TempurPedic vs. Purple: Which Mattress Works Best for You?

Deciding on what kind of mattress you want to buy can be tough. It takes a lot of consideration on certain factors based on your preferences, budget but most importantly, the level of comfort it will provide you once you purchase one.

In this article, I will be discussing two of the most popular and on demand mattress brands. I will break down their similarities and differences,and share each brand’s key features and price comparison. I will also list down each brand’s popular models and provide a short description for each to give consumers a better understanding on which brand suits them best depending on their personal needs and preferences.

tempurpedic vs. purple

But first, for those who are not familiar with these two brands, I will be giving a brief description for each of them and where they stand in the business.

Tempur-Pedic International, Inc. was founded on 1992 and was originally based on NASA’s research to help create cushions specifically for the seats of aircrafts and latertest their durability in an event of an accident. Later on, they started developing mattresses and pillows, and innovating models after models that spanned decades in the mattress industry. Until now, they are still well known for their high-quality products and reviews throughout social media and other platforms and they are one of the longest running mattress and pillow companies there is.

Purple was found on 2015 and is a recent mattress company that entered the industry. Founded by two creative and innovative brothers, they not only specialize in mattress but they also have other products such as seat cushions, back cushion, bed platforms and so on. What made their company skyrocket is when they introduced their “hyper-elastic polymers” material to the world; this gel-type material dispenses heat evenly and is their main ingredient in making their products. Although still fresh to the industry, Purple already racked up a lot of sales with their special material thus, giving them a rightful spot in the mattress industry along with Tempur-Pedic.

As mentioned earlier, these two companies rightfully earned their popularity with their innovative designs and styles. Although one has been in the business longer than the other, that doesn’t stop the two brands to attract more and more shoppers each year with their creative and inviting new designs and products on the market. Here are some of the main similarities and differences of the two have to help consumers out there make a good decision in choosing which brand fits best for them.


  • They both provide high quality materials in all their products.
  • Both brands have great isolating motion which is good for families and couples.
  • They also do a pretty excellent job in relieving pressure.
  • They cater to almost all body types and weight groups.
  • Some of their products or models also cater to couples and families.


  • Price wise, Purple is more affordable than Tempur-Pedic while still providing high quality products to the market.
  • Tempur-Pedic has a full line of slow-moving sinking foam adding different firm levels to it.
  • Purple has hyper elastic polymer gel that helps dispense temperature on the entire mattress especially heat.
  • Purple has only been in the business since 2015 so they don’t have enough leg room to improve their products just yet. As for the Tempur-Pedic, they have been in the game for twenty or so years and have racked up a lot of improvements and reviews throughout time.
  • Purple only has an online store which lets them sell their products cheaper while Tempur-Pedic both have an online and physical store that can cater two times than Purple can.


When it comes to consumer’s needs and demands, these two have a lot of other things to offer than just the size and the style of their mattresses and pillows. Some people would think buying just any type of mattress of a popular brand would seal the deal and get it over with, but it is actually important to know that the vital thing to consider is the feel of the mattress and the comfort level of it, and not just because one mattress is more in demand than the other one.

Some shoppers actually take a lot of things into consideration before diving in their wallets and purchase the perfect mattress. After all, you are buying a product that will cater to your sleeping needs and what better way to do that than by examining the two brands and select the one that will definitely suit your personal preferences.

Purple Offers:

  • A bouncy and resilient feel to their mattress:

The good thing about this is that no matter how much movement you make, the foam will just immediately fall back into place. You won’t have to worry about leaving a gap after lying or sitting in one position for long periods of time.

  • Their mattress has a gel that helps with the temperature dispersant:

Earlier it was mentioned that Purple’s speciality is their elastic polymer that helps with the distribution of heat throughout the mattress and this is very good for people who like to sleep in a neutral sleeping temperature.

  • Body strain free:

Every consumer’s nightmare is having a shoulder, lower back or neck pain when sleeping in one position for a long time. With Purple, since the foam forms back to its original shape, you won’t have to worry about having to stay in one sleeping position. You are free to transition into different sleeping positions. This brand is actually perfect for those who are what we call “combo sleepers”.

  • A value for your hard-earned money:

Purple is definitely cheaper compared to Tempur-Pedic because of its online-only platform. Because of not having an actual physical store, they’re able to sell their products on a much cheaper price. So, if you are on a tight budget but still want a good quality bed, then, Purple is the perfect choice for you.

Tempur-Pedic Offers:

  • A more established reputation:

Keep in mind that this brand has been in the market place for a long time so you can guarantee that they only provide the best of the best products to cater to the mass buyers. You have endless of reviews from different social media platforms about what they offer in the market place which would give you comfort on how long their items will actually last in the future.

  • That feeling of slowly sinking in your bed

Tempur-Pedic are quite the experts in this area for all of their mattresses have this slow-moving sinking feel when you lie down like you’re lying in an actual marshmallow or a huge bean bag. Some sleepers want that feeling of the mattress hugging them while sinking into the comforts of their bed and somehow give them a sense of comfort in their sleep.

  • A thicker mattress than the usual ones:

Tempur-Pedic offers layers of firm memory foam that would cater to those who likes extra cushion to their bed that the average mattress doesn’t usually come with. They are not short on various types of layers to provide that extra level of comfort to different shoppers which are a good thing to have.

  • An expensive yet luxurious feel:

Being a well-established company means the value of their products are also well established, meaning, they are a bit pricey compared to Purple and other mattress companies out there. But the assurance that your money will be put into good use is high given that the brand has been up and running for a long time and proven itself to be worthy of the consumers’ hard-earned cash in the market place despite of how old they are in the game.

  • Side sleepers are given a chance to experience a muscle pain-free sleep.

Since the mattress give a slow sinking feel to it, this is actually favoring to the side sleepers. It offers great support and pressure relief dedicated for the shoulders and hips with a nice bounce to it. So if you only go side to side on your sleep, then this mattress would best fit your needs.


Throughout their own years of continuously innovating, each brand offers different types of mattress models based on the composition and added materials to it. There is a lot of model types for each brand but here are a few to give you a broader scope on what these companies can offer and bring into the market when it comes to comfort meter, durability level and price value.


  • Tempur-ProAdapt –

This is good for side sleepers and also other types such as back or stomach. This model caters to all types of weight groups and also to hot sleepers. It also comes with a good motion isolation.

  • Tempur-Adapt –

This model best sells to couples and hot sleepers. While the ProAdapt accommodates all weight types, this model can only cater to light and average weight groups. This type of model is also budget-friendly.

  • Tempur-Breeze –

This one is perfect for pressure relief and has several firmness options. The model can cater to all weight groups and is a little more expensive than the Adapt model, favoring buyers with higher budget.


  • Purple Original Mattress –

The mattress that started it all for the company. Their most affordable bed that consists of two layers of foam comprised of their famous hyper-elastic polymer. This mattress accommodates all weight types and budget friendly shoppers.

  • Purple Hybrid Mattress –

This model was introduced recently to the public which is essentially Purple Original except that they have coils and a different cover. This is perfect for shoppers who are into thick but resilient mattress and good for side and stomach sleepers as well.

  • Purple Hybrid Premiere –

The beauty of this model is that you can choose between 3” or 4” of their hyper elastic polymer for better sleeping at any time of the day which will give you a more gel-like feel at the same time. Similar to the previous models, this one caters to all body types from small to large sized individuals. If you don’t mind spending more for a quality type mattress then you wouldn’t be disappointed with this model.


To summarize everything in this article, these two big companies have had their fair share of popularity amongst consumers everywhere. Purple is well known for its one-layer hyper elastic polymer-based gel that distributes heat evenly throughout the entire mattress. Although this buckling-column gel layer earned them a spot to the fame, the company has been in the business for a short period of time and the entire lifespan of all of their products is yet to be determined.

Tempur-Pedic however, already made its mark in the business since the 90’s, they continue to develop new products and exceed consumer’s expectations all the time by improving and modifying their models to the best they can to continue providing quality mattress. Although the company faces more and more competitions as technology evolves, it’s always a challenge to them to release high end products with longer than average expected lifespan.

There are a lot more differences between the two major companies and the products that they offer in the market are massive. Personally, I prefer Tempur-Pedic over Purple because I like the feeling of sinking into my bed as if it’s hugging me to sleep, and of course, I wouldn’t mind some extra layers of foam for when I move around my bed for I am also a combo sleeper, meaning I sleep in various positions, but that doesn’t mean everyone should stick to Tempur-Pedic.

If you are a massive fan of getting the most good night sleep or nap, then you might need a little time to decide what brand and type of model to stick to because you also need to consider other personal factors such as your budget, sleeping habits, preferences and even medical history. But all in all, it all comes down to you; the consumer, given the major price difference and feel, you should be able to determine which type of mattress best fits your needs.