Best Wool Blankets 2022 – Top 10 Comparison

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When it comes to staying warm in any season, wool blankets make a great choice for indoor and outdoor use. This is because they are breathable and moisture-wicking, keeping you warm and cozy without overheating. Of course, there are many different traits to look for in a wool blanket. Some are better suited for different needs and purposes than others. Hence, we created this list of the top 10 best wool blankets with a buyer’s guide to help you determine what type of blanket is ideal for you. You’ll find a wide variety of thickness and designs to choose from, all woven with the best quality of materials.

Top 10 Best Wool Blankets

So, who makes the best wool blankets? Let’s find out!

1. Pendleton Yakima (Editor’s Choice)

Pendleton Yakima


  • Material: Pure virgin wool with cotton warp yarns
  • Colors: 4 striped, different colors
  • Sizes: Twin, Queen

When it comes to woolen blankets, Pendleton is a very well known and reputable brand. All of their blankets are proudly made in the United States, with woolen mills located in the Pacific Northwest. Their Yakima blanket is our top choice for the best wool blanket.


Designed for indoor and outdoor use, the Yakima was inspired by the blankets used by early shepherds of the Pacific Northwest. It is woven from thick, pure virgin wool, making it so warm and soft. The Pendleton also features cotton warp yarns used as vertical anchors in the blanket’s structure. Aside from improving its durability, the periodic cotton yarns also enhance the blanket’s shape retention throughout its lifespan. These cotton warp yarns also create pockets of warmth that make these covers great for indoor and outdoor use.

Additionally, though this blanket is thick, Pendleton’s wool is highly breathable and moisture-wicking. Its natural fibers will leave you dry and warm underneath. The wool is quite durable, too. With thick yarn stitched edges, you can be sure that this blanket will stand the test of time. To maintain the material’s consistency, Pendleton recommends dry cleaning this blanket instead of doing a machine wash. You may also opt to handwash the wool blanket and leave it to dry on a flat surface. However, you should expect some slight shrinkage after the process. On the other hand, this will keep the blanket’s wool yarns smooth and will also prevent bunching. This way, your blanket will remain luxuriously warm.

The Pendleton Yakima soft wool blanket is available in four different earth-toned colors and stripe patterns.

  • All-natural, pure virgin wool
  • Cotton warp yarns create heat pockets
  • Reputable, well-liked brand
  • Smooth and soft surface
  • Good for indoor and outdoor use year-round
  • May shed slightly at first
  • Only has reinforced edges on 2 sides
  • Recommended maintenance – dry clean only

2. Pendleton Eco-Wise (Luxury Choice)

Pendleton Eco-Wise


  • Material: 100% virgin wool
  • Colors: 30 solid, striped, and plaid patterns
  • Sizes: Twin, Queen, King

With over 150 years of experience in making woolen blankets, it is no surprise that Pendleton made it to our list of the best wool blankets again. Brimming with exceptional quality and long-lasting durability, the Pendleton’s Eco-Wise blanket is considered as this rundown’s top luxury choice.


If you like soft wool blankets, the Eco-Wise would make a great pick. This blanket is made from 100% virgin wool that is incredibly smooth and soft to the touch. Its 100% wool structure also makes it highly breathable, moisture-wicking, and warm. We don’t consider this to be an overly thick wool blanket but it will still keep you warm and comfortable all year round.

This highly durable cover promises to remain on a superb condition for a long time, thanks to its wool construction and excellent craftsmanship. All of the edges of this Eco-Wise blanket are reinforced with a thick whipstitch to prevent fraying or frizziness. Unlike our first Pendelton blanket, the Eco-Wise can be easily machine washed using a delicate cycle and laid flat to dry. While you may experience some shrinkage with the first wash, it should be minimal and will retain its size and shape for years to come.

The Eco-Wise blanket comes in 30 different color options with solid, striped, and plaid wool patterns – suitable for any home or room’s interior design. Also, it’s worth noting that this company actively supports a number of associations with good causes. Hence, you can feel good about choosing to buy from a brand that’s involved in philanthropy.

  • Extensive color selection
  • Philanthropic, reputable brand
  • Super soft and smooth
  • Blanket made from 100% wool
  • Machine washable
  • Woven in a US-based woolen mill
  • Consumer reports of shrinkage
  • May be too thin for extreme cold
  • Doesn’t require a dry clean

3. EKTOS 100% (Best Value)

EKTOS 100%


  • Material: 100% wool
  • Color: Navy blue
  • Size: 66×90 inches

Taking the third spot, the EKTOS 100% wool blanket comes with high-quality material and is wonderfully made in India. So, if you’re looking for the best wool blanket suitable not only for home use but also for emergency or rescue missions, this brand has got you covered.


Wool is one of the best natural insulators and can even provide warmth when it’s wet. For this reason, EKTOS believes their wool blanket would make a great addition to your outdoor camping gear or any kind of survival preparedness pack. It is rugged enough to withstand the outdoors, but also soft enough to provide you with comfortable bedding.

The 100 percent wool construction of this blanket ensures that you get both breathability and warmth. Plus, this EKTOS wool blanket is thick and weighs around 5.5 pounds. Hence, it will keep you cozy even in the coldest months of the year. EKTOS does not add any possibly harsh fire retardants to their yarn, as the natural fibers of wool are inherently fire-proof. Aside from being naturally incombustible, this blanket is also odor-free, mildew and static-resistant.

To improve durability, this blanket is woven on a loom and features reinforced edges on all four sides. This will prevent fraying or any frizziness from developing over time. Additionally, EKTOS blankets can be hand or machine washed making them easy to care for and keep clean.

Measuring 66×90 inches, this EKTOS blanket makes a great wool throw for its size. However, it only offers one color option which is navy blue.

  • No fire retardants added
  • Odor-free, static and mildew-resistant
  • Heavy 5.5 pound weight
  • The blanket is made with reinforced edges on all 4 sides
  • Great for camping or for an emergency preparedness kit
  • Only one size
  • Only one color

4. Poyet Motte Aubisque (Best Heavy)

Poyet Motte Aubisque


  • Material: 100% virgin wool
  • Colors: Light blue, grey, navy, light brown, dark brown, yellow
  • Sizes: Full/Queen and King

Poyet Motte was established in 1839 and is a leading manufacturer in Europe when it comes to quality wool blankets. Coming from this well-respected French company, the Aubisque wool blanket guarantees superior quality.


Chosen as our top pick for a heavy wool blanket, the Poyet Motte Aubisque cover is crafted with 33 microns/500GSM (grams per square meter) of 100% virgin wool. Therefore, if you want to stay warm even during the coldest months or you simply love the weighted feel of heavy wool blankets, the Aubisque cover is a perfect option.

Also, this wool blanket is made with an anti-pilling finish to retain its smooth appearance and softness. Poyet Motte uses an extra tight weaving process for a more solid and pliable finished product. The tighter weave contributes to its durability and helps to keep you warm, too. Fortunately, the Aubisque still retains its breathability despite the ultra-tight weave – thanks to the natural wool fibers.

To further strengthen its wool blanket, Poyet Mottes finishes all four sides with a double stitched satin binding, preventing fray or fuzziness from developing prematurely. Also, you can easily machine wash and line dry this blanket to keep it fresh. Amazingly, you should not expect any shrinkage to occur after washing which is a huge perk for a wool throw blanket or other wool products.

This blanket is available in six different solid colors with one side featuring a lighter hue and the other a darker one.

  • Reputable European brand
  • Anti-pilling finish
  • Satin binding on all 4 sides
  • Luxury quality wool blanket
  • Ultra tight and pliable weave
  • Some consumers report pilling regardless of the anti-pilling finish
  • Fine weave may snag

5. EKTOS 90% Grey (Best for Outdoors)

EKTOS 90% Grey


  • Material: 90% wool with 10% Synthetic
  • Color: Grey
  • Size: 66×90 inches

EKTOS returns in our fifth spot with its 90% wool blanket. Considerably this list’s best wool blanket for outdoors, this EKTOS cover boasts of rugged and more durable materials. A wool blanket made with 10% synthetic fabric and 90% natural fibers can surely withstand harsh elements.


The EKTOS 90% wool blanket is made in India. While they do not add any dyes or fire retardants, you should still expect your new blanket to arrive with an odor. However, it should be cleaned out after one or two washes. Fortunately, the 90% wool blanket is machine washable so you can easily do this from home. Just remember to line dry your blanket to avoid unnecessary shrinkage.

The addition of synthetic fibers to this EKTOS blanket entails a more prominent initial odor, increased heat retention, and less breathability. However, it also results in a more durable blanket. To further extend its lifespan, EKTOS reinforced all four sides with thick stitching. As with the previous EKTOS wool blanket on our list, this one is also highly resistant to static and mildew.

This 90% wool blanket weighs 4.4 pounds. It may not be the warmest wool blanket around but is thick enough to keep you cozy in most weather. However, this blanket is only available in grey color.

  • Machine washable
  • Heavy 4.4 pound weight
  • Perfect for camping, survival, or any outdoor activity
  • No added fire retardants or dyes
  • Static and mildew-resistant
  • May require more than one wash to remove the initial odor
  • Synthetic fibers decrease breathability

6. Desert Breeze Distributing Alpaca and Sheep

Desert Breeze Distributing Alpaca And Sheep


  • Material: 50% Alpaca wool with 50% Merino sheep wool
  • Colors: Tan and brown stripes
  • Sizes: Full/Queen

The Alpaca and Sheep wool blanket is made in Peru where this type of cover has been used in the high-altitude terrain for centuries. Similarly, Desert Breeze Distributing wool is sourced from animals living in the extreme conditions of the Andes mountain region and it is cleaned, spun, and woven all in the same mill. High altitude wool is highly regarded for being extra soft and durable. And, the Desert Breeze Distributing blanket does not disappoint.


Both merino and alpaca wool are best known for their long, fine fibers that are silky soft, and not scratchy. This 100 percent wool blanket is made of pure virgin wool – 50% alpaca wool, and 50% merino wool. For this blanket, the wool is tightly woven and then brushed to give it the soft woolly feel most of us are looking for.

If sheep and alpacas in the Andes depend on the very same wool to stay warm even at high altitudes, it is pretty much guaranteed to keep you warm as well. The Desert Breeze’s wool blanket is great for year-round use and can even function well when wet.

Additionally, this Desert Breeze Distributing blanket can be either machine washed and line dried or dry cleaned. The entire circumference of this blanket is reinforced and encased with polyester material to make it more durable and crisp-looking for as long as possible.

One of the popular and best wool blankets on the market today, it can be purchased in a Full/Queen size. It also comes with striped and varying shades of brown.

  • Blended alpaca and merino wool for a super soft and cozy feel
  • Superior quality and craftsmanship
  • Wool is sourced from the Andes mountains region in Peru
  • Fully encased edges increase durability
  • Can be machine washed and line dried
  • Only one color option
  • Only one size option
  • Initial odor may need to be washed out before use

7. Woolly Mammoth Woolen Co. Extra Large Merino

Woolly Mammoth Woolen Co Extra Large Merino


  • Material: 80% Merino wool with 20% Nylon/Polyester blend
  • Colors: Navy blue
  • Sizes: 66×90 inches

Coming down to our seventh spot is this wool blanket from Woolly Mammoth Woolen Company.


This durable wool blanket is made in India. Spun from 80% pure, unrecycled wool, it would make a great camp or throw blanket as well as an excellent addition to your home beddings. Aside from the merino wool, the design also incorporates acrylic to the warp and weft to significantly increase the durability of the blanket. Additionally, this camp blanket is woven using a diagonal twill weave that makes the appearance of stains less noticeable.

Weighing about four pounds, its wool fibers feature a milled finish that includes interfiber felting and fabric consolidation, making the cover denser. This added density works to keep you warm even in the coldest weather.

Using a polyester thread mixed with yarn, the double whipstitch that surrounds this wool blanket establishes a solid seam that resists premature fraying. Unlike many of the other blankets in our list, the Woolly Mammoth Woolen Company does not recommend machine washing or even dry cleaning for their blankets. Due to the self-cleaning nature of wool, they encourage spot cleaning when necessary. This type of maintenance will extend its lifespan, preserve flexibility, as well as keep it smooth and soft.

The Camp Blanket is available in navy blue and comes in a Throw size.

  • Great for indoor and outdoor use
  • Added acrylic adds strength and durability
  • Double-stitched edges
  • Denser construction for added warmth
  • Diagonal twill weave reduces the appearance of stains
  • Requires an airing out period
  • Machine washing not recommended
  • Reports of shedding

8. Ever Ready Olive Drab

Ever Ready Olive drab


  • Material: 80% wool with 20% Synthetic
  • Colors: Olive
  • Sizes: 66×90 inches

Making it to our eighth spot, the Ever Ready First Aid wool blanket is another tough contender in this best wool blanket rundown.


Designed after woolen covers used by the military, this blanket is ideal for emergency preparedness or everyday use. Additionally, it features a fire retardant material so you can rest easy around a campfire without worrying about stray sparks.

The Ever Ready First Aid blanket is made of 80% wool which, they claim, is more than the typical military-style wool blanket. The synthetic material that comprises 20% of this wool blanket lends durability, softness, and added comfort. Also, this blanket weighs just over 3.5 pounds which means it’s heavy and thick enough to keep you warm. However, it can be also folded down to a compact size small enough to easily fit into a hiking pack.

A whipstitch finish encircles the entire Ever Ready First Aid blanket. Plus, it can be machine washed. But, you should expect some shedding with the first few washes and there have been consumer reports of pilling over time, too. However, thanks to its impressive craftsmanship, it still holds up pretty well.

This wool blanket comes in olive green and measures 66×90 inches. Hence, any person with a height of 7.5 feet and below would be fully covered with it.

  • Styled after military wool blankets
  • Highly durable
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Fire retardant design
  • Whipstitch reinforced edges
  • Reports of shedding when washed
  • May pill over time
  • Arrives with a distinct odor

9. Arcturus Military

Arcturus Military


  • Material: 80% wool with 20% Synthetic
  • Colors: Olive, grey, or navy (all with orange whipstitch)
  • Sizes: 64×88 inches

Recently improved to be warmer and more hygienic, the Arcturus Military wool blanket is a great buy for any camper or household.


The Arcturus Military wool blanket is composed of 80% wool material. With the addition of synthetic materials, you can expect this wool blanket to be durable and long-lasting. During production, Arcturus wool blankets are triple washed to make them cleaner, less susceptible to shedding, and softer from the very beginning.

Arcturus wool blankets are loom woven. Furthermore, all four sides are hemmed and long woven to further enhance its durability. You can machine wash this blanket and, interestingly, Arcturus claims it will only get softer with every wash.

Weighing quite heavy at 4.5 pounds, this blanket comes in olive green, military grey, or navy blue. All colors feature bright orange lock stitch edges.

  • Exceptional value
  • Triple washed during production
  • Becomes softer with each wash
  • Hemmed and long woven on all four edges
  • Safe and not treated with chemicals
  • Bright orange lock stitch
  • Strong initial odor
  • Only one size option

10. EKTOS 80% Light and Warm

EKTOS 80% Light and Warm


  • Material: 80% Wool with 20% Synthetic
  • Colors: Brown
  • Sizes: 66×90 inches

Another EKTOS wool blanket makes the list one last time with their 80% wool-spun cover.


Like the other EKTOS blankets on our list, you can expect durability from this light and warm wool blanket. Perfect for outdoor use, this one promises added comfort – thanks to the increased amount of synthetic fibers.

Weighing 3.7 pounds, we would consider it to be a medium to lightweight wool blanket. The EKTOS 80% wool blanket’s thin design allows it to be compact when folded, making it ideal for an emergency preparedness pack, a camping trip, or hiking.

All four of the edges in this blanket have been reinforced with a tight whipstitch to help retain its shape and reduce fuzziness even after numerous machine washes.

Available only in brown color, it comes with a dimension of 66×90 inches.

  • Naturally static. mildew and fire-resistant
  • Great for outdoor use or a survival pack
  • Strong and durable
  • Loom woven
  • All four edges are reinforced
  • Strong initial odor
  • Expect it to shed
  • Only one size and color

Picking the Best Wool Blankets for You: A Buyer’s Guide

With a myriad of beddings on the market today, it’s only natural to have a couple of questions regarding the advantages of using a wool blanket. The following sections will explain what makes wool unique. We will also discuss important features to look for in the best wool blankets so you can choose the perfect one for your needs.

How Is Wool Produced?

shearing a sheep

The term wool refers to the fleece sheared off of an animal, sheep most commonly. After the fleece or wool is harvested, it is spun into yarns which can then be woven to form blankets and other products like clothing, stuffed animals, insulation, and toys.

Types of Wool Commonly Used to Make Blankets

Wool can be sourced from different animals, but let’s briefly discuss some of the most common sources for wool blankets.

Pure Virgin Wool vs. Recycled Wool

Virgin or pure wool refers to natural fibers that have never been spun and used in another product before becoming your blanket. Recycled wool is just that, recycled. This is important when it comes to woolen clothing and wool blankets because this kind of material will only remain pliable for a certain time. And, you want your blanket to last long before the fibers start to break and become overly fuzzy.

Sheep a.k.a. Merino wool

Sheep or merino wool is highly sought out because its fiber length is super long and fine, providing a luxuriously soft feel as well as extended durability. Are blankets made with merino wool warm? Yes, there is that, too. Merino is a great insulator. Plus, it has an amazing ability to absorb water amounting to 30% of its weight and still keep you warm.

Alpaca, llama, and Goat Wool

Alpaca wool is very similar to merino wool with the main difference being that it has a bit more loft and is not quite as smooth. Llama and goat wool are also very common materials used in blankets. Actually, lots of animals produce durable wool so don’t automatically get turned off by a source you have never heard of before.

Synthetic Wool Substitute

Synthetic wool is often blended with pure wool to make blankets because it helps increase durability. Synthetic fibers are also significantly cost-efficient, produce less of an odor, and are often softer and smoother. However, they are less breathable and are not naturally fire-resistant. If you are looking for cheap wool blankets for emergency use, we recommend purchasing products that include a percentage of synthetic wool.

Benefits of Using a Wool Blanket

Now let’s discuss some of the reasons why wool blankets have always been a popular choice for keeping people warm over the centuries.


Using wool is considered to be environmentally conscious, sustainable, and biodegradable. It is completely natural and, unlike fur, wool is a renewable material that grows back naturally time and time again. However, the main drawback that consumers complain about wool products is the initial odor that usually needs to be washed out. This, of course, is expected considering the fact that it is sourced from animals. Additionally, this distinctive odor has also been known to resurface when wool products get wet. However, if you wash your wool properly, this should not be an issue.

Warmth and Comfort

a lovely little girl sitting on a rock

Are wool blankets the warmest? No, but they are absolutely warm, temperature regulating, and naturally moisture-wicking. In fact, wool can even keep you warm even when it becomes wet which is an incredible feat. It makes sense when you think about it though, animals don’t always have the luxury of finding shelter in the rain. Hence, it brings us to the awesome capability of their fleece to keep them from the cold, whether they are dry or not.

What are the best blankets for winter? Many people would include wool blankets in their answers because they are not only warm, but they are also static resistant. Interestingly enough though, wool blankets are also good for warmer weather. They can even serve as an effective sunshade without causing you to overheat, thanks to its inherent temperature regulating properties.


Much of the wool’s ability to keep you warm when wet lies in its natural tendency to resist water saturation. Moisture naturally rolls off of the wool fibers like shingles on a roof so you can stay dry for longer. The overlapping of the wool fibers creates an effective boundary on their own. In addition to this, lanolin also coats the fibers which works as an active water repellant. A water-resistant blanket is also less susceptible to mold and mildew which is why wool blankets are an excellent choice for outdoor use or included in an emergency preparedness survival pack.

Fire Resistant

Another reason why wool is so popular for outdoor use is that it is naturally fire retardant. Thus, you don’t have to worry about your blanket catching on fire or smoldering if sprayed with stray sparks from a campfire. There is no need to add chemical flame retardants which can often be harsh on your skin and have an odor even more pungent than the wool. Not only that, but these chemicals may also pose health risks.


We briefly discussed durability in wool blankets above in relation to using virgin or recycled wool. However, when it comes to buying a wool blanket, we recommend looking for a product that has reinforced edges to help prevent premature fraying or unraveling. Reinforced edges can be hemmed, bound with a variety of stitches like a whipstitch, or completely encased with a different fabric such as satin, cotton, or polyester.

Summary and Conclusion

a log cabin bedroom

You have now reached the end of our wool blankets review. We hope you learned a lot and found some fantastic wool blankets to suit your needs and preferences. But, before you make your final decision, let’s do a recap and once again highlight the reasons why we chose the Pendleton Yakima as our Editor’s Choice in this list of best wool blankets.

We love the PendletonYakima blanket because:

  • It features an all-natural, pure virgin wool.
  • The vertical cotton warp yarns in the design aid in shape retention and produce heat pockets throughout.
  • The product comes from a well-respected brand that has already established its name in the wool blanket industry for more than 150 years.
  • The natural fiber wool creates a smooth and soft surface.
  • It is great for indoor and outdoor use all year-round.
  • Natural wool is highly breathable and moisture-wicking.
  • Pendleton blankets are made in the US.
  • Its extra thickness will definitely help you to stay warm.
  • It features high-quality craftsmanship and long-lasting durability.
  • It is available in four striped patterns.

With all of these awesome features, the Yakima wool blanket is indeed hard to beat. However, all of the options in this rundown will make great choices and each is worth every penny spent. Whichever wool blanket you decide on, you can rest assured that it will provide you with versatility and keep you warm and dry for years to come.

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