Best Floor Mattress 2022 – Our Top 10 Choices Compared

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Getting a good night’;s sleep is one of the best things you can do for your mind and body. Sleep replenishes your energy, fights off disease, and gives you the strength you need to tackle each day.

The right sleeping arrangements can be crucial to giving you the sleep experience that you need. However, you don’;t necessarily need to stick with the traditional options if you don’;t want to. In fact, there are millions of people around the world who much prefer a floor sleeping mat to a traditional bed frame and mattress.

Throughout history, people haven’;t always relied on elevated bed frames to get the rest and relaxation that they need. In Japan and other parts of the world, many individuals still prefer to sleep directly on the floor, with nothing but a thin ground mattress to cushion their bodies. They believe that a floor sleeping pad is not only more convenient than a large and bulky bed, it’;s also better for their health too.

Depending on your individual needs, a floor mattress pad can help align your spine, balance out your pressure points, and banish common issues with pain. What’;s more, because many of these products are designed to roll up into a compact shape when you’;re not using them, they’;re very easy to store too.

If you’;re interested in exploring the benefits of sleeping on the floor, then you’;ll need to find the best floor mattress that’;s suitable for you and your body. Unfortunately, that can be easier said than done, with so many folding floor mattress companies to choose from today.

The good news is that if you’;re feeling overwhelmed and confused, you’;ve come to the right place. We’;ve can provide all the guidance you need to help you make an informed decision about your new sleeping accessory complete with reviews of some of the best products on the market.

Let’;s get started.

Top 10 Best Floor Mattresses

1. Milliard Tri Folding (Editor’;s Choice)

Milliard Tri Folding e1582271701873


  • Material Type: Memory foam and foam
  • Cover: Jacquard Bamboo
  • Size & Dimension: Twin XL – 78 x 38 x 6 inches

When it comes to picking the best Japanese floor mattresses, it’;s important to remember that there are a lot of different options to choose from. Some pads are very thin and flexible, designed to give you a traditional Asian experience. Other products, like the tri-folding mattress pad from Milliard, are intended to provide a good balance between a traditional mattress, and a new way of sleeping.


Created as the perfect floor mattress for guests, or for use on the go, the Milliard Memory Foam mattress ensures that you can get a good night’;s sleep wherever you go. All you need to do is unfold the plush foam floor mattress in any room, and you’;ll be ready to enjoy a night of relaxing rest. Unlike some of the other floor mattresses on the market that offer nothing but cushioning cotton, the memory foam of this product means that you’;re much more likely to be comfortable if you’;re used to a very soft sleeping surface.

The Memory foam Milliard tri-fold mattress is perfect for temporary sleeping positions, or even a long-term one. The 4.5-inch supportive base is a lot thicker than what you might expect from other traditional Japanese mattress options. That’;s because this product was designed to provide an alternative sleeping solution for people who aren’;t ready to give up all the comforts that they’;ve gotten used to just yet. The whole design is CertiPUR-US certified, for peace of mind, and the mattress comes with a removable bamboo cover too. That means you can keep your bedding clean and fresh.

The ventilated foam also helps you to avoid any discomfort caused by overheating which is a common problem with some memory foam folding mattress options. The only real downside with this product is you can feel the loss in support in the folding areas where the mattress splits into three different sections. This means that this bed may be best for temporary use.

  • Thick memory foam folding floor mattress
  • Excellent ultra-soft bamboo cover included
  • Non-slip bottom to keep you cozy all night
  • May also be good for travel and guests
  • Mattress can be used by people who aren’;t used to Japanese style beds
  • Loses support in the connections between sections
  • Not ideal for long-term use
  • Can be harder to store than some smaller mattresses

2. Inofia Folding Foam (Luxury Choice)

Inofia Folding Foam

  • Material Type: Memory foam and foam
  • Cover: Bamboo
  • Size & Dimension: Full – 73 x 52 x 6 inches

Another example of a fantastic floor mattress made with multiple sections of memory foam. This Inofia memory foam tri-fold mattress ensures that you can get a comfortable night’;s sleep on the move or provide your guests with a great place to sleep when you’;re low on space. If you want all the benefits of sleeping on the floor, without having to worry about back pain, this could be one of the best mattresses for you.


Designed as a temporary sleeping solution for those who want more comfort in their floor mattresses, this tri-fold option comes with a 1.5-inch thick memory foam layered over a supportive foam base. This means that you get one of the thickest foam layer mattresses on the market today. Additionally, the product is CertiPUR-US certified, which means that you can rest assured that it’;s free from all chemicals and toxins.

The tri-fold mattress comes with a removable bamboo cover, which you can wash and replace whenever you choose. What’;s more the anti-slip bottom means that you won’;t have to worry about your floor mat moving around whenever you roll over during the night. Whenever you’;re done using it, the Inofia mattress is easily folded away into a cupboard for later use.

If you’;re willing to give your email address to the company responsible for this memory foam floor mattress, they’;ll also give you a 100-night guarantee, so you can test your new mattress and check that the support is suitable for you. On the downside, some people said that the panels filled up unevenly when left to inflate after delivery. Additionally, the vendor can be hard to get hold of, even when you leave your name, email website administrator, or contact business through the phone.

  • One of the thickest memory foam mattresses
  • Trial period of 100 nights
  • 10-year warranty included
  • Excellent foldable design
  • Non-slip bottom for extra support
  • Panels can inflate unevenly
  • Customer service needs improvement

3. Best Price Mattress Trifold ( Best Value)

Best Price Mattress Trifold


  • Material Type: Memory foam and foam
  • Cover: Poly-jacquard
  • Size & Dimension: Twin XL – 80 x 39 x 4 inches

This Twin XL size futon floor mattress from Best Price Mattress is one of the most convenient and impressive flor mattress options that we’;ve seen so far. Ideal for sleeping on the floor when you’;re camping, or you need some extra sleep areas for overnight guests, the Best Price Mattresses Trifold option comes with everything you need to get a good rest.


Created for people who want comfort and quality, without compromising on value and convenience, this mattress includes a 1.5-inch memory foam top layer, as well as 2.5 inches of high-density base foam, to keep you supported through the night. Like many of the best floor mattress choices that we’;ve seen so far, this product also comes with a Twin XL cover included, which can be unzipped, and machine washed whenever needed.

The certified and anti-allergenic memory foam, as well as the high-density support foam, give you two layers of excellent comfort that have been designed to the highest standards to stand the test of time. What’;s more, to give you extra peace of mind, this mattress comes with a 5-year warranty included when you give your name, email, and some other basic information to the company.

One point worth noting is that this product is unlikely to be the best choice for heavier sleepers. Although it is a twin size, you may find that the foam layer isn’;t thick enough for you if you’;re heavier, which means that you’;ll sink through to the floor below. Additionally, this isn’;t the softest mattress if you’;re looking for a plush sleeping arrangement.

  • Good size for people who need more space
  • Supportive memory foam and base foam
  • Designed with care using high-quality ingredients
  • Convenient for use on the move
  • 5-year warranty included
  • Not thick enough for heavier sleepers
  • Not the softest option

4. Best Choice Products Portable (Best for Guests)

Best Choice Products Portable

  • Material Type: Polyurethane foam
  • Cover: Fabric
  • Size & Dimension: Full – 75 x 53 x 4 inches

This Best Choice products floor mattress is made using four inches of high-density foam. That means that you get a very supportive foam experience, without feeling as though you’;re lying straight on the floor. Designed to give you the perfect folding mattress for guests, the Best Choice products memory foam mattress is easy to store, and it’;s available to use whenever and wherever you choose.


Thanks to the unique folding structure of the mattresses from Best Choice products, you can use this item in a variety of ways either as a floor mat for camping or a folding mattress. You can also keep part of your mattress stacked to give you a convenient extra seating space during big movie nights and family gatherings.

Space-saving and portable, this attractive floor mattress comes with a convenient carry case so you can easily keep the product out of the way when it isn’t in use. What’;s more, if you’;re worried about keeping your mattress in peak condition, the product also comes with a machine washable and removable cover that’;s dryer-friendly too.

Easy to set up and perfect for quick support in a range of conditions, this is sure to become a crucial part of your family’s many sleepovers and camping trips for years to come. According to some of the reviews we read, however, it can stain quite easily, so it’;s best to keep an eye on foam. Additionally, the thickness of this mattress means that it’;s hard to get the cover back on once you’;ve taken it off.

  • Convenient floor mattress which works as bed or chair
  • High-density foam for extra comfort
  • Excellent for travel with included carry case
  • Mattress is made with quality materials
  • Durable design
  • Removable covers can be hard to get back on
  • Stains quite quickly

5. FULI Traditional Shikibuton (Best Japanese Futon)

FULI Traditional Shikibuton

  • Material Type: Polyester stuffing
  • Cover: Cotton
  • Size & Dimension: Twin – 39 x 25.5 x 2.5 inches

If you’;re looking for the best floor mattresses to give you the full Japanese sleeping experience, then the FULI could be the perfect choice for you. Eschewing memory foam in favor of a cotton and polyester stuffing, this is the best floor mattress for people who just want a thin and lightweight solution for sleep.


Designed as a rolling mattress that takes up very little space when not in use, this bedding allows you to discover the benefits of sleeping on the floor for eliminating back pain. Although the product wasn’;t made in Japan, it mimics the traditional Japanese mattresses that many people still turn to when looking for the best roll up mattress. Additionally, this mattress can be used on top of your existing bed if you just need some extra comfort.

The product arrives in a reusable vacuum bag, which means that it’;s very easy to store, unlike some other mattresses available on the market today. However, it’;s worth noting that these kinds of floor mattresses can take a lot of getting used to at first. If you haven’;t used a traditional Shiki futon mattress before, then you might find this rolling mattress to be too thin for your needs, as it doesn’;t provide a lot of cushioning.

On the plus side, the product is great at eliminating sweat and extra heat which can be a common problem with memory foam floor mattresses. If you’;re looking for a traditional experience, and you don’;t need a lot of softness from your floor mat, this could be the ideal choice for you. Just don’;t expect to get the same level of comfort you would get from a standard western bed.

  • Excellent for an authentic Japanese experience
  • Thin and lightweight design
  • Doesn’;t absorb a lot of heat
  • Easy to roll up and store
  • Excellent materials throughout
  • Not ideal for people who aren’;t used to sleeping on the floor
  • Doesn’;t provide a lot of cushioning

6. Better Habitat SleepReady (Best Roll Up)

Better Habitat Rolling

  • Material Type: Memory Foam
  • Cover: Terry Cotton
  • Size & Dimension: Single – 75 x 25 x 3 inches

Another excellent memory foam floor mattress choice for people who want to try sleeping on the floor, the Better Habitat SleepReady rolling mattress offers a fantastic alternative to common fold up bed products.


Designed to be ready to use in seconds, you simply unclip the product and roll it out on your floor. Within seconds, you’;ll be ready to lie down and go to sleep. Like some of the other best floor mattresses that we’;ve covered, this product also comes with a waterproof sheet and a non-slip surface on the bottom.

Highly rated for both comfort and convenience, this product comes in a range of sizes, from twice size to kids size. With 3 inches of solid memory foam throughout, you can expect superior comfort and support, as well as reduced joint pain. Many people find that the 3 inches of memory foam in this mattress help with things like health and mobility. What’;s more, the hypoallergenic cover protects against dust mites, mildew, and allergens too.

The machine washable cover means that you can keep your floor mattress in great condition for years to come. However, it’;s worth noting that this item is better suited to slimmer or more lightweight people, as you can end up sinking straight through if you’;re a little heavier. This product also doesn’;t seem to be a good choice for people who sleep on their side, as the base memory foam isn’;t supportive enough to stop sinkage.

You may also decide to use one of these floor mattress options to get extra support on top of your current bed, or to give you more comfort underneath a sleeping bag. There’;s a matching plush blanket available from the same company too.

  • Premium quality memory foam and materials
  • Machine washable and removable covers
  • 3 inches of robust support
  • Protects against allergens and dust mites
  • 12-month warranty included
  • Not a folding mattress
  • Can be difficult to fit into the included bag
  • Not ideal for heavy or side sleepers

7. American Furniture Alliance Hide A’ Mat

American Furniture Alliance Hide A' Mat

  • Material Type: Polyutherathane, polyester, and fiber foam
  • Cover: None
  • Size & Dimension: Junior Twin – 75 x 30 x 3.5 inches

An excellent folding mattress for your floor, the American Furniture Alliance Hide a Mat product is easily folded and unfolded for a quick and convenient night of comfortable sleep. It’;s great for everything, from camping and sleepovers to dorm room beds and more. You may also use your Hide A’ Mat floor mattress for when visitors and family members need to come and stay the night.


Made with the highest quality of materials throughout, this floor mattress features a soft and breathable filling. Brilliantly portable and with a lightweight design which means you don’;t have to worry too much about struggling with carrying or storing your floor mattress, this product is extremely convenient. What’;s more, the fiber filling in this mattress meats with all of the latest standards for flammability, so you can rest assured that you’;re safe and protected.

This is a relatively simple folding mattress compared to some of the other twin full and memory foam best floor mattresses that we’;ve seen so far. However, for most people, it will get the job done. It doesn’;t seem to be big enough for two people, but one person may get adequate support provided that they’;re not too heavy. Heavier people can slide through the mattress and end up feeling the floor below.

Additionally, it’;s worth noting that a lot of people think that this product is better used on top of another mattress, or with a sleeping bag that is padded for extra comfort. If you like a soft bed, then it may be a little too firm or thin for your needs.

  • Easily folded and transported mattress
  • Made with high-quality approved materials
  • Easy to move design
  • Convenient and space-saving
  • Can be used as a seat
  • Not the softest floor mattress
  • May need extra cushioning for sleeping on the floor
  • Too thin for larger people

8. Milliard Ultra Washable

Milliard Ultra Washable

  • Material Type: Foam
  • Cover: Jacquard Bamboo
  • Size & Dimension: Twin – 75 x 38 x 4 inches

Another excellent contender for one of the best floor mattresses we’;ve seen on the market so far. This Milliard ultra-washable mattress is soft, breathable, and designed to be extra comfortable.


Perfect for people who aren’;t used to having a harder surface to sleep on, the foam in the mattress provides plenty of support and comfort throughout the night, while still giving you the sinkable softness you need to feel as though you’;re at home in your own bed.

Ideal for small apartments and tight spaces, this mattress can fit one person comfortably in twin full size, but it might be a little too small for two individuals at the same time. One particularly beneficial feature of this floor mattress is how easy it is to wash. The removable bamboo cover means that you can keep your mattress fresh and clean, no matter how frequently you might use it.

Aside from offering a soft and reliable experience for those discovering floor mattresses for the first time, this product is also extremely durable. It’;s designed to stand the test of time and could even hold up to regular use when camping or when you’;re using it in the great outdoors. However, unlike some of the other floor mattresses that we’;ve looked at so far, this item isn’;t the most convenient for regular use.

The Milliard mattress is better for people who need something quick and simple to use for a short duration. The tri-fold sections can cause dips in the mattress that make it hard to spread your weight properly over the foam. Furthermore, if you sleep on your side, you might find that the mattress dips too much for proper comfort.

  • Soft and breathable design
  • Convenient for small spaces and transport
  • Durable design with four inches of foam
  • Good size for individuals</li
  • Reliable replacement for a temporary bed
  • Not suitable as a full-time bed
  • Gaps between foam can make it hard to spread your weight out fully
  • Not enough space for two people

9. Simmons BeautySleep Siesta

Simmons BeautySleep Siesta

  • Material Type: Memory foam and foam
  • Cover: Fabric
  • Size & Dimension: Single – 75 x 31 x 3 inches

The BeautySleep Siesta floor mattress from Simmons offers an instantly comfortable place to sit, lounge, or sleep when you’;re low on space.


Offering three inches of thick memory foam, the mattress is great for people who like a softer bed or sleeping space. When this product isn’;t in use, it rolls up quickly and easily, for a hassle-free storage experience.

Although this might not be the best floor mattress for people who are used to bigger, thicker mattresses it’;s a good mid-way point for people who want the comfort of foam and the back pain altering effects of sleeping on a floor. Designed for use during camping trips, sleepovers, and even when guests come to visit this is a fantastic lightweight and convenient product.

You could also choose to use these mattresses as a topper for your old bed if you feel as though your current mattress is losing some of its appeal. The floor mattresses from Simmons come with a removable and machine washable cover to help keep them in excellent condition. There’;s also a durable travel bag included with an arm strap too.

It’;s worth noting that you’;re not going to get a full twin size memory foam bed experience from this product, but you will get something that makes your existing bed feel a lot better or helps you to sleep comfortably when you’;re on the floor. Some people noted that the value of this floor mattress isn’;t great when you consider that you’;re not getting a full foam bed experience.

  • Convenient and lightweight design
  • 3 inches of comfortable foam
  • Easy to roll up for storage
  • One of the more durable mattresses on the market
  • Perfect as a mattress topper
  • Not a full memory foam experience
  • Not the softest or thickest floor mattress

10. EMOOR Original Classe

EMOOR Original Classe

  • Material Type: Polyester filling
  • Cover: Cotton
  • Size & Dimension: Queen Long – 83 x 63 inches

Finally, if you want a full queen floor mattress solution that’;s going to eliminate all of your back problems the EMOOR Original Classe could be the bed for you. Another example of a traditional futon mattress from Japan, this Emoor mattress is a best-selling product from a series of floor mattresses intended for people who need a firmer surface for sleeping.


While the floor mattress looks fluffy and comes with an anti-allergenic material to help protect you against dust mites and other problems, it’;s still thin enough that you get the extra support you need for your back from the floor. Because this product is in a full queen size, you can also double it up by folding it to achieve an experience similar to thicker foam mattresses.

Lightweight and portable, the mattresses from EMOOR are perfect for anyone who needs something different from a traditional bed experience. It’;s not going to give you 5 inches of foam to support your back and other parts of your body which means that it won’;t be ideal for side sleepers. However, it can offer a fantastic alternative to foam and traditional beds for people who need a way to eliminate spine and back problems.

One of the best floor mattress options that money can buy, this product offers plenty of thick cushioning so it doesn’;t feel as thin as a yoga pad. However, it’;s also going to be very different from your traditional bed. One downside is that the mattress protector that comes with this particular floor mattress might not be as high in quality as you expect.

  • Fantastic traditional floor mattress experience
  • Great for use for people with bad backs
  • Excellent alternative to over-heating foam
  • Queen sized design
  • Great for folding and storing
  • Not as thick as foam mattresses
  • Not ideal for people who aren’;t used to sleeping on the floor
  • Low-quality mattress protector

What Is a Floor Mattress?

Floor mattresses come in many shapes and sizes. Some traditional Japanese futon options are simply roll-out beds that are made using cotton and polyester. A lot of people see them as thick quilts or blankets, rather than typical mattress pads. These options are a lot thinner and are intended for people who don’;t need a lot of softness from their beds.

portable beds inside tent

You can also get floor mattresses that are made out of foam and other materials. These can often fold into shape when you’;re ready to go to sleep at home or during a camping trip. These mattresses can be piled up into a simple square that you store in your attic or cupboard when not in use.

Regardless of the floor mattresses you choose to explore, you may find that sleeping this way comes with a variety of benefits. After all, sleeping on the floor means resting on a surface that is even and firm, which means that there’;s no danger that sagging parts of your bed will cause your spine to drop or your stomach to dip when you’;re sleeping.

Of course, not everyone will feel comfortable using these kinds of mattresses. Some people struggle to get to sleep in an environment that doesn’;t offer a lot of cushioning. If you’;re used to very soft bedding, then it may be hard for you to adjust to the different sleeping experience offered by floor mattresses.

Is It OK to Sleep on a Floor Mattress?


Throughout the eastern part of the world, and outside of the US, plenty of individuals and cultures prefer to sleep on floor mattresses instead of what we consider to be a traditional bed. These individuals like to avoid the cost and space-consuming issues of a typical mattress, and they often consider a floor mattress to be more comfortable too.

Floor mattresses can be particularly useful for people who have back problems, and issues that require them to sleep on a firmer surface. However, certain conditions may require approval from a doctor before you begin using a floor mattress. For instance, while some pregnant women will be able to sleep on a floor mattress without any concerns, others will need the extra support that they can get from a typical bed of gel memory foam mattress.

What Is the Best Floor Mattress?

There’;s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to choosing floor mattresses that best suits your needs.

Some people may even decide that floor mattresses aren’;t right for them. Learning to sleep on the floor can be very difficult if you’;re used to the kind of plush comfort that comes from a gel memory foam bed, for instance. However, if you suffer from a lot of back pain, or you need a convenient and compact way to find extra bedding space in your home, then floor mattresses can come in handy.

Japanese futon in living room

With a floor mattress, you don’;t need to worry about finding the space in your apartment for an entire box spring base or a bed frame when people are coming to visit. Floor mattresses can be quickly and easily rolled or folded into place when you need them, then packed away for storage until a later date.

At the same time, some of the floor mattresses on the market today are specifically designed to help maintain proper spinal alignment, so you can make sure that you don’;t have to worry about issues with posture and pain.

Tips When Using Floor Mattresses

foam bed in spare room

Due to their unique design, some mattresses will be better suited to people who want to sleep on the floor than others. You’;ll need to think carefully about whether you want a foam mattress or something that’;s made from softer materials, like cotton. You’;ll also need to decide exactly how much space you want your floor mattresses to take up.

Before you use your mattress on the floor, make sure that you sweep and vacuum the floor to protect yourself against overexposure to dust-mites and other allergens. Additionally, it can be helpful to look for mattresses that come with protectors, as this will help to keep your investment in good condition for longer.

Choosing the Best Floor Mattress

The right sleeping solution for you will depend on a number of different things, including what kind of mattress you consider to be the most comfortable, and whether you’re used to sleeping on the floor.

Some people will prefer a mattress that makes them feel as though they’re sleeping on their typical bed, which means that a foam option like the Milliard Tri-folding mattress is an excellent choice. This floor-based option is brimming with thick memory foam to give you extra-soft comfort and support.

On the other hand, if you want a more traditional floor sleeping experience, then you’ll need a very different kind of mattress. If you want to take advantage of the firmness of the floor, then you could try a mattress like the FULI traditional futon floor mattress, which gives you the perfect combination of cushiony support for your joints, and firm spinal support.

Choosing the best floor mattress that meets your specific needs entails a lot of research. Hopefully, our mattress reviews have given you a good insight into the different kinds of floor mattresses you might be able to try today.

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