Best King Size Bed Frames 2022 Reviews (Top Picks & Comparison)

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Sleep is a human necessity. Comfortable sleep is often defined as one where you give enough time and space for the body to rest and rejuvenate. Time has always been an issue in today’;s busy life, but space is a more manageable variable.

For a long time, a queen sized bed or bed frame was the best that one could get, but then came the king size beds, which were the gamechanger. But a customer today is spoiled with tons of choices, and choosing to buy one can be an arduous task. Together let us look at the top-rated king size bed frames available today, dive deeper to see the pros and cons of each one of them, and start to solve this puzzle.

Comparison of 10 Best Rated King Size Bed Frames

ImageNameDimensionsMaterial TypeItem WeightWhere To Buy
1 10Zinus Shawn Bed Frame54 x 75 x 14 inchesSteel31.75 lbsCheck Price
2 10DHP Dakota Platform Bed58.5 x 80.5 x 38 inchesWood123 lbsCheck Price
3 10Zinus Michelle Adjustable Bed Frame53.5 x 70.5 x 7 inchesSteel 23 lbsCheck Price
4 10LUCID Foldable Bed Frame75 x 39 x 14 inchesMetal26.5 lbsCheck Price
5 9Baxton Studio Favela Linen Modern Bed91 x 83.5 x 52.8 inchesLinen123 lbsCheck Price
6 9Zinus Mia Modern Studio76 x 54 x 14 inchesSteel60.2 lbsCheck Price
7 6Handy Living Platform Bed Frame79 x 76 x 15 inchesSteel52.25 lbsCheck Price
8 5Coventry Upholstered Platform Bed 85 x 46 x 8 inchesMetal, Wood40 lbsCheck Price
9 5Life Home Premiere Bed Frame90 x 66 x 51 inchesLinen60 lbsCheck Price
10 5Winterhaven Upholstered Platform Bed 67 x 45 x 7 inches
Metal, Wood103 lbsCheck Price

Best King Size Bed Frames Reviews – Top 10 Comparison

1. Zinus Shawn 14 Inch SmartBase Platform Bed

If you’re looking for the best king size bed frame, look no further than this steel metal frame from Zinus. One of the high-quality king size bed frames available on the market, this 14-inch wood platform bed removes the need for a box spring by its excellent design and support system. Twelve strong steel legs are the secret of this frame’;s durability.

The platform bed frame Zinus added multiple points of contact with the floor, which allows it to distribute the weight of the memory foam mattress evenly; this, in turn, makes sure that there is no sagging of the mattress.

best King Size Bed Frame

The SmartBase platform bed frame, Zinus made sure there’s a significant amount of space underneath the frame due to its 13-inch clearance. In addition to this, there are plastic caps at the bottom of each of the legs which protect your floor from scratching and leave no dents.

This high-quality king-size bed frame offers a warranty which gives you the peace of mind that any defects in workmanship and materials would be covered by the manufacturer.

  • Twelve points of contact with the floor provide even distribution of weight.
  • The design of this bed frame allows the user to put the memory foam mattress directly on it without a box spring.
  • 13-inch clearance provides valuable under-bed storage space.
  • The king-size bed frame can be set up within minutes without the need for tools.
  • You can attach a headboard by using the Smartbase headboard brackets.
  • It may not be the best bet for heavy people
  • Although you can add a headboard, it requires additional investment to get the brackets for it

2. DHP Dakota Upholstered Platform Bed with Storage Drawers

This mid-century upholstered wood platform bed from DHP Dakota almost ticks off all the elements of a perfect bed. Button-tufted diamond patterns adorn both the headboard and the footboard and it is further upholstered with faux leather.

The sturdy wooden frame gets additional strength from the slats and the center rail on the bed frame, which leads to a good night of sleep on your favorite mattress. This 

King Size Bed Frame reviews

This elegant and well-crafted upholstered platform bed takes things to the next level by providing four built-in sliding drawers on the sides for storage. Available in white, black and brown faux leather this bed offers an extensive array of options. In addition, handling is easy, as everything is packed in the headboard. The bed comes with a warranty that covers any workmanship and material issues for one year only. All in all, this is one of the best frames with storage drawers.

  • This upholstered platform bed frame is the perfect combination of style, durability, and comfort with its contemporary and chic look
  • The wooden frame and slats with the inner frame provide strength to this product, and it does not require the use of box springs
  • Eight legs give the bed the stability and strength to handle over 500 lbs of weight
  • The four built-in drawers make it storage heaven
  • Packaging and handling are effortless as everything is packed in the headboard
  • This bed is best suited only for smaller living spaces
  • The one year warranty is a bit of a letdown as compared to others bed frames on the market

3. Zinus Michelle Compack Adjustable Steel Frame

Stability is the USP for this universal bed frame. With its nine legs, the center bar for support, and 100% steel, this high-quality bed frame will provide an excellent base for your new bed. Its adjustable rails allow the user to change it by the mattress available. It implies you can use the same bed frame for a twin, full, or Queen and King bed. Thus, if you’re looking for adjustable steel bed frames, the Zinus Michelle is definitely worth considering.

The recessed leg design makes it safe, and you will not be bumping into them while climbing or getting down from the bed.

king size steel bed frame

The locking system is top grade too and is further strengthened by the steel construction of the frame.

This frame allows for adding a headboard to it with an attachment that is connected to the frame. The frame has rubber feet at the end of the legs, which makes sure that there are no dents, marks, or scratches on the floor.

  • Nine legs and center bar make it a top buy for those who are seeking safety.
  • The recessed leg design protects you from hurting yourself while getting off or on to the bed.
  • The frame can be used with different types of mattresses. As per the manufacturer, it can fit in a Twin, Full, Queen, and King mattresses.
  • This product comes with easy assembly instructions with pictures which should make the setup process a walk in the park.
  • Multiple reviewers have vouched for the strength of the frame. Users have also mentioned that there is no creaking noise or shaking from the bed.
  • The manufacturer offers a 5-year limited warranty that covers any workmanship and material issues, which is a big bonus.
  • This frame cannot be used with a mattress only as it needs a box spring and mattress set.
  • Sagging of mattresses could happen due to the absence of any support between the sides and the center.
  • May not fit California King mattresses

4. LUCID Foldable Metal Platform Bed Frame

The only foldable bed frame on this king-size bed frames list, the LUCID product removes the box spring from the equation. The manufacturer claims that the bed can hold up to 2500 pounds of weight, which is enormous as compared to the competition.

The 12- strong leg frame made of heavy-duty wire grid provides strength and stability to the mattress, which allows for the equal distribution of weight and prevents sagging issues.

king size metal platform bed frame

The metal bed frame requires no tools for setup and if needed, can be easily folded. The portability of the bed makes transportation a no-hassle task. It is easy to move around your house. The simple installation and disassembly also make storage a non-issue for this bed. It is also convenient if you have 

The 13-inch clearance underneath the bed frame allows for about 47 cubic feet of under-bed storage.

  • This is the only foldable bed on the list which makes storing and transportation very simple.
  • The strength of this frame is based on the 12 strong steel legs and the heavy-duty wire mesh, which forms the core of the bed and holds the weight.
  • The welded latticework platform creates a robust and quiet foundation that can hold up to 2500 pounds of weight.
  • A headboard can be attached to the frame but requires headboard brackets which are sold separately.
  • The platform bed frame comes with five years no worry warranty on craftsmanship and materials by the manufacturer.
  • Adding a headboard is an additional cost for the brackets.
  • If you are looking for chic and stylish bed frames, this may not be the right bed frame for you.

5. Baxton Studio Favela Linen Modern Bed

This wood platform bed oozes style and beauty. It’s gray color, wood frame, and headboard make it as fashionable as a bed frame can get. The headboard, slats, and footboards are all foam-padded. This bed derives its strength from the wooden frame and the black wood feet.

modern king size bed frame

In addition to durability and style, this platform bed does not require a box spring which is done by the use of slats that are included with the bed. Available in king and queen sizes, the bed comes in grey and light beige colors as well. The assembly of the bed is pretty straightforward and can be completed in 25-30 minutes.

  • The bed looks beautiful with its headboard which is foam padded as are the slats and the footboards.
  • This bed eliminated the need for a box spring, and that task is completed by the slats which are included in the bed.
  • Thirty-nine slats with 13 rows of 3 each allow for strength and stability for the bed.
  • The bed beats out its competition in pricing too. The usual bed frames of this type are almost double the cost for this one.
  • There seems to be a sizable gap between the headboard and the bed which is okay for pillows, but phones, remotes, and other small things can easily fall through.

6. Zinus Mia Modern Studio 14 Inch Platform 1500H Bed Frame

This modern platform bed with headboard provides support through the ten wood slats in its design. As usual with these types of bed frames, you can enjoy a good night’s sleep without the need for a box spring.

The non-slip tape on the slats means they won’t move around, while the foam-padded tape keeps the steel frame noise-free. The headboard, which is included in the bed frame adds not only to the style but also provides mattress support.

king size platform bed frame

The floors are protected from dents and scratches by the plastic feet. The sturdy bed frame is backed with a five-year worry-free warranty from Zinus.

  • Ten wood slats kept in place with non-slip tape form the core of this bed frame.
  • Mattress support is further strengthened by the headboard, which is included in the package.
  • The frame provides durability and strength to the bed.
  • Multiple reviewers have mentioned that the assembly is very quick and straightforward.
  • The warranty lets you sleep easy and protects against any manufacturing defects.
  • The structural strength of the bed has been a matter of debate for many reviewers.
  • Many users have also highlighted the squeakiness of the bed frame.

7. Handy Living Platform Bed 

This black steel bed frame has 2-inch wide slats which replace both the frame and the box springs. As the name suggests, this variant is available in King size. The slats provide reliable support to the mattress, and therefore, there is no curve downwards in it.

sturdy king size platform bed frame

The slats run from the sides of the frame to the middle, thereby creating a firm base for the mattress. This whole frame comes in one box, thus saving packaging excess and as per the manufacturer takes around 60 minutes to put together. If you are frugal and in the market looking for a king sized bed, then this platform bed is all you need. There are very few King sized bed frames available with this price tag.

  • The design of the bed removes the need for a frame and the box spring.
  • The bed has a 13-inch clearance which provides you with a new storage place out of sight.
  • The manufacturer has stated that each side can support up to 300 pounds, which makes it well suited for all body types.
  • This bed frame is relatively easy to assemble and the hammer is the only tool required.
  • Multiple users have reported that the slats are very weak and the plastic part that attaches them to the metal frame often breaks.

8. Classic Brands DeCoro Coventry Upholstered Platform Bed

This is very stylish upholstered bed has a capacity of 700 pounds does not require a box spring. It finds its strength in the durable slats and the center support system. This bed would make any room look fabulous. The button tufted fabric which forms the upholstered headboard provides a soft touch and radiates style in every sense of the word.

Even though the bed is low profile but it is given ample support by its 8-inch solid wood legs. In terms of height, the headboard is around 4 feet and is available in grey and linen.

king size upholstered platform bed frame

The slats and the center support make sure that the life of the mattress is increased and there is no evidence of sagging after prolonged use. The mattress received a solid frame base by the evenly placed wooden slats, which in turn leads to equal weight distribution and comfortable sleep.

The platform bed with the headboard comes in a box and has detailed instructions with pictures which makes it quite easy to assemble.

  • Style, strength, and durability are the mainstays of this bed.
  • The mattress is supported by the wooden slats and the center support, which prevents sagging and damage to the mattress.
  • Solid eight-inch leg base allows for more durability and strength for the bed.
  • Reviewers have mentioned that they were able to put together the bed in 25-30 minutes due to the excellent instructions sent with the bed.
  • The bed is too low profile, and with the absence of the box spring, height can be an issue

9. Life Home Premiere Classics 51″ Tall Headboard Platform Bed

This classic headboard is given an expensive appearance by the premium polyester linen upholstery. The bed is available in different colors, and shades which can fit into your design, and décor needs efficiently.

Requiring no box spring for support, the mattress is supported by slats which are made from sturdy hardwood. These slats also make sure that there is no sagging in the mattress, and it leads to a longer life for the mattress.

king size bed frame and headboard

The tufted button accents accentuate the elegant design of the headboard. The instructions are simple and straightforward, thus, allowing for easy assembly. It also comes packaged in two boxes making transportation easier.

  • Durability and stability are generated by the slats and the wooden frame.
  • The high-end polyester upholstering adds to the modern design and chic look for the headboard.
  • The sturdy hardwood slats make sure that you need not spend on the box spring.
  • The bed supports close to 500 pounds, which is sufficient for a couple.
  • The bed is covered by a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer covers for any manufacturing defects.
  • Some reviewers found the assembly instructions difficult with no directions and only pictures as guidelines.
  • The bed is not meant for a family as it may not be able to support the extra weight

10. Classic Brands DeCoro Winterhaven Upholstered Platform Bed

Rounding off our list is this classic design. It is the traditional and old school design of this bed, which adds to the luxury and elegant feel associated with it. The bed can support any mattress with its slats and center support.

The scalloped headboard, footboard, frame, and the solid wood slats are included, and equal to its competition it does not require a box spring for supporting the mattress.

king size upholstered bed frame

Standing at around 4 feet tall and with 8-inch leg supports, the bed is a show of stability and durability.

The bed is not all style; it also boasts of the ability to hold around 700 pounds of weight, which should be more than enough for a family of 4.

  • Its classic design is accentuated by the scalloped upholstery with diamond stitching. The same design allows it to fit right into any décor style.
  • 8-inch tapered solid wood legs provide sufficient support and strength to the bed.
  • No box spring requirements and the ability to support up to 700 pounds makes it a strong contender.
  • The manufacturer provides a 3-year workmanship and materials warranty, but it can be extended with some retailers.
  • A top recommendation from 98% of reviewers with a high degree of satisfaction in terms of assembly instructions and time required to assemble the bed.
  • This bed may not fit well into a home with a contemporary home with its old school and classic design.
  • The three-year warranty feels like a bit of a let down as compared to some of the other products on this list.

King Size Bed Frames Comprehensive Buying Guide

Types of King Size Bed Frames

Usually, a king size bed would be sufficient for you, your partner, and if you have a child, then he/she can also fit right in and still have some space available. In our quest for finding the best king size bed frames, it would be an excellent help to have a look at all the available options.

a. King Size Platform Bed Frames

As the name suggests this type of bed frame looks like a raised platform. The core of a platform bed frame is formed by wooden slats that run perpendicular to the length of the frame. The center is usually further strengthened by an inner structure that runs parallel to the sides, thereby creating a strong base for the mattress. Such bed frames often do not require a box spring or an extra mattress for support.

A prominent feature of these bed frames is that since wooden slats are running all along the length of the bed, it prevents the mattress from sagging and thereby increasing its life.

This type of bed frame sometimes offers built-in drawers for storage. A large number of bed frames like this come with headboards and footboards which are included in the price.

b. King Size Metal Bed Frames

The core of metal king size bed frames is a mesh of heavy-duty steel which supports the weight of the mattress and the user and protects the mattress from sagging. Made of metal or steel, it provides stability to the bed and prevents it from moving.

There are some frames which do not have the mesh and are supported only by the legs and the central bar. Although there are no slats that help with the distribution of weight, this task is completed primarily by the central bar. The side rails are adjustable, which makes it easy to use with other types of bed sizes as well. But often sagging occurs due to uneven weight distribution.

These bed frames have the option for attaching headboards to them, but they are usually not included with the frame. These are generally much easier to assemble than the platform bed frames which have more parts involved.

Important Things to Consider Before Purchasing a King Size Bed Frame 

There are multiple factors to consider before buying an important piece of furniture such as bed frames. These factors are not limited to the financial side; you also need to take into consideration, the type, durability, comfort, and décor of your house before coming to a decision. Let’s discuss these points in a bit more detail.


Type of Bed Frame

The first significant thing to consider while looking for the best king size bed frame is the style you want. The platform bed is more stylish and contemporary with all the upholstered options available, while the metal frames are easy to assemble and setup.

Bed Frame Height and Size

Height is an essential factor since you may not be using the box spring in a king size bed frame. Nowadays, it is a norm to put the mattress directly on the bed, which affects the height of the bed.

A vital point to keep in mind is that as compared to other mattress sizes, King size and California King mattresses tend to be a bit larger. The platform style does not offer much in terms of size while its metal counterparts provide a lot of height to the bed frame. Thus, it is important to determine if your chosen frame fits your Queen and King beds.

In addition to it, height is also a consideration if you are looking for under-bed storage. Much storage space is available for metal type bed frames as compared to platform bed frames.


Similar to a mattress, a bed frame is a valuable investment. After you have infused a significant amount in the mattress, it is a good point not to be focus so much on the price tag when it comes to choosing the best king size bed frame. It is the frame that will support the weight of the mattress. It is the frame which if chosen incorrectly, can lead to sagging issues that can damage the mattress and your back.

Overall Décor

You also need to consider your room’;s overall décor when adding a piece of furniture. Hence, when choosing bed frames, choose a design that complements the decorating style. A classic bed frame in a home with contemporary furniture may not be a good idea, while a headboard and footboard-less metal bed frame in a luxury home is a let down too.

Durability and Stability

Durability is another point to ponder over before you buy a king size bed frame. You need to make sure that the material used in the frame is of the best quality so that you do not have to spend too much time and effort fixing or replacing it. Some high-quality bed frames have center support legs for added stability and lasting performance.

Comfort and Support

Comfort is often forgotten in the search for the right king size bed frame. People think that if the mattress is comfortable, the bed frame will play no role in comfort, but it’;s a mistake that many regret later. Without adequate support to the mattress from the frame, it will not give the desired results. Many body pain and back issues are caused due to the inability of the frame to control weight distribution.

Choosing the Best King Size Bed Frame For Your Needs

Selecting the best quality king size bed frames require a lot of research and planning. You should be aware of all the options available, your requirements, and a bunch of other factors before you leap. Personal choice and décor of your house also play an essential part in decision making.

Quality sleep is a combination of the mattress you choose, and the bed frame you have to support the mattress. So, it would not be incorrect to say that without the support of the bed frame, the mattress may not be able to provide you the comfort you seek from it.

Spend adequate time in research and considering all options before you buy the bed frame. Happy shopping.

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