Ettitude Bamboo Sheets Review: Softness Like None Other

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Ettitude Bamboo Sheets

Delivery Process 4.7
Product material and Design 4.8
Sleeping Comfort 4.8
Proper Care 4.5
Sustainability and Client Support 4.8


  • Silky, smooth, and soft
  • Excellent client support
  • Advanced temperature regulation
  • Environmentally conscious and sustainable company
  • High quality, durable material


  • Lacks a crisp appearance and feel
  • High price point
  • Special laundering needs
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ettitude - Standard Sheet Set

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Last update was on: July 20, 2024 6:03 pm

If you’ve been dreaming of sleeping on a set of bamboo bedsheets, you’ll probably be wondering what the best bamboo sheets are to buy. We kept hearing about Ettitude bamboo lyocell sheets, so we decided to try them out for ourselves!

Made from 100% bamboo lyocell, Ettitude sheets boast a luxuriously silky feel that is high quality, durable, and pill-resistant. What’s more, they’re excellent at regulating temperature thanks to the moisture-wicking properties of the material.

One Ettitude ad even claims it will make you want to sleep naked so that you can feel the fabric against your bare skin. So, are they worth the hype? It all depends on your personal sleep needs and preferences, but for some – it’s definitely worth the hype.

Who are these sheets for?

Ettitude bamboo sheets are highly recommended if you prefer that silky soft feel with a shiny appearance. They’re also good if you overheat easily while sleeping, or if environmental sustainability is important to you. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials available!

Who are they not for?

On the other hand, these Ettitude sheets aren’t the best option if you prefer a crisp feeling and appearance. Likewise, it’s not for consumers who are after a budget option and prefer sheets requiring special care for durability.

This Ettitude sheets review is based on our own personal experience with these sheets. We hope we can help you determine if the Ettitude bamboo sheets are the best option for you. We’ll walk you through our entire experience so you know what to expect if you purchase them. Let’s get started!

Features and Benefits

1. Delivery Process

Our Ettitude sheet set was shipped via FedEx, and the first attempted delivery took only about a week.

Package Contents

The new sheet set came in a plain brown box perfectly sized to securely hold the contents. It’s also free of company branding. Inside the box, the new Ettitude sheets were folded and wrapped inside a small drawstring bag made from the same bamboo material used to make the sheets. The minimalist packaging didn’t contain plastic, reaffirming its environmentally sustainable values.

2. Product Material and Design

pepper colored Ettitude bamboo sheet set

The Color

We chose the traditional Ettitude bamboo sheets in their pepper color. However, several other colors and options regarding material are available. Ettitude offers other sheet sets incorporating charcoal or coffee into the organic bamboo bedding to enhance temperature regulation further.

Ettitude’s pepper color is basically a pale black. Upon first inspection, the color was rich, consistent, and held up after washing several times. Interestingly enough, the bamboo bedding material paired with the pale black color appeared shiny and matte, all at the same time. This will help them maintain their original appearance without looking faded for many washes to come.

The Fabric

Why bamboo fabric sheets? All it took was one touch of our new bamboo lyocell sheet set to realize why the bamboo fabric is so popular; the softness is unreal! Our new bamboo sheets felt similar to silk, but not quite as slick. These were naturally soft and silky, even before washing. The sheets are definitely not cotton, and we love it!

This material is luxury comfort on your fingertips, and you’ll rush to get them on your bed. In fact, we didn’t even wait for night to try them out; we took a nap right away to jumpstart this review.

Fitted Sheet Pockets

When it comes to a fitted sheet, the pockets are important. You want pockets that will hug your mattress but won’t slip off. Our new fitted sheet definitely grabbed the corner of the mattress well. We have not experienced any issues with it slipping off while we sleep at night.

In fact, there’s plenty of extra material in both the top and bottom sheets, making them easy to put on and take off of the bed. Ettitude also pre-shrinks their material, so you don’t have to worry about the sheets losing the ability to fit their mattresses over time. If the sheets fit when they arrive, they will also fit after several washes.

3. Sleeping Comfort

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ettitude - Standard Sheet Set

& Free shipping
Last update was on: July 20, 2024 6:03 pm

After sleeping on the new bamboo lyocell sheet set, we liked how it felt even more. As the ad said, you’d want to feel the luxury material against your body and skin. After a couple of days, the sheets were rewashed, and the bamboo bedding stayed soft without developing any stiffness. Adding water and heat may have even made the bamboo sheets a bit softer.

Many bamboo sheets are made with a blend of bamboo rayon – also called viscose, but Ettitude’s are bamboo lyocells. Are viscose sheets good? They can be, but lyocell fibers are smoother, resulting in a softer final product.

Lyocell is also known for absorbing moisture and preventing the growth of bacteria. Likewise, it can stay odor-free and can regulate temperature better than rayon or modal blended bamboo fabrics.


Another reason bamboo sheets are popular for bedding is their high durability. The bamboo lyocell fibers are stronger and longer-lasting than silk, which tends to be fairly delicate in bedding. With a bamboo sheet, you will still get a silky feel, but with better durability.

So, if you’re wondering if bamboo sheets are worth the cost? Yes! They require an investment upfront, but the extra money is worth it considering the extended time you will get, thanks to the uniquely strong bamboo material.

Temperature Regulation

When it comes to overheating while you sleep, you could naturally sleep hot, or your bedding could cause it. Your sheets can go a long way when it comes to staying cool while you sleep, and Ettitude claims they will do just that. If you or your partner tend to get too hot in the middle of the night, particularly during summer, the Ettitude bamboo sheet set is worth a try.

After sleeping on the sheets, we noticed a definite coolness compared to the cotton sheets we used previously. These sheets do not retain body heat; you can sleep cool all night. After a couple of nights, the temperature regulation of the sheets remains consistent. The same with the quality of sleep we got, which is just great.

Of course, we tested our sheets in November, but we firmly believe these will work just as well in June. Even if we do sweat, the fabric will absorb and dissipate moisture without further disruption. The lyocell in the sheets will also prevent the growth of bacteria caused by water retention and keep them odor-free for much longer; a feature lacking in cotton or other absorbent materials used in bedding.

4. Proper Care

washing instruction and Oeko-Tex tag for Ettitude bamboo sheets

Ettitude sheets come with special care instructions that are plainly printed on the tag attached to the original packaging. These sheets do require some special attention. However, if you wash them according to the instructions, they will last longer and resist pilling. Pilling will not only take away the sleek appearance of the sheets, but also reduce their softness by breaking down the material at a rapid pace.

We washed our new bedding several times to evaluate its resistance to pilling; a downside common to bamboo sheets. As directed, we washed the sheets in a separate load of laundry. The sheets were tumble-dried on low heat after using a delicate cycle and a mild detergent. After each wash, we examined the material closely and could not detect any flaws or hints that pilling had begun to occur.

The only drawback concerning the laundering of the Ettitude sheets is the wrinkles. Although the material was removed from the dryer as soon as the cycle ended, the sheets were still wrinkly. Some may not get too concerned about getting a crisp appearance on their sheets, since they’ll be covered by a blanket most of the time anyway.

A few wrinkles aren’t that bothersome, but they might put some people off. However, after sleeping on the freshly washed sheets for a night or two, most of the wrinkles fell out naturally. Thankfully, the sheets were back to looking sleek.

5. Sustainability and Client Care

Another reason I love this Australian bedding company is because of its commitment to the environment and sustainability. With all the bedding options available today, you can afford to be a conscious consumer. Choose and strive to make sustainable purchases when possible.

Here are some of the ways Ettitude goes above and beyond in the name of preserving our environment and giving back to the community:

  • Smart packaging is plastic-free and made from repurposed fabric cut-offs salvaged from their bedding production. The packaging is also reusable.
  • All of Ettitude’s bamboo is 100% sourced from FSC-certified forests that don’t tolerate the exploitation of resources.
  • They are Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) certified to ensure ethical manufacturing processes.
  • They are committed to donating 1% of their revenue from organic bamboo lyocell bedding products to support environmental non-profit organizations.

Ettitude Customer Care

Our new Ettitude bamboo sheets did come with a tiny issue, but Ettitude remedied it quickly and easily. After a few days of sleeping with the sheets, we noticed that the top hem on the flat sheet started to come undone, producing holes along the top edge. We knew this couldn’t be right.

We emailed Ettitude a picture of the defect and our order number, and they replied within 6 hours or so. They confirmed that after only a couple of days, this definitely shouldn’t be happening. According to them, we must have accidentally got a sheet from a faulty batch. This usually happens when the sewing machines are not properly lined up with the material or some other mishap. The representative asked me to double-check the pillowcases and the fitted sheet to ensure they were also not faulty.

When it was confirmed that the rest of the set was fine, they sent another flat sheet. Overall, we feel this was a hassle-free solution, and they quickly and efficiently remedied it. We didn’t even bother sending the faulty sheet back to them.

Final Remarks

Our mattress fitted with Ettitude bamboo sheets

In this Ettitude sheets review, we dove into what the sheets promise and what they actually deliver. Spoiler: we’re fans. These sheets are so soft you’ll want to sleep in your birthday suit. They also keep you cool and resist pilling. Ettitude isn’t just about great sheets; they’re eco-friendly and have great customer service. Buying from them feels like a win for you and the planet.

Sure, there are other Ettitude sheet set reviews, but ours comes from actually snoozing on these sheets. Our take, combined with other reviews, should help you make a solid choice for your next sheet splurge. For us, cotton sheets are out – Ettitude’s bamboo lyocell sheets are the new go-to.

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ettitude - Standard Sheet Set

& Free shipping
Last update was on: July 20, 2024 6:03 pm


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