one of the more fashionable queen bed frames on our list, featuring a stitched side and headboard pattern for an excellent look and optimal comfort. Under the classic styling of the dark grey upholstery the entirety of side framing and legs are made from 100% steel.

upholstered bed frame queen

The steel components are padded with foam tape for a noise free sleep in a bed frame which doesn’;t sway or creak, additionally the middle slats are made from strong load bearing wooden slats that are closely spaced for latex, foam, gel, and hybrid mattresses. The color variations for this queen bed frame include dark grey and sage grey, both of which fit into any color scheme showcased by your room.

The entire frame measures 60 by 80.5 inches with a leg clearance of 14 inches for added storage under-the-bed. Assembly is somewhat extensive but comes with easy instructions and a simple zippered case that holds all the parts. Also compared to other quilted upholstery bed frames, this frame from Zinus Shalini is highly affordable.

  • This frame supports all mattress types including cushioning foam.
  • All tools required to put the platform bed together are included for on-the-spot assembly.
  • Classic styling and strong reliable wood slat supports make for a classy but durable bed frame.
  • This bed frame does not include a footboard or padded legs; without added padding the feet tend to dent hardwood floors.

10. VECELO Reinforced Bed Frame Queen

The perks of purchasing a reinforced bed frame are that these frames feature designs with added legs and additional bracing; put simply, reinforced bed frames can handle more weight, usually double the amount of traditional 4-leg bed frames. This frame from VACELO is made from all metal components and includes a short footboard and a tall slatted headboard.

queen size metal bed frame

The dimensions of this particular bed frame are 82.9 by 63.8 inches for a standard queen size mattress; the legs offer 11 inches of under-the-bed clearance for added space in any bedroom. The frame is designed with reinforced metal joints for a smooth surface where your mattress can rest without being damaged, while the silent foundation affords strong load-bearing durability that won’;t creak and can hold up to 1,000 pounds.

This bed frame offer eight metal legs, four basic corner legs, two middle exterior legs, and two middle interior legs creating additional support for added weight and heavy mattresses. The headboard and fluttered pattern design of the frame ensure tight protection along the corners of your mattress and further keep it from sliding during intimate activities and general use over time.

  • The manufacturer’;s offer a 5 year limited warranty as well as friendly customer support; they even encourage calling for advice on assembly questions.
  • Comes with a matted headboard & footboard, no need for extra purchase.
  • The quiet and noise-free 12 Screw-fixed slats with a center support bar design ensure you a tight sleep and sweet dreams.
  • The metal headboard has wide enough slats that pillows tend to slide out and drop through while you’;re sleeping.

Types of Queen Bed Frames

The remainder of this article is given to educate buyers on the facets of bed frames including different types of Queen Sized Frames and how these differences can alter your buying process based on the type of mattress you own, weight concerns, etcetera.

11 7

  • Wooden Bed Frames

The most traditional bed frame is one made out of wood with full wood legs, sides, and wood slats. The perks of these bed frames include the fact that they don’;t squeak or rock as much as metal frames, but with the downside that they are more expensive and they tend to age more quickly than metal frames.

Another bonus is that wooden headboards and footboards tend to be solid slabs which offer better support and which your pillow can’;t slip through while you’;re resting. Another benefit is that these frames are more picturesque in any bedroom and tend to look more decorous than a ’cheap looking’; metal frame. Downside, apartment size is rarely kind to larger wooden bed frames.

  • Metal Bed Frames

Metal bed frames come in all kinds of shapes and sizes with multiple legs, different slats, additional bracing, headboards or no-headboards, etcetera. These bed frames always require some assembly, but because of this they’;re more portable than wooden beds and easier to move up and down cramped staircases and hallways.

The most common frame is the platform bed frame which typically has metal slats combined with metal wires for holding up a mattress on a solid sheet of space; these are often the best designs for a memory foam mattress, though they lack headboards.

Headboards and footboards are another concern, because even when metal beds do come with these supports, they’;re designed with open slats that your pillows, phone, blankets, etcetera can fall through while in bed. To counter this, however, most metal frames are designed to support more weight than your average wood frame with four legs.

Also these frames come in a wider variety of different styles, meaning you’;ll always be able to find one to match your bedroom.

  • Hybrid Bed Frames

Hybrid queen sized bed frames are mainly made from metal but with wooden crossing slats that offer support. These slats are less likely to creak, they can support more weight than poor quality metal slats, and they’;re often padded with foam tape for a truly silent bed frame. There are some bed frames which offer the opposite a wooden frame with metal inserts but these are rare.

This metal and wood combo is a clear favorite for gel beds and latex beds, but if a bed frame has slats that are spaced more than 4.5 inches apart then hybrid mattresses and memory foam mattresses aren’;t the best on these frames. A memory foam mattress needs more to rest on and works better with closer slats or crisscrossing slats like on a platform bed frame.

  • Upholstered Bed Frames

Upholstered bed frames are typically made from wood or metal, the difference is that they are covered mainly on the sides and headboard in upholstery which has either been stitched or stapled into place. These bed frames create a very homey atmosphere and the added upholstery often reduces creaking and keeps your mattress from sliding.

Things to Consider While Buying a Queen Bed Frame

There are some important concerns which should go into your purchasing process before just picking any old bed frame after all this is a frame you’;re going to be stuck with for the foreseeable future and it’;s important that it meets your needs.

  • Style

Believe it or not, style is a big selling point, because most of us want a bed frame which matches our room without making the bed particularly stand out or clash with the rest of the furniture or paint/etcetera. For most shoppers the black metal bed frame is the safest purchase because black matches everything and even when it doesn’;t a metal bed frame is easy to hide with sheets and blankets.

Though there is an argument for wooden bed frames as well; these wood designs are homier looking, much sturdier, and they have an excellent permanence in a home.

  • Weight Capacity

There are different things to take into consideration here as well, and these include the weights of you and your partner, kids, and even the mattress itself. Different bed frames are designed to handle different loads; for instance many bed frames now have more than the traditional four-legged design, this is because more legs means better weight distribution and support for, you guessed it, more weight!

One of the bed frames on this list can actually support up to 2,000 pounds all because of its innovative design featuring added bracing and plenty of legs.

  • Storage Space

A bed takes up a lot of room in a bedroom; add an even wider and taller frame to the equation and most people are sacrificing precious space especially in a smaller apartment for their sleeping habits. Beds with taller legs feature the added benefit of storage space under the bed, typically with a clearance of around 13 inches. This is enough room for extra blankets, on-hand intimates, boxes of clothing, and toy boxes for the kids.

  • Mattress Type

Your specific queen mattress will make all the difference in your decision making process while choosing a bed frame. For instance, if you own a memory foam mattress than the best two options for a bed frame include wooden bed frames with more support and closer slats, and platform metal bed frames with crisscrossing metal support pieces.

A memory foam mattress tends to sink and age quicker than other mattress types, though with the added benefit that it cradles and supports your pressure points. Other bed types like latex mattresses can pretty much be placed on any queen sized frame.

  • Sexual Activity

This concern is also worth noting and thinking about, especially since couples needs vary greatly from couple to couple and a metal frame just might not cut it. After all some couples prefer using headboards, footboards, and even the frame itself during sexual intercourse; for which the best frame is often a thick metal one or a sturdier wooden frame.

  • Assembly & Room Space

Some queen-sized bed frames can take up a lot more space than the standard 80 by 60 inch layout; this is due to all sorts of things like angled legs, headrests, and footrests. Before choosing a bed frame you’;ll want to consider the space that’;s available as well as any hassles a larger bed frame might cause in that space for instance, will you be removing your bed frequently to vacuum?

If so is your hallway wide enough for a bed frame to fit through it? Otherwise will you have to disassemble your frame every time you move it and how complicated is the assembly in the first place? These are all valid concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope the following questions and answers section will provide some context and advice on questions that you yourself might be having.

  • What are the true dimensions of a Queen Sized Bed Frame?

The average queen sized frame measures 80 inches long by 60 inches wide with between 11 and 14 inches of leg clearance. Don’;t be afraid of larger bed frames however, because typically these frames are only .5 inches longer to 1.5 inches and are accounting for added edge support and angled legs.

  • Do metal bed frames squeak or move around?

If you have properly assembled any of the above metal beds they shouldn’;t squeak, scrape, or move while you’;re sleeping or even during sexual activity. These beds feature superior craftsmanship with rigid metal parts that come together in one strong support piece.

  • What mattress thickness is the best for a bed frame?

The average mattress is 6 to 8 inches, but all queen bed frames should be designed to accommodate a layered mattress up to 12 inches. This level of support also includes support for your weight and a partner’;s weight.

  • What tools will I need for assembly?

Typically most bed frames come with the tools and instructions needed to assemble them; if they do not you’;ll often only need an allen wrench and a screwdriver.


We hope you find our advice helpful in your purchasing process and that you’;re pleased with the queen sized bed frame you pick for your bedroom. The above products are counted among the top ten queen size frames on the current market and are definitely each worth a second look as you’;re juggling your sleeping needs with cost, mattress type, and other factors.

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