How To Fix A Sagging Mattress?

Who wants to wake up in utter discomfort? Neck pain, back aches, your peaceful sleep suddenly disturbed and intermittently woken at the wee hours of the night. These sings scream one thing: YOUR MATTRESS IS SAGGING!

The best solution is, of course, to replace it with a new one. But what if you are currently paying your mortgage, bills, or loans? Well, that doesn’t seem to give you an option for a brand-new mattress, is it?

There are ways for you to fix your mattress and make it feel like a brand new one. Now, it doesn’t need require you to be an expert to pull this off. There are simple and affordable ways to turn your sleepless nightmare into a blissful sleep.

But what really makes your mattress sag?

Before we make use of our skills to fix this mattress, we first need to understand the reasons which make mattresses saggy. Most often than not, saggy mattress can sink on various spots – top, middle, bottom, and even on the edges. There are several possible causes why your old mattress sags:

  • Daily or regular use of the mattress (the sink usually is focused on the areas which we lie onto the most)
  • Materials used are below the suggested standard
  • Improper center support of the mattress
  • Broken box or box springs and platform beds
  • No care given (which we are all probably guilty of)

The constant use of the mattress accelerates the compression of the padding which wears out the coil springs. We often use it not only for sleeping but to have a bit of relaxation, playful maneuvers, and others. Imagine having 6 to 10 hours of compression. That will surely wear the supports down!

Most high quality mattresses have a heavy price tag beside them. But the trade-off will give you a long lasting source of peaceful sleep. But most of us would opt to go for the much cheaper ones. And this could mean that the mattress may be made of inferior materials that cause it to get saggy. Using these materials, or the “below standard” would not be able to hold on for far too long, especially when exposed with the weight and frequency of usage.

Improper center support is another culprit that takes away your comfort. Without a significant support, the accumulated weight would sink a hole on the focused areas where the most pressure is being delivered. This causes a feeling of being buried in your own bed while lying down. This lack of support would eventually fail to give us the much-needed comfort, which will disrupt our restful sleep cycle; making us constantly being woken up in the middle of the night.

The springs are relevant to support the weight. This stiff metal support elevates the mattress above the floor or bed frame. Having a broken spring or box springs will cause a person lying down to feel like being pulled down by his own mattress.

How to fix a sagging mattress?

Unfortunately, mattresses are not meant to last forever. No matter how expensive your mattress is, it will eventually come to the point that it will be worn out. If your mattress does not sink so much that you can feel the hard and uncomfortable floor or bed frame, then, there is a still chance that you could repair it by yourself. There are several tricks and simple fixes that you could make use of.

  • Rotating or flipping the mattress

One simple way to never sleep in that sinkhole is to flip the mattress to the other side to slow down the wearing of the mattress. This is one simple way to immediately resolve your problems with the areas that had sank. This will give you a feel of having a somewhat new mattress, but in the presence of your old one.

  • Using the pillow

Another effective and efficient solution is to make use of your pillow to support the sink in your mattress. By using this, you would not have to incur any costs to amend the sunken areas. What you must do is to take advantage of your old pillows. Be sure that the pillows that you are going to use are the same size and density as of those sagging spots.

You need to lift the mattress and put the pillows beneath the sagging areas, and then return the mattress back down over the pillows. You can try to lie down and feel if the pillows are on the right places. If not, you may need to repeat the process until you finally hit the spot, and the saggy areas feel comfortable.

  • Using mattress topper/mattress pad

Mattress pads or topper are widely available in the market. You could make use of the pad to put on top of the mattress to cover the sagged areas. There are several kinds of mattress toppers that you could make use of: fiber filled, down filled and memory foam mattress topper. You could also go for a thicker topper made of memory foam to even out those lumpy and sunken areas. This may require you to spend some buck, but using this will return the balanced sleep that your body needs.

  • Replacing the board or support

Strong and durable boards could be used to support the mattress. You can place the board or even plain plywood beneath the mattress. If the board has been used for long, see if it still in good condition or if it have been curved due to the weight pressing which causes your mattress to look saggy.

  • Replacing the box spring with a new one

Some mattress is made of springs. Not only a number of springs, but a lot of them! Box spring supports the mattress to stay even. Having a broken box spring would cause your mattress to have uneven surface and sunken spots.

Looking for the damaged or compressed springs and replacing them with the new one would solve the problem. There are different sizes of box springs, so you have to choose the ones that would match the springs in your mattress.

  • Use an air bladder for support

Another method that is quite similar with the pillow trick is the use of an air bladder. The air bladder can be purchased in the store. It is used by placing it beneath the mattress where the sag has been identified. Generally, this is designed to be pumped up in order to support the sagging areas or spots of the mattress. Be wary, however, as air bladders have different sizes so make sure that you get the right size for your mattress to make sure it fits perfectly.

  • Buy a new foundation for your mattress

Your mattress’ foundation is partially blamed for the sagginess of the mattresses. Each foundation has a different design which matches with the size of the mattress. For example, a larger mattress requires a sufficient leg (at least six legs) to fully support the weight and prevents the sagging of the mattress. Although the right foundation is used, it still deteriorates which can cause your mattress deteriorate too. This means that you need to replace your current foundation with a new one.

Preventing the Sagginess

With the tricks presented to remedy your sagging mattress, some are short term, and others could last for a little longer. But the best way to remedy it is to prevent it from sagging from the very beginning. This could help you save you from going through the hassle of fixing it, or spending a lot to purchase a brand new mattress.

Not only will you prevent the aches from occurring from the morning after your fight with your sagging mattress, but, ultimately, you are preventing any health risk that it may give.

  • Check both the box springs of the mattress and the slats of the supporting frame regularly in order to make sure that everything is still in good condition.
  • At the first sign that your mattress starts to sag, you may constantly flip it over to slow it down. If it would be the box springs that have the problem, it would be best to invest on proper and quality materials. Having a trusted material on your mattress would offer a longer span for your mattress before it would start to sag.
  • Avoid using your mattress as an avenue for rigorous play movements as it will be exposed to strenuous weights that will contribute for it to be saggy.
  • You may check on where you usually position yourself during your sleep, and adjust it accordingly to prevent more damage to the areas that are receiving the most pressure. You may make use of the pillows to assist your sleeping position, and to support the areas that you commonly use.
  • Proper care for your mattress is essential for it to last. Regular checking of your mattress could provide an early detection of sagging. With this, you will be able to remedy it before it gets worse. You may use the simple tricks on how to fix a sagging mattress.
  • Lastly, make sure that your mattress has a warranty. Most high-quality mattresses are partnered with a generous warranty to insure you with a new mattress should there be any problems.