Best Ceiling Fans for Bedroom Reviews For 2022

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Ceiling fans used to be an item of luxury several decades ago. Not only does it provide soothing ventilation to stave off the heat in a room, but it also provides an elegant aesthetic as a decoration and then adds sophistication. Over the years, the ceiling fan has evolved in terms of style, comfort, and functionality to adapt to various weather, climate, and other needs. Improvements were made to several key components such as the blades, lighting, and accessibility. Accessories and other features were also added to provide extra functionalities and enhance the visual appeal.

The best ceiling fans for bedroom are those that accentuate well in your room without being gaudy. It should be able to provide great ventilation to provide soothing coolness during hot days and night while also being able to provide adequate lighting. As far as decoration goes, it should also fit in with the overall aesthetic of your bedroom.

Top 10 Best Ceiling Fans for Bedroom Reviews

1. Harbor Breeze Mazon Mount Indoor Ceiling Fan

It can be quite difficult to find information about Harbor Breeze most especially if you just heard about the brand. However, it is actually the store brand of Lowe’s, a retail company specializing in home improvement. You can rest assured that, in case there are problems with your purchased products, you can turn to the second-largest hardware chain in the United States and the world.

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This elegant indoor ceiling fan sports a modern take on the traditional ceiling fan and can easily blend in and complement modern homes. It comes with a powerful motor and an integrated LED light fixture with an integrated matte opal glass kit that can sufficiently provide ventilation and lighting to a small or medium room.

The 44-inch Mazon ceiling fan’s integrated light kit is dimmable and an 18-watt LED module is included. It features a flush mount that is perfect for rooms with a low ceiling and it ensures there won’t be accidental contacts with the fan blades.

The Mazon has a 3-speed reversible motor which can be conveniently accessed using a remote control so you can adjust how fast you want the fan to rotate to provide cooler airflow of up to 4545-CFM in the room. The reversible airflow feature allows the fan to be used to cool the room during hot seasons and distribute warm air during the cold season.

  • It comes with a 4545-CFM rating which is good for a ceiling fan
  • It features a 3-speed reversible motor
  • It comes with remote control and a wall cradle
  • It has an integrated 18-watt LED light installed
  • It comes with a flush mount which is great for small rooms
  • The integrated LED light isn’t bright
  • The LED light cannot be replaced

2. Westinghouse Lighting 7801665 Comet Indoor Ceiling Fan

Westinghouse is a well-known and trusted brand dedicated to innovating and providing lighting products and accessories. It has spread far and wide internationally as evidence of their global competence in the market of lighting products. With Westinghouse, you can be assured of high-quality, energy-efficient ceiling fans for a great value.

2 15


The Comet 52-inch Indoor Ceiling Fan is equipped with five reversible blades and features a dual mount installation system. It has a three-speed, reversible switch to provide the room with soothing coolness during the summer and comforting warmth during winter.

The motor performs decently, providing adequate ventilation to the room. It also performs silently, making it perfect to use in the bedroom and provide cooling comfort or warmth without disturbing your sleep.

The Comet comes with a disc-style light fixture with frosted glass for soft illumination to contrast the sleek matte black housing and fan blades. It can blend perfectly with both traditional and modern homes. It also doesn’t require the use of an extension rod, so this is also an ideal fan for rooms with low ceilings.

Coming from a brand that specializes in lighting, the Comet does have powerful lighting and has better illumination than many of its competitors. This makes it great to use in the living room and the bedroom.

  • It is equipped with five reversible fan blades for better airflow
  • It comes with a three-speed, reversible switch
  • It has bright and powerful lighting
  • It isn’t noisy even when operating at high speeds
  • It comes with a lifetime motor warranty and a two-year warranty for all the other parts
  • Installation of certain parts can be more difficult than expected
  • It doesn’t provide strong winds

3. Portage Bay 50251 Hugger 52″ Ceiling Fan

Portage Bay is a brand that specializes in ceiling fans and light fixtures, offering great deals with their products. You can be certain you’d get high-quality products from this brand and security thanks to the limited lifetime warranty they offer.

3 17


The Portage Bay 52-inch Hugger Ceiling Fan comes with a bowl-shaped light kit and two chained pull-up switches that are used to turn on the lighting and adjusting the fan speed. It is equipped with 5 dual-finished fan blades with a matte black finish on one side and a Siberian walnut finish on the other. It has a reversible motor that allows the fan to change directions to provide cool winds during hot seasons and warm winds during cold seasons.

This low profile ceiling fan only measures 11.5 inches from the ceiling to the bottom of the light fixture, making it one of the best choices out there if you have a room with a low ceiling. The opal frosted dome light fixture has a dimmable feature so you can adjust the level of lighting to your taste.  Furthermore, the LED bulbs included can be replaced with CFL bulbs.

It has a high-performance motor that can reach up to 4797 CFM at high speed, making it efficient and capable of providing strong winds to cool the room during hot days. The Portage Bay 52-inch Hugger Ceiling Fan is one of the great value items on this list that also offers a limited lifetime warranty.

  • It’s cheap and affordable
  • It features 5 blades with a dual finish
  • It has a reversible motor function to adjust for hot and cold weather
  • It can reach up to 4797 CFM
  • It comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • It tends to become a bit noisy after some use
  • It is not remote adaptable

4. Hunter Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan

The Hunter brand is a fan company brand that specializes in high-efficiency and quiet performance fans. They make innovations to improve the quality and performance of their products while maintaining quality craftsmanship honed for over a century of experience.

4 14


This 44-inch hugger ceiling fan delivers ultra-quiet performance with decent cooling power. Its low profile housing is particularly designed to be used for rooms with a low ceiling. It has an integrated light kit with cased white glass and comes with 2 pieces of 9.8 watts dimmable LED bulbs included.

The Dempsey’s has 4 blades with a reversible motor allowing you to get cool winds when it’s hot and then warm winds when it’s cold. It has an airflow of 2997 CFM which could go as high as 3157 CFM. With electricity use of 61 watts, this means it has an airflow efficiency of 69 CFM per watt. However, for small rooms with a low ceiling, this is enough to ventilate the room with soothing, comfortable winds.

This all-white hugger ceiling fan is perfect from well-lit, bright rooms to complement the atmosphere. It makes a simplistic contemporary take towards a traditional design, making its presence felt, but not so imposing. For convenience, the Dempsey has a remote control included. It also has a limited lifetime motor warranty.

  • It has a simple contemporary minimalist design
  • Ultra-quiet performance for an unhindered sleep
  • It has a reversible motor you can switch during hot and cold weather
  • It includes 2 pieces of 9.8 watts dimmable LED light bulbs
  • It comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • The instruction manual can be difficult to follow
  • The LED bulbs included aren’t very bright

5. Honeywell Sabal Palm 52-Inch Tropical Ceiling Fan

For products related to comfort in your home, Honeywell is a known brand that is committed to providing home satisfaction, convenience, and security.

5 15


The Sabal Palm 52-inch Tropical Ceiling Fan has the looks and functionality to make you feel like in the tropics while staying indoors. The bronze finish on the hand-carved wooden, lead blades gives it an exotic look, making it an interesting piece of decoration in your room. It also includes a beautiful, Tuscan sand glass bowl light with 3 pieces of 40-watts incandescent bulbs included, making it incredibly bright.

It has a quiet, three-speed, reversible motor that helps keep you cool during warm days and warm during cold nights. It performs virtually silent so that you can rest without disturbance. It features three mounting options for your preference: Closemount, Downrod, or angled.

The Sabal Palm packs a punch with a 5038 CFM with a 12-degree blade pitch, making it capable of cooling medium to large rooms of around 350-450 square feet. Not only does it have bright lighting, but it also has sufficient cooling power for large spaces. This makes it the perfect ceiling fan for the living room and a spacious bedroom. Furthermore, this comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and a limited manufacturer’s warranty.

  • It has a beautiful exotic design
  • It emits a bright light to light up a spacious room
  • It has 5038 CFM, capable of delivering sufficient airflow to medium and large-sized rooms
  • The fans have a 12-degree blade pitch for optimal efficiency
  • It comes with a 100% guarantee and limited warranty
  • It’s more expensive than most products on this list
  • It has short pull chains

6. Brightwatts Energy Efficient 52-inch Ceiling Fan

Brightwatts has been in the ceiling fan and solar industry for 37 years. This makes them an experienced manufacturer in providing cost and energy-efficient products to compete with bigger brands.

6 13


If you’re looking for something cheap and affordable but delivers impressive results that can rival pricier models, then this Energy Efficient 52-inch Ceiling Fan from Brightwatts is what you’ve been looking for. It is equipped with 5 blades with a 12-degree blade pitch for optimal and efficient airflow.

It is capable of reaching 5509 CFM on high speed and it has multiple mounting options: close mount, down rod, and angled. You can also choose the mounting system you prefer, either standard or flush mount. This ceiling fan is quite large and it can provide sufficient ventilation and strong winds to a large room up to 400 square feet. It has a three-speed reversible motor so you can reverse the airflow and warm the room when it’s cold.

Despite its strong motor, it’s able to perform silently. The beautiful hand-painted nutmeg espresso finish on the blades give it a classic look and, coupled with its white glass light bowl, makes it compatible with both traditional and modern homes. Overall, you get a large ceiling fan that performs silently and efficiently without making too much dent on your budget.

  • For a 52-inch ceiling fan, it’s very cheap and affordable
  • It can reach up to 5509 CFM on high speed
  • It has 5 blades with a 12-degree blade pitch
  • It is capable of providing cool and warm winds to a large room
  • It has three mounting options to choose from
  • It can be difficult to install
  • The lighting isn’t very bright

7. Prominence Home 80029-01 Low Profile Ceiling Fan

Prominence Home specializes in comfort, style, and illumination. They cater to all types of ceiling fans for your home needs, providing comfortable airflow without compromise on lighting.

7 13


The Alvina 42-inch Hugger Ceiling Fan doesn’t just have a low profile design, but it also keeps a low-profile yet attractive presence thanks to its two-sided ceiling fan blades. You can choose which side you prefer to show, whether it’s the walnut side or the maple side. Both sides have a beautiful satin nickel finish. The option to choose which colored side to display makes it compatible with bright and dim-lit rooms and it doesn’t draw too much attention, making its presence felt with its efficient cooling without being too much of an eye-candy.

It performs low-key as well, silently operating thanks to its quiet, three-speed, reversible motor. It can warm and cool a small to a medium-sized room of up to 350 square feet with soothing airflow without bothering anyone with any sound.

The Alvina comes with a frosted opal globe light with one A15/E26 light bulb included adding decent lighting to the room. It is also equipped with pull-chains included to switch the lights on and off, as well as control the speed of the airflow. You can also install a universal ceiling fan remote for easier access and convenience.

  • It’s the cheapest item on this list
  • It has five reversible blades with each side with a beautiful and unique finish
  • It has a quiet, three-speed, reversible motor
  • You can install a universal ceiling fan remote control
  • The light bulbs are replaceable
  • The pull chains are too short
  • It doesn’t provide strong winds

8. Emerson, CF144LWW Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Emerson is a long-running and trusted brand with 125 years of experience in the industry. It continues to offer high-quality, customizable, and innovative ceiling fans designed for both style and functionality.

8 10


The Curva Sky 44-inch Hugger Ceiling Fan is one of the innovative and customizable ceiling fans in the market that allows you aesthetic options during installation. It has a removable, no-light cover, allowing you to cover the integrated LED light fixture if you want your ceiling fan without the light. This is particularly useful in situations where you already have sources of bright light in your room and it would feel redundant to have another from the ceiling fan. If you choose to keep the light, however, it has long-lasting and efficient lighting, sufficient enough to keep up your room well-lit. The integrated lighting fixture also complements its all-white modern aesthetic, enhancing the look with the light on even further.

As far as motor efficiency goes, the Curva Sky has a powerful 153 mm x 18 mm 6-speed reversible motor with a 12-degree blade pitch, optimizing airflow and providing cool winds efficiently. It can reach up to 3800 CFM at high speed. This is just enough to provide good ventilation and cool winds to a small room.

The Curva Sky comes equipped with a 6-speed LED remote control to conveniently adjust the fan speed, brightness, and also the direction of the blades. A wall bracket to store the remote is also included in the purchase. This modern low profile ceiling fan is wet-rated and the blades are resistant to weathering. This makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use most especially in places that have high humidity.

  • It features a clean and modern look
  • Has a powerful 6-speed reversible motor with a 12-degree blade pitch
  • Gives you the option to use a no-light cover plate
  • It comes with an LED remote control
  • It is wet-rated and has weather-resistant blades
  • It’s quite expensive
  • The light bulbs that come with it isn’t very bright

9. Big Ass Fans Haiku L Smart Ceiling Fan

As their name implies, Big Ass Fans go big and heavy-duty when it comes to their products. They specialize in making high-quality fans with unmatched performance and craftsmanship.

9 8


The Haiku L Series Smart Ceiling Fan takes the icing on the cake on this list in terms of performance, power and cost efficiency, as well as having extra features suitable to modern living with today’s advancing technology. It has a 10-fan setting featuring 7 fan speeds, sleep mode, a so-called ‘Whoosh’ mode, and a timer.

It features a slim profile housing their uniquely engineered motor that delivers high-efficiency performance with less power consumed thanks to a customized DC motor using Axial-Flux permanent magnet motor technology. The Haiku L Series’ integrated LED light fixture only uses around half the power a 40-watt incandescent bulb produces but with twice the brightness output. Considering LED last about 30 times as long, a single LED bulb can last you a lifetime.

The Haiku L Series fans are factory-balanced and sound-tested to provide a wobble-free, rattle-free, and click-free performance. This high-performance efficiency even exceeds regular energy-star requirements by 450%. Furthermore, it has an exceedingly durable build and it is tested thermal chambers using temperatures between -4  to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Smart features of the Haiku L Series come in a variety of accessibility and convenience options. You can control the fan via IR remote with one-touch fan control, using a free mobile app that comes with the product, or via simple voice commands with Alexa, using Amazon Echo.

  • It features a modern design with modern technology features
  • It has a 10 fan setting with 7 fan speeds
  • Factory balanced and sound-tested design
  • It has dimmable LED light features with 16 brightness settings
  • It can be controlled conveniently in a variety of ways using modern technology
  • It is exceedingly pricey and the most expensive product on this list
  • It can be noisy on higher fan levels

10. Minka-Aire F844-WH Protruding Mount Ceiling fan

Mika-Aire is a brand committed to providing ceiling fans with functional and energy-efficient designs without sacrificing style. This is a brand that makes high-quality, high-performance fans that can cater to traditional and modern home aesthetics.

10 7


The F844-WH Light Wave 52-inch Smart Ceiling Fan has a beautiful and unique contemporary design with a white finish that not only complements modern style homes but also fits modern lifestyles. It is packed with modern features such as having Wi-Fi enabled features and it can be controlled using Smart by Bond technology.

This App allows you to control the fan using any smart device such as phones and tablets, and voice-activated control can also be used with Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant. It also comes with a 3-speed remote control if you prefer less hassle. As far as performance goes, the Light Wave Ceiling Fan can as high as 4531 CFM at high speed and as low as 1491 CFM at low speed.

Interestingly, the three 52-inch blades have a 48-degree blade pitch. This unique twisted blade design allows the blades to circulate air more efficiently than flat blades. Its integrated light kit provides full-range LED light-dimming and it performs silently, ensuring an uninterrupted sleep while using it. It is Energy Star certified and it comes with a lifetime warranty as well.

  • It has 3 blades with a design more efficient than flat blades
  • The blade design has a 48-degree blade pitch
  • It can reach up to 4531 CFM
  • It can be controlled with a remote, via smart application, and with voice-activated control
  • It has a 17-watt dimmable LED Light Module inside an etched lens
  • It’s very pricey
  • The reverse switch needs to be manually accessed on the housing above the light

Different Types of Ceiling Fans For Your Bedroom

There are several different types of ceiling fans but ceiling fans designed for bedroom use come in a different category from the rest. These different types of bedroom ceiling fans provide the usual ventilation function but vary in terms of design and convenience.

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  • Standard Ceiling Fans

This is the most conventional type of ceiling fan. This mechanical ceiling fan is what you would find in most traditional houses. It is usually preferred in most households because of their cheap cost and simple design that would fit well in most bedrooms. Standard ceiling fans usually have three or four blades which are either made of wood, plastic, or metal. These blades are typically mounted under the motor but some models would also put the blades on the side or top of the motor.

  • Chandelier Ceiling Fans

This type of ceiling fan provides both decorative lighting and ventilation to your bedroom. Unlike conventional ceiling fans, the Chandelier ceiling fans have their blades hidden within the light fixtures. However, this type of ceiling fan prioritizes lighting over ventilation because of the way it is designed.

  • Modern Ceiling Fans

This type of ceiling fan caters to those who wanted a modern design for their bedroom. It comes in a variety of designs that fit in a room with a contemporary setting. The modern designs may come as unique and slightly intricate, to clean and minimalistic, but no matter the design, modern ceiling fans will never compromise on the ventilation they will provide.

  • Dual-motor Ceiling Fans

Also called a twin ceiling fan or double head fan, this a type of ceiling fan that uses two motors. Not only is this type an excellent attention-grabbing decoration piece for any room, but it also boasts a remarkable performance in ventilation and comfort thanks to its superior performance over conventional fans. Having two motors mean that they have better fan speed, meaning they provide better ventilation, and also the ability to be set on each fan at different speeds. This type of ceiling fan is ideal for large bedrooms because of its ability to provide exceptional airflow and ventilation to large spaces.

  • Large Ceiling Fans

If you have a large room, you might want something bigger. Large ceiling fans offer an alternative if you prefer a larger standard type ceiling fan. The prominent feature of large ceiling fans is their longer and larger fan blades that can span around 80 inches. Compared to dual-motor ceiling fans, however, large ceiling fans aren’t as efficient when it comes to providing cooling and ventilation due to their heavier blades. However, this type should still offer adequate ventilation and it fits well in traditional-style homes.

  • Low Profile Ceiling Fans

If your bedroom has a low ceiling, then this might be the ideal ceiling fan for you. This type is also known as a hugger ceiling fan or flush-mounted ceiling fan and it is ideal for rooms that are less than 8 feet in height. Because low profile ceiling fans are fixed closer to the ceiling, they are less efficient in providing cooling and ventilation compared to other types of ceiling fans. However, this doesn’t mean this type of ceiling fan has limited options when it comes to style. Despite their less efficient cooling capabilities, they still provide a variety of design options to provide aesthetic for your bedroom.

  • Damp and Wet Ceiling Fans

This type leans more for outdoor use, although it can also be used in homes in a humid area where precipitation forms and can cause damage to standard ceiling fans due to moisture and humidity. The blades have been designed to resist moisture and warping. These can easily be distinguished with their exotic styles and “leafy” blades.

Benefits of a Ceiling Fan

From its humble primitive design to its modern iteration, the ceiling fan has come a long way. In modern times, there are still a lot of ceiling fans found in most homes. Ceiling fans still hold popularity because they don’t use floor space. Instead, they use the ceiling, which is mostly free and only used primarily for lights in the household. There following are the benefits of having a ceiling fan, not only in your bedroom but also for the rest of your home:

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  • Cheap Cooling

Ceiling fans didn’t just get invented or became popular in the modern era, but it was conceived and even used in ancient times. Since then, it has provided humans a cheap source of comforting coolness to deal with tropical heat. Modern ceiling fans provide a cheaper alternative to air condition units to provide cool and centralized ventilation to a small or large room.

  • Energy Saver

Aside from being a cheap cooling alternative for the whole room, ceiling fans consume far less power than air condition units. You could save up to 40% off your electricity costs with ceiling fans. That is a considerable amount that could help you save on your monthly expenses. If you have both an AC unit and a ceiling fan, then you can use the AC unit when it’s too hot or when you have a lot of guests coming over and then use the ceiling fan at times you don’t need to use the AC.

Furthermore, energy star rated ceiling fans have 15% more spinning efficiency, making them perform better using the same power.

  • Room Aesthetic

Aside from providing cooling features, ceiling fans make excellent room decor. They come in various designs to choose from and different types that could cater to your specific needs. From standard conventional designs to modern minimalist designs, there is a wide variety to choose from in the market. However, you have to take note that some types might compromise cooling comfort and ventilation for lighting functionality.

  • Lighting

Most ceiling fans come with lighting and replaceable lightbulbs or LED lights. With most modern types and models of ceiling fans, lighting has become the secondary function. This is most useful for indoor use where it is a great addition to have something that provides a dual purpose of both lighting and ventilation for the room. When setting up your bedroom, this would save you the trouble of getting another set of lights for your room.

  • Safety

Contrary to the common misconception of the dangers of falling, ceiling fans are much safer than floor fans. There are far fewer accidents involving ceiling fans compared to floor fans thanks to how secure some designs were made and also because it’s on the ceiling and out of everyone’s way. Most ceiling fans are positioned around 12 inches below the ceiling so it is highly unlikely to accidentally come into contact with it. Even low profile ceiling fans feel safer despite being located 8 feet from the ground.

What Things to Look for When Buying a Bedroom Ceiling Fan

When buying the ideal ceiling fan for your bedroom, there are a lot of things to keep note and consider. This list of things to take note would include not only functionality but also design and extra features.

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  • Lighting

Despite being a secondary feature for most modern ceiling fans, lighting has become a must when using a ceiling fan for indoors most especially in dining rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms.

There are a lot of ceiling fans with attached lighting kits included. These lighting kits can use or more of the following types of lights: fluorescent, LED, or halogen light bulbs. Halogen lights emit warm lighting with so it’s a popular choice for many. However, it only lasts for an estimated 1500 hours. As for fluorescent and LED lighting, both emit either cool or warm lighting. Fluorescent lights use 75% less energy than halogen light sources while LED lights consume even less energy than the former.

When choosing the ideal ceiling fan for your bedroom, it is best to have a ceiling fan with lighting and the type of light source that your budget can allow.

  • Size

Remember to take note of how large your bedroom is. Size plays a critical factor when choosing that ideal ceiling fan. You don’t want something too big that your room can allow. You also don’t want a ceiling fan that’s too small or else it would defeat the purpose of having one if it won’t keep you comfortable and ventilated.

For cooling and ventilation efficiency concerns, there exists a general rule stating that the size of the ceiling fan is directly proportional to the room’s area in square feet. As an example, 42-inch ceiling fans would be the ideal fit for room sizes less than 144 square feet. As for 144 and 225 square feet rooms, a 44-inch ceiling fan is recommended. Rooms that exceed 225 square feet may utilize 52-inch ceiling fans.

  • Room Height

This is important if you have a room that has a low ceiling height. This is to prevent accidental contacts that could result in injuring yourself and damaging the fan. For rooms with 8 feet ceiling height or even lower, then low profile ceiling fan types are best suited for this situation. Anything else would pose a risk for injury.

Types of mounts used are also influenced by the height of the room’s ceiling. Standard mounting is ideal for ceiling height between 8 to 10 feet while flush mounting is recommended for ceiling height less than 8 feet. As for ceiling height exceeding 10 feet, a down-rod can be installed to bring the ceiling closer to provide efficient ventilation.

  • Installation Location and Support

Take note of where you plan to install your ceiling fan as well as its material and foundation. Wooden ceilings for support aren’t as reliable as concrete or anything as strong and sturdy so make sure you don’t get a ceiling fan that’s too heavy for your ceiling.

Ceiling fans are ideally placed in the center of the ceiling of the room to provide centralized ventilation. However, there might be situations when you’d prefer to put them somewhere else. That, too, is okay but make sure that the fan blades won’t hit the walls if placed near corners.

  • Number of Fan Blades

Conventional ceiling fans usually have three or four blades while some even have only two. There are even ceiling fans that can have as many as nine blades. Although having more blades may improve efficiency, having too many may sound overkill. However, in practicality, the amount of airflow is influenced by the pitch of the fan blade and its efficiency to circulate air. When the number of fan blades increases, the ceiling fan’s efficiency to move air around decreases. Hence, why most people prefer ceiling fans with three or four blades for optimal ventilation and air circulation.

  • Design

Of course, you’d want a ceiling fan that would best compliment your bedroom. This is entirely up to your taste and preference on whether you want to make an elegant centerpiece in your bedroom or a subtle piece in your humble sleeping abode.

  • Accessibility

Accessing the control mechanism of ceiling fans comes in different forms. Some come in the form of remote controls, pull up switches, and even light switches that turn both the light and the fan blades on. This feature comes depending on the model of the ceiling fan, so you have to decide whether you want something easier to access its controls or for everything else it has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it safe to use a ceiling fan? And how likely is it encounter accidents from falling ceiling fans?

Using ceiling fans is safe as long as directions and safety standards are observed during installation. According to reports, there are far more accidents with floor fans than with ceiling fans. It’s important to make sure the structural support of the ceiling is strong and sturdy and the optimal height for ceiling fan installation is observed and not cause a hindrance even to tall persons.

  • Why are ceiling fans using DC motors more popular than those using AC motors?

DC motors are usually preferred because they are light and efficient, and they are the standard choice for ceiling fans having high-performance ratings. These motors can generate high torque and uses up 70% less energy than their AC motor counterparts.

To make sure that a fan motor is energy efficient, you can check if the model is Energy star rated. Aside from using less energy than standard fans, these models follow strict airflow requirements to ensure quality and efficiency.

  • What is a Blade Pitch?

The ceiling fan’s pitch or blade pitch is the angle at which blades are positioned. The efficiency of the ceiling fan at circulating air and ventilation is determined by this angle. The optimal blade pitch of a ceiling fan is around 12-15 degrees. Motor efficiency is also influenced by the blade pitch. If you want a high-efficiency ceiling fan, you should take get one with the optimal blade angle.

  • What is a CFM?

CFM stands for Cubic Airflow Per Minute which is the exact measure of air circulation per minute produced by the fan. It is also called the airflow rating or flow rate. A higher CFM rating means a ceiling fan is more efficient in cooling a particular space.


In the modern age, using a ceiling fan may sound a bit old fashioned, but you can’t deny its efficiency and cheaper price. It provides less cooling power compared to air conditioner units but it costs considerably less and consumes far less power just to lower your room temperature by around 8 degrees centigrade.

When searching for the best ceiling fan for your bedroom, there are several things to consider. However, the biggest factors that decide which ceiling fan would that be are those that come from your bedroom setup. The size, height, and theme of your bedroom influence your choice for that ideal fan.

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