How to Keep Mattress From Sliding: Tips That Actually Work

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Did you wake up this morning and discovered that your entire mattress was somehow skewed slightly off its frame? Maybe you have back pain because half of your body was hanging over the edge of the bed, with your head almost hitting the floor?

A sliding mattress is an annoying problem that bugs most sleepers. It is frustrating and can throw your entire night’s sleep out of whack.

Sometimes, a sliding mattress is a sign that you need a new mattress because you’re just not getting enough support from your current bed. Other times, you might just need to think about using some DIY strategies to keep your mattress from moving around on your old box spring.

The good news is that whatever might be causing your mattress trouble, we’ve got some tips that could help to get you back on track. Read on to know more about how to keep mattress from sliding and ensure it stays exactly where it needs to be all night long.

What Causes a Mattress to Slide Around?

The first step in figuring out how to make sure your mattress stays in the same place all night is finding out what causes it to slide in the first place. There are a lot of things that can cause sliding around in a mattress, from problems with friction to issues with your box spring. Here are just some of the most common culprits.

1. Lack of Friction

The lack of friction is usually the biggest reason for a mattress to start sliding around. Dual-sided mattresses that you can flip over time when your bedding begins to sag might make your stuffing last longer. However, they also have a hard time staying in place on top of a bed frame, because they can’t get a good grip.

If you’re wondering how to keep memory foam mattress from sliding, there are few things you need to know. Firstly, many of these mattresses are dual-sided, which means both sides are designed to provide a comfortable surface. As might be expected, the low-friction surface is not enough to prevent memory foam mattresses from slipping.

Thankfully, many high-quality memory foam mattresses, as well as spring and hybrid beds, now come with non-slip bottoms. Grippy, anti-slip fabrics are used to create additional resistance and prevent shifting. Unfortunately, this does mean that you won’t be able to flip your mattress if it starts to feel uncomfortable.

2. Inadequate Support

The construction of your bed’s base can also make sliding more likely. Platform beds or box spring beds often have more slipping problems because of their smooth, flat surface. There aren’t any rails or grippers that prevent the mattress from moving around on these beds. A bed without a grippy foundation will often move around more often.

Alternatively, bed bases with rails prevent mattresses from shifting, providing a comfortable place where the bed can sit without moving. There are potential ways that you can add more grip to a mattress base if it doesn’t come with this feature built-in. However, the better option is sometimes to spend money on a new bed frame.

3. Old Mattressesunmade bed

When we invest in a bed, we hope that our new mattress will last for as long as possible. Unfortunately, all beds can only last for so long before they start to get old and saggy. Even high-quality and expensive mattresses lose some of their durability over time.

If you’re struggling with a mattress that slides everywhere, one cause could be its age. An old mattress tends to slide because grease and dirt also accumulate on the side that touches the bed frame. If one side is more worn than the other, try using the other side to see it offers more grip.

How to Prevent Mattress From Sliding

So how do you keep mattress from slipping and sliding every time you go to bed? You need to find something that you can use to create friction on one side of the mattress, to help keep that mattress in position.

Below are tried and tested tips on how to keep mattress from sliding on platform bed and similar bed bases.

Rubber rug pads: Certain kinds of rubber matting usually used for your flooring can be an excellent and economical way to stop mattress sliding. Rubber matting helps to prevent the material from moving around on top of your box spring or bed frame. All you need to do is measure your mattress and purchase a rug pad that has a slightly larger surface area. Place the matting on top of the base before replacing the mattress.

Carpet tape: Used to keep rugs and carpets in place, carpet tapes can also be used to stop unnecessary mattress movement. However, this is more likely a short-term solution than a permanent fix since it will leave a residue or result in loose threads.

Foam rubber: Another option to keep a mattress in the same place through the night is to try foam rubber. Usually, foam rubber is sold in long strips online. One side has a paper adhesive, while the other is made with slip-resistant foam. Measure the width and length of your mattress to make sure you get enough, then place the rubber strips over the inner edge of your box spring bed frame.

Velcro tape: Similar to carpet taping options, Velcro can help to prevent your mattress from slipping by providing extra friction or your bed. The hook and loop strips of Velcro that you can use for your new mattress are available in a range of sizes. You can cut them to fit your bed. Just make sure that you match the hooked and looped sides properly when you’re preparing your bed frame.

How to Stop Mattress From Sliding Off Metal Frame

metal bed frame

Sometimes, creating more friction with carpet tape and rubber doesn’t keep your mattress from shifting. This is usually the case for metal bed frames.

As a remedy, consider creating side rails for your metal bed frame. This strategy generally works well for beds that don’t have side rails. You can buy trim stocks that you can measure and place around the edges of your bed. Remember, you’ll need to measure your bed fully to ensure that you get the right results. Start by using basic wooden sticks on each side of your bed. The trim stocks should be able to hold most mattresses in place, so it doesn’t slide. However, you will have to be careful, as the wooden sticks won’t be able to keep your bed in place if they’re dealing with a lot of movement.

Another option if you want to stop your bed sliding around frequently while you sleep is to use elastic straps. You band the straps around your bed frame and pull them over the mattress before you put your mattress cover on. You probably won’t even notice the straps, although they can leave a dent in some softer foam.

If your bed frame is the problem, and you know your way around some carpentry, you can also think about modifying your bed frame. Adding extra sections that will assist to keep the mattress still could be a good idea. However, this is unlikely to be the preferred choice for most homeowners. You could also think about moving your bed so that it’s situated close to the wall. That way, at least your mattress will only be capable of moving in one direction.

How to Keep Mattress From Sliding Off Box Spring

box spring

Solutions that limit mattress movement really depend on the type of mattress and bed frame that you have. For box spring bases, using mattress anti slip products is an affordable option.

If you want a long term solution, however, the best option is to ensure that you invest in the right kind of bed. Consider investing in a mattress with a non-slip side so that your mattress doesn’t move as often.

You could also think about getting rid of your old box spring bed frame and replacing it with a new one that has plenty of supportive foundations around the mattress itself. The right bed can keep your mattress still all night without you having to worry about making custom adjustments to your bed that might end up costing you more money. Even just getting a mattress foundation with rails can make a lot of difference when you’re trying to prevent your mattress from moving excessively.

Keeping Your Mattress in Place All Night

A sliding mattress can be a significant problem, even though it’s an issue that many people consider to be quite common. If you still haven’t figured out how to keep mattress from sliding on adjustable bed at night, it can make it harder for you to get the kind of restful sleep that you deserve. It also means that you increase your chances of sleeping in positions that cause more back and joint problems over the years.

Sometimes, simply adding a few adjustments to your mattress, as some foam to keep it in place, or something sticky to provide a little friction can make a lot of difference. Other times, it’s no longer an option to keep a mattress that is old and saggy so the only way to go is to buy a new one or choose a different frame to keep it where it should be.

Whatever option you choose, we hope we were able to provide you with the information you need to arrive at a fully-informed decision.

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