Most Comfortable Sleeper Sofas Reviews in 2022 (Top Picks & Comparison)

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Imagine your cousin is visiting and just got snowed in at your house, or your in-laws are coming from out of town. Maybe your kid is home from college; these are countless situations in which an extra sleeper bed would make all the difference, especially if that bed has the dual purpose of sitting as a couch or pulling out as a sleeper.

The most comfortable sleeper sofa, also known as pull-out couches, open outward to reveal a standard mattress or futon at a standard size of around six to eight feet in length. The idea is pretty simple, a sleeper sofa doubles as a couch that can have the cushions removed so that the full bed can be lifted up and pulled out in one fluid motion. Queen-sized sleepers are the most common; though there are plenty of options you can find to fill a particular space.

The number one question people often wonder is whether they should buy an air mattress or a sleeper sofa it’;s true that sleeper sofas are more expensive but where comfort and aesthetic measure a sleeper sofa is the top selling hybrid mattress that real reviewers rave about. These couch bed’;s are hassle free, serve dual purposes, and tuck out of sight when you’;re done using them.

Top 10 Most Comfortable Sleeper Sofas With Comparison Chart

ImageNameDimensionsWeightMaterial TypeWhere To Buy
1 7Nirvana Futons Westfield Futon FrameQueen Sofa: 86"W x 32"D x 36"H
Queen Bed: 86"W x 60"D x 24.75"H
___HardwoodCheck Price
2 7DHP Emily Futon Couch Bed34.5 x 70.5 x 32 inches
72 poundsFabricCheck Price
3 7Divano Roma Furniture Collection77 x 31 x 31 inches130 poundsFabricCheck Price
4 7FDW Sofa Sectional Futon107 x 75 x 34.6 inches
109.6 poundsSofa Faux LeatherCheck Price
5 6Ashley Furniture Signature Design- Zeb Sleeper Sofa 38 x 82 x 38 inches
189 poundsFabricCheck Price
6 5Novogratz Tallulah Memory Foam Futon33.5 x 83 x 32.5 inches104 poundsVelvetCheck Price
7 4Mainstay Memory Foam Futon32.5 x 71.7 x 33.5 inches___LeatherCheck Price
8 3Novogratz Brittany Sofa Futon34.5 x 81.5 x 31.5 inches
84 poundsFabricCheck Price
9 3DHP Hamilton Estate Premium Futon37.5 x 71 x 32.5 inches
88 pounds___Check Price
10 3Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Bladen Sleeper Sofa36 x 90 x 38 inches
201 poundsWoodCheck Price

Top 10 Best Selling Comfortable Sleeper Sofa Reviews

1. DHP Emily Futon Couch Bed, Modern Sofa

This couch bed is designed with the comfort of a futon and rich linen upholstery for a comfortable cushioned rest, or just snuggling on the couch while watching movies. The sofa features four main cushions; the top angled two which fold back flat to turn the couch completely into a sleeper sofa.

Most Comfortable Sleeper Sofa

The frame is attached to the futon cushions, making an extra mattress unnecessary; simply split-back the cushions and move from lounging to sleeping in a matter of minutes. The futon measures 30.5 inches high when sitting by 69 inches wide; when extended for sleeping purposes the sleeper sofa measures 71 inches long by 43 inches wide.

All the included hardware is chrome and assembly is very simple and hassle-free. This particular futon sleeper sofa comes with over 12 different style options, including black and vanilla in faux leather. At best this sleeper sofa measures closest to a twin-sized mattress, however you can pair it with Emily’;s Chaise Lounger also folding for a queen sized sleeping space.

The modern look with the angled chrome metal legs and personal color choice looks great in any home and is the perfect solution for visitors.

  • This sleeper sofa comes with over 12 different color options; includes two different cover materials.
  • The futon design is very affordable and ideal for any apartment or basement space.
  • Can support up to 600 pounds with no difficulty.
  • It’;s comfortable for one night’;s sleep, but not multiple without added memory foam.
  • The faux leather tends to age more quickly than other materials.

2. Novogratz Brittany Sofa Futon – Navy Linen

With its ribbed and tufted cushioned back, this sleeper sofa futon offers more support than most standard pull-out sofa beds or fold-back futons at similar or even higher prices. The sofa features a combination of curved armrests and slanted legs which work together to provide a rounded look which stands out and looks great in any room; as well the linen upholstery is sturdy and great looking.

most comfortable sleeper couch

From couch to bed, all this sleeper sofa takes is a simple push meaning its best rested against a wall when set up as a couch and both back cushions lay flat for a bed measuring 70.5 by 43.5 inches; 35.5-inch height when upright. The overall construction of this sofa futon features a sturdy wooden frame with metal hardware and setup supports up to 600 pounds and the cushioning includes polyester and foam under-padding.

Style options include up to ten different colors including business-friendly blue linen and even a bold mustard color. Upon arrival the futon comes folded into one piece which opens to two and has zippered base compartments with all the hardware you’;ll need for an easy setup.

  • The Brittany Sofa Futon comes with premium materials at a surprisingly affordable price.
  • The multi-position design allows one person to lay back and sleep while the other one continues sitting and watching TV.
  • Strong materials make this couch a long-lasting pick which won’;t degrade quickly even when the kids are around.
  • The couch portion of the design does not support your back without added pillows behind your neck.

3. Divano Roma Splitback Living Room Sleeper Futon (Orange)

This futon is perfect for that office space, bonus room, or apartment; it’;s designed with a rectangular shape that offers strong armrests and a tall back support with plush tufted comfort. The materials included tufted linen fabric over foam padding that is hypoallergenic and filled for maximum comforting upholstery.

most comfortable convertible sofa

The couch splits back to move from seated to sleeping in a matter of minutes and the full bed measures 70 inches long by 40 inches wide. All included hardware is chrome and the sofa-bed features six sturdy legs that allow the sleeper to support up to 600 pounds without any strain on the design.

Another handy feature is that the cushions fold up and stay up without extra support from a wall, making it possible for one person to lay back while another continues sitting and watching television. The style options for this particular sleeper sofa include bright and muted options for a wide range of environments for a more classy and formal setting you can purchase this sofa in brown, dark grey, and light grey; more fun colors include orange, light blue, and purple.

  • The cushions are very firm and ideal for game night or just watching movies with friends.
  • Sleeper sofa is extremely easy to put together in less than 30 minutes; fits comfortably in almost any space in your home.
  • Comes with additional pillows for a splash of added color and aesthetic.
  • The framing is designed with hard metal frames that customers have complained they can still feel through the cushions without a pillow topper.

4. Nirvana Futons Westfield Futon Frame – Queen Size

This sleeper sofa makes for a classy addition to any living room, bedroom, or even office space; the futon frame is made from all wood components with metal hardware screws, and the wood is stained for the best look in any environment. Because of its design more extensive assembly is required with this futon sleeper sofa, though the instructions are very well written and easy to follow.

most comfortable pull out couch

The wood design offers support up to 700 pounds and even comes with a 5 year manufacturer’;s warranty for added protection, additionally it supports the Nirvana futon which a queen sized thick mattress with great added padding and solid space for a great night’;s sleep. How this works is that the design features sturdy wooden feet and back designs which cradle the folded mattress when seated, but then swing forward on hinges to fully fold out into bed measuring 86 inches wide.

With full wood materials and a nice mattress this sleeper sofa is more expensive than most options on the market; however, it’;s cheaper than your standard bed and mattress, plus much more comfortable than any standard futon.

  • The sliding hinges create and easy setup and fall-back from sofa to bed in seconds without any hassle.
  • The wooden slat design offers a full range of support for even memory foam mattresses.
  • Purchase includes the frame only and not a mattress; though it does offer plenty of options for a mattress.

5. Modern-Contemporary Sofa Sectional Sofa Bed

At first glance this modern design is just a soft for the left or right corners of a room depending on your purchase however it comes with wide seated cushions as well as a tall footrest, which all come together in sections to create a flat sleeping space easily larger than a queen-sized bed.

most comfortable queen sleeper sofa

The sofa is made from faux leather for a slick feel that stays cool all night long, it also includes two pieces the larger corner section which measures 74.2 wide by 108.2 inches long, and the chaise lounger section measuring 54 by 31.8 inches. Together these meet to offer a more relax time, plenty of leg room, and even sleeping space while you’;re laying out flat.

When you’;re done sleeping, the chaise lounger folds down and tucks back into the main couch. Materials include a high resilient sponge inner lining for added comfort and moisture protection, solid wood support, and PU leather which is also water and stain resistant. Purchase includes easy setup with four legs and two hooks, additional matching pillows, and delivery in two boxes.

  • The PU leather material with additional sponge padding is very comfortable to sleep on and even easier to clean.
  • This sleeper sofa is larger than queen and king size beds and can fit two people very comfortably throughout the night.
  • Available in left and right corner couch designs.
  • The design features sectional pieces with cracks that can separate while you’;re sleeping and make gaps between your legs and back, etcetera.

6. Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Zeb Sleeper Sofa

The first pull-out sleeper sofa on our list, this is probably what you typically picture when you think ’sleeper sofa’;. This couch features a main modern espresso color with the charm and balance of a couch that has sturdy squared arm rests and tall back cushions. It’;s great for those small spaces like your apartment because it’;s very contained and easy to fold-out or put away.

most comfortable rv sleeper sofa

The design offers linear track arms and crisp box cushions along with a pull-out memory foam mattress with a bi-fold on top of a steel supportive frame. The pull out bed pares with white sheets and pillows for a clean modern look that overnight guests will love; additionally the mattress is queen sized at 82 by 38 inches.

The couch is made with a faux wood finish and metal hardware, along with a steel bi-fold frame; the memory foam mattress makes for better airflow for a cool sleep, along with comfort that supports as well as cradles your body. Other style options include charcoal, quartz, and brown; easy assembly makes any of these choices simple to set up in the space you’;ve chosen.

  • The cushions are made from high resiliency foam with wrapped thick poly fiber.
  • Although this is a queen size, it’;s also available as a full and a twin bed.
  • The foam mattress is very thick with a 38’’ depth.
  • The pillow backrest tends to detach over time from the body of the couch.

7. Novogratz Tallulah Memory Foam Futon

At a glance this futon offers a vintage design with a curved chaise look and shallow arm rests as well as wooden legs all turned at angles; even the material is platted and vintage looking. The wooden frame itself is very sturdy and features all true American Hickory with strong legs and metal hardware screws and bolts assembly is very simple right out of the package and includes comprehensive instructions.

most comfortable sectional sleeper sofa

The design itself features a multifunctional 3 settings for an upright sofa, a sleeper sofa where the cushions push down into one uniform bed, and varying sides where one person can sleep while the other one continues sitting up. The size of the sleeper sofa measures 73 inches long by 44 wide and can support up to 600 pounds sleeping; the height of the sofa extends up to 32.5 inches.

Style options include a business friendly blue-velvet along with 6 other colors for your particular space. Last but not least, the cushions are uniquely made with filled high-density memory foam that’;s responsive and guaranteed to cradle your body with sleeping.

  • The memory foam cradles and relieves pressure points while you’;re sitting watching TV or taking an afternoon nap.
  • The backrest features a split-back that can be independently reclined to multiple positions.
  • Supports up to 600 pounds.
  • The navy blue color fades quickly to a lighter baby blue in direct sunlight.

8. DHP Hamilton Estate Premium Futon Sofa Sleeper

This sofa is a classic design with its padded cushioning and ability to fold, but with the modern twist of microfiber upholstery and sturdy wood frame construction which makes for a supportive bed equal in comfort to memory foam. It’;s a narrow sleeper sofa closer to a twin sleeper or full than a queen and makes for the perfect solution for condos, apartments, and college dorms.

most comfortable small sleeper sofa

The sofa futon measures 71 inches long by 33 inches high as a sofa, but extends to 43 inches wide when extended into a bed. Utilizing wood legs and metal hardware this sleeper sofa can support up to 600 pounds throughout the night; however, even though it’;s a two-seater it’;s most ideal for a single sleeper. The unique design allows for multiple positions including a deep recline, one seat up, both up, or both down for sleeping.

Purchase comes with a fantastic 1-year warranty as well as a single package delivery including instructions and easy assembly. The sofa includes center legs for additional support with felt padding on each leg to protect your hardwood floors.

  • The plush microfiber upholstery is very comfortable, though can be used with a cover, and makes this more affordable.
  • Packaging includes bottom zipper compartments in the base of the couch which holds the legs and other hardware for an easy set up.
  • The back cushions are softer than the base cushions which meet the stiff supports.
  • Microfiber does not clear easily.

9. Mainstay Memory Foam Futon,Black PU

This classy design features black PU leather upholstery over memory foam added padding. Meaning that when reclined or upright the memory foam cushioning is designed to provide the maximum amount of support and cushioning along your pressure points.

most comfortable sleeper sofas for small spaces

The sleeper includes six legs to best support the queen mattress size as well as the weight limit of 600 pounds, dispersing the weight evenly across the two center legs and four side angled legs this is both for style and to provide added support along the slatted underside of the sofa.

Design specifics allow this sofa to sit upright, be laid back flat, or to recline while watching television; one person can even sit upright while the other reclines, though this does create gaps in the bed. Benefits of the PU leather exterior include a cool sleep throughout the night as well as a virtually stainless surface that’;s quick and easy to clean.

Laid flat this bed measures 71.7 inches in length by 33.5 inches wide; upright it offers 32.5 inches of height with a low clearance under the sofa for storing extra sheets and blankets for your overnight guests.

  • PU leather is easy to clean and sleeps cool, especially with the additional memory foam aerated padding.
  • This space saving futon fits into any small apartment or office for instant comfort when you need it.
  • The entire futon is 4 inches thick and very comfortable.
  • Ideal sleeping size for one person rather than two, even though it can fold independently into two halves.

10. Ashley Furniture Signature Plush Upholstered Sleeper Sofa

Some sleeper sofa’;s look like they’;re hiding a bed, which can also make the sofa look ugly in a traditional living room setting. This particular sleeper sofa from Ashley Furniture is coffee brown and easy to match with any environment, it’;s also quite large and features regular couch back cushioning and large cushioned arm rests.

most comfortable sleeper sofa reviews

In moments this couch will tie your room together in a signature look, while also offering more sleeping space for extra guests you weren’;t expecting, or friends over late after games. The design features three pull-out cushions and a 90 inch wide sofa which pulls out a full sized mattress made from memory foam and supported on all steel hardware for up to 500 pounds of weight.

The bed itself is full sized and ideal for two occupants, especially since the wire holds downs can support so much weight. All armrests, cushions, and back cushions are double stuffed and upholstered in fabulous faux leather with a beautiful weathered texture. The bi-fold mattress features memory foam along with inner springs and will provide more support than cushioning comfort, though should still offer a well-rested night.

  • The couch can hold three full grown adults upright in a comfortable position while watching movies or playing games.
  • Assembly is extensive but comes with very specific instructions and all the tools and hardware you will need.
  • Fits through 32’’ doorways and larger.
  • Customers have complained about the springs after a few nights of sleep on the pull-out fabric mattress.

Types of Sleeper Sofas

Typically there are two main types of sleeper sofas, these include futon sofas and pull-out mattress sofas. There are pros and cons to owning either of these options, including materials and size as well as construction. Typically futon sofas are smaller than pull-out beds, which often means they’;re cheaper and easier to assemble and easier to place in a small apartment.

  • Futon Sofas

Futon sofas act as both couch and bed in small spaces and large spaces alike, they’;re a great choice because they are perfect for the occasional guest and can offer added sitting room or a firm mattress bed; mainly they help you make the most use of a small space and come available in twin, full, queen, and sometimes even king sizes.

Now, futon chairs are not the same as futon beds chairs also extend outward and can be slept on (though typically this is only one sleeper and they’;re not very comfortable. The futon bed looks better and fits more people; it’;s designed as one piece which is pretty simple to assemble and comes in a variety of modern to more rustic styles.

Reasons to purchase it rather than a pull out bed include its small size, affordability, and simple setup. Also, futons with full metal hardware typically hold more weight and open/close easier than futons which use wooden hinges and screws.

  • Sofa Beds

The sofa bed or pull-out bed is designed to become a bed by pulling out from a couch which has had the cushions removed; often these beds flip out of the couch in a bi-fold piece and offer a variety of mattress sizes slightly smaller than the full width of the couch in question.

The most common size is a queen which pulls out of a 90 inch couch and typically offers a spring mattress though there are types which come with folding memory foam and sometimes even gel mattresses. These typically require more assembly when purchased online and delivered to your door, however they’;re almost always larger and often more comfortable.

The mattress material can also be switched out for something better, whereas most futon’;s are all one solid piece which can’;t be changed or made more comfortable. In this way sofa beds are more unique to homes and preferred by guests as well as buyers; many parents purchase sofa beds for their kids visiting friends, or even just for the living room area.

What to Look for in the Most Comfortable Sleeper Sofa

There is more that should go in to picking a sleeper sofa than just the look of it; everything will have an impact on the usability of your sofa from its materials to its design. It’;s important knowing size as it will determine how many people you can fit sleeping on the sofa, because otherwise your extra guest will be on the floor, and even the price of the sleeper sofa can change your level of your comfort when you think about it.

most comfortable leather sleeper sofa

However, comfort is also mainly materials and level of support that a mattress can offer or in this case, a sleeper sofa. Couches aren’;t typically known for being wildly comfortable to sleep on, so you can almost always assume that a mattress would be better on your back than a sleeper sofa. Although, for the right space and the right price with superior materials some of these sofas can get pretty close to optimal nightly comfort.

  • Space Limitations

For a very small apartment living room space the best pick is almost always a twin sofa bed often these are 5 feet wide and can seat two people, though only sleep one. The mattress itself at twin size is around 39 inches wide by 85 inches long and is sometimes even referred to as a chair bed. Now, depending on the mattress or futon material, these can be surprisingly comfortable, however that’;s for one person rather than the standard two and even the size of a twin may be too small for tall visitors.

Larger spaces are great for longer pull out couches or couches with multiple pieces that can connect for a larger sized sleeping area a queen size sleeper sofa can easily seat three and provide the ideal bed for two. It will measure 84 inches wide by around 90 inches long when the bed is opened up. Even if only one person is sleeping, more space means more stretching room which allows for more comfort.

  • Materials

The materials are very important, especially since most futon sleepers made with faux leather aren’;t all that comfortable to sleep on this is because many of them have hard rigid bodies holding up the couch with little to no padding between where you sleep and the hardware beneath.

The same can be said for pull out mattresses sofa beds with rigid springs. Ideally a comfortable sofa sleeper will offer linen or leather/faux-leather upholstery with the interior padding made from dense memory foam or poly, sometimes even gel. Many of the options on our list offer the optimal comfort of upholstered memory foam and poly materials, meaning you can sit back and relax, as well as sleep, with the material dually cushioning and supporting your pressure points.

Another added benefit is that the combination of faux leather and memory foam creates a truly aerated sleeping arrangement which remains cool throughout the night without overheating or getting chilly. After all, many living rooms aren’;t as heated or insulated as a home’;s bedrooms.

  • Design

The design can alter your level of comfort. For instance, some sleeper sofas include multiple parts which tuck together to form the bed, but the downside can be the gaps that occur when two parts separate in the middle of the night. Also, with some folding futon’;s parts can get stuck upright or down flat and completely change your ability to use the sleeper sofa.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions and answers are given to provide detailed information on questions customers frequently have when purchasing a sleeper sofa.

  • How much weight can a sleeper sofa hold?

Typically a queen sized sleeper sofa is designed to hold a maximum of 600 pounds; twin and full sleeper sofas typically support between 400 and 500 pounds.

  • What length is a standard queen-size sleeper sofa?

For a queen size bed the pull-out mattress or fold-down futon should open or fold to reveal a bed measuring (generally) 80 inches in length by 40 inches in width.

  • What’;s your advice on delivery to apartment buildings?

Most distributors will only deliver to first floor lobbies; meaning you’;ll need to pick up your sofa package in the lobby and get it up to your apartment. This can be very difficult with bigger sleeper sofa packages.

  • How thick should a sofa mattress be for ideal comfort?

The mattress itself needs to be at least 4 to 6 inches thick for a good night’;s sleep; at this density the mattress will cradle your pressure points while also supporting your body.


Sleeper Sofas are the ideal solution to a space problem where there aren’;t enough room’;s to house guests, you’;re living in a cramped apartment, or you can’;t afford to purchase another full-sized mattress for the odd visitor. These sofas are much more affordable than your standard queen or even full-size mattress and they even double as couches for added comfort and extended usability in a living environment.

In choosing the most comfortable sleeper sofa you should consider the space you’;re working with, the materials and look of each individual sofa, and even the price of the product with all the extra sheets that the new bed will need.

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