Can You Wash Bed Sheets With Clothes?

For people who spend most of their hours at work or outside the house, nothing can be more rewarding than finally getting home to lie down on clean, fresh and comfortable sheets. The experience a person gets in lying down in sheets that are fresh-smelling and looking contributes to relieving all kinds of stress from their daily routine.

While this may be ideal for many, there are still households who do not get much from their sheets. Some may even experience inconveniences such as allergies because of lint or clumped detergent. Apart from the sensation a person gets from feeling the sheets, the assurance of its cleanliness plays a part too.

This is where a lot of people make mistakes and go wrong. A common mistake would be washing the sheets along with their clothes. While this may seem like a harmless thing to do, doing so may actually cause more harm than good. If you have been washing all your sheets and clothes together for the longest time, this may be an interesting read for you.

Why Bed Sheets Shouldn’t Be Washed with Clothes

It may be tempting to just stack everything in the washer and wait for it to dry. But can washing everything in bulk really give you fresh sheets? Here are a couple of mind-blowing truths that you need to know about it.

  • Everything Gets Tangled

When you put the bed sheets along with other clothes in the washer, expect them to tangle. Since the bed sheet is definitely larger than most articles, it will surely engulf and lock in the smaller clothing. When this happens, it would be impossible to clean every inch of all the garments and sheets in the washer.

  • Sheets are Damp or Over Dried

The same applies to drying; putting them in a dryer will also result to tangling and areas that are unwashed. And since sheets are mostly thinner than most clothing, there is a tendency for it to be damp or over dried when mixed with other articles. Depending on the material used to make the bedding, it may also be subjected to shrinking especially when it is put in the dryer for a long time.

  • Specific Wash Cycle

Bed sheets and clothes do not have the same settings for washing. Since clothes are usually worn once, it does not need much in terms of duration. It can be washed and cleaned on a regular setting. However, that is not the case for bed sheets.

Since sheets are used more often than clothes, these will need a different washing cycle. You can opt to use hot water and set it to a longer wash setting. This is necessary to remove all the bacteria, debris and other dirt that has accumulated over the days when it was used.

Washing the clothes and sheets together can lead to fading or under cleaning. With all these at hand, it is still best to wash the sheets separately. In this way, you will surely be able to clean all your garments and sheets from top to bottom without compromising quality and cleanliness.

How to Properly Wash Bed Sheets

Discovering that bed sheets are not to be washed with clothes is one thing, but knowing how to clean your bed sheets properly is equally vital. Not everyone is knowledgeable of proper bed sheet cleaning, so to help you learn the ropes, we have prepare a couple of guidelines that you can follow to have fresher and cleaner sheets all the time.

  • Washing Schedule

It is important to set a regular washing schedule for bed sheets because these can be dirtier than your everyday clothing. Since sheets are not changed on a daily basis, these are more likely to accumulate dirt, debris and bacteria. Take the time to wash and replace them at least once in a week.

  • Read the Label

As mentioned earlier, bed sheets cannot just be thrown into the washer along with other clothing as it may require a different washing instruction. It is best to check on the label to find out how to properly clean it. Most bed sheets come with manufacturer’s recommendations in terms of washing and drying.

  • Learn to Sort

We sort our clothes before washing them because we do not want other shirts to bleed into the others. This same concept applies to bed sheets. The possibility of the darker ones bleeding into the lighter ones is still possible. So next time you wash your sheets, separate the darker ones from the reds and lighter ones.

  • Temperature Matters

We all know the golden rule, the higher the temperature, the more effective it will be in removing germs, mites, bacteria and other foreign bodies in your sheets. This supports the idea of checking the label first as there are recommended temperatures for washing especially if the material used is not cotton. Knowing the right temperature when washing can also help you preserve the quality of your sheets.

  • Get the Right Cleaning Agent

There are a lot of cleaning agents available in the market. It can come in forms of liquid, gel or powder. It is important to get the form that is more suitable to your washer, sheet’s material and more. This can prevent possible fading and wearing out.

  • Follow Special Instructions

Bed sheets can be made of various materials. Sometimes, the most expensive ones are made of silk, satin and linen. These are considered special fabric so you have to check the washing and drying instructions for each kind. Some of these also require the use of less potent detergents as regular detergents can cause discoloration, fading and other fabric deterioration problems.

  • Learn How to Remove Stains

Just like any other clothing, sheets are also prone to staining. There are different types of stains and each one requires a specific removal approach. It is important to check the sheets for stains and have them removed before washing them entirely. The faster you address the stain, the better chances you have of removing it.

  • Proper Drying

It is ideal to dry the bed sheets under the sun as this is a natural way of cleaning bacteria and germs. However, it is important to take caution as prolonged and frequent exposure to the sun can lead to fading. But if there is no way to do it, you can always throw them into the dryer noting all the precautions that come with it.

  • Ironing and Storage

When it comes to ironing and storing the sheets, it is important to set the temperature properly. This aids in removing germs and dust mites. Once ironing is done, freshly washed and ironed sheets should be stored away from strong rays of sunlight and in a cool place.


The secret to getting the freshest and cleanest sheets is in the process of cleaning it. The big question of whether bed sheets should be washed with clothes has been answered. Now that you know the importance of washing your sheets separately, you can now get the most out of it. You will have sheets that are cleaner, pleasant smelling, sturdier and better in quality. This time, you do not compromise the cleanliness of both your sheets and clothes.