Can you wash pillows in the washing machine?

The washing machine is one of the most useful equipment that can help us save a lot of time and money. Although the washing machine is very beneficial in washing the clothes and the mattresses, many people wonder “Can they take the use of the washing machine to cleanse the pillows?”. And the answer for this question is certainly “yes”. You can take the advantage of the washing machine to wash your pillow, but you need to carry out in the proper ways to avoid some unexpected situations.

When we need to wash the pillow

Although all people are familiar with the pillow because it can make a great contribution to make them sleep tight at night. Not all people can know exactly when they need to wash the pillow. Some people think that the pillow has the cover, so they just need to wash the cover of the pillow. However, the fact that the pillow is the same as the clothes and we need to cleanse it as frequent as possible.

wash pillows in the washing machine

If you do not cleanse it, then the bacterias on the pillow can cause a wide range of the negative effects. If you see the color of your pillow is changed into the yellow, it means that you need to wash it immediately. Some people usually feel uncomfortable with the acnes on their skin and they take a huge number of the medicines, but it does not have any positive result.

Indeed, if you spend a little time on the early morning to read the newspaper, you may know that the dirty pillow is the main cause which lead to the acnes in your facial skin. Therefore, to protect your beautiful skin, you need to change or at least wash the pillow.

How to wash the pillow by using the washing machine

Washing the pillow is not different from washing the clothes, but there are a few things that you need to take into the consideration before washing to ensure that you do not make it worse and worse by following these steps:

  • Check the tag of the pillow

First and foremost, you need to take the time to check the pillow tag. Some people may think that “Why do they need to check the tag of the pillow?” and it is so crazy, but this step must be done because there are some pillows which are not washable. If you ignore it and use the washer to cleanse the pillow, the quality of the pillow can be reduced and affect to the levels of the pillow firmness.

In addition, when checking the tag, you may know that whether the pillow cover can be removed or not. In the event of the removable covers, you need to put the cover off and throw it in the washer in a corner with the pillow. Both the pillow cover and the pillow need to be washed.

  • Add the detergent

After placing both the pillow and the pillow cover on the washing machine, you will start setting up the longest cycle mode for the washer and suffice it with the warm water. To cleanse the pillow, you need to add the bleach, the washing soda and the detergents.

All what you have to do is to wait for its agitating for a few minutes and then, change the sides of the pillow. After flipping the pillow, you should not forget to start the washer again and soak it for about two hours.

  • Dry

After washing, it is time for you to dry the pillow. You should not put it in the humid places because it can provide the favorable condition for the bacterias to develop faster and faster. If possible, you can take the use of the dryer to help it dry completely. The dryer can help us save a lot of time instead of being exposed to contact with the sunlight.

Additionally, while using the dryer, you need to take into the account to avoid the negative influences. You had better pay more attention to the materials of the pillows. In the event of the synthetic pillow, you can use the low heat setting; however, for the feather, you just take the advantage of the tumble dry option without the heat.

  • Finish

After washing, you should pull it out and try on the pillow cover. It is completed! And you can enjoy how clean it is. Your family member and you can have a tight sleep at night with the clean pillow. Your pillow will come back to the original color of the white and now, you can know how many steps you need to pass to wash the pillow by the washer. Now, you can know that the washing machine can be very advantageous in washing the pillow. Wish that you can apply these steps and an enjoy a good night sleep.