Best White Bed Frame of 2020 Reviews

After a hard day’s work, the bedroom is where we all relax and get ready for the next day. For this reason, a lot of us take a lot of time and put in the extra effort into making sure that it is well-decorated. More than any room in the house, the bedroom must provide a calming ambiance so that we can have a decent rest.

To do this, some hang paintings and choose elegant curtains to give the bedroom a relaxing aura. However, no matter how much you décor you put in your bedroom, the most important piece of furniture inside it will always be your bed. All your efforts in making the room beautiful will all be wasted if you don’t have the best bed that compliments the aesthetics of the room.

One type of bed frame that you could never go wrong with is the best white bed frame. Its elegance and classy appearance will suit whatever theme you plan for your room. To make sure that you get the best of the best out there, we have listed down the top 10 options here for you.

Top 10 Best White Bed Frame Reviews

1. DHP Dakota Upholstered Faux Leather Platform Bed

DHP is a trusted manufacturer that focuses on making sure that all of their products are environmentally sustainable. This means that you don’t have to worry about the wood that was used in this bed.

With its elegance and simplicity, you can trust that this DHP Dakota Platform Bed will make your room the best place in your house. The entire frame acts as the support of the bed and is made out of wood. The headboard and the footboard are both finished with a white-colored faux leather, making it easy to clean.

best white bed frame

The leather upholstery finish combined with the sturdiness of the wood makes for a bed that’s not only durable but cozy as well. This ensures that you get a good night’s rest every time. In addition to that, the buttons embedded in the headboard adds a contemporary accent to your entire bedroom.

Despite its total weight of 82.5 pounds, this bed frame can carry weights of up to 450 pounds. You can buy this in King, Queen, Full, or Twin sizes.What’s even more interesting is that this is perfect for all kinds of mattresses, be it memory foam or coil.

  • Faux leather is easy to clean
  • Dirt and debris do not stick to the upholstery easily
  • Has a durable and sturdy construction
  • Comes in a very stylish yet functional design
  • Relatively easy to assemble
  • The wooden frame absorbs shock and impact efficiently
  • Quite on the heavy side because of wood construction
  • Not very easy to move from one place to the next
  • Requires regular cleaning and wiping down
  • Signs of wear and tear will show in a matter of months

2. Zinus Patricia White Metal Framed  Platform Bed Frame

If you are not that into wooden bed frames, then perhaps this canopy bed frame from Zinus is what you’re looking for. The Patricia bed frame features metal construction with four canopy posts.

This design brings simplicity to a whole new level by saving a lot of space, while at the same time, making sure its stylish design does not ruin your bedroom’s overall look.

white bed frame reviews

This bed frame is pieced together by a series of screws, which means that you would only need a good screwdriver to set it up. To ensure your comfort, the sturdy slats made of steel were positioned in a way that the bed will provide proper ventilation and keep your mattress fresh and fluffy. To keep your mind at peace, this bed frame comes with a five-year warranty.

If what you’re after is a minimalist-inspired bed, then this is it. Overall, it weighs a total of 80 pounds and measures 75 by 53.5 by 72 inches. The extended posts on each corner of the bed frame may be used to cover the bed for additional privacy, or you can leave it like that to give the illusion of extra open space.

  • Air flows freely from all sides, making this bed frame more breathable
  • Has a 13-inch clearance under the bed, which makes for good storage
  • Steel slats offer great support and prevent the mattress from sagging
  • Stylish overall finish and unique design
  • Makes for a great centerpiece for your bedroom
  • Easier to assemble and disassemble compared to its counterparts
  • Height may be a problem for smaller bedrooms
  • Might be a bit uncomfortable if you’re using a thin mattress

3. Life Home Premiere Classics Cloth Headboard Platform Bed

If you think that bed frames with a tufted headboard are a thing of the past, you might want to think again. This classic-looking bed frame from Home Life combines the beauty of the old and the simplicity of modern styles.

This bed frame boasts a premium-quality polyester linen upholstery that is available in light grey and several other shades. Measuring in at 89 by 69 by 51 inches, this queen size bed is perfect for medium-sized bedrooms. Overall, this weighs only 60 pounds, making it significantly lighter than other bed frames on this list.

white double bed frame

For added durability, and with your safety and comfort in mind, this bed frame has horizontal wooden slats. These well-constructed slats eliminate the need to use a box spring to support your mattress, making it last longer, even with regular use. Indeed, this bed frame combines durability and contemporary style effectively.

The height of the headboard allows it to stand against the walls of your bedroom beautifully. Metal studs are embedded in button accents along the headboard. The light grey linen also highlights the details of the entire bedpiece, making it look simple yet elegant.

  • Easy to maneuver around the bedroom if you want to change your room’s layout
  • The headboard’s elegant design makes for a perfect piece to compliment your wall
  • Gives a room a timeless accent
  • The sturdy wood slats receive and absorb impact
  • The polyester linen is made with premium material
  • Durable construction with a well-furnished look
  • Without regular cleaning, dirt that sticks onto the upholstery may be hard to remove
  • Wooden slats are prone to breakage
  • It’ll be hard to find a replacement for wooden slats

4. Prepac Full Mate’s Platform Storage Bed

The Prepac Full Mate’s Platform Storage Bed brings a whole new perspective in combining functionality and style. This is a very functional bed frame that would be a great addition to any bedroom, regardless if you’re young or old.

First and foremost, this bed frame is covered with a white laminate, making it rather stylish yet simple at the same time. Because of the material, dirt doesn’t stick onto it easily, and if you do need to clean it, you can use a damp cloth to wipe it clean.

white wooden bed frame

As for functionality, this bed frame boasts three drawers on each side, providing you with a total of six storage options for your blankets, bedsheets, or even books. These drawers measure 18 inches deep, which means you’ll have plenty of storage for lots of your stuff. These are very easy to pull out, too, thanks to the metal runners that allow them to glide easily when pulled. You won’t even have to worry about pulling the drawer all the way out because it also features a safety stop.

Its width of 76 ½ by 57 inches and height of 18.8 inches makes up for a total of 159 pounds.The mattress is supported by wooden slats, which ensures your comfort and the mattress’ longevity at the same time.

  • Provides the perfect storage for different kinds of stuff
  • Because of the drawers, this bed saves you a lot of floor space
  • Sturdy wooden slats do not present the need for a box spring
  • The white laminate finish makes it easier to clean as dirt does not stick to it easily
  • Overall design distributes your weight evenly
  • Very heavy compared to others on this list
  • Hard to move the entire bedpiece if you plan on changing the layout of your room

5. GreenForest Queen Bed Frame Metal Platform Complete Bed

If you wish to give your bedroom a vintage look, check out this matte white bed frame from GreenForest. It has a very simple design that can turn any room into a conducive place for rest. Both the headboard and the footboard are of European-style design, which means that this is a classic bed that pays homage to the beauties of the past.

To make sure that the bed frame stays stable, it is equipped with 16 pieces of steel slats positioned horizontally. This means that your weight is distributed evenly, providing you with a relaxing experience.

white metal bed frame full

In addition to that, there are also 10 steel legs to ensure maximum support. Each leg is equipped with a rubber at the bottom to prevent the bed frame from skidding. Overall, this bed frame measures 83.6 by 61.6 by 37.5 inches, making it just the right size for medium-size bedrooms. The bottom of this bed frame has a vertical clearance of 12.5 inches on each side and 7.8 inches at the front.

This allows you to put stuff under your bed if you so wish. Since this is made using metal, it has a total weight of only 57 pounds.

  • Lightweight bed frame that is easy to move around the bedroom
  • Divides your weight evenly
  • Horizontal steel slats lessen impact received by the mattress, prolonging its lifespan
  • Doesn’t wobble or squeak with minor movements
  • Provides perfect under-bed storage space for shoes, toys, and other stuff
  • Easy to clean
  • Using a thin mattress is not ideal because of metal slats
  • Because it’s lightweight, it might move a bit, which is a problem if you have wooden floors

6. Zinus Wen Deluxe Wood Platform Bed with Slatted Headboard

One look at this platform bed and you will see that its simple yet functional design would look good in any bedroom. Unlike other options on this list, this bed frame combines metal and wood to create the best bed frame.

The frame is constructed using metal covered with a padded tape, while the slats and headboard are made of wood covered with non-slip tape. Wooden slats are perfect for such beds as they support the mattress perfectly, which means that you won’t need a box spring.

white bed frame with headboard

The headboard is also made to look like vertical slats and sits nicely against a wall, making it suitable for any style of décor you prefer in your bedroom.

Its 81.8 by 60.8-inch width and 43.2-inch height makes up a total of 72.1 pounds. The legs are 5.75 inches thick made from pine wood for a sturdy built that keeps it from skidding. Under the bed is a 12-inch-high space, with the sides of the bed having a six-inch-high vertical clearing. This means that you can store boxes and other stuff under your bed if you need to. This comes with a five-year warranty to ensure that you’re getting the best value for your money.

  • Mixing the best qualities of wood and metal together makes for a sturdy and durable bed
  • The steel frame is padded with foam tape, reducing the noise it makes
  • The wooden slats are covered with non-slip tape that keeps the mattress in place
  • The vertical wooden slats on the headboard give your room a natural ambiance
  • The space between the wooden slats and the floor below makes for great storage
  • The sides of the bed do not have support
  • The mattress might slip and move if the non-slip tape wears off.
  • Despite the space underneath the bed, it has a short vertical clearance,making it difficult to insert large items under

7. DHP 3246098 Vintage Design Bombay Bed Frame

Now, we have yet another creation of DHP. This bed frame sports a vintage design that many would associate with the Bombay culture. Compared to the other bed frames on this list, this one is quite smaller, with dimensions of 41.5 by 77.5 by 41.5 inches. Because of this, it only weighs a total of 44 pounds.

Nevertheless, it’s got slats made of steel, which is more than strong enough to support your mattress. This also means that you won’t need to buy a separate spring box. What’s more, the entire steel frame allows for proper ventilation, keeping your mattress cool and cozy throughout the night.

simple white bed frame

The height of the slats support is adjustable, with options of either 11 or seven inches. This feature you two choices as to how high you want the vertical clearing under the bed to be. At the center of the frame are two legs for additional support.

Because it is only a twin-size bed frame, it can handle a maximum weight of about 225 pounds. However, if you need something bigger than this, you can also buy this bed frame in other sizes, including king, queen, and full.

  • Relatively easy to move around the room because it is lightweight
  • The adjustable height is a great option, whether you want a higher or a lower space from the floor.
  • The additional legs at the center give it additional support
  • Sturdy and does not wobble with minor movements
  • Enough room under the bed for storage of boxes or other items
  • Shipped in one box and easy to assemble
  • Relies on weight and gravity, instead of screws, to stay upright
  • Can only be comfortable if you use a thick mattress
  • Because it’s lightweight, heavy movements may cause it to move and slip

8. Best Price Mattress Premium Steel Bed Frame

As you may already know, going minimalist is all the rage right now, which is why it is not surprising to see bed frames that offer the same thing. One such option is this premium steel bed frame from Best Price Mattress.

Unlike the other items on this list, this one comes as a set of both a steel frame and a memory foam mattress. Let’s talk about the mattress first. As mentioned, it’s made of memory foam, but it’s got other layers too. Overall, you get a four-inch high-density foam as the base, a two-inch cool foam that relieves pressure and provides proper ventilation, and two-inch memory foam. This is certified by CertiPUR-US, which guarantees that it is the best of its kind.

steel bed frame

For the steel bed frame, what you’d get is a rather simple-looking yet functional frame. It has a vertical clearance of 14 inches and dimensions of 80 by 60 by 22 inches. Together with the foam, this complete bed set only weighs 85 pounds.

Underneath this bed, you will find a total of 12 legs, which, together, offer maximum support. The slats are arranged vertically, but there are also horizontal bars to ensure your comfort and safety. Combined, these provide appropriate weight distribution. You can buy this set in different sizes such as king, queen, full, and twin.

  • No need to buy a separate mattress
  • Mattress is a guaranteed match for your bed frame
  • The 14-inch clearing under the bed allows you to store multiple items
  • Weight is distributed evenly, preventing the frame from collapsing
  • The multiple layers of the mattress work perfectly to give you better sleep
  • There is no support on the sides of the steel frame
  • The mattress may slip with sudden movements
  • Too plain-looking
  • May not suit an elegant aura of the bedroom

9. Carley Upholstered Bed, White Faux Leather, Queen

Simple, clean, and elegant—these are the words that would best describe this beautiful bed frame from DHP. The entire frame is upholstered using white faux leather, which is also padded so that it looks perfect in modern bedrooms. If you don’t like white, this bed frame is also available in black, blue velvet, gray velvet, and pink. You can even have it upholstered in grey linen.

Measuring in at 84 by 64 by 38 inches, this is a queen size bed that would fit even medium-sized rooms. Despite its size, it only weighs a total of 71 pounds, making it easy to move around the room with the help of a friend.

white leather bed frame queen

The slats on this bed frame are made with sturdy wood, while the side support that keeps the mattress in place is made of metal. The wooden slats allow you to use it without a box spring. This makes this bed frame more stable. The design also keeps the mattress fresh for a cozy feel.

This combination of wood and metal is further integrated into the rail and leg, which are also made of steel for durability. Its overall clean design combines minimalism and elegance. It’s also available in different colors to accommodate your preferences.

  • Combines various features of steel and wood
  • Has a durable and stable construction
  • The side support keeps the mattress from moving or falling over to the side of the bed
  • The rail and leg are strong and steady despite big movements and heavy impact
  • The towering headboard is finished with a clean-cut design
  • The faux leather finish makes this bed frame easy to clean
  • Signs of wear and tear may be visible after a few months or years of usage if not maintained properly
  • Small clearance underneath the bed
  • Can’t store anything under it

10. Mecor Upholstered Faux Leather Platform Bed

The last bed frame on our list comes from Mecor, a trusted brand that delivers high-quality products that are durable and stylish at the same time. This bed frame, like many others, boasts a simple, minimalistic design that’s perfect for modern bedrooms.

The headboard on this bed frame is of average height, making it not too prominent that it would eat up too much space in your room. For additional detail that adds beauty to the entire piece, the headboard is also embedded with a button design. The entire bedpiece is covered in faux leather, in pearl white shade.

white leather bed frame

The structure of the bed is supported by a metal frame, and the slats are made of wood, which means you don’t need to purchase a box spring. The footboard and the leg are of a short distance from the floor to prevent skidding.

This bed frame measures 87 by 66 by 36 inches and weighs 62 pounds. It is made using wooden slats, which are sturdy and can carry up to 440 pounds of weight. It’s available in queen, full, and twin sizes. There’s also a step-by-step guide provided in the box for easy assembly.

  • Relatively easy to clean as dirt doesn’t stick on the smooth, faux leather surface
  • The metal frame makes the bed sturdy and durable
  • Can withstand impact better than wood
  • Allow proper ventilation to pass through, keeping your mattress fresh
  • Does not slide on the floor easily
  • Adds a quality of elegance to any room
  • Regular maintenance is necessary to keep the faux leather at its best
  • The low clearance of the bed doesn’t allow you to store your items underneath

Why Select a White Color Bed Frame?

White is a symbol of elegance, purity, and simplicity. Going for white color bed frames gives the room a calming ambiance and turns it into the perfect place to relax and clear your mind. Not only will your room have a stylish look, but it will also be a platform for meditation without you knowing it.

Aside from style, one major advantage of white color bed frames is its ability to keep your room cool. Darker shades will absorb light and make your bed just a bit hotter. On the other hand, white bed frames reflect light and keep your bed properly ventilated, and your mattress breathable.

Since white bed frames do not have too many details on it, its simplistic nature highlights the unique architecture of your room. It also lets the eye focus on the various artworks you plan on decorating your walls with. The pureness of the color white, when applied to bed frames, makes it pleasing to the eye and reduces the tension in your brain, thus giving you a calming sensation.

Perhaps one of the best reasons why you should go for white bed frames is that it’s timeless. No matter how many years or generations have passed, white bed frames will never go out of style as it is a classic when it comes to room decorations.

Different Types of White Bed Frames

White bed frames come in all shapes and sizes. As you may have already seen above, we showed you ten different products of white bed frames that are perfect for your needs. It’s important to note that those were just ten of the best products we could find. In the world of white bed frames, there are thousands of different options to choose from.

It may be quite difficult looking for the perfect one, to help you look around faster, we’ve divided the different white bed frames into four categories. These categories depend on their looks, functionality, or material used in manufacturing it.

  • Divan Bed

The Divan Bed is perhaps the most popular and fastest rising type of white bed frame out in the market today. That’s because it brings functionality and style on a whole new level. Divan beds are divided into two parts. The upper portion is the slats and the headboard, while the lower portion holds the drawers that provide storage for various items.

Using a Divan bed is a great way to conserve space since there wouldn’t be any need for shelves or bedside tables as your stuff can be hidden in the drawer underneath. These drawers also provide horizontal support to keep the bed sturdy.

  • Upholstered Bed

When you cover any type of bed with a soft and smooth material, it becomes an upholstered bed. This material is usually padded and has a soft cushion underneath the leather or whichever type of cover you prefer on using. Upholstered beds are usually the choice if you’re looking for a bed that’s elegant. However, it requires regular maintenance to be able to keep it in perfect condition.

Simply put, an upholstered bed often features various styles like buttons embedded on the headboard and footboard. This gives your room a sense of luxury, especially those upholstered beds that are big. On the other hand, the leather material is prone to wear and tear, which is why you need to constantly clean and be careful with it.

  • Metal Bed Frames

Bed frames that are made of metal are usually the most lightweight when it comes to white bed frames. If you’ve just started living on your own and would pretty much need to move your bed around to find the perfect spot and to free some space for other furniture that you’ll be adding, a metal bed frame is the solution.

Despite metal bed frames looking like a simple piece of furniture, there are various types of bed frames that utilize various designs to make it look more elegant. Industrial, classic, or contemporary styles are just some of the designs usually used in metal bed frames.

  • Canopy

A canopy is a type of white bed frame in which the four posts located on each side of the frame extend upwards. The posts can reach up to a few feet and are connected by metal beams. The canopy bed frame is often used by couples and hangs a curtain or other material on the four posts for privacy.

Some people prefer using a canopy bed frame by leaving the four posts open to give an illusion of extra space. This white bed frame is also great for those who prefer a simplistic, minimalist aesthetic in their bedroom.

What to Consider When Selecting a White Bed Frame

A white bed frame almost always goes with anything. However, getting a white bed frame is not as easy as it looks. It’s not only the color that matters, but a long list must be made and followed. At the end of it all, there’s no one type of white bed frame that will suit everyone’s room. It depends on what your needs are. To help you choose easily, here are some things you must consider when selecting a white bed frame.

  • Budget

There are many different kinds of white bed frames, and the price also varies. We spend a lot of time in our beds, and it is where we restore the energy we need for the following day. If you want to make an investment and spend some big bucks on it, there are a lot of bed frames that are sold as a whole. On the other hand, if you’re working on a tight budget, there are those bed frames which you can buy for a lower price and install different parts like a headboard if you feel the need to.

  • Size

As we mentioned, there isn’t one type of bed that will suit all bedrooms. The same goes for its size. There are different sizes of bed frames like King, Queen, Full, or Twin sizes. The one you should consider getting depends on the size of your family and your floor space. There are also those bed frames that can be adjusted, meaning if you need a small one for yourself, you can use it in twin size, but if your family grows and would use the same bed like yours, you can adjust the size to fit a bigger mattress.

  • Style

The style of your white bed frame is a matter of personal preference. There are those bed frames that suit your minimalistic aesthetics, while there are those that boast elegance and luxury like European or leather style designs. Some bed frames only have enough pieces to support the mattress, while there are others that feature a headboard and a footboard. It’s all about which style you feel would be perfect for your bedroom.

  • Height

Just like the size, the height also depends on the size of your room. There are two things that you need to think of when you consider the height of your white bed frame, its total height, and its vertical clearance of height from the floor. There are white bed frames that feature extended posts like the canopy frame, which means the height of the ceiling must be able to accommodate the total height of your bed frame. There are also white bed frames that tend to have just a few inches above the floor to reduce skidding, while those that have 12 inches or more above the floor allows you to store various items underneath the bed.

Frequently Asked Questions

When getting a bed, you might have a few questions running through your mind. Products often include a detailed description of their items in their listing, but some questions just aren’t answered there. To help you with that, we’ve prepared some of the most frequently asked questions we found.

  • Is the mattress included?

There are those bed frames that include mattresses to make sure you have the perfect match, but more often than not, mattresses are not included when you buy a bed frame. These parts of the bed are almost always sold separately, which gives you the liberty to choose freely, depending on what you prefer.

  • Is there a warranty?

The warranty of the bed frame depends on the manufacturer. The most common is a 5-year warranty, which lets you replace broken or malfunctioning parts or even the entire bed frame altogether. The best choice is to go for those that have the longest warranty to lessen your expenditures.

  • Do white bed frames need box springs?

Box springs are those separate items that you place inside the frame and under the mattress to keep it from falling. Box springs are almost obsolete nowadays. Because of the sturdiness of the materials utilized in manufacturing bed frames, slats are the ones that are often used instead of having to buy a separate box spring to support the mattress.

  • What are the sizes available?

The sizes differ from each product. Most products are often available in four sizes, which are King, Queen, Full, and Twin sizes. The material and design won’t differ if you choose a different size for you or your family. However, the price would most often be higher in bigger sizes because of the number of materials used. The mattress you’ll be using must also be the same size as your bedframe. Otherwise, you’d have a lot of empty space in your bed, which results in skidding if you use a smaller mattress, or you’d have a chunk of your mattress falling over to the sides of the bed frame.


Our lives often revolve around working throughout the day or engaging in various activities and then resting at night. In our day-to-day living, we spend a lot of money to make our lives easier. We buy cars, gadgets, and appliances for convenience. When it comes to nighttime, we often neglect our bed thinking that as long as you have something to sleep on, you’re good to go.

However, how decent our sleep is has a huge impact on how we function for the rest of the day. Consider getting a white bed frame as a form of investment. When you’re able to get better sleep at night in a relaxing room, the challenges of the following day will be so much easier.