Best Sleep Mask 2020 (Ultimate Buying Guide & Reviews)

Many are the people who rarely get enough sleep at night. Lack of adequate sleep affects the body and even the tasks people are involved in. It makes the body sluggish and compromises the brain functionality diminishing ability to make the right decisions and lowers productivity. Since some stimulants that compromise ability to sleep well are beyond your control, the best solution is using sleep masks. Getting the best sleep mask helps to darken the environment so that you can fall asleep anywhere and anytime.

Though there are other options that people can use such as installation of dark curtains, the darkness level is not as intense as using eye masks. Besides, even at home, you are not sure of securing a completely dark environment because your spouse might want to read a book, or wake up severally exposing you to light. Investing in a sleep mask is affordable and easy. It is a natural method of helping you catch deep sleep faster, and more importantly, stay sleeping for longer. The masks are designed from fabrics with covering part that fits on both eyes so that all incoming light is blocked to give you a sense of pure darkness. The design of these masks features an elastic band that fits around the head to cover the eyes without causing any discomfort.

The sleep masks work by tricking the brain that darkness has already fallen. In ordinary situations, people fall asleep after brain senses darkness. Ye receptors sense limited lighting prompting the release of melatonin (sleep hormone) so that you can fall asleep. By covering the eyes, the masks use the same principle. Covered eyes send a signal that pitch darkness has already started and enough melatonin is sent to the brain. Therefore, whether it is in broad daylight, you are sure of getting into a deep sleep with the right eye masks.

Health Benefits of Sleep Masks

  • Blocks light to allow sleeping:

As a sleeping aid, the masks have proven to be reliable in creating a “dark world” for you so that you can fall asleep faster at night. This is important especially if you are very tired or find it difficult to fall asleep.

  • Makes it possible to sleep virtually anywhere without disturbing others:

While sleeping is no doubt a crucial thing that every person must get, it is important to appreciate that other people might need to work late and therefore need to keep lights on. For example, your wife might have a project she is working on and need a few more hours after you sleep. Therefore, the masks help to sleep as others proceed with their tasks.

  • Helps to relief sinus pain:

Experts indicate that sinus congestion that comes with severe headache can be relieved using pressure and heat. Gel eye masks floated in hot water for a few minute help to transfer soothing and moist heat to painful areas for faster pain relief.

  • Easy to carry for easy sleep wherever you go:

What would one do when away and need to catch some sleep. Unlike the beddings which are bulky and difficult to move, sleep masks are simple and easy to move around. Whether you are in a camping site or on a long flight, the best thing is a sleep mask. As long as the environment is not noisy, you are sure of catching some sound sleep the entire night.

Top 10 Best Sleep Mask Reviews

1. Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask

This sleep mask is designed to give the user a unique sense of style and guarantee complete darkness no matter the immediate environment. Alaska Bear went to great length in researching this piece by carefully picking the best material to block off all light from the vicinity. Both sides are made from 100% natural mulberry sink and have a thickness of 19 mm to block off all light. Despite this extra thickness, the mask is super light to avoid adding extra weight on your face.

Eyes cells and those of the immediate areas that are covered by the mask requires proper breathing just like other parts of the body. Natural mulberry silk helps to enhance proper breathability and relaxation of the cells. Therefore, you are sure of enjoying complete relaxation by wearing the mask whether in the bedroom or away. Besides, the mask is super smooth to sooth the skin and will make you fall asleep as fast as possible. This property has made the mask a preference for most spas to guarantee every client of great experience in their facilities.

The mask is gentle and easy to adjust so that you do not have to keep buying new ones when the children grow. They have an easy to adjust straps that fit well without causing irritation. The adjuster stays at the fixed point so that it does not roll over on your hair and damage its setting. If you are a side sleeper, the straps are thin enough but wide so that they do not cause extra pressure on the face or back. Also, they fit perfectly well with ear plugs for people who want to clear excess noise to catch sound sleep.

The selection of materials, stitches all round, and extensions on the straps makes the eye masks top quality and longer lasting. The designer’s objective was to make a unique accessory that people could make a must have companion for many years. The silk material does not attract dirt and even when it does, you can clean and dry it in the normal way. It is however important to keep it away from dust or drying it in direct sunlight to avoid fading.

Alaska Bear wanted to make the Natural silk sleep mask & blindfold, super-smooth eye mask the ideal mask to help people with sleeping issues. They therefore made sure that the materials are light and the design is appealing for easy transportation. It will take less space whether you simply slip it into your travelling bag or coat pocket to use at work, in your hotel room or even flight. It is no doubt a great travel accessory that every person should consider having and travelling with all the time.

If you suffer from dry-eye, this mask might be the ideal problem when you fall asleep. The minute holes in the silk fabric allow oxygen to pass though while blocking the dry air out. There, the eyes will not suffer from any irritation that can compromise a nice sound sleep.

2. ROYBENS 3D Stereo Sleep Eye Mask with Ear Plugs

Roybens designed this piece with latest technology to guarantee users of extra comfort and deep sleep within seconds. By using lightweight materials and 3D contoured design, the masks achieves two key tasks; one, you are sure of getting total darkness and falling asleep within a very short tie. Two, the masks allow enough space so that you can enjoy complete darkness even when the eyes are wide open. This is very important when you want to relax even in the middle of the day.

The design of Roybens 3D Stereo Sleep Eye Mask with Ear Plugs features uniquely molded cups that bend carefully away from the eye lashes and eyes to prevent rubbing. Because some people keep blinking eyes even when they are asleep, rubbing can disrupt the lovely sleep. More importantly, if you have worn makeups, the mask will not have any effect on through unnecessary face, lashes or eyelids compression. How you sleep is the same way you wake up.

The eye mask is made from soft material that will sooth the skin and make sure you fall asleep as fast as possible. From the contours to the straps, the mask holds well to the skin the entire night. Beside, the materials do not have fire retardants or chemicals to make them ideal for people with extra sensitive skins. Therefore, the mask can be used by all people from little children, adults, elderly and those recovering and needing more time to sleep.

While closing the eyes and bring total darkness is the main precursor to sleeping, chances are that you will be greatly disturbed if there is noise in the background. Roybens understood this and paired it with highly effective ear plugs. As you “switch on” the black out, you also silence the vicinity so that a sound sleep is guaranteed. This addition has made the masks a priceless piece especially for people who want to sleep in vehicles or take a nap at a noisy workplace.

The mask allows ample air circulation so that all parts of the body are properly aerated. Eyes require ample supply of fresh air for the immediate cells to remain active and protect other tissues. Besides, most eye make ups can get damaged if carbon dioxide accumulates in the mask. For the entire night, you will close the eyes and enjoy in a similar way you sleep naturally.

Roybens 3D Stereo Sleep Eye Mask with Ear Plugs is light and will not cause unnecessary pressure to your face when worn. Using their adjustment straps, you only need to select the perfect fit and enjoy total darkness for complete sleep. Therefore, whether you want to blacken the entire environment for meditation or sound sleep, this is the mask is strongly recommend. The unique contours make the mask to stay at the same position you fit no matter your preferred sleeping style. When you want to disconnect from the outside world, we recommend this piece because it gives the user high value for money and extra satisfaction.

3. TravelSnugs EyeSnug Contoured Sleep Masks

Nothing is as enthralling as enjoying a lovely night after a tiresome day or during a long flight. TravelSnugs design for EyeSnug Contoured Sleep Masks with Ear plugs features lightweight and extra-soft materials that help to make the piece comfortable the entire night. They are so light such that users rarely feel it until morning or after waking up. Besides, the contours are carefully done to give the eyes and lashes ample space to blink without running around. Every minute you sleep will therefore feel natural, enjoyable and more enthralling.

TravelSnugs used black material to help block off all light from getting into the eye. The area around the eyes has unique contours so that no ray of light can penetrate. Even if you are in a spa and want to sleep during the day, the contours extend slightly on the contact line with the skin to block even angle entry of light from bulbs or sun. If you are wearing the masks to sleep in the evening, be sure to fall asleep within minutes.

The 3D contour design makes it easy for Rapid Eye Movement (REM) which people do not have control on. If you are wearing the mask to fall asleep, good REM reduces sensitivity of the lashes to enable you fall asleep as fast as possible. REM is also crucial for people who want to use the masks not necessarily for sleep, but relaxation. For example, people in spa or practicing yoga do not need to sleep, but want to get that darkness and connect with the unconscious.

The sleep mask’s elastic stray helps to secure them on the eyes the entire sleeping period. Even for people who toss and roll at night, the mask will remain in position till morning. Besides, all the materials are free of allergens to protect the skin around the eyes, prevent irritation, and ensure your night is more enjoyable. Whether, you use the masks for children or adults, their sleeping patterns and life success will drastically improve.

Maintaining the EyeSnug Contoured Sleep Masks is easier compared to other models. The materials are easy to clean and dry in a cleaning machine. Besides, the masks are easy to move around with since they are sold with a travelling pouch. This protects them from rough materials such as keys that can tear the soft material and compromise their safety. The pouch also protects the mask from dust and allergens that can make the user uncomfortable or demand regular cleaning. Once you buy the masks, you can be sure of enjoying them anywhere whether at home or away.

To guarantee you of faster sleep and non-disturbance the entire night, TravelSnugs went a little further and paired the mask with earplugs. The plugs are soft and fit in the ear canals to clear all noises as you create pitch darkness for deeper sleep. This is an important addition that helps to guarantee you of extra value for money. You do not need to spend more money buying separate earplugs to filter noises.

4. Bedtime Bliss® Contoured & Comfortable Sleep Mask

This sleep mask is revolutionary in design and operation. Bedtime Bliss utilized the latest technology in making this piece to guarantee every user sound sleep irrespective of where they are. The materials used to make this Sleep Masks are very soft and comfortable for easier use. Though strong and firm to take the contoured shape, they are soft to touch and you will enjoy every moment wearing them. Because of this, you can enjoy the entire night, afternoon, or other moment without getting tired of them.

The materials used on the outer and inner parts of the mask are dark to cut off all rays of light from the eye. Besides, they also feature additional layers so that even thin rays from modern lighting do not pass to the eye. Therefore, you are sure of being blindfolded into total darkness and falling asleep within minutes of wearing the mask. Whether you are in your bedroom or in an airplane on a long flight, Bedtime Bliss guarantees you will fall asleep and enjoy every minute of it.

Contouring sleep masks makes them stronger and allows the eyelids to move freely. Because of their effectiveness, the masks are also used in spas and motels by people who want to get extra sleep and relaxation. In spas where people want to relax without necessarily closing the eyes, the contours provide ample space for eyes movement. Similarly, people who take sometime before falling asleep also require this space to avoid rubbing that can compromise the same sleep they are looking forward to.

The design of the mask’s contours gives it extra flexibility so that you can enjoy them for longer. The adjustable straps make most pieces ideal for people of every age. They can be used by men, adults, or other grownups with the same results. When you buy the pieces for kids, you can be sure they will use them for a very long time before requiring new ones.

Because the masks are worn for a long time, throughout the night every day, Bedtime Bliss ensured that the materials are carefully selected to prevent harm to the skin and eyes. This is accomplished in two ways; first, the material allows effective breathability throughout the night. This is important in cleaning away all perspiration and leaving the eye and entire body fresh. Second, the material does not have any harmful chemicals that cause irritation to the skin. The sleeper can, therefore, switch off and sleep anytime of the day or night.

Bedtime Bliss, through continued research wanted to help clients get the sleep they want at any place and time. They added highly effective noise canceling earplugs to make the sleeping environment more enthralling. Whether you are in a noisy place such as airport and want to sleep because the flight has been delayed, a combination of the sleep mask and earplugs will make the moment similar to a great night. Go for this sleep mask and you will get a travelling pouch for easier moment and an eBook to help with perfect use and maintenance.

5. Sleep Mask Kit By Treats & Smiles

This imaginative piece has been designed and package into a kit to ensure that you fall asleep no matter what. While the main working principle for any sleep mask is creating a dark ‘world’ for the sleeper, Sleep Mask took their research a little further and included a few other accessories to guarantee sleep. In their kit, they have a dark black sleep mask designed with soft and dark materials that blocks every ray of light from getting into the eyes. The mask comprises of several layers and foam at the middle to ensure that no rays of light even the smallest gets through to disturb your sleep.

The kit also contains ear plugs designed from top quality silicon that will cancel all the noises in the neighborhood. As you wear the mask, also put on the earplugs so that the dark world you make from the mask also becomes quiet to guarantee you of falling sleep faster whether in your bedroom, train or flight. Other items in the kit include the Do Not Disturb door signs that warn those outside to keep off until you wake up. This is important in workplaces when you have some couple of minutes during breaks or lunch time and want to catch some sleep.

For people who are new to sleep masks, selecting the Sleep Mask Kit By Treats & Smiles is perhaps the best thing one can think of. Treat & Smiles included a free eBook and MP3 download that describes how to use the masks for better results. These when packaged together with a carrying and safety pouch make this sleep mask enthralling and irresistible.

The sleep mask has a fit-all elastic strap that makes it easy to use every piece for people of any age. The contoured design has a large cup for the eye region and padded linings for perfect fit when you want to sleep. Whether you are elderly or young, you only need to adjust the straps for a perfect night. Even for night sleepers, the masks will not be affected by pressure from one side.

Every piece in the sleep mask kit is made from materials that are professionally tested to clear all harmful elements. The mask cover is natural while foam used on contour caps and earplugs is free of fire retardants. The mask will always be safe and enthralling even when worn for long hours the entire night.

One thing that Sleep Mask Kit assures clients is extra durability and high value for money. The mask is made with a number of layers to give them extra strength and durability. Whether you wear them severally daily, you are sure that the masks will not get damaged over a long period of time. Read through their user guide on the eBook or listen their MP3 details to know how to take care of the mask. Remember to also take advantage of their free trial period so that you only buy what you are sure of.

6. Anti-Aging, 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Mask

This is a creative sleep mask that has defined odds to become one of the best pieces in the market. While other sleep masks solely targeted creating total darkness to the user, this 100% Pure Mulberry Silk Mask focuses on delivering extra luxury and satisfaction to you. From the design to material selection the sleep mask is carefully made to perfection. The mask is made of three layers derived from top quality materials. The front and back parts are made from pillow soft materials to give you extra comfort whether sleeping at night or on a flight.

While the mask is designed to be a perfect fit so that no light can get through even at an angle, it does not leave sleep lines when you wake up. The mask and strap have ultra-soft technology to give you all the support, darkness and comfort without causing unnecessary marks. Even for side sleepers, the mask guarantees complete support without any markings. Even if you use the mask for a long time, their faces’ appearance will not be compromised.

As you enjoy the unique dark world created by the mask, the designer wants to ensure that the skin is treated and enriched. The material is treated with copper to help reduce wrinkles on the face so that you can enjoy a smooth and appealing appearance with continued use. Copper ions are commonly used in top facial cosmetics for slowing down aging effects and removing wrinkles. The user only requires to carefully fitting the mask and using it as many times as possible so that the skin can get into contact with it for treatment.

Materials used to make the mask are 100% derived from mulberry silk that is extra soft and comfortable. From the front cover to the outer layer, the silk material blends well with the skin and sooth it the entire period you wear them. It is because of this that even people who previously took longer to fall asleep only take seconds to get into deep sleep after wearing the mask. Mulberry is also preferred by mask designers because it is breathable and ensures all the eyes and surrounding skin cells are supplied with enough air.

The mask is unique because of extra strength that allows the user to wash in a machine and dry normally. The silk fabric, layered design and strengthened stitches hold together even with regular washing and do not lose their unique qualities. Even if you use the masks on the bus or train, it will remain clean without requiring frequent washing because is dust and dirt resistant.

The main disadvantage of this mask is that eyes lack enough space for some movement. People who want to simply enjoy a dark moment without closing eyes or take sometime before sleeping might find the piece less appealing. However, mulberry silk is soft enough and you can still enjoy a lovely sleep the entire night. Therefore, it is better to use it when you want to sleep immediately in the bedroom, train, or flight.

7. Sleep Mask Blindfold Eye Shades – 100% Light Blocking

Have you been suffering from sleeplessness? It is time to try the Sleep Mask – Premium Quality Eye Mask that is uniquely designed to not to simply give you sleep, but bring it the moment you lay in bed. Whether previous masks have disappointed you or you have issues that make you lack sleep, this sleep mask is designed to guarantee you slumber you have only dreamt of.

The material used to make the mask is light and is them layered to ensure that no beam of light can penetrate. The black front and back sections fit perfectly well so that all the areas around the eyes are completely sealed off. Within minutes of wearing the mask, the mind will be tricked that darkness has already fallen and fall asleep fast.

Though the mask is not contoured, the design is unique by covering a wide area from the forehead to the cheeks. This leaves enough space for eyelids to move. The masks are therefore ideal for people who take some time in bed before falling asleep in simply wanting to enjoy complete darkness without falling asleep. If you are heading to spa or want to practice the best relaxation techniques, this piece by Sleep Mask is all that you require. You adjust the straps well to fit the head and get a cool and quest place to enjoy special moment all alone. You can never go wrong.

How a mask is designed determines its quality and long-term value to anticipate. This Sleep Mask – Premium Quality Eye Mask was designed to last for many years. From the seams, multi-layered lining, and strengthened stitches, the piece was designed to last. You buy it today to be sure to enjoy every day for many years to come. To demonstrate this, the manufacturer gives the user a free trial period of 7 days to test its effectiveness. Take advantage of the trial period to test this Sleep Mask in your bedroom, in a train and even flight and you will become part of the highly satisfied group.

This mask is highly versatile and ideal for all people. The materials are soft and do not contain harmful or allergenic materials and chemicals. Whether you want masks for the children or elderly people with extra sensitive skin and eyes, the designer emphasizes that this piece will not disappoint. Even for those recovering from illnesses and requiring taking extra hours sleeping, the mask will be the best companion.

Their extra light weight makes every night more enjoyable because the user does not feel like an extra load has been added on the face. In fact, many users indicate that they do not realize they are wearing the mask until they wake up. Besides, the securing straps are adjustable so that you can get the perfect fit. As one of the best sleep masks in the market, you are sure of enjoying high better lifestyle, higher productivity, and greater value for money.

8. Ezsleep Sleep Mask with Ear Plugs

Getting a deep natural sleep is one wish that all people hold but only a few realize it. However, this should no longer be a dream because Ezsleep Sleep Mask has brought this unique mask to the market. The design followed many years of study and desire by Ezsleep to help people with sleeping issues. The mask helps the user to get sleep in the most natural way possible. It features extra lightweight materials that make it easy to wear, carry and enjoy the entire night. From the outer material made of woolen material and light blocking layers in the inside, the mask is light and you will never keep take it away.

It is constructed sturdily to feature unique layers that form a thick light blocking medium. Whether it is the bright rays of the morning sun, evening light, or lighting form bulbs, the design blocks all of it and bring total darkness. The soft mask is ideal whether worn in the bedroom which have less disturbance of even on flights because you are sure of enjoying a cool travel until you get to the destination. The construction further features a long adjustable strap that makes them easy to fit any person. Whether you want the piece for children, or adults, you only need adjusting the straps to the best fit and enjoy every night whether at home or away.

Since all layers are made from natural wool, the mask greatly enhances breathability. As opposed to blocking all air from getting through the mask allows free movement of air to nourish the skin. Therefore, perspiration will not accumulate and start wearing out your make up or affecting your smooth skin. Whether you wear it the entire night or whole day, you will feel more comfortable and enjoy total darkness, and extra relaxation.

Because some stimulus like sound might be difficult to control especially when away from home, Ezsleep added to quality earplugs on the package. The plugs are inserted on the ear canal and filter all the noises that can prevent you from enjoying a lovely sound sleep. This make them top of the best selling sleep masks because the user can sleep at work or even in noisy areas by simply wearing the mask and earplugs. To hold the earplugs in position, the mask’s securing straps has slots to keep them in position and ensure they do not fall off even if you toss and roll in the bed.

If a client is looking for the sleep mask the first time, chances are that he/she might lack some basics for using them. They can compromise any mask’s efficiency. However, the designer in this case prepared a comprehensive guide to help the user understand the mask, how to use it and even maintenance. When you need to clean, the mask can be machine washed and dry cleaned like other garments. This info is crucial especially in maintenance to ensure the mask lasts longer while in top condition to guarantee the highest value for money.

9. Zotoon Silk Sleep Mask

Getting a perfect sleep mask like the Zooton Silk Sleep mask can help address many problems resulting from lack of enough sleep. From migraines, back ache, heart issues, and lack of concentration at work, you need to get it right from the beginning. This mask is a perfect addition to your bedroom and travelling accessories because it helps to create darkness and sooth you to fall asleep irrespective of the time of the day. The mask is designed with a thick cover material that does not allow any light to pass. When you wear it, a thick block is placed between the light and the eyes to create an “artificial night.”

The outer materials, as well as other parts are made with pure silk which guarantees the skin and eyes extra softness. Because of this, the mask is very light which makes it easy to wear and even carry around. The inner parts are layered with silk lining that blocks any beam of light from getting through without adding significant weight. At night, you wear it and you will not note it is there till morning. Even children or recovering patient will enjoy the piece because it does not disturb them or make their faces feel heavier than usual.

In their design, Zooton contoured the mask to make it take the shape of the face and give extra space to the eyes part. The external layer extends to the face, cheeks so while the eye section is raised to make all necessary movements possible. This is critical in soothing the skin and giving the eyes free space to blink and finally relax as you fall asleep. The mask has consequently become a perfect piece for people who love relaxation by creating unique dark “personal universe” and connecting with their inner beings. Besides, people practicing yoga or simply wanting to enjoy some personal moment in spa in darkness without closing eyes will find great solace in this piece.

The elastic strap that secures the mask in position is carefully designed for easy fastening and removal. It features velcro closure for quick removal so that you can remove the mask after a deep nap and get back to work. This technology helps to hold the mask well in position so that even if you toss in bed, it will not fall off. Besides, it is uniquely made to only secure the mask without disturbing the hair or causing sleep marks on the face.

To guarantee clients of extra quality and value for money, Zooton wanted a mask that could be washed without losing its unique characteristics. This is the feature that has made more people keep coming back for this piece to take to children, spouses, and learners or as special gifts. The 100% silk material and unique stitches that hold all the layers together can be washed normally and dried fast. Besides, you will only need to wash the mask after a long time because it does not attract dust and perspiration easily moves through the fibers.

10. Sleep Mask – Luxury Plush Eye Mask

This is a luxury category mask constructed to give the best to clients who want sleep with no disruption at all. Sleep Mask, in their objective targeted making this piece a perfect unit that every user could wear and fall asleep immediately. The luxury piece was therefore designed after a lot of research that has made it become one of the top best sleep masks in the market today. While other pieces are mainly made of silk or wool, this piece is designed from soft cotton on the inner-side and polar fleece on the outer part for extra comfort.

From the inner cover to the straps the mask is made from softened cotton for extra softness and comfort. The inner part is has a large space to avoid exerting pressure to the eyes. However, the outer parts are equally unique to make the entire piece extra comfortable. The lining at the end of the mask has a lovely finishing that soothes the skin and prevents formation of mask line. Even if you wear the mask the entire night or day, it will not leave ugly marks on the face. Therefore, it is an ideal piece to wear at work when you only have a short moment before resuming duty.

As a luxury design, the mask was departs from the common black colors that almost all others feature to a unique blue appearance. This is a perfect color selection to give the bedroom diversity. If you are picking the masks for children or elderly, they will associate with more and wear always before going to sleep. The strap is elastic and helps to spread the mask on the entire face by exerting some pressure behind the head. Even if you have done the hair well, the grip of the strap is not very firm, but only meant to block all light targeting the eyes. Adjust it to the perfect fit so that the mask will not fall off from the eyes and enjoy your sleep the entire night or flight.

This Sleep Mask – Luxury Plush Eye Mask was constructed with focus on enhancing extra quality and value to clients. Strengthened cotton layers and perfected stitches all round make the mask both strong and soft. Therefore, it will last for a long time without losing its qualities. The piece is strong and can be washed and dried normally just like other clothing. However, the outer bear fleece does not attach to dust and dirt easily. If it is used indoors in the bedroom, you will not need to wash it for many times.

Though the mask is light and the wearer rarely notes it, it is significantly heavier compared to other models. However, this does not make the mask less desirable because many people place their head on support and will not experience direct weight easily. Despite this, it is a great piece that guarantees complete darkness and deep sleep every night. It is therefore a worthwhile piece to add to your bedroom or travel accessories.

Things to Keep in Mind when Choosing the Right Sleep Mask

  • Your sleeping position:

While people who sleep on their backs can pick any mask, side sleepers need to pick the pieces that will not leave marks on their faces.

  • Are your eyes fluffy?

If you have fluffy eyes because of spending many hours behind screens, allergies or crying, it is important to pick gel masks to help with relaxation.

  • Do you like some pressure on the eyelids and lashes:

If you enjoy some soothing feeling on the eyes, consider going for masks without cavities. However, if the eyes are sensitive, grooved or masks with cavities are better for you.

  • The fabric used in making the mask:

The material used to make the mask defines whether it is allergenic, irritating or extra comfortable. Here, take time to understand your skin and select the most comfortable mask designed with the right material.

  • Affordability:

Though the masks are relatively cheap, it is advisable to look for the pieces that will guarantee your value for money. You can pick the masks sold in kits that feature additional accessories.

Final Thoughts

Every moment that one goes to bed, or wants to catch some sleep but cannot because of extra light is a great opportunity lost to refresh the body and enhance productivity. Sleep masks use the same technique that natural darkness helps the human system to go to sleep. Therefore, a sleep mask should be a must have accessory to catch sleep faster without disturbing others. The reviewed ten pieces are some of the best that feature the best material, design, and technology to enhance effectiveness, satisfaction and high value for money. Picking one piece and trying it will no doubt bring great change into your life at home, and away.