Best Warm Blankets Reviews in 2022 (With Ultimate Comparison)

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The next step after buying the perfect mattress, the perfect bed frame, the perfect pillow, is to go searching for a blanket (or blankets) which are warm enough to keep you sleeping comfortably throughout the night. Believe it or not this should be a little harder than walking to your local grocery store and running your hand over the fabric they’;re selling; the best selling warm blankets are typically made from thicker materials and offer a higher thread count, or they’;re designed like down-comforters with feathers down in-between two soft parts.

Length is also an important factor for sleepers who prefer to cover their entire bodies from head to toe with a blanket; otherwise you end up with a soft but short blanket and it only keep half of your body warm. Searching online can make this process even harder, because ’what you see’; often isn’;t ’what you get’;.

That’;s why we’;ve eliminated the middle man and false advertising to review the top 10 warm blankets online, with our suggestions, advice, and research given throughout this article. We hope that armed with this information you’;ll be able to judge blankets better for yourself, and you’;ll be able to choose the best pick from our list of gather ultra warm blankets.

Top 10 Best Warm Blankets Reviews in 2020

1. Degrees of Comfort Weighted Blanket (Editor’s Choice)

One major concern when it comes to choosing a new blanket: bed size. Not to worry though, when it comes down to the Coolmax weighted blanket this brand offers over 10 different size options for your twin, full, queen, and king-sized beds. Each blanket includes a weight ratio for the amount of material, and the design of these blankets truly makes them the best winter blanket.
Best Warm Blankets


The Coolmax blanket was designed based on the scientific support of deep pressure stimulation in which a heavier blanket is more conducive to sleep because it applies pressure on the sleeper from the top while the bed applies pressure from below.

For those sleepers who suffer from sensory issues keeping them awake, this blanket is easily the best pick for your bedroom. The design features NANO-Ceramic beads as a filling rather than heavy feather down with allergens, or inner fiberglass with even worse allergens.

NANO-Ceramic beads offer a silky texture and distribute evenly throughout the blanket; meanwhile the included duvet covers feature one made from fleece for a warmer sleep, and the other made from microfibers for a slightly cooler bedroom environment.

  • These blankets are engineered with Duralast fiber stitching for a long lasting blanket that doesn’;t fall apart within a year of purchase.
  • A number 1 doctor recommended blanket with its own unique patent and materials engineered by qualified sleep professionals.
  • Over 10 different sizes and weight ratios.
  • Since the blanket is so weighted, changing the cover on it can be difficult with just one person.

2. Home Fashion Designs Premium Reversible Plush Luxury Blanket

On the face side this blanket is made from plush velvet which is buttery, silky, and smooth to the touch. Reverse it around and you get a whole different blanket which features soft and cozy Berber for that rougher wool look which was born to be draped over a cabin couch in front of a roaring fire.
Warm Blankets Reviews


For a more elegant bed spread we suggest keeping the velvet material on the outside as it’;s easily the best looking part of the blanket and even features a gilded leaf design; these blanket comes in twin, full, and queen size. Colors also vary with over 17 different design choices for your bedroom, our favorite colors being Toile Taupe, Plaid Navy, and Pewter.

Compared to other down and bead-type blankets, this blanket is rather on the lighter side and much easier to handle, though its combination of materials are designed to keep you stay warm no matter where you go; this Home Fashion Design original is also very affordable in all colors even at the largest size measuring 50 inches long by 60 inches wide.

  • Fully reversible with one side made from soft Velvet and the other made from heat-trapping Berber.
  • The largest size costs under $30.00 with free shipping and free returns if you don’;t like the color that you choose.
  • Style options feature over 17 different unique colors and designs.
  • Layers are not bonded or quilted, so they can pull in different ways that is uncomfortable if you’;re a sleeper who tosses and turns.

3. Genteele Super Soft Luxurious Sherpa Throw Blanket

Many customers agree that this blanket feels like snuggling up against a cloud; it’;s made from the greatest quality fabric on the market with a blend of microfiber cashmere velvet in conjunction with ultra-plush Sherpa sheepskin. This throw blanket comes in queen, twin, and full sizes, but is guaranteed to one size fits all for the perfect birthday or Christmas present.

Genteele Super Soft Luxurious Sherpa Throw Blanket


These materials are additionally machine washable cold water only and best line-dried to preserve the quality of the sheepskin side and the softness of the reversible cashmere side. Genteele also offers six different color choices for the number 1 selling blanket, including gray, purple, brown, red, teal, and navy blue.

No matter your choice of size and style, each blanket also includes a lifetime manufacturer’;s warranty based on the construction and the manufactures no-cutting-corners policy. You get the best of both worlds with the rich and smooth cashmere side along with the beautiful and elegant sheepskin fur, with all the materials offering construction which is anti-pill, wrinkle free, and fade resistant.

  • Reversible sides for a smooth cashmere velvet touch that’;s better for keeping you slightly cool, or the padded warm embrace of sheepskin wool for staying warm in the dead of winter.
  • These blankets are machine washable; cold water.
  • All materials are designed hypoallergenic and fit for a sleep that isn’;t interrupted by respiratory problems.
  • When washed with cold water and then dried in a drier, the colors in these blankets can and will run.
  • The red color is closer to burgundy than the light brick red pictured online.

4. Charm Heart Luxury Fleece Blanket

Crafted from extra-thick fabric this one-of-a-kind blanket is soft to the touch and brings to the bedroom that added weight which is conducive to the right about of pressure for a restless sleep. The blanket is made from 350 GSM microfiber fleece material which makes for a soft and smooth touch that’;s anti-static and therefore wrinkle and fade free.

Charm Heart Luxury Fleece Blanket


This blanket comes in a variety of sizes and colors; sizes include king, queen, throw size, and twin size. Color options all feature the brand-identifying smoothness which is soft to the touch no matter what design you prefer; over 7 different color options are available, our favorite being Dark Grey and Ivory.

Overall the design of the blanket is simple yet classy; this is the type of addition which would look decorative and stylish draped over your couch or thrown over a chair. Easy care design offers machine wash capability in cold water (though dry over a rack rather than using a drier). The microfibers are treated with shrink resistant technology which ensures the colors won’;t run and that your blanket will always wrap around you the way it always has.

  • This blanket has an extremely high GSM (grams per square meter) rating for keeping you comfortable and warm.
  • Fine fibers offer hypoallergenic properties for people with sensitive skin or allergies.
  • Technological design ensures no piling, no fading, and no smell.
  • Very slippery material which can slide easily off of you and the bed throughout the night.

5. LEISURE TOWN Soft Blanket

Leisure Town fleece blankets utilize 100% 3D air-fibers which are an upgraded ultra fine fiber to allow the flow of air more easily through a blanket for the ideal temperature all through the night which isn’;t too hot as to be ’sweaty’;, but not too cold either.



This maximum breathability and comfort also comes with a superior durability that features no shedding and no pilling after a test of 40 times washed with cold water. Each blanket is expertly tailored with strong stitching along a 1-inch hem featuring double sided fleece and flannel materials. Both sides are ultra soft, though somewhat slippery, and feature 330 grams per square inch of fleece for both warmth and softness that is trusted by any buyer.

Four different sizes are available for these blankets, including twin, queen, king, and throw-size. Color options offer 8 unique styles, our favorites being Dark Grey and Navy Blue. Every single blanket no matter the color or size is fully machine washable in cold water and static resistant; ideal for drying on low heat in your drier without any fear of shedding.

  • The fleece material will protect your bed and couch from dirt and stains; especially as this blanket is so easy to clean and very stain resistant.
  • A massive selection of colors and sizes makes picking the perfect blanket easy for any couple.
  • 1-month return and replacement policy.
  • The material can be very slippery and slide off of you and your bed during the night.

6. HOMEIDEAS Sherpa Fleece Blanket

Another unique dual side blanket which is silky to the touch on one side and soft on the other is HOMEIDEAS design which features a fleece face and plush Sherpa reverse which offers different experiences for different times of the year; when it’;s winter choose Sherpa for the warmth, and during those cool summer nights relax in the smooth Fleece exterior.

HOMEIDEAS Sherpa Fleece Blanket


This elegant appearance and luxury experience are made with materials which offer 220 grams per square inch of fluffy flannel topper and 280 grams per square inch of Sherpa base. Craftsmanship features the unique integration of 103% microfiber polyester fleece fabric between all layers for long lasting use which is fade resistant and less likely to stain.

Added polyester is also greatly preferred to cotton for its breathability and wrinkle resistance. All fabrics are machine washable with cold water, though not ideal for machine drying; instead dry out on a rack for the most long-lasting use. Sizes include twin, full, queen, and king sizes along with three basic colors: Navy Blue, Light Grey, and Dark Grey.

  • Satisfaction guaranteed promise let’;s you email the manufacturer for a full refund upon return of the product.
  • Microfiber polyester lining adds wrinkle resistance as well as quick-drying capability.
  • This is a very lightweight blanket at 1lb which is ideal for road trip travel and even fitting into a suitcase for longer vacations.
  • If washed incorrectly this blanket is known to quickly fall apart or grow stiff feeling, losing its luxurious value.

7. Pinzon Faux Fur Throw Blanket

First off, throw blankets are a type of blanket which is typically draped over chairs or couches for use in the living room when temperatures drop or you’;re taking a nap. These blankets are typically much smaller than your average queen or king-size and ideal for wrapping across your legs or chest, but not your entire body at once.

Pinzon Faux Fur Throw Blanket


Pinzon’;s blankets are made from 100% polyester lining with faux fur for a sumptuous softness that is both cozy and warm; about 1 half inch thick on the faux side with a softer fabric on the reverse. The major bonus is that no animals are harmed in the making of these blankets and you still get the superior softness and real-animal feel from individually dyed hairs that make no two blankets from Pinzon the same.

Each blanket comes in a frost grey color which is neutral yet sophisticated for any setting; blankets measure 50 x 60 inches at the smallest size, and 63 x 87 inches at the largest. Pinzon blankets are most popular for their environmental standards which ensure that each blanket uses only natural fibers that preserve nature and the safety of animals.

  • All textiles used in making this blanket met high safety standard, are hypoallergenic, and 100% friendly to the environment.
  • Additional color options include the extremely stylish alpine brown, as well as white ivory.
  • The faux fur blanket is machine washable in cold water, though not ideal for any drying except hang or rack-dried.
  • Unfortunately the throw blanket is much smaller than your standard blanket and not ideal for couples or for covering from head to toe.

8. LANGRIA Luxury Super Soft Faux Fur Fleece Throw Blanket

LANGRIA features a blanket which is made from environmentally friendly Faux fur materials with a fleece outer lining and 100% polyester fleece inner stitched lining for a truly soft and aerated throw blanket that looks good over any chair, couch, or bed.

LANGRIA Luxury Super Soft Faux Fur Fleece Throw Blanket


The exquisite design offers 260 grams per square meter of fleece face along with 180 grams per square meter of micro mink fibers on the reverse side for a textured look that is also very soft. Each section of this blanket comes together with a seamlessly sewed together invisible seam for a lightweight product that’;s only 1.87 pounds.

Two sizes are available, one at 50 x 60 inches and the other at 60 x 80 inches; the smaller throw size being the most ideal for your office, car, on an airplane, and even out camping. Every facet of the blanket is machine washable safe in cold water; do not tumble dry or dry clean. Three unique color options are also available and include Black, Grey, and Brown our favorite selection being the mottled black, which is very classy in any setting.

  • Mottled texture is very stylish and extremely soft to the touch; additionally it is more stain resistant and wrinkling does not affect the style.
  • Virtually invisible seam allows for a smooth integration from one material to the other on the reverse side of the blanket.
  • The mink fur has a tendency to shed which can lead to miniscule hairs attached to furniture and clothing.

9. Kingole Flannel Fleece Microfiber Throw Blanket

Crafted from premium microfiber polyester this flannel fleece blanket is soft to the touch, very warming in cold winter weather, and offers the high grade polyester lining at 350 grams per square meter of the entire blanket. With such a high GSM rating buyers are ensured a blanket which is super soft, plush, lightweight, and extremely durable even after several washes.

Kingole Flannel Fleece Microfiber Throw Blanket


It’;s easy to maintain and very stain resistant; machine washable in cold water and it can even be dried at low heat though this will lead to slight static when using a drier sheet. The polyester fleece microfiber stitching is shrink resistant, pill resistant, anti-fade, and wrinkle-free. Four sizes are available with purchase and include twin size, queen, king, and throw/travel size at only 50 x 60 inches.

Style options include even more choices with over 12 different personalization colors for your room, living room, and even for your kid’;s bedrooms! Our favorite colors include Charcoal Grey, Caramel, and Dolphin Grey. As well, each color blend is solid and will not run because of washing and drying.

  • Each blanket is made using a unique jacquard weave technique for added durability as well as breathability.
  • No blanket uses real animal fur, thus ensuring these are environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic.
  • Kingole’;s blankets are very affordable and can even be purchased with free shipping online.
  • At first the material can be extremely slippery and likely to slide off of you throughout the night; or even right off your bed.

10. LBRO2M Fleece Bed Blanket

Coming in four different sizes based on your preference, you can purchase this one of a kind blanket as a throw for your couch or for your kids at twin size, or easily for you and your partner in queen and even king size! Comfort for everyone.

LBRO2M Fleece Bed Blanket


Each blanket is made from high-quality microfiber polyester which is wrinkle and fade resistant and treated with a unique stitching that’;s designed to prevent shedding. The double reversible side includes an elegant top shield layer made from fuzzy velvet which is resistant to staining and dust; it also makes your bedroom look more stylish and comfortable.

Each blanket is machine washable in cold water, though not ideal for drying except hang-dried or dried on a rack; brighter colors may run when washed. Style options for these blankets feature 9 different color choices to fit your particular needs; our favorite colors being Royal Blue, Green, and Coffee.

Each blanket is guaranteed to be non-static, hypoallergenic, with a nearly invisible seam and fine stitching. If you’;re not satisfied with your purchase, LBR02M even offers a refund or exchange program.

  • Easy wash and car instructions are included with purchase, as well as refund and exchange instruction if you don’;t like the color you chose.
  • Anti-static, Anti-pill, wrinkle-free, anti-fading. No shedding or shrinkage in addition to no odor upon arrival.
  • At four pounds this blanket can be difficult to travel with.
  • The purple blanket style option is much dimmer than pictured; not as bright.

Types of Fabrics Available for Warm Blankets

The market is flooded with all types of fabrics which are integrated into making a blanket; but whether or not these blankets will actually keep you warm especially during those winter months is entirely up to the fabric(s) that you end up using at night. Different materials run different temperatures, not to mention the texture and feel of a blanket which is almost equal in importance to consistent heat throughout the night.
best warm blankets reviews

  • Wool
It’;s no contest: wool is the warmest blanket material by far. It’;s a natural material that includes crimp (meaning it holds in body heat the best), and it also provides its own natural insulation. The downside is that wool is one of the rougher and more expensive materials, especially when you’;re buying a best wool blanket which uses blended fabrics for a softer surface.

  • Cotton
Blankets made from cotton are often highly hypoallergenic certainly more so than wool blankets and they’;re also softer. However, 100% cotton blankets aren’;t super soft warm and mostly ideal for the summer months due to their breathability. With the proper blends, cotton blanket is often used to add breathability and softness to a faux fur or other fabric blanket for both heat and comfort.

  • Fleece
For those sensitive or allergic to wool but wanting that comparable heat, the next fabric in line is often fleece which is comparable because it’;s soft and also very good at insulating. These blankets are much more machine washable than 100% cotton and especially more machine washable than wool blanket.

  • Acrylic
This material is warm, lightweight, and hypoallergenic. This material imitates the feel of natural fibers and is much easier to care for, however its construction isn’;t nearly as beneficial to the environment because it features a synthetic construction. Major pros include resistance to being eaten by moths and mice, as well as no color fade after any wash. Acrylic is a warmer material than cotton, but less warm than fleece or wool.

  • Polyester
Polyester offers one of the best combinations of durability and affordability. The material is typically paired (blended) with other materials such as faux fur this is because on its own Polyester isn’;t all that warm. Polyester blankets are easy to wash and often dry, and their colors don’;t run, they don’;t lose their shape, and they don’;t shed as easily.

  • Faux Fur
Put simply, faux furs are made from synthetic fibers which are heated and then sheared (almost blow dried really) and finally dyed and brushed to give the material softness similar to real fur. These fibers are then often paired with acrylic, polyester, or cotton for a blanket which is thick enough to insulate heat but also breathable and soft to the touch.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Warm Blanket

If you’;re in the market for a new blanket, a lot can (and should) go into your decision making process. Blanket types and blanket sellers vary as do prices and materials. As well, many other factors can add to or change your needs for a particular type of blanket.

  • Time of the Year
In the dead of summer it might not be the wisest time to buy a winter blanket. Rising summer heat is actually more ideal weather for thinner more breathable blankets, especially if you don’;t have air conditioning.

  • Your Partner
While one person in a couple might sleep hot and get too sweaty during the night, another might be a more naturally cold sleeper; each of these people will have different blanket needs, regardless of the season. If you want a warmer blanket, make sure you communicate with your partner before throwing out that old blanket which might have been perfect for their natural sleeping temperature.

  • Materials
Different materials can cause different reactions some run hotter, some are more breathable, some you might even be allergic to and not even realize yet. The same can go for your kids and your partner; make sure if you’;re buying a warm blanket that it doesn’;t contain any materials which are uncomfortable, contain allergens, or otherwise prevent you from getting the sleep you deserve.

  • Price
Price is always a factor, especially since there are high-end blankets which can cost upwards of two-hundred dollars. Materials will greatly affect cost, however, and so many of the top winter blankets should be more expensive than anything you might find below twenty dollars. Depending on the budget the best blanket is one which is affordable but comes with a return policy, and is supported by excellent reviews about the durability and warmth/feel of the materials.

  • Bed Size
Put simply: the size of your bed will dictate the size of your blanket. If you have a queen sized bed it would be foolish to buy a twin-sized warm blanket. Each of the products listed in our article come with a variety of size options, so double check that you’;re purchasing the correct length by width blanket before checking out at the end of your buying process.

As well, don’;t be confused by the term GSM when you see it related to blankets; GSM stands for grams per square meter and is in reference to the amount of material used in the particular blanket. A simple rule for this specific is that the higher the GSM rating, the better the blanket.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions and our given answers are based off of the most frequent concerns and questions of customers who are in the process of buying a warmer blanket for their home and their bedroom.

  • Are Filled Blankets Better than Simple Stitched Blankets?
In many ways this is a matter of preference rather than fact. There are many blankets now which use down feathers as inner padding often called comforters but to a major degree this only adds extra softness and padding than actual heat. Superior materials such as lamb’;s wool, cotton, and polyester blends are just as important in providing added heat.

  • Is it Wise to Machine Wash New Blankets?
As always each blanket should come with a tag that has exact instructions on the best way to clean your blanket. Right out of the bag it should be unnecessary to wash your blanket, but if you do find that it arrived dirty or ’used looking’;, make sure you endeavor to return the blanket for a refund or replacement. When in doubt the safest way to wash a blanket is with cold water and then to air dry the blanket on a rack.

  • Which is Better: Cotton or Polyester?
Polyester retains its shape better, is more machine washable, and blends better with other materials for a blanket which has multiple perks rather than just heat.

  • Do You Suggest Getting a Comforter Cover?
A comforter cover (or simply just a cover) is a zippered or button-up cover which goes over your blanket. This cover is often made from a sheet-like material and used to protect your expensive blanket from stains, odors, spills, and/or ever needing to be washed. It’;s highly suggested that you get one as it will increase the lastingness of your blanket and makes it unnecessary to wash and risk ruining your blanket.


After taking a look at some of the finest blankets on the market and comparing their materials to their review about trapping in residual heat for those cold winter nights, we’;ve left our readers with the facts and advice on choosing the best warm blanket. We hope that armed with this information and our suggestions, you’;ll have a clearer understanding of the market and an easier time shopping for the warm blanket that fits all your needs.

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