Throw Blanket Sizes and Types

If you are someone who loves spending time in the couch or in sofa beds, then you may have an idea of the essentials to getting the most comfortable experience in it. Those who love lounging in the couch definitely know the amount of added comfort a blanket gives.

Whether it be having movie marathons or having tea times in the evening, having a blanket definitely keeps you more snug, cozy and warm throughout the night. Since regular blankets are too big and bulky to carry around, people have upgraded to accessorizing their couches with throw blankets.

Throw blankets are foldable and can be transformed to pillows when not in use. These usually come in various shapes, colors and designs so it is a good investment for providing additional comfort and styling your living room. The best thing about it is that it comes in different fabrics so you can choose one that perfectly suits your preference.

Throw Blanket Sizes

Since throw blankets are made by several different manufacturers, it is expected that not all throw blankets are to come in one size. However, a typical throw blanket is usually fifty inches by sixty inches, fifty four inches by sixty inches, or fifty four inches by seventy two inches. You can choose among the different throw blanket dimensions, but the bottom line is, a throw blanket is always smaller than a standard blanket.

Throw Blanket Types

  • Cashmere Throw Blanket

Known for being lightweight, strong, fine in texture, soft and comfortable, this type of throw blanket is made of Cashmere goats. This is a better choice for those who want a step up from sheep’s wool. A more luxurious choice because of its premium quality, this can definitely deliver utmost comfort and excellent insulation especially during the winter season.

  • Cotton Throw Blanket

If you live in the tropics and want a more breathable option for your throw, then the cotton throw blanket is for you. This is known for its soft and thermoregulatory make and texture. This also has sturdy strands that can definitely last for a long time even with frequent washing. This is by far one of the easiest blankets to maintain.

  • Fleece Throw Blankets

If you do not know where fleece blankets are made of, now is the time for enlightenment. This is created with acrylic fibers that makes it ultra soft and comfortable feeling to the user. Similar to Cashmere throw blankets, this one is lightweight and is capable of giving you extra warmth during the cold weather. An advantage that this has over Cashmere would be its affordability as it comes with a lower price.

  • Alternative Mink Throw Blanket

This type of throw blanket has lustrous synthetic fibers that resemble fur. A favorite among many throw blankets, this is loved for its smooth and soft animal fur texture. This definitely gives a luxurious and elegant vibe to your couch when used as a decorative fabric and throw. The texture is ideal for those who want a dramatic look and vibe for their homes but do not want to break the bank. The alternative mink is definitely the best pick if you want a strikingly dramatic feel.

  • Berber Fleet Throw Blanket

The Berber Fleet throw blankets are ideal for people living in cold climates. This is thicker than most blankets, thus, it is an excellent option if you want superior insulation. In terms of texture, you will not be disappointed by its soft and fur-like texture. Though this is good for providing warmth during the cold, it still comes in lightweight form so you can use it as a decoration and carry it anywhere with you.

  • Microtec, Microplush and Microlight Throw Blankets

If you want to start investing on throw blankets but do not have much to spend, these are excellent choices for you. This is affordable and easily accessible. This type offers versatility as it can be used alone as a blanket or you can layer it with a quilt, coverlet or comforter. This type of throw blanket is thick, very soft and surprisingly not bulky.

  • Down Throw Blankets

This can give you premium comfort while in use. This is because of the duck feathers used to fill it. With this fluffy and thick throw blanket, you can definitely enjoy being under the sheets even when just lounging on the sofa or couch. The best part about it is that its material is both breathable and is capable of providing excellent insulation in any type of weather. However, this is not ideal for those with allergies as the duck feathers may trigger it when used.

  • Down Alternative Throw Blanket

As mentioned earlier, people with allergy are not recommended to use down throw blankets because of the duck feathers. Thankfully, this down alternative throw blanket can let them enjoy a similar feeling without the allergies. This is made of synthetic fiber and is still breathable but not as excellent in terms of insulation. This is a more economical option compared to the real down throw blanket.

  • Electric Throw Blankets

If you enjoy using electric blankets, you are definitely going to love this. This is made of synthetic fibers that are capable of adjusting its temperature through a thermostat. This works the same with regular electric blankets, the only difference between the two would be its size.


With the variety of throw blanket types to choose from, picking the right one for you can be challenging. Though it can get very exciting to purchase throw blankets, it is still important to consider factors that may affect your experience when using it.

Take into consideration the general climate, weather and overall temperature in your area. Consider its fabric and make to prevent allergic reactions and discomfort when using it. Decide on a particular material so you can enjoy the texture you prefer.

Since your throw blankets are going to be placed in lounges, cars, sofas and couches, make sure to get one that matches the atmosphere and your aesthetic preference too. The sizing usually falls on the standard measurements earlier, so check out the place and the area of coverage you want before purchasing one. It is important to get the right size you need for a truly cozy, comfortable and relaxing experience.