Best Sleeping Bags For Cold Weather Reviews For 2020

Are you fond of doing all sorts of outdoor activities? Whether you are scheduled for a nature trekking event with friends or overnight camping with family members, one item that should be on your packing list is a sleeping bag. Yes, this could be every nature lover, backpacker or trekker’s outdoor sleeping companion when off for an overnight adventure. Keep in mind, being out in the wilderness like a local nature reserve park for camping, hiking or trekking can expose you to cooler temperatures. And being equipped with the right sleeping bag for the night could save you from experiencing body discomfort.

So, how to find the best sleeping bags for cold weather? This pressing question can be quite tricky, especially for starters with no knowledge of what features to prioritize when it comes to the selection process. But, don’t be dismayed as I have come up with a list of brands that performed well in the market. All you have to do now is read each brand and evaluate which suits your outdoor needs.

10 Best Rated Sleeping Bags For Cold Weather Reviews

1. Coleman 0°F Mummy Sleeping Bag

This brand of sleeping bag is perfect for any hiker, backpacker or camper with 6 feet height measurement, the Coleman 0°F Mummy Sleeping Bag for Big and Tall Adults. It’s often called the “Adult Mummy Sleeping Bag” because it resembles the mummy physical appearance while sleeping inside. What are its highlights? Well, here are some of the features of this mummy-style sleeping bag. The price tag is reasonably decent for any potential buyer in search of quality and affordability. I must say it’s absolutely a great deal.

Performance, with its certified 0-degree Fahrenheit temperature rating anyone with plans to sleep outdoor, can expect it to retain body heat temperature and prevent the cold air of the night from getting inside the sleeping bag. How is that possible? This sleeping bag is constructed with semi-sculpted hood, plus drawstrings that can be tightened to retain heat. It’s also quilted all throughout with insulation and Thermolock draft tube.

The outer material used for this sleeping bag is polyester with inner lining made from Coletherm fill and polyester. The overall built of the Coleman 0°F Mummy Sleeping Bag is integrated with ZipPlow system technology, reducing the incident of the zipper getting caught while zipping.

The manufacturer care instruction to extend the service life of this sleeping bag is machine washable. When not in use, stuff sack the sleeping bag for easy carry and store. This product comes with limited warranty coverage of 5 years from the date of purchase.

  • The sleeping bag is designed and built for taller people with a height measurement of 6 feet tall
  • It’s a suitable sleeping bag for outdoor areas with expected temperatures ranging from 0 up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Exterior and inner material composition of the sleeping bag is polyester with ZipPlow system
  • The sleeping bag has adjusted drawstrings with hood, effective for heat retention
  • The manufacturer sells this sleeping bag with a 5-year limited warranty coverage
  • The weight of the sleeping bag is approximately 5 pounds, which is considered to be heavy

2. REVALCAMP Sleeping Bag Indoor & Outdoor Use

Another brand of sleeping bag with a cheaper price tag is the REVALCAMP sleeping bag. Plus, it’s very versatile as it can be used both for indoor and outdoor use. So, for bargain hunters on the lookout for great deals, I must say it is truly a wise choice. Let’s go over to the other specs of this sleeping bag.

The actual weight of this sleeping bag is only 2 pounds, so people with small to medium-sized built can carry it with ease even while hiking on rugged terrains. It’s highly recommended for backpackers and campers that have to bring other outdoor essentials such as food, water, and cooking utensils.

The material composition of REVALCAMP, both inside and outside is 190T polyester. This type of material is lightweight. And, it’s UV rays resistant, meaning you can rest even in broad daylight.

The sleeping bag comes in multiple colors and designs to match any backpacker or camping enthusiast. In fact, every member of a family scheduled for overnight camping can find the perfect shade to match his or her personality. For moms and dads that wish to snuggle closely together, this sleeping bag can be zipped together to convert into a double sleeping bag.

Manufacturer is offering this product with a 100% refund guarantee. Anyone that bought the sleeping bag and unhappy with its performance can return and request a full refund.

Is the bag comfortable for sleeping? Yes, this sleeping bag’s design is airy and comfortable. It offers enough space for movement while sleeping inside. An adult or child with a height below 6 feet can sleep and toss from side to side. Packing and storing of this sleeping bag is hassle-free. You can quickly unpack and transform it into a sleeping bag, then, stuff it inside the backpack in a few seconds.

  • The product is being offered with a 100% refund guarantee for all customers that are dissatisfied with its performance
  • Sleeping bag designs and colors are available in 23 options to match every person’s preference
  • Overall weight of the sleeping bag is only 2 pounds, portable
  • Two sleeping bags can be combined to create a double sleeping bag, ideal for mom and dad
  • The sleeping bag is recommended for indoor and outdoor use
  • Since the sleeping bag is rated with a temperature of 40, which means it’s not advisable for overnight camping during the winter season

3. TETON Sports Mammoth Queen-Size Double Sleeping Bag

The TETON Sports Mammoth Queen Size can accommodate two persons, ideally for couples that love to do outdoor activities such as camping. This bag is very comfortable because it’s made from cotton flannel, extremely soft on the skin.

As for its design, as I’ve said the sleeping bag is purposed for two sleepers. This is a good deal for anyone trying to save money because of no need to buy an extra sleeping bag if camping with a companion.

The construction shows quality workmanship. The sleeping bag has a double layering of SuperLoft Elite hollow fiber filling material, so expect it to provide enough warmth. Plus, the filling material is seamed precisely to prevent sliding while inside the sleeping bag.

The sleeping bag is rated to be used for outdoors with expected temperatures ranging from down up to zero degrees Fahrenheit. This product has its carrying bag, so no need to worry about where to store it after a camping trip. The manufacturer’s care instruction to customers is hand wash the sleeping bag in order to prolong its service life.

  • Sleeping capacity can fit comfortably two individuals, perfect for couples or families
  • The sleeping bag is made from flannel, soft textured and comfortable for camping
  • The product comes with its own carrying bag with durable straps, no need to roll the sleeping bag
  • The sleeping bag has been rated as three-season, suited for camping sites with temperature ranging from down to zero degrees Fahrenheit
  • True value for money because of no need to buy a spare sleeping bag if camping with a partner
  • The sleeping bag is potentially heavy and quite difficult to carry, not ideal for hiking
  • The sleeping bag’s hand wash requirement may become tiring to anyone because of its mammoth size

4. FARLAND Sleeping Bags 20℉ for Adults Teens Kids

The manufacturer FARLAND is known for the production of quality outdoor gear like sleeping bags, camper’s pillow, hammock, patio umbrella, camping tent including yoga mats. The vision of this company is to enrich the outdoor experience of every individual using their outdoor products. Let’s have a look at FARLAND Sleeping Bags 20°F for Adults Teens Kids.

First, it has been rated as a 3-4 season sleeping bag. What does this mean? It’s suitable for any camping or hiking fanatic. The sleeping bag is designed for general use, both adults and kids. Second, the unique design mimics the envelope style wherein the user can easily get in and get out of the sleeping bag.

Third, the material used for the exterior part of the sleeping bag is from 290T nylon while the interior is lined with breathable material and has polyester fiberfill. These combined materials make the sleeping bag lightweight and at the same time ideal for all-season outdoor use. I must say on initial inspection, the sleeping bag is of good quality and reliable for its intended purpose as camper or hiker’s sleeping gear.

Fourth, the sleeping bag packing is fast and easy. Its roll control design allows the user to simply fold it and pack it.  And, the sleeping bags can be zipped together and converted into a double sleeping bag.

  • The sleeping bag is recommended for all-weather use, particularly for outdoor activities such as camping or hiking
  • The 2-D design enveloped shape sleeping bag makes it usable even during colder months, temperature rated as 20-62 degrees Fahrenheit or 7-17 degrees Celsius
  • Additional features of this product are waterproof, double-filled technology and weatherproof
  • Manufacturer sells the sleeping bags with a 100% risk-free guarantee
  • The sleeping bag material composition (outer part is made from nylon, inner part with lining and filled with polyester fiber)
  • The sleeping bag is a bit small for a person with a towering height of six feet or more

5. Mummy Sleeping Bag for 3-4 Season – By Active Era

Active Era is popular for the manufacture of outdoor products intended for recreational, sports including professional use. Its popularity has even won the company’s recognition via Amazon as a top rating seller with more than 300,000 satisfied customers. Among the well-sought products sold by Active Era is the Mummy Sleeping Bag 3-4 Season that comes with a compression sack.

As far as innovation I think this sleeping bag from Active Era is an embodiment of the integration of advanced technology. The sleeping bag has proper insulation all throughout, from the bottom part running to the length of the zipper. It assures the user’s protection against chills and drafts that may arise during colder months.

The design and built of the Mummy Sleeping Bag represent the mummy-style appearance. It has a durable outer shell with material sourced from 190T polyester. The inner part of the sleeping bag has double-filling with 300GSM (grams per square meter), suitable for varying temperatures from 30 degrees Fahrenheit to 50 degrees Fahrenheit and safe to use in the extremely cold temperature of 25 degrees Fahrenheit. A higher GSM score means more filling material was used for the sleeping bag. So, it’s expected to deliver enough warmth in freezing weather conditions.

Another highlighted feature of this sleeping bag is the Velcro internal pouch for storage of personal gadgets such as mobile phones including electronic accessories. The sleeping bag is rated water-resistant, meaning it’s tough enough to withstand outdoor settings with a high level of humidity like camping sites. Plus, it has an anti-snag zipper, ensuring the user to have no hassle getting in and out of the sleeping bag.

  • The sleeping bag has an effective insulation system, proven to deliver needed warmth even in extreme colder temperature of 25 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Highlights of this product are anti-snag zipper, versatile usage for outdoors with temperatures ranging from 15°F to 50°F and 300GSM double-layered filling material
  • Money-Back-Guarantee for unhappy customers
  • The product outer fabric is a bit thin

6. CANWAY Sleeping Bag with Compression Sack

Some of us have sensitive skin and finding a sleeping bag that has the softest feel on the skin can be challenging. Well, I got your concern resolved with this next brand of the sleeping bag, the CANWAY Sleeping Bag. The lining material used is 230T polyester with cotton filling. It’s safe for anyone with skin sensitivity.

This sleeping bag design offers enough wiggle room while inside. The two-way zipper enables the user to get out of it easily without any struggle. And, its Velcro secured straps guarantee the person to sleep comfortably throughout the night.

As for the size, this product is highly recommended for people with larger body frames. If you prefer putting an additional sleeping pad inside, it can easily fit in without difficulty. The measurement is 82.6” x 31.5”, plus the separate zipper at the bottom part allows you to stick your feet out to get some air.

The sleeping bag has also a small pocket for the storage of personal stuff. It can be used for wet weather conditions. As for carrying, the sleeping bag comes with a compression sack. You just need to fold and stuck it inside the compression sack, then, attach to a backpack and off you go to your next outdoor destination.

This particular sleeping bag is best for professional campers including beginners. It’s easy to set-up in a snap and pack when not in use.

  • The product has been certified to be skin-friendly, exterior made from 230T polyester with hollow cotton filling material
  • The sleeping bag has a waterproof feature, can be used in damp or wet environments
  • It has excellent heat retention at night even with exposure to 32 degrees Fahrenheit temperature
  • The sleeping bag is built with revolutionized zipper technology, two-way zipper with anti-snag feature (no fear of getting stuck inside)
  • Manufacturer offers this product with a lifetime service warranty coverage after the date of purchase
  • The sleeping bag is relatively priced higher than other brands sold in the market

7. Hyke & Byke Eolus 0 Degree F Goose Down Sleeping Bag

The next sleeping bag that I think would appeal to individuals that spend most of their spare outdoor, either hiking or camping is the USA made Eolus 0 Degrees Goose Down Sleeping Bag from Hyke&Byke. Here are the key features of this outdoor sleeping gear.

This sleeping bag brand is a space saver. It’s built to be ultralight, no need to worry of space when storing it inside the backpack. And, with its 800 hydrophobic goose fill power, you can tremendously experience the huge difference when it comes to its heat retention capability as compared to other sleeping bags. This is why it has been regarded as the best outdoor sleeping gear for the winter season due to the high ratio of warmth it delivers to the user.

Overall weight of this sleeping bag is only averaging 3.02 pounds. It easy to carry together with your camping and hiking stuff.

How about value for money? The design and construction of this sleeping bag is made to last longer. The material is made from waterproof 400T 20 D premium nylon fabric with durable YKK zippers. Other featured specs of this sleeping bag include anti-snag sliders, snag-free Velcro, roomy space inside (spacious for a person with wide shoulders) and inclusion of compression sack for storage. The sleeping bag sizes availability cater to varying body frames from short, standard or Long (for tall or XL).

The manufacturer sells this sleeping bag with a lifetime warranty. They are confident that the product will meet 100% customer satisfaction because it has been tested by third-party to be IDFL Certified (International Down and Feather Testing Laboratories), meaning it has passed quality regulations.

  • The sleeping bag is sold in varying sizes (short, standard, long and XL)
  • Inclusion in the purchase of the bag is a lifetime warranty coverage
  • IDFL Certified by a Third Party, means you are getting what you paid for
  • Guaranteed to keep you warm while camping in colder months of winters season
  • Designed to match the personality of both young and adult campers or hikers
  • A strong smell upon purchase but it will fade in a couple of days

8. NORSENS Sleeping Bags for Adults -3 Season

NORSENS has made a name in the production of outdoor products like camping pillow, picnic mat or blanket, hammock and sleeping bag. Their products are sold in the USA including other countries (Europe and Japan). Similar to other sleeping bags, the NORSENS Sleeping Bags for adults are designed for 3 season use. The sleeping bag is shaped like the mummy, with the hood curved to support the pillow or head from the ground.

It has durable drawstrings that can be tightened closely on the user’s face. Another distinct feature of this sleeping gear is the Velcro tabs located at the topmost part of the zipper. These tabs ensure the zippers stay in place and protect their hands from getting caught while zipping the sleeping bag.

Material used in the creation of this mummy-style sleeping bag is polyester with 100% pure cotton fill. It’s rated to be water-resistant, so anyone can use the sleeping bag in outdoor areas with wet or humid conditions like the forest. The sleeping bag comes with its own storage, the Oxford compression sack. This makes packing less complicated as you can easily roll and put it inside the compression sack.

Among the other characteristics of this sleeping bag is the S craft pattern design internal pocket. This design makes the sleeping bag sturdy and reduces the possibility of shifting while user sleep. In fact, it has been considered as a long-term sleeping bag for any outdoor adventure like backpacking, hiking including boat expeditions. The product comes with a 12-month free service warranty coverage, plus customer support for any concern that may arise after purchase.

  • This product is classified as a portable sleeping bag for outdoor adventures such as backpacking, camping, hiking and boating exploration
  • The manufacturer offers the sleeping bag with 12-month free service warranty coverage
  • Product’s material composition is 100% polyester filled with pure cotton
  • Care instruction of the sleeping bag can be hand washed and machine washable with no issue of shrinkage
  • It provides enough insulation in cold weather conditions with a temperature between 30-59 degrees Fahrenheit
  • The sleeping bag is recommended for tall adult individuals with an approximate height of 6 feet and 5 inches

9. Browning Camping McKinley -30 Degree Sleeping Bag

One of the top-performing brands of sleeping bags is the McKinley Browning Camping 30 Degree Sleeping Bag. It has an efficient insulation system the 7 Denier TechLoft Silver Insulation, an innovative feature that stands out among other sleeping bag brands. The sleeping bag has double layering concentrated around the chest area. And, the hood curved to provide maximum coverage to face and neck.

The overall weight of the sleeping bag is 8 pounds, width measurement 36 inches and height 90 inches. As for usage, this sleeping bag is more suitable for camping expeditions exposed in harsh weather conditions. The outer shell of the sleeping bag is constructed from 210T nylon diamond ripstop fabric and inner lined with polyester.

How about portability? I must say this sleeping bag may appear too bulky for hiker or trekker due to its 8 pounds weight. The sleeping bag can be more efficient for sleepovers, backcountry camping, and hunting.

The pricing is surprisingly affordable with all the perks one could enjoy for a sleeping bag like an effective insulation system, durable construction, and roomy sleeping space. Aside from that, this product comes with limited warranty coverage applicable to defects found after the date of purchase.

  • Durable construction throughout the sleeping, the outer part made from 210T nylon diamond ripstop fabric and polyester filled liner
  • The product boast of having 7 Denier TechLoft Silver Insulation, proven to deliver the best insulation in extreme weather of -30 degree
  • The sleeping bag is designed to provide optimum protection against cold spots
  • The manufacturer sells the sleeping bag with limited warranty coverage on defects that may arise after proof of purchase
  • This product comes with a compression sack for a quick storage solution when not in use
  • The sleeping bag physical built is bulky and weighs 8 pounds, which could be heavy when carried while hiking or trekking

10. Clostnature Sleeping Bag

The last brand of sleeping bag I’m going to share has been introduced by three mountaineers in 2006. It’s intended for outdoor usage for backcountry camping and rigorous hiking explorations. I’m referring to Clostnature Sleeping Bag. Let’s go over to the detailed specs of this product.

The sleeping bag has been recognized as one of the best outdoor sleeping gears that comply with the sustainability campaign. The materials used in the product’s packaging has originated from recycled paper. The company is committed to providing customers with environment-friendly products.

The design of this sleeping bag aims to provide comfort to the user. It has an excellent waterproofing feature and attributed to the 300GSM hollowed fiber material used. In fact, the sleeping bag has been rated as the 4-seasons weatherproof sleeping gear. The insulation system allows users to sleep comfortably even in temperatures ranging from 15 degrees to 50 degrees Celsius or 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

When it comes to portability, the sleeping bag is compact built. It’s very light, weighing only 4 pounds and 3 ounces. Plus, it has a compression sack easy carrying option.

Add-on features include right and left zippers that can be combined to create one sleeping bag for people camping in pair, machine washable and limited lifetime warranty covering manufacturer defects. And, risk-free guarantee to customers unhappy with the product’s performance.

  • The sleeping bag has been rated as 4-season sleeping bag, can withstand weathers with temperature 15-50 degrees
  • The sleeping bag is built with right and left zippers can be combined to accommodate two sleepers
  • The product has lifetime warranty coverage on materials and workmanship, plus 100% risk-free guarantee (full refund applies for unhappy purchasers)
  • Care requirement of this product is machine washable
  • The product has a compact design, lightweight with free compression sack
  • No pillows included

What Key Features to Consider When Buying Sleeping Bags for Cold Weather

Identifying the key features that sleeping bags should possess is a must to ensure a potential buyer makes the right decision. Here are some of the features that will make a sleeping bag more efficient, weatherproof, and user-friendly.

  • Type of insulation

This is a vital factor when choosing a sleeping bag for outdoor use, the type of insulation. The following materials are commonly used to improve the insulation or heat retention capability of a sleeping bag.

  • Down

Down is regarded as the most effective insulating feature than synthetic material. However, it’s a bit pricier than other materials. For a sleeping bag with down material, look for a brand that has at least 600 to 900 down fill power. The higher the fill power the more heat it can retain, giving the sleeper a warmer sleeping space.

  • Synthetic

Another insulation to consider is synthetic. This type of insulation comes mostly from polyester material. Synthetic material doesn’t have an absorbent feature. The price of sleeping bags with synthetic insulation material is a lot cheaper than other insulation types.

  • Brand

The brand name of a sleeping bag could impact a potential buyer’s decision. A top seller brand of sleeping bags generally has more positive reviews and in a way could dramatically influence the buying behavior of a paying customer. For your assurance that your final choice is a reputable brand, read reviews made by previous customers and assess which has generated higher positive ratings.

  • Weight and compressibility

These two elements will affect the user’s comfort while doing outdoor activities like camping, hiking or trekking. Some sleeping bags are compactly built with lightweight features while others have bigger built and can be heavier. The final decision really depends on the user and the nature of the outdoor activity he or she will be exposed to. For example, for rugged hiking and trekking activities, a sleeping bag with compact design is a perfect option. On the other hand, if you are just heading for a short camping trip at a nearby local camping site, then, a decent-sized sleeping bag will do.

The sleeping bag should also offer hassle packing and carrying options. Any type of sleeping bag that has the inclusion of compression sack or with compression straps attachable to a backpack is a good option.

  • Outer shell and lining material

Sleeping bags have varying outer shell and lining materials. Some have premium quality nylon fabric with inner lined with cotton or polyester fill. A potential buyer of a sleeping bag should look closely the specific rating of the nylon or polyester fill power. For example, a nylon fabric rated with D (denier) outer shell is expected to be stronger and water-resistant. And, any filling material made from pure cotton is soft on the skin and hypoallergenic.

Just a piece of advice, if you just want a sleeping bag for weekend camping, a sleeping bag with nylon shell and inner lining of cotton are sufficient. If you are going for extreme camping expeditions in campsites with colder weather conditions a sleeping bag with weatherproof features and made from down filler would definitely keep the camper warm and cozy.

  • Waterproof and breathability

Another qualifying feature that should be considered when selecting a sleeping bag is its waterproofing and breathability capability. Some sleeping bags are designed and built to environments with high humidity or wetness. Let’s say you plan to camp or climb a mountainous area, a sleeping bag with a waterproof outer shell and has a breathability feature will ensure the camper or trekker of comfortable sleep and away from moist or drafts. For ordinary camping activities with little humidity or condensation exposure, any type of sleeping bag with DWR (durable weather repellent) fiber coating is acceptable.

  • Zippers

Yes, the strategic positioning and quality of zippers used in the production of sleeping bags also affect the overall functionality. I’m sure a sleeping bag with anti-snag zippers is more user-friendly because of no trouble of getting in and out. The quality of zippers will have to be durable as they are subjected to frequent zipping and unzipping. Zippers with YKK are considered to be durable.

  • Left or right zips

The location of zippers also affects the user’s convenience getting in and out of the sleeping bag, So, pick a sleeping bag that allows the user to easily reach them when needed. For example, if you want to stick out your feet to get some breeze, a sleeping bag should have provision for bottom zippers.

  • Draft tubes

A sleeping bag designed with draft tubes is ideal for cooler weather. The function of draft tubes is to allow insulation to run smoothly from the entire length of the sleeping bag, giving the user even heat from head to toe, thereby reducing cases of cold spots.

  • Hoods

Most sleeping bags are built with hoods for added comfort to the user. Any sleeping bag that has a curved hood will protect the user from colder temperatures. And, sleeping bag intended for warmer weather environment doesn’t necessarily need a hood. Anyone should consider the provision of the hood on a sleeping bag because this will also add up to its total weight. So, if you don’t want to carry a heavy sleeping bag, you can opt for sleeping gear with no hood to reduce the load. However, if you are expected to spend the night outdoors in a cooler or colder environment, the sleeping bag with a curved hood is the best protection from drafts and cold spots.

  • Shape of the sleeping bag

Sleeping bags do come in various shapes. Some sleeping bags are constructed with mummy design while others have double or rectangular shapes. Mummy style sleeping bags are the most favored bags because they are lightweight and retain more heat. Rectangular shaped sleeping bags are mostly used for recreational camping. They are more convenient to use because anyone can sleep comfortably in a natural sleeping position. Double sleeping bags are designed for couples or families. The design of the double sleeping bag can fit in two sleepers.

  • Size of the sleeping bag

The size of the sleeping bag is also important. The decision of which size to buy will rely on the user. If you are tall with a height more than 6 feet, then, look for a sleeping bag that has specific height compliance for taller customers. Check carefully the manufacturer’s product description on height limitations to ensure you pick a sleeping bag that accommodates your entire body frame.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are all sleeping bags can be combined together?

No, not all sleeping bags are built with a combined feature of being convertible into one large or double sleeping bag. That’s why you need to read the label of each prospective brand you are browsing to get an idea.

  • Can a sleeping bag be used both indoor and outdoor?

Yes, some sleeping bags are made for multi-purpose, both indoor and outdoor. If you are looking for a sleeping bag that can be used anywhere, again read the manufacturer description on usage. Keep in mind, some sleeping bags are designed with a warmer insulation system and intended only for outdoor use with a cooler or colder environment.

  • What is the main function of a sleeping bag?

The main function of a sleeping bag is to provide a comfortable sleeping space to anyone spending the night outdoor like on a camping site. It should have the capacity to retain body heat to ensure sleeper sleeps peacefully.

  • How to store the sleeping bag when not in use?

Sleeping bags can be easily stored at home. You can simply store it at any vacant spot inside a bedroom. Or, if the sleeping bag has provision for storage like compression sack, roll or fold it depending on the manufacturer’s storage instruction.

  • How to use a sleeping bag?

Most sleeping bags have easy-to-operate instruction. All you need is roll or spread it out on the perfect spot where you are camping out.

  • What does the fill power mean on sleeping bags?

In case you will come across a brand of a sleeping bag with fill power description, this refers to the level of warmth it can provide to the user. So, if you prefer a warmer sleeping bag, then, look for a brand that has a higher power fill of 550 to 900. In unsure, you can ask the assistance of a customer support representative attending your order.


Buying a sleeping bag suitable for cold weather use can be really stressful. I strongly advise any potential buyer to give this guide a good reading because it will shed valuable insights on features that the best sleeping bags for cold weather need to have.

Remember, not all sleeping bags are manufactured equally. Some brands of sleeping bags may possess distinct features different from their competitors. In fact, it’s common to find a particular brand to have specialized features that cater to the demands of an outdoor location with colder temperatures ranging from -30 degrees. And, being updated with the latest technology applicable on outdoor sleeping gears will help anyone buy with confidence.