Tips on How to Keep the Mattress from Sliding on Platform Beds

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The bed should be a place where one can rest adequately, both in mind and body. So, what does one do when even the bed is not a safe haven from stress? For a fussy sleeper, having a mattress that slides left and right over the bed platform can pretty much ruin what should be a good night’s rest.

The thing is, the mattress should stay entirely in place even if the person sleeping on it is a restless sleeper. A mattress that tends to slide right off the bed frame is something that should not also be a problem, but it is.

What can you do to prevent finding yourself, and the mattress, on the floor in the middle of the night? If you have a mattress that has a habit of wandering around, then you have come to the right place, my friend.

We will be detailing several tips as well as products that you can utilize to prevent your bed from turning into a slide every time you lay down on it.

Why Do Mattresses Slide Off Platform Beds?

Before we head on what you can do to solve this issue, it is best first to understand the cause. Below is a list of possible reasons on why your mattress tends to slide all over the platform bed.

Non slip pad

  • Old Mattress

If your mattress has reached the end of its lifespan (typically above the seven-year mark), then its integrity will start to take a regular dip. Years of being exposed to dust and oil from sweat may start accumulating at the bottom. This can lead to the bottom of the mattress losing friction, hence, the sliding problem.

  • Losing Friction at the Bottom

Speaking of friction, this is the crucial factor that keeps your mattress from sliding from the bed platform. Some cushions cannot generate the same amount of resistance on the bottom as others do. For example, memory foam and latex mattresses will not provide the same level of grip. Beds that have bases made from these two materials are the most susceptible to sliding issues.

  • Bed Platform has no Rails

Do your bed frame lack any railing on the side? This is an essential design for bed platforms as it improves mattress stability significantly. With a bed platform rail, the mattress will find it impossible to move at all even if the bottom material is made from latex or memory foam.

Also, if the mattress is far larger than the rail, then it could still find itself popping out from time to time. The railing is something to consider when buying a bed frame. Choose one that is guaranteed to contain a mattress of all sizes.

How to Keep Mattresses from Sliding Off Platform Beds

If you keep finding yourself fixing and adjusting the mattress every time you take a nap or sleep, don’t fret! There are several easy solutions that you can try out to this sort of problem.

  • Choose the Right Bed Frame

In most cases, the bed frame itself is the root of the problem. Maybe it is simply not compatible with the mattress. A bed frame that is too large or too small for the mattress is not ideal. If your bed frame is too large and you don’t want to buy a new one just yet, you can simply fill in the extra space with wooden planks. Keep in mind that this is just a temporary fix; it is still best to have a mattress that fits perfectly with the bed frame.

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  • Using Non-Slip Padding

A simple yet effective solution, buying a non-slip pad will usually fix mattress sliding problems in most cases. Anti-slip pads work similarly to the ones used on carpets and will work quite well with mattresses made from memory foam, latex, and even air beds.

You can also use yoga mats as an alternative as these offer excellent surface grip. The only downside with this solution is that it can be quite tricky to position the non-slip padding properly under larger mattresses on your own.

  • Using Elastic Straps

Elastic straps are another viable and easy solution for fixing sliding mattress problems. While not a “cure-all”, it will manage to keep your mattress in place. Combine this with the anti-slip padding to further guarantee that your bed won’t be shifting around whenever you are using it.

There is a downside to using elastic straps, though. You might find it affecting your overall comfort as it tends to be felt underneath the bedsheet. Placing a thin mattress pad should eliminate that little annoyance.

  • Using Velcro Straps

Using Velcro straps is another practical solution to keeping your mattress from sliding off the bed platform. You can buy Velcro strips and attach them underneath the mattress. Make sure that the Velcro loops around the spaces in between the platform correctly. The other end of the pieces should be attached to the mattress as well.

  • Using Shelf Liners

For one, using shelf liners is a cost-effective solution and are more affordable than non-slip pads. Of course, don’t expect it to match up the quality of anti-slip pads, but you can use it to line the edges of the bed platform to fill that extra space. One roll of shelf liner measures around 12 to 24 inches in width and can be as long as 48 to 60 inches. If you only need to fill a few extra inches of space in the bed platform, shelf liners can be an affordable fix that you should try out.

  • Using Double-Sided Tapes

If you are not worried about finesse in regards to execution, applying double-sided tapes underneath the mattress is a quick, if somewhat messy, option for those who need a quick fix to their mattress sliding problem. The downside here is that this is method provides only a short-term reprieve.

It might also damage the bottom layer of the mattress as the tape might rip and tear through the fabric. Again, not an ideal solution but could buy you a day or two while you prepare a more permanent fix.

  • Clean the Bed Platform

Often overlooked, but a necessary step to consider nonetheless. Dust underneath the mattress can cause the bottom to lose a significant amount of friction and grip. Vacuuming the bed platform every month or so should eliminate dust as a probable factor for sliding mattresses.

  • Prevent Mattress Degradation with an Encasement

As one of the most prevalent factors in mattress sliding problems, making sure that the mattress will retain its natural state longer is an excellent step to take early on. Using a mattress encasement, preferably a full-cover encasement, will help your mattress preserve its integrity and boost the overall friction it will generate with the bed platform as well.

Placing a large mattress into an encasement might be a tad bit difficult, so it is advisable to ask someone for help. You should also have one or two reserves for when you need to wash the mattress encasement you are currently using.

  • Moving the Bed to a Different Position

If your floor space can accommodate it, moving the bed beside the wall can help mitigate it from shifting around too much while you sleep. Since you will effectively be blocking off one side, the mattress will be able to obtain some natural stability. However, this does not prevent it from sliding over the other side.

Still, this is a simple solution that can sometimes be enough to fix mattress sliding problems, and there are no downsides to testing it out. You can even create a different atmosphere in the bedroom as you reorganize the bed along with other furniture into a different position.

  • Complete Overhaul

Sometimes, the best solution is to start from scratch. In some cases, trying out different solutions will cost more than simply buying a new bed frame or a new mattress. If you feel that the mattress is already in its twilight years, then it is smart to buy a new one that fits perfectly with the bed frame. The same idea applies to the bed frame; if it’s already old and rickety, then you should invest in buying a new one.

Take Steps to Prevent the Problem

If you went with the complete replacement route, then it is best that you learn from your mistakes with the last mattress. Take all the necessary steps to ensure it won’t happen again. Choose the appropriate mattress or bed frame, and invest in mattress protection products such as the full-body covers. If you cut off the factors that attribute to the problem, you can altogether avoid it in the future.

Final Thoughts

A sliding mattress can genuinely ruin a well-deserved rest. We aim to educate our readers on how to optimize their bedroom experience. Try the tips and solutions we listed above to prevent your mattress from sliding off the bed platform every time to lie down. If you have other tips that were not touched upon and would like to share with other readers, please feel free to comment down below.

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Henry Carlson

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