Best Recliners For Tall Man Review To Buy in 2022

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There is no doubt that recliners are a must-have if you want to relax your muscles and probably take a nap. A good recliner will allow you to sit comfortably as you enjoy your favorite Netflix series. As much as recliners are good, tall people tend to suffer, especially if they sit on recliners that are designed for average-sized people.

Standard recliners will not provide enough head and neck support to tall people. Tall and big men will find themselves sitting in awkward positions. Besides, their feet will be dangling off the edge of the footrest as well. The point I am trying to put across is that tall men need unique recliners.

For you to avoid such problems, you must purchase the best recliners for tall man. Luckily, there are so many companies that design recliners that are meant for tall and big guys. These chairs have all the features a big guy would require to sit comfortably. Let’s jump straight to our top 10 picks so that it becomes easy for you to choose your ideal reclining chair.

Top 10 Best Recliners For Tall Man Reviews

1. Homall Recliner Chair

The Homall Recliner Sofa Chair is a reliable choice if you are on a budget. A Quality chair for less than $150 is hard to come by. Fortunately, you can get the best bang for your buck by investing in the Homall Recliner. It is pretty attractive, and you can place it in your living room, bedroom, or gaming area. Let’s see why Homall is a good option for you.

1 22

One of the attributes that I like about this recliner is its modern design. It has been constructed in a manner that gives it a touch of elegance and class. For starters, it is made using a high-quality PU leather that can maintain its coolness even when it is pretty hot. Besides, this leather has a soft touch that ensures you remain comfortable.

This chair comes with plenty of features, and one of them happens to be the push-back reclining feature. This feature is pretty impressive because it allows you to lean back from three different angles. You can relax, watch TV, or even take a nap on the same chair. Isn’t that cool? The only problem I noticed is the fact that this chair does not hit the 180 degrees reclining angle. All in all, it is a decent chair for taking a nap.

The Homall Recliner also comes with an upgraded footrest. This footrest has extra padding that keeps your legs comfortable. Besides, the metal frame of the footrest is sturdy enough to support the weight of your legs.

  • A lifetime exchange warranty backs this recliner chair for any missing or damaged parts
  • The seat has a lot of padding in all the necessary areas
  • It offers multiple reclining positions
  • It has an upgraded footrest that can support long legs
  • It is stylish enough for various living room settings
  • Does not recline at an angle of 180 degrees
  • Lacks massage and heating features

2. FDW Wingback Recliner Chair

If you are a tall man looking for a good recliner chair, I would suggest that you consider purchasing the FDW Wingback. It is a beautiful recliner sofa that will provide you with a unique setting to unwind. Although it is larger than standard recliners, it should fit perfectly in your bedroom, living room, office, or recreation room.

2 20

This push back recliner chair provides the best place to sit back and relax. It features a comfortable reclining back and a dual-function foot extension that will allow you to relax your back and legs as well. You will always want to watch your favorite TV shows on this recliner sofa. The best part is that you can adjust the reclining back to your liking.

Just like the Homall recliner, the Wingback sofa has been upholstered with durable PU leather. This material is quite easy to maintain and clean. Besides, it is waterproof, which means it won’t get damaged when water spills on it. The frame and legs of the Wingback recliner are made using solid hardwood. This high-quality construction should provide extra stability and durability.

This recliner chair has the perfect blend of modern and classic design. It has been crafted to fit and make your living room or office better. It is one of those chairs that can fit in any room without looking out of place.

  • This recliner chair has a sleek and modern look that makes it perfect for homes, offices, and pubs
  • It has a solid frame that provides added stability and durability
  • Has an easy to clean upholstery
  • It is pretty easy to install
  • It is great for tall and big men
  • It is a basic chair with no massage or heating functions
  • The cushion is a bit firm

3. Esright Massage Recliner Chair

The Esright Massage chair is yet another elegant recliner chair that most people praise. It is one of those cheap chairs that has plenty of features. It should be a good investment for anyone who is on a tight budget. Below are some of the attributes that make the Esright Recliner standout.

3 22

Most people who love this chair have a lot of praise for the main features. Esright has an excellent massaging system that hits all the right places. Most chairs make use of the roller system, but this recliner utilizes the vibrating massage system. Amazingly, this chair has eight vibrating massage nodes that should serve your back, lumbar, legs, and thighs as well. Besides, the Esright offers five massaging modes and two vibration intensities.

This massage chair is pretty comfortable as it is heavily padded and comes with a decent footrest and headrest. Moreover, this recliner has 360 degrees swivel and a rocking feature. Pretty cool, right? Apart from its swiveling mechanism, it has a 150-degree angle that allows you to set the chair to different positions. With this feature, you can find the perfect spot for napping, sleeping, or just resting.

This recliner chair from Esright boasts of having large dimensions that allow big and tall guys to get the utmost comfort. Besides, the chair is made using polyurethane leather and high-quality foam; you can count on this recliner to serve you for years.

  • Has a magnificent and cozy design
  • Comes with massage and heating functions
  • Sold at an affordable rate
  • Has a wide range of innovative features
  • You can control it using a remote
  • The swiveling mechanism needs a bit of improvement
  • There are some flaws on the footrest

4. Flash Furniture Contemporary Multi-Position Recliner

The Contemporary Recliner from Flash Furniture is one of the best chairs you can get in the market. It has an incredible design and a comfortable feel as well. I bet any tall man will enjoy the comfort of this recliner. Flash Furniture has always been reliable when it comes to recliners, and it is apparent that the Contemporary model is a decent chair. With this reclining chair, you will get craftsmanship from experts without digging deeper into your pockets. Below are some of the features that set this recliner apart from the rest.

4 19

From the looks of this chair, it is pretty clear that it has an elegant design. The leatherSoft fabric and the shape speak volumes of the skills and craftsmanship of the people behind its design. Apart from the classy material, it comes with a stylish ottoman that oozes class and opulence. You have the choice of choosing from the black, beige, brown vintage, or the Palimino colors. All of these colors will give your room a unique touch of luxury without a doubt.

This recliner provides the kind of comfort that other chairs can only dream of. This recliner has it all, starting from its deep seat, armrests, headrests, and backrest. You will definitely enjoy resting on the soft upholstery and thick padding as well. Also, you will get the opportunity to enjoy all these features while reclining and placing your legs on the padded ottoman.

  • It has a functional, reliable and stylish base that can hold  up to 250 pounds
  • It comes with a nicely designed ottoman
  • It is pretty comfortable in all areas
  • It has a vintage design that blends well with most living rooms, offices, and bedrooms
  • Sold at an affordable price
  • Does not have the massage, power lift/power reclining, or heating features
  • The base is not stable enough

5. Signature Design by Ashley Yandel Power Lift Recliner 

If you are in the market for a comfortable recliner, then you might want to look at the Ashley Furniture Recliner. It is one of the best recliners that I have laid my eyes on in a long time. People have been raving about the functionality and comfort of this chair, and it is only fair that we check what it has to offer.

5 20

This stylish reclining chair has a swivel rotation feature that some people really like. It is not an essential feature, but I bet most people will love to play around with it. The chair has a circular base that allows the recliner to spin 360 degrees. The large circular base gives the chair stability when you are busy performing the swivel rotation.

The cushioning on this chair is by far the best feature. It is an attribute that everyone who purchases this recliner praises. The most fantastic thing about this cushioning is the fact that it conforms to your body shape and natural posture. This simply means that this recliner provides A1 comfort as compared to its competitors.

The Ashley Furniture Signature is a power recliner. This means that it reclines after a simple button press. Having a power recliner is a plus because it makes it very easy to hop in and out of the recliner. This function will make getting up from the recliner a breeze.

  • It has incredible cushioning that provides high levels of comfort
  • Has a swivel rotation feature
  • It has a stable and reliable base
  • You can switch positions with a simple press of the button
  • It is made using thick poly fiber which is pretty smooth
  • It does not have any special features
  • The design is very standard

6. MAGIC UNION Power Lift Massage Recliner

Are you looking for a reclining chair that can help you with back and spinal problems? I would suggest that you check out the Magic Union Wall Hugger. It is an incredibly well-rounded chair for the money. Tall and big men will find this chair to be pretty comfortable. This chair has a simple design, but a closer inspection will tell you otherwise.

6 18

As the name suggests, this is one of the recliners that can be set close to the wall. Most recliners require some clearance to recline fully. The wall hugger requires less than 18 inches clearance. This means you will be saving some decent space, especially if you are living in an apartment.

Overall, the Wall Hugger weighs in at 110 pounds and measures 32″ X 34″ X 42″. It is a large piece of furniture that can support up to 330 pounds of weight. This confirms that it can accommodate tall and big guys pretty well.

The comfortability aspect of this chair is good but not great. It utilizes conventional block foam padding, which gives the user enough comfort. The headrest and back are comfortable enough for you to take a nap. Of course, it does not offer the best seating experience, but it is not bad either.

With this chair, you will have the opportunity to enjoy some satisfactory massage. This chair has a massage function, and it comes with a remote that you can use to control the massage feature. You have the freedom to choose from five different massage modes. Additionally, you can customize the massage function to focus on specific areas such as the whole back, legs, and lower back.

  • This chair provides vibration and heated massage
  • Comes with two cup holders
  • It comes with two remotes to control the massage function and to recline
  • It has two large storage pockets on the sides
  • Ideal for people with back problems
  • It is made of “PU leather” which is not as durable as genuine leather
  • The heating function is not well controlled

7. CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair

CANMOV is a reliable power lift chair that can give your lounge or bedroom a touch of opulence. It is one of the best recliners in the market in terms of function and comfort as well. Its upholstery and design are top class, and very few recliners come close to the CANMOV chair. Let’s see what this bad boy has to offer.

7 18

It is pretty amazing how this chair boasts of having comfort-rich features. For starters, it can deliver an incredibly comfortable design that even the tallest, smallest, heaviest, and the lightest user will relish. Secondly, it boasts of having a superb reclining mechanism and overstuffed foam cushions. Even the headrest, armrests, and footrest have high-density sponges that offer great relaxation. The high levels of comfort make the CANMOV recliner an excellent choice for people with back problems.

The beautiful thing is that you can change the lifting and reclining modes using a remote control. At least you don’t have to undergo any hassles when you want to change the reclining angle. A simple press of a button is all you need to get the chair moving.

  • It has a large side pocket where you can fit your remote controllers
  • Has an anti-skid fabric that prevents you from sliding down the chair
  • This chair provides enough comfort for all kinds of users
  • Has a pretty straightforward installation
  • It has a sturdy construction
  • The armrests are a tad low and  uncomfortable
  • The headrest needs an extension

8. Domesis Renu Leather Power Lift Chair Recliner

The Domesis is definitely one of the top-rated recliners in the market. It is a chair that provides high levels of comfort and convenience. Whether you want to use it for watching telly, resting, or gaming, this chair has all the vital factors you need. This recliner is a good buy for those on a low budget.

8 14

One of the most eye-catching things about the Domesis chair is the design. As soon as you lay your eye on it, you will notice that it is a comfortable and well-designed recliner. The chair boasts of an elegant Renu leather look that is rare to find in other chairs. Unlike most recliners, the Domesis only requires 4 inches of clearance from the wall.

The support and comfort of this chair are on a whole new level. This recliner is nicely padded with high-density foam that offers unrivaled luxury. The recliner measures 33″x30″x28.75″ – these dimensions show that this chair can accommodate large and tall people comfortably. You just have to place your body in the best possible position, and you will be good to go.

The overall operation of this recliner is a piece of cake. Why? You can operate it with a simple touch of a button. It comes with a two-button remote control that you can use to adjust the reclining angle even when seated.

  • It comes with a side pocket that you can use to keep remote controls, a book, and small items
  • Comes with an easy-to-use two-button remote control
  • Has an incredible Renu Leather fabric that has a soft touch
  • The backrest and cushion have a high-density foam that provides ultimate comfort
  • This chair is pretty easy to assemble
  • The backrest and footrest move in tandem and not individually
  • The chair inclines a bit too much forward

9. Lane Home Furnishings Recliner

Are you looking for a recliner that is a bit different from the other options I’ve reviewed? Well, I would suggest that you consider going for this recliner by Lane Home Furnishings. It is a bit expensive than the other products, but it is worth every penny. From the look of things, it is correct to say that the minds behind this recliner sofa did a commendable job.

9 14

Lane is well known for its exceptional line of recliner sofas and its ability to add the latest technology to its products. This recliner is among all those products that stand out in the market. Anyone who has used the Stallion Comfort King Recliner knows that it is sturdy, masculine, and durable. It is a beast that can support up to 500 pounds. This recliner is referred to as a beast because it has been built on a steel superstructure. There is no doubt that this chair will serve you for many years without breaking.

The comfort offered by this recliner sofa is something to rave about. Lane has shown a lot of passion for developing chairs that provide the perfect environment to relax and unwind. This chair has a C3 pocket coil seating that offers consistent comfort. Besides, this chair offers contoured seating for added comfort.

This impressive chair features a seven gauge steel reclining mechanism, which is pretty smooth and quiet. You can set the chair to your favorite position by cranking a lever located on the side.

  • This chair has a tall back and wide seat that can accommodate tall and big men
  • It is capable of supporting up to 500 lbs
  • Has a full reclining position that makes it the best sleeper chair
  • Has a sturdy and durable steel frame
  • It is well made and quite comfortable
  • The reclining lever is a bit small
  • Assembly is a two-man’s job

10. BONZY Power Lift Recliner Chair

If you are a big fan of power recliners and lift chairs, then you are going to fall in love with this recliner by BONZY. It is an excellent chair for older adults who have mobility issues. Anyone who might have problems getting out of a chair should consider purchasing the BONZY reclining chair. Below are some of the attributes that make this chair a solid choice for everyone.

10 11

BONZY is one of the safest recliners around. I am saying this because it is built with high-quality low-emitting materials. Secondly, it has a 3-position electric lift and a strong motor that changes the reclining position seamlessly. Users with arthritis or painful joints will benefit from this feature.

The other cool thing is that it features a soft velvet fabric upholstery that is cushioned with a decent amount of high-density sponge. The fabric is top class because it is stain-resistant, water-resistant, and breathable as well. Besides, the material is pretty easy to clean and maintain.

This chair is quite easy to use because of the power lift function. Of course, it is a nice feature to have for anyone with mobility problems.

  • Comes with side pockets where you can keep remote controls, magazines, and newspapers
  • Has a robust lift mechanism
  • Boasts of having a three-position power recline and lift that are whisper quiet
  • Has a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds
  • Has high safety standards
  • This chair is a bit flimsy

Different Types Of Recliners

I am pretty sure that most people think that a recliner is a couch whose position can be adjusted to various angles and comes with a footrest. For your information, there is more to a recliner than what your stamped impression is.  There are so many types of recliners, and it is only fair that I walk you through every single one of them.

11 10

  • The Basic Recliner

As the name suggests, this is the most limited recliner you will find. It is also known as the two-position recliner, which means it has only two positions; normal or wholly reclined. The footrest of this type of recliner is mostly controlled with a lever.

  • The Rocker/Glider

The Rocker is simply the upgraded version of a basic recliner. Unlike its counterpart, it has several reclining angles. Besides, it does not require a lot of clearance from the wall, thus making it ideal for small rooms. Finally, this type of recliner has a rocking functionality when upright.

  • Push Back Recliner

Recliners in this category require you to push the backrests for them to recline. Push back recliners do not come with a built-in footrest. However, you can always buy an ottoman in case the recliner you choose does not come with one.

  • The Wall Hugger

The other category of recliners is known as wall hugger or wall saver. These chairs only require a clearance of less than 6 inches from the wall when in a fully reclined position. Moreover, these recliners do not push their backs towards the wall. Instead, they glide a tad forwards before reclining. They are great for small rooms because of their ability to save space.

  • Massaging Recliners

As the name suggests, these recliners have a massaging function. They come with an electric massager that targets the back, thighs, and legs as well. These chairs utilize vibration to massage your body.

  • The Powered Recliner

Unlike the standard two-position recliner, which is operated using a lever, a powered recliner is controlled using a remote. The attached remote has two buttons; one for reclining and the other one for returning the chair to its upright position. These recliners must be placed near an electrical outlet so that you can plug in the cord.

  • Reclining Sofas

A reclining sofa is a traditional sofa with reclining features. It is an excellent choice if you want to spend reclining time with your loved ones. These sofas allow each person to adjust the reclining level they want.

  • Lift Recliner

This is a specialized chair that reclines and helps users to get off quickly. It does this by moving forward in a manner that guides the user on to his feet. A lift recliner is ideal for the elderly or anyone who has mobility problems. Chairs in this category have powerful motors and are constructed with heavy-duty materials.

Advantages of Using a Big Size Recliner

One of the key benefits of using a big size recliner is finding comfort. Reclining chairs are designed to offer maximum support when one is watching TV, relaxing, or taking a nap. At least you won’t be stuck in a small and uncomfortable place after a long and tiresome day. Below are other benefits of having an oversized recliner.

12 8

As you well know, tall men tend to experience back pain, leg stiffness, and cramps as well. All these problems will cause a lack of sleep. Fortunately, finding the right recliner for your tall man means that he will find the perfect support. Big size recliners are designed with a tall and comfortable back that will provide adequate support to the user. With such a recliner, back pains and leg stiffness will be a thing of the past.

Using a recliner that has a massager function is beneficial for anyone who has joint pain. Besides, a large recliner should support your limbs well, thus offering joint relief as well.

Recliners that come with massage and heat features are significant in terms of improving blood circulation. Tall people struggle with numbness, especially when they sit for too long. This problem is caused by poor blood circulation- a problem that can be addressed by using a recliner with the heat and massage functions.

A big size recliner offers the perfect environment to unwind after a stressful day. You can literally sit on your chair and spend hours without moving. You can change positions as you wish, game, watch telly, read a newspaper, or even sleep for hours.

What Key Things to Look For When Buying the Recliner For a Tall Man

Shopping for a recliner is quite tricky for people with big bodies. Most of the recliners in the market have a standard size, and any tall man won’t find comfort in such chairs. This calls for you to be extra careful when you hit shopping. I will walk you through some of the critical things to look for so that you land on the right recliner.

13 9

  • Size

The most crucial factor here is size. A tall man must buy a big size recliner if he wants to get some next-level comfort. As you well know, recliners are available in different sizes, and you must buy one that matches your body’s proportion.

You pay attention to the footrest, depth of the seat, and height of the backrest as well. A good recliner should support your head rather than leave it to hang on the edge. This is why you must go for a chair that has a tall back of above 20 inches. It is recommended that you choose a deep seat that can support the back of your knees without digging into them.

Also, you must check whether the footrest is large enough to support your legs. A short footrest will cause discomfort on the back of your ankles as well.

  • Weight Capacity

As you have noticed from the reviews section, every recliner has a specific weight capacity. This information is always indicated on the product description and the manufacturer’s website. Do not purchase a chair blindly without checking if it can hold your weight. Most people prefer to go with a recliner that has the highest weight capacity because they may gain extra weight in the future.

  • Fabric

The upholstery materials should also influence your decision when you are buying a recliner. You do know that the choice you make should complement your living room decor and other furniture as well. The best fabric should pass the pilling test and the wysenbeek test as well. I am pretty sure no one wants to have a recliner whose fabric pills off or threads come undone after a few weeks of use. Besides, the best material should be water-resistant, odor-resistant, and easy to clean.

Most companies use polyester, genuine leather, or faux leather on their recliners. Polyester is the most popular because it is easy to clean, affordable, and durable. Natural leather is stylish and requires low maintenance. Unfortunately, recliners that use genuine leather are more expensive, and that is why companies prefer to use faux leather (Polyurethane).

  • Durability

This is an issue that most people overlook and come to regret afterward. Honestly, there is no point in purchasing a recliner that has many features, and it won’t last. A good recliner should serve you for a very long time without having to replace it frequently.

You can ensure that the recliner you want to buy will last by checking the fabric, frame, and padding as well. A good frame should be made from hardwood but not plywood or particleboard. Examine the base of the recliner because it is the area that is exposed to too much stress. It should be screwed to the chair correctly so that it can last for long. You also need to check whether the lever is firm since it is one of the parts that break easily.

  • Safety

Safety is an essential factor when discussing recliners. Of course, most people ignore safety when it comes to furniture. You might get away with it a few times, but not when you are dealing with recliners. Remember that a recliner has moving parts, and a simple mistake can cause an accident. You can imagine the pain you would experience if your skin gets caught in the footrest mechanism. Make sure the gap between the seat and the footrest is not too large because kids and pets might fall through it.

  • Warranty

Warranty is always an important thing when purchasing a big size recliner. You should buy from a reputable company so that you get a decent warranty. Stay away from companies that do not back their products with a good warranty. Furthermore, a long-term warranty is a sign that the product is well-made.

Confirm whether the company has the warranty covered in the price, or you will have to part with some extra cash for comprehensive coverage. Finally, you need to enquire how the company handles replacements and refunds as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the common questions that people ask about recliners. I have provided the answers so that you get the best experience when buying your recliner.

  • How much does a decent recliner cost?

Recliners are available at various prices, depending on the features it carries. The prices range from $150 to $1000. You can get a cheaper model or an expensive model depending on your budget. Some of the factors that influence the price of a recliner include upholstery type, base variations, method of operation, cushions thickness, reclination angles, additional features, etc.

  • Is it okay to sleep on a recliner every night?

It is okay to take a nap on the recliner, but it is not healthy to sleep on it every night. The only time you can use a recliner as a bed is when you have spine problems. Sleeping on a recliner every night will cause knee and hip contractures.

  • Which recliners are the best for heavy people?

There are so many recliners that are built to accommodate big guys without a problem. Every recliner has a set maximum weight capacity. Some are meant to hold a maximum of 250 lbs, while others can accommodate up to 500 pounds. Use this information to determine the ideal reclining chair for you.

  • Do I need extra help when assembling a recliner?

It all depends on the model you’ve bought. Most of them are easy to assemble, provided that you have the necessary tools. On the other hand, some have a sophisticated design that you might require to call in a professional to help you with the assembly.


I believe that this round-up article has covered some of the top-rated recliners for tall man. At least you will have a wide variety of options to choose from. Your ideal choice should be defined by your budget, the features you are looking for, upholstery, comfort, weight capacity, and frame.

Make sure you consider the size of your room and the furniture you have before making a choice. You don’t want to end up with a recliner that doesn’t match with the furniture in your living room, office, or bedroom.

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