10 Best Bed Frame For Heavy Person Reviews 2022 (Top Picks With Buyers Guide)

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A vast range of heavy-duty bed frames is inevitably in demand for people with relatively heavier weight. Metal railings, multiple legs, and a sturdy structure are some essential features that need to be closely considered when finding a best bed frame for heavy person. Puzzling and tough as it seems, despite the tons of choices on the market, there is definitely a premium quality bed frame that will comply with your needs and preferences.

Apart from reinventing your bed space at home, investing in a durable and topnotch frame is letting yourself immerse in a comfortable, warm, and cozy bedtime and also in a sound sleep any time of the day. Precise and firm support provides the ultimate sleep experience where you can snuggle in the sheets and move around the bed freely; it endows you with a different level of comfort that jives perfectly with your weight.
To make sure your weight won’;t take a toll on you, we’;ve compiled 10 best bed frames for overweight people along with an in-depth reviews and guidelines you should check out.

Best Rated Bed Frames For Overweight People – A Comparison

ImageNameDimensionsWeightLegsWhere To Buy
Zinus 14 Inch SmartBase Platform Bed FrameZinus 14 Inch SmartBase Platform Bed Frame80 x 60 x 14 inches34.2 lbs12Check Price
Zinus 14 Inch Elite SmartBase Mattress FoundationZinus 14 Inch Elite SmartBase Mattress Foundation79 x 59 x 14 inches46.9 lbs 12Check Price
Modway Horizon Full Bed Frame in GrayModway Horizon Full Bed Frame in Gray54 x 75 x 14 inches40 lbs12Check Price
Olee Sleep 18 Inch Tall Heavy Duty Non slip Bed FrameOlee Sleep 18 Inch Tall Heavy Duty Non-slip Bed Frame81.5 x 77.5 x 18 inches55.2 lbs9Check Price
Mellow Rocky Base TwinMellow Rocky Base Twin79.9 x 9.1 x 9.1 inches49.8 lbs6Check Price
Mantua PB46XL Premium Platform Base in SilverMantua PB46XL Premium Platform Base in Silver41 x 27.5 x 7 inches39 lbs12Check Price
Monster HEAVY DUTY Adjustable Frame“Monster” – HEAVY DUTY – Adjustable Frame72.8 x 8.2 x 4.3 inches42.6 lbs7Check Price
Classic Brands Hercules Heavy Duty 14 Inch Platform Metal Bed FrameClassic Brands Hercules Heavy-Duty 14-Inch Platform Metal Bed Frame75 x 39 x 14 inches24 lbs12Check Price
MALOUF STRUCTURES Heavy Duty Adjustable Metal Bed FrameMALOUF STRUCTURES Heavy Duty Adjustable Metal Bed Frame70 x 60 x 8 inches28.8 lbs7Check Price
Kings Brand Furniture 7 Leg Adjustable Metal Bed FrameKings Brand Furniture 7-Leg Adjustable Metal Bed Frame70 x 60 x 7.5 inches25 lbs7Check Price

Top 10 Bed Frames For Heavy Person Reviews

1. Zinus 14 Inch SmartBase Platform Bed Frame

Zinus houses a vast collection of bed frames that showcase sturdy construction and a strong support for mattresses. And if you want to take your shot on one of its stunning pieces, the 14-inch SmartBase Mattress Foundation might just be the ideal pick for your weight. The frames and wires are all made of steel which provides ample support and comfort.

The overall setup is definitely no hassle. Zinus manufactured such bed frame to be assembled only in a matter of minutes without any use of tools or box spring. As it is engineered with an innovative folding feature, you can store it easily or put it up in any room you like!

Zinus 14 Inch SmartBase Platform Bed Frame

Features and Specifications:
  • 14-inch SmartBase foundation
  • Steel frames and wires
  • Features an innovative folding design.
  • Easy to set up.
  • The feet have plastic caps to prevent the floors from damages and scratches.
  • No tools required.
  • It offers a 13-inch space underneath for an additional storage.
  • These frames feature a durable construction and quality that can last for years.
  • Adequate support, base, and comfort for obese people.
  • It has a weight limit of 2,400 pounds.
  • Durable steel construction.
  • Hassle-free assembly.
  • Spacious space under the bed.
  • Provides optimum support and comfort.
  • Has available bed sizes.
  • Easy to store.
  • Capped feet that keep the floor from damages.
  • If you need to attach it to a headboard of your bed, you need to purchase and use SmartBase headboard brackets.

2. Zinus 14 Inch Elite SmartBase Mattress Foundation

The 14-inch elite SmartBase Mattress bed frame from Zinus is another exquisite option of a best bed frame for a heavy person. The heavy-duty rails and wires are strong steel made with no box springs required. Designed to deliver firm support for high-end mattresses, you can top it off with your desired type of mattress. Sizes are also available for king, queen, twin and full beds.

As it is intended for big and tall people, Zinus structured the bed frame with durable and tough capacity that ensures excellent core. With no tools needed, this sturdy bed frame is easy to assemble and can be folded easily when you need to put it away for storage.

Zinus 14 Inch Elite SmartBase Mattress Foundation

Features and Specifications:
  • 14-inch SmartBase base
  • The rails and overall base are made of steel.
  • It ergonomically folds for quick and easy storage.
  • It showcases a durable construction and firm support.
  • It is designed and built to support high-end mattresses.
  • Intended for big and tall people.
  • Trouble-free installation.
  • It can allot extra space for storage.
  • Designed for big, tall, and heavy people.
  • Easy assembly
  • Steel-made wires and rails.
  • Hardwearing overall construction and support.
  • Modelled to support upscale mattresses.
  • You need to use a SmartBase headboard brackets to attach the steel frame to your headboard. These brackets are sold separately.

3. Modway Horizon Full Bed Frame in Gray

If you’;re not over 1300 lbs, this bed frame from Modway Horizon is solidly built to hold all that weight in. It is also a practical option for those who prefer a hassle-free storage and as it comes in a foldable design that you can just fold away when you need to clear up the space. The 14-inch storage underneath is also a bonus where you can keep some of your essentials.

Probably the impressive point about the Modway Horizon bed frame is its the substantial understructure. The legs and frames are stainless steel metal that guarantees a heavy-duty quality that won’;t wear out easily. It also does not deform or bend as you use it. Apart from the queen, and full bed sizes available, it also comes in 8 other vibrant colors!

Modway Horizon Full Bed Frame in Gray

Features and Specifications:
  • Folds away effortlessly for a trouble-free storage.
  • Can allot a spacious storage underneath with its 14-inch space.
  • Has a weight limit of 1300 lbs.
  • Long-lasting base quality due to the steel structure.
  • Retains the shape and does not get malformed over time easily
  • Has variant colors to choose from.
  • Manufactured with a folding feature.
  • Lends a stable base for an excellent support.
  • Stainless steel metal frames and legs.
  • Premium quality material; the frames don’;t wear out or disfigure easily
  • Has resistant pillars that hold the weight efficiently.
  • It is not available in king bed size.

4. Olee Sleep 18 Inch Tall Heavy Duty Non-slip Bed Frame

For a bigger bed frame that will treat you with a comfy and sound sleep at night, the 18-inch rigid bed frame from Olee Sleep is probably the one you need. It is structured with a unique design and durable construction that furnishes a fundamental support for your weight. Engineered with an enclosed frame, the mattress fills the gaps and fits right into the frame making it more stable even when you move around the bed.

The assembly’;s all easy-peasy. In just a span of minutes, you can get the bed done and set it up with your favorite mattress, sheets, and pillows. There is a also a 16.5-inch clearance under the bed which can be a roomy accessible space for your other essentials and stuff.
Olee Sleep 18 Inch Tall Heavy Duty Non-slip Bed Frame

Features and Specifications:
  • It gives off an ample support and sturdy understructure for heavy people with its 18-inch size.
  • It has an enclosed frame that keeps the mattress intact.
  • Effortless assembly.
  • Has 16.5-inch underbed storage slot
  • The frames and wires are manufactured with metal
  • It does not require a box spring.
  • 18-inch heavy-duty bed frame.
  • Locks the mattress in place.
  • Supplies optimum support for heavy people.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Metal frames and legs.
  • Gives a spacious storage underneath the bed.
  • Some consumers find the legs a bit wobbly.

5. Mellow Rocky Base Twin

If you want to keep up with your modern and minimalist bedroom interiors, the Best Price Mattress bed frame is another option worth a try. This one comes in twin size but it is also available in twin XL, queen, king, full, California king bed size. It is made of durable steel construction that ensures an impeccable quality that won’;t deform or easily break over time.

In terms of stability and support, Best Price Mattress designed their bed frame with durable steel slats. It also has a non-slip railing support for the mattress to keep it intact even when you move. The bed itself also stays in place due to the sturdy structure; it has a heavy-duty and very thick steel base that lends an excellent stability.
Mellow Rocky Base Twin

Features and Specifications:
  • It features a furbished 14-inch metal bed frame and heavily built steel base.
  • It allots an 11-inch storage beneath the bed.
  • It showcases incredibly sturdy steel slats that reinforce the overall quality.
  • It boasts its stability feature that keeps the mattress fixed.
  • It features legs that provide insert points for a separate headboard attachment.
  • Putting the pieces together is quite easy.
  • Made of heavy-duty metal and thick steel base for enhanced durability and stability.
  • The innovative design leaves a spacious room right under the bed for storage use.
  • Keeps the mattress in place.
  • Does not require additional brackets for headboard attachments if you have any.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • The feet do not have non-slip rubbers or caps that protect the floor from scratches.
  • It offers smaller storage space underneath compared to other bed frames.

6. Mantua PB46XL Premium Platform Base in Silver

The Mantua PB46XL is a full XL bed frame that can hold up to a massive 4,000 lbs of total weight! So, if you are within this weight range or you need it for someone else, this is probably the best bed frame for fat person. Apart from its durable construction, the silver base gives off a fresh and modern look to your bed making your room more inviting and comfy. With its heavy-duty foundation, it is also one of the best ways to avoid box springs.

When it comes to assembly, it is all easy. You don’;t need to use any tools. Just snap it and that’;s it! You can use it alone as a bed or incorporate it with your own wooden bed frame. You can also save more storage underneath it with its 14-inch available space.

Mantua PB46XL Premium Platform Base in Silver

Features and Specifications:
  • It is easy to assemble. No tools required.
  • Has an open and wide space below as an extra room for storage.
  • Heavy-duty structure that renders superior support and can hold a maximum weight of 4000 lbs.
  • Coated with silver color that gives off an elegant touch.
  • It is well built and strong – ideal for heavy or fat people.
  • Offers a secondary storage space underneath the bed for your stuff.
  • Has a maximum weight capacity of 4000 lbs.
  • Hassle-free assembly.
  • Ideal for heavy and fat people; it is well built and has heavy-duty pillars.
  • Provides great support for the mattress.
  • Great value for money.
  • It can make a little noise at times but it’;s bearable.

7. “Monster” – HEAVY DUTY – Adjustable Frame

Engineered with very thick metal bars and frames, the product name is definitely the perfect tag! Unlike the standard bed frames, Knickerbocker Monster is reinforced with heavy-duty materials; it is a combination of plastic and metal that are incredibly sturdy. No doubt it’;s one of the best bed frames for heavy couples. It has a wide center bar that goes from the top to bottom and two heavy-duty rails on both sides that provide stability and support.

If you need to move it to another spot, there are wheels in each corner that allow you to do so. Otherwise, you can lock it in one space; it will be stable and won’;t be wiggly. Another impressive point is the adjustable feature; it expands and can be resized according to the bed size you need. One bed for all sizes!
Monster - HEAVY DUTY - Adjustable Frame

Features and Specifications:
  • It is a sturdy bed frame with a wide center bar and heavy-duty railings on two sides that provide stability and support.
  • It expands and resizes according to your desired bed size.
  • Engineered with wheels for quick and seamless transport.
  • Sets up only in minutes.
  • It is a firm bed frame that has a well-founded support.
  • It glides smoothly on the surface with the caster wheels. But it is stable when locked in place.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Provides an excellent support for the mattress and for people with heavy weight.
  • Well-built and has a concrete foundation.
  • Has four wheels that allows the user to move the bed easily from one place to another.
  • Not wiggly when locked in place.
  • Adjustable design; can be customized according to the preferred bed size.
  • Some consumers find the frames not long enough for the mattress.

8. Classic Brands Hercules Heavy-Duty 14-Inch Platform Metal Bed Frame

If you want to get rid of those box springs and just want to stick with a full metal frame, the Classic Brands Hercules bed frame surely is a topnotch pick. It is durable and exceptionally built to provide ultimate support for people with relatively heavy weight. With such support, it elevates your sleep experience leaving you with a comfortable and sound sleep at night. It is foldable so when you set it up or put away for storage, it’;ll go easy as a breeze. The heavy duty bed frame endow a rigid foundation that can support any type of mattress.

It is a 14-inch bed frame that has a 13-inch additional space underneath; it is a spacious room where you can keep your other essentials. The assembly’;s no trouble. With no tools needed, you can set it up in no time. And to prevent scratches and damages on your floor, the legs are innovatively capped.

Classic Brands Hercules Heavy-Duty 14-Inch Platform Metal Bed Frame

Features and Specifications:
  • 14-inch furbished metal frames with a 13-inch free space under the bed.
  • Designed render solid support for any types of mattresses.
  • Does not need any tools for installation.
  • Foldable design
  • The legs are furnished with protective caps.
  • It is available in other bed sizes.
  • Eliminates the need for box springs; it provides a heavy-duty foundation.
  • Foldable design; Easy to set up and store.
  • Capped legs to prevent scratches on the floor.
  • Offers a substantial support that provides a comfortable sleep
  • Lends an extra storage slot underneath
  • Has capped legs that avert possible floor scratches or damages.
  • If you need to attach it to a headboard or footboard, you need to purchase the brackets for them separately.

9. MALOUF STRUCTURES Heavy Duty Adjustable Metal Bed Frame

If you’;re taking your options from the vast selection of adjustable bed frames, Malouf Structures might just have found the ideal choice for you. With no tools required, this bed frame sets up easily and can be customized according to your desired bed size whether it is queen, twin, and full. You can just expand and resize the bed in a snap and you’;re good to go!

The bed frame is also structured with four wheels – one in each corner. It enhances the mobility which allows you to move the bed from one place to another without a sweat! When you found the desired spot, you can just lock the wheels to keep it stable. Malouf Structures also designed it with their patented Tri-support braces to boost the durability and make the foundation utterly steady.

MALOUF STRUCTURES Heavy Duty Adjustable Metal Bed Frame

Features and Specifications:

  • Customizable bed frame
  • Promotes easy transport with its four wheels.
  • Fast and easy assembly.
  • Furnished with the patented Tri-support braces that strengthen and secure the frames.
  • It gives a fundamental support for the mattress.
  • Two of the wheels lock in to keep the bed stable right on the desired spot.
  • Adjustable design; can be resized to queen, full, and twin bed.
  • Designed with patented tri-support braces for enhanced durability.
  • Has wheels for mobility; two of them locks in place to keep the bed stuck down
  • Provides excellent support and foundation.
  • Has insert points for headboard attachment.
  • Carefully coated with gunmetal black matte powder to retain its best quality for a long time.
  • The bed frame can’;t be adjusted to king size bed.

10. Kings Brand Furniture 7-Leg Adjustable Metal Bed Frame

There are a ton of options for adjustable bed frames and Kings Brand Furniture cradles another stunning piece that you should check out. This 7-leg bed frame has a wide center support and two long and thick metal rails on the sides that lend a sturdy and concrete foundation. As it is adjustable, you can customize it to a twin, full, full XL, and queen size bed.

It is easy to put together and you can have it done under 10 minutes. The wheels are functional and can be used to transport the bed easily. And to keep it stable in one spot, you can lock them in; the bed doesn’;t wobble.

Kings Brand Furniture 7-Leg Adjustable Metal Bed Frame
Features and Specifications:
  • Adjustable bed frame with 7 legs.
  • Made of metal for enhanced durability.
  • It is designed with a wide center support and two long metal rails on the sides.
  • It can be resized to twin XL, full, full XL and queen bed.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • There are wheels that enhance the mobility; they can be locked in for better stability.
  • Bed frame with adjustable legs and frames
  • Crafted with a tough core to resist heavy weight and hence, provide an exceptional support.
  • Easy to put together.
  • Created with wheels for a hassle-free transport or rearranging
  • Does not require brackets to connect the headboards
  • It cannot be resized to a king bed.
  • It may not provide as much storage space underneath as most bed frames do.

What You Should Consider Before Buying Bed Frame For Heavy Person

Prior to purchasing a bed frame, there are significant factors that need to be carefully considered. Although we’;ve sorted out the best bed frames for heavy people, you can skip all the hassle in picking out your ultimate favorite through our detailed guideline.

  • Check the material and durability.

Most bed frames are made of metal or steel that ensures a long-lasting quality and durability. Thick and solid metal frames and slats are also fundamental features to take note of as they can provide excellent foundation for the mattress. Such structure will also hold the heavy weight accordingly.

  • Determine the size and weight capacity.

Bed frames are available in a variety of sizes – King, Queen, Twin, Twin XL, Full, and Full XL. It’;s all up to you which bed size corresponds to your preferences or the size of mattress you have available at home. If you want to stick with just one size, there are tons of premium quality bed frames you can choose. For a custom bed that can expand or downsize according to your desired bed size, you can go for adjustable bed frames.
Determining the weight capacity is utterly essential, particularly if you’;re choosing between the best options for heavy people. Considering this factor allows you to fully benefit from your choice of bed; you can comfortably luxuriate in a sound sleep any time of the day without worrying about a disastrous bed wreck.

  • Easy assembly.

Easy assembly saves time and effort. And if you’;re in such a rush for a cozy snooze, you should opt for bed frames that do not require laborious installation. Some bed frames require very little to no tool to put the pieces together. Foldable designs are also practical options.

  • Additional features.

Moving from one room or spot to another would be difficult without mobility features. That’;s why some beds, mostly adjustable ones, are designed with wheels to make moving and rearranging much easier. Other bed frames also have innovative foldable designs that make storage and setting up hassle-free.


Whether you are planning to revamp your old bed or finding a bed frame for heavier person, a huge selection of bed frames on the market might just overwhelm you. That’;s why it is inevitably important to consider such essential factors before settling for the bed frame of your choice: durability, size, maximum weight capacity, easy assembly, and the additional features.
Heavy weight does not need to be a burden and shopping for the ideal bed frame shouldn’;t be at all. Hence, investing in the most reliable, durable, and high-quality bed frames for a heavy person, such as the ones mentioned above, is investing in a comfortable, cozy, and sound sleep anytime.

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