Is Sleeping with Your Pets Safe?

We all have a soft spot for our furry buddies. Pets give you the best company when you feel down, tired, sad, and bored. The warmth and comfort they give makes us want to spend a lot of time with them. This explains the reason why a lot of people enjoy sleeping with their pets at night.

This has been a habit for many people across the globe. But the argument on whether this is safe or not remains an issue. Parents who have kids who are fond of animals may be wondering if it is truly safe to let their pets share a bed with their kids. What boundaries and limitations should one take in this issue?

The answer may vary and be different for every person. There are a lot of factors to consider as not everyone has the same circumstances. To help you get a broader picture on this, we have prepared a couple of information on the advantages and disadvantages of sleeping with pets. From there, you can deduce whether sleeping with your pets is safe for you or not.

The Good in Sleeping with Your Pets

Co-sleeping with your pets has a couple of good effects on your overall health. This can be beneficial and therapeutic to many; hence, there is a higher chance of people having their fur buddies with them in bed. Let us take a look at them one by one.

  • Feeling of Security

A person feels more secure when sleeping with a pet. It makes them feel more secured emotionally because of the thought that they have company. The same goes to physical security because having a pet around while you are unconscious and sleeping makes you feel like you are with someone else even if you are living alone. Pets are also good indicators for presence and possible break-ins.

  • Stress Relief

Most people dealing with mental health issues and sleeping disorders such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, insomnia and more are recommended to have pets. This is for the reason that it is easier to fall asleep when you know you have company. Pets give its owners a different kind of calmness and relief, so a simple play or bonding session with them can get you feeling soothed and less stressed.

  • Insulation and Comfort

Pets can give you the same warmth and comfort that a human individual can. They have warm body temperatures that can give you the same feel as that of an electric blanket. When you sleep with your pet, you get to feel warmer and safer. Their rhythm of their breathing can also get you feeling soothed and relaxed, hence, giving you a better quality of sleep at night.

The Risks of Sleeping with Your Pet

With the numerous advantages a person gets from sleeping with their pets come a few risks that they should look out for. These are the conditions that may hinder someone from spending a night with their pets. Let us take a look at them closely to prevent unpleasant things from happening.

  • Asthma and Allergic Attacks

The percentage of people who have allergies and asthma are discouraged to sleep in with their pets. This is because your pet’s fur can trigger and aggravate your condition. This can even lodge into clothes, sheets and other areas that you may come in contact with. When you encounter allergens from your pets, your body may go through a period of inflammation. This may make it harder for you to breathe and may even completely block your airway passages.

  • Possible Disease Transmission

We all know that pets are actually good carriers of diseases. When you share a bed with your pets, you put yourself at risk for transmission of possible viruses. This can also happen when you have open wounds that are contaminated through face licking or kissing. Pets are also prone to getting lice and other types of flea infestation, when this happens, you may end up with tons of flea bites during sleep. This is a possibility, but for those who regularly bring their pets for vaccinations and other check-ups, there is a lower chance of disease transmission.

  • Sleep Interruption

People who are not deep sleepers should not be sleeping with the same bed as their pets. This is because your pet’s movement can wake you up in the middle of the night. Pets also have the possibility of acting out their dreams, you may be aroused by small kicks, scratches and howling. Some animals are also nocturnal, so the possibility of them moving around and waking you up is very likely. A good recommendation would be to get them their own crater or bed to lessen the chances of sleep interruptions during the night.

  • Intensified Aggression and Dominance

When you let your pets sleep with you in bed, you give them the feeling of being territorial. Their sense of dominance and aggression can intensify as they would not want other animals or sometimes, humans in that area. They may end up being aggressively on guard when people other than you occupy the bed. A good way to prevent this would be to get them their own bed or space.

  • Interruption of Intimate Moments

For couples, it is recommended to have your pet sleep on a different bed. They are discouraged to let the pet sleep in between them as it may give your pet a feeling of dominance and territoriality. They may end up barking non-stop or interfering with possible moments of intimacy like hugging or cuddling.

Who are Discouraged to Sleep with Pets?

Looking at the pros and cons of sleeping with pets, we can conclude that it is unsafe for some people to sleep with pets. This includes infants, very young children, and those who have health conditions like asthma and allergies. People with weak immune systems have the same tolerance and immune response level with small children. Thus, it is safe to keep a safe distance from pets as they may end up giving you diseases that can affect your overall health.

Tips When Sleeping with Pets

Those who prefer to sleep with their pets should remember a few things. This would be strategically allocating a space for your pet, this is necessary because it may be difficult to manage your pet’s aggression and being territorial in the long run. Invest on a mattress that allows you to sleep well even with your fur buddy around.

The likelihood of your pet waking you up at night is high, so when this happens, make sure to set boundaries. It is not a good idea to play or snack with them in the middle of the night. For best results, have them engage in enough physical activity during the day so they can have a better sleep at night.


If you have been wondering whether it is safe to sleep with your pets at night or not, just take a look at the information discussed above. Take them into consideration and prioritize your overall health first before making a decision. If a chunk of your well-being is to be compromised with co-sleeping with your pet, this indicates that it is not a good idea for you.

If you are clear of the risks mentioned above, then simply practice the tips and be guided by the following pointers to maximize your rest while having a fine time with your pet at night. The answer may be different to every person, so make sure to check everything first before diving into bed with your fur buddies.