Best Sleeper Chairs Reviews For 2022 (Top Picks)

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After a grueling day from work, school, or other various activities, the body would demand to have the rest it deserves. Even though the bedroom is the best place to take that well-deserved nap, it is not the most versatile area to engage in other restful activities aside from sleep. A bedroom is a private place of our abode to sleep, but it’s not somewhere we can use to socialize with guests. That’s the function of a living room.

Sofas provide you and guests a place to sit comfortably in the living room. However, in a limited space, a sofa set would make your living area feel cramped. Fortunately, sleeper chairs are designed to provide a comfortable place to lounge with just enough space for one. You can never go wrong when purchasing yourself the best sleeper chair for your home. It’s excellent for large homes with large families and for those who live alone and have limited floor space.

10 Best Sleeper Chairs Reviews

1. D&D Futon Furniture Gray Sleeper Chair

Indulge in a small yet relaxing experience with the D&D Futon Furniture Gray Sleeper Chair. This fold-out type sleeper chair is a great space saver but doesn’t compromise in comfort. It perfectly works wherever you place it in your living room!

Best Sleeper Chairs


This 32″x70″ wide sleeper chair features 6-inch thick folding foam that doubles in thickness when folded like a chair. Use it as a mini sofa in the corner and enjoy reading your books or as a flat but comfy bed in the middle of the room and indulge in whatever activity you fancy as you lie on top of it. It also comes with a foldable headrest that provides an extra cushion or a spare space when you need it in case you’re taller.

It’s not just designed to be enjoyed by singles, but it can also be appreciated by those who have kids as well. Kids will enjoy lazing around this sleeping chair, and they’ll love sleeping on it too! The high-quality foam is covered with a gray-colored fabric that looks clean, elegant, and fits well with any room setting.

The D&D is small and compact, yet light enough to be carried by one person who doesn’t have to be a bodybuilder. You can quickly move it around, and you can even store this in a car so you can bring it with you during family outings and picnics.

  • 6-inch thick foam made of high-quality foam
  • Firm foam and very cushy
  • Can be easily carried and moved around with a single person
  • No setup or assembly needed
  • Perfect for kids
  • It isn’t long enough for some taller people
  • The headrest doesn’t lay out flat when unfolded

2. Giantex 5-Position Adjustable Convertible Flip Chair

Due to the versatility of sleepers, several companies have come up with designs that allow their customers the ability to control the way they enjoy them. The Giantex 5-Position Sleeper Chair is an excellent example of that flexible design.

Sleeper Chairs reviews


The Giantex lounge chair is covered in a gorgeous gray fabric that looks clean and stylish. Ultra-suede, a high-quality leather material, is used for the fabric. The foam is 4.5 inches thick, and it has a high backrest when used as a sofa and lounger. It has a foldable headrest that doubles as a pillow when folded when used as a bed mattress. You can also lay it flat when you unfold the headrest. An exciting feature is that if you prefer a high backrest or a pillow, you can flip the memory foam mattress to get the desired outcome.

As for functionality, this chair allows you to use it in any its five adjustable positions. Different people have different tastes, and allowing customers the ability to adjust what place suits them in different situations makes it one the most flexible items in this list.

With Non-Slip feet on the bottom part, you can rest assured that you won’t have any problems with the sofa or mattress, whichever mode you’re using currently, from moving around while you use it. This 28.3″ x 83″ chair is also lightweight and easy to carry around, making the perfect comfy companion for college dorm students and those renting apartment spaces.

  • Flexible design with five adjustable positions
  • Non-slip feet design
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Ergonomic design to ensure a comfy and relaxing experience
  • It has a durable and robust build
  • It’s short for taller people when used as a sofa
  • It’s not as roomy as other fold out sleeper in this list

3. Stone & Beam Kristin Chair-and-a-Half Upholstered Sleeper Sofa

Experience comfort in a modern casual elegance of the Stone & Beam Kristin Chair-and-a-Half Upholstered Sleeper Sofa. This stylish sand-colored twin bed pull-out type sleeper sofa enhances the look of any room with its presence thanks to its modern casual design.

chair and a half sleeper bed


The Stone & Beam is essentially a twin bed pull-out sofa chair that can accommodate at most two persons. It has round arms to allow your arms to rest comfortably and a firm, comfy pillow that also serves as a backrest.

Like a cross between sofa and chair, the Stone & Beam’s default mode looks like an ordinary sofa. But it all changes when you pull out the hidden memory foam mattress underneath. A pull out mechanism stores and releases a hidden mattress within its frame along with metal frames to support the extension. With armrest to prevent you from falling to the side, it feels like a little bed. Whether you wish to occupy the space all to yourself or snuggle up with a partner, it’s all up to you. You can also offer this to guests in your house if you don’t have a guest room.

The back cushion is down-filled, and it feels great. Couple that with a firm and comfy seat cushion, then you’re all set for a remarkable experience that feels just as great as using a bed with a thick and luxurious mattress. This 55.5″ x 37″ sleeper sofa can extend its length to 72″ when unfolded into a bed. It is well built, using solid hardwood and laminated wood frame construction.

  • A chair that feels as comfy and doubles as a sofa and pull-out twin bed
  • No assembly is required
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • The fabric is easy to clean
  • Has a 30-day free return period and three years warranty
  • It’s quite expensive
  • The fabric can be easily stained and prone to attracting pet hair

4. Best Choice Products 5-Position Gaming Chair

Fold-out type chairs enjoy a demand on the market due to their flexibility and also by being ready to use fresh-out-of-the-box. Because of this popularity, several products such as the Best Choice Products Chair are riding on this trend while also making adjustments of their own on how to improve their version.

best choice products convertible sleeper chair bed


The Best Choice Products Sleeper Chair sports an attractive black fabric cover made with quality suede material. The foam has four foldable panels that allow you to adjust what position suits your tastes. You can freely rearrange the foldable panels and even flip the orientation if you want a larger backrest.

It’s thanks to this that you can have five adjustable positions that you can switch anytime. If you wish to enjoy it as a sofa when playing videos, watching television while using it as a lounger, or sleeping on it as a bed mattress, you don’t have any restrictions on how you want to use this chair.

This 28.5″ x 81″ flexible sleeper chair has a 4-inch thick foam and a weight of 20.9 lbs. It is conveniently lightweight, making it possible for you to carry it from one place to another. Because of this, it’s perfect for camping trips and sleepovers. Furthermore, it’s a piece of ideal furniture for students living in dorms or those renting an apartment space.

  • Versatile with five adjustable positions to change and enjoy
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Durable and uses high-quality materials
  • Ergonomic design for optimized comfort
  • No setup and assembly required
  • It’s too short as a sofa
  • It’s not as thick as other fold out sleepers on this list

5. American Furniture Alliance Children’s Studio Chair

Sleeper chair is also beloved by children because they can use them to lie down anywhere in the room and enjoy playing on their tablets, watching TV, or taking naps. Due to the nature of kids being adventurous and can’t stay put in one place, this is perfect for kids who want to feel comfortable anywhere in the room, if they wish to use it as a chair or as a mattress.

american leather sleeper chair


The American Furniture Alliance Chair’s fabric cover gives a kid-friendly look from the get-go. The design is meant for kids due to its cute cover design, and this goes well with a room with vibrant colors to complement the design.

The sleeper chair has a measurement of 24″ x 27.5″ with a height of 23 inches as a chair while as a sofa, it has a size of 24″ x 64″ and a 12-inch thick foam. The foam is super plush, and kids will enjoy the feeling of lying down on the back or bellies on top of it.

The fabric is secured with a double-stitched and double overlapped folded seam. The cover is removable and easy to clean. The chair is also lightweight and can be moved around easily that even your kids would have no problem carrying them around. It’s great for outdoor use as well.

  • Cute and kid-friendly design
  • Its 12-inch thick foam is plush and very comfy
  • Lightweight and easy to move around
  • Easy to clean in case of spills
  • Easy to convert from chair to mattress and vice versa
  • The fabric is thin and susceptible to damage
  • The size can only accommodate kids 1-10 years of age

6. HomCom Single Person Folding 5 Position Steel Convertible Sleeper

Modern design for the latest comfort solutions is what the HomCom Single Person Sleeper Chair is all about. Its stylish modern design makes it the perfect furniture to have around in an office setting. The dark grey design, coupled with multifunctional armrests, also gives it a professional look.

homcom 5 position folding sleeper chair grey


Easily convertible to a chair, to a lounger, and then to a bed, the HomCom features five adjustable backrest angles so you can adjust how you want to relax. An accent pillow is included so you can lay it flat and rest your head on the soft and plush pillow, which you can also use as an extra cushion for your back when using the HomCom as a chair.

The cushion is a medium density foam covered with high-quality faux suede fabric that can be removed via its zipper cover so you can wash it for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The Hidden legs that support the backrest when converted into bed mode can be hidden within a compartment when not in use. The 2-in-1 metal armrest that doubles as supporting feet during bed mode is also built sturdy like its sturdy steel frame legs. Overall, the build quality of the HomCom is sturdy and durable thanks to its powder-coated steel frame capable of supporting 265 lbs of weight.

The HomCom measures 27″ x 25.5″ when used as a sofa and 23.5″ x 73″ with its mattress above 10 inches above the floor when used as a bed.

  • It looks great to use at home and in the office
  • Has a 5-level adjustable angle for the backrest
  • Has a thick cushion and comes with an overstuffed pillow
  • Removable covering to allow easy cleaning
  • Durable and sturdy metal frame
  • It’s narrow as a bed, and it may be uncomfortable for larger persons
  • Taller people may find the overall length in bed mode shorter

7. Delmango Folding Convertible Chair Bed

The Delmango Sofa Bed is for those who need ease of mobility without compromising stability and comfort. The Coffee-colored cover gives a beautiful light sheen that makes it blend well with any room decor.

single bed chair sleeper


The Delmango features a 5-level adjustable angle for the backrest, so allow you the freedom to adjust the way you want to feel comfortable. What sets the Delmango apart from other single-seater sofa beds are the nifty features that make it mobile and easy to move around.

The first thing to note is the set of wheeled feet on the back. This allows you to effortlessly move this piece of furniture quickly by tilting it towards you and move it around by pushing or pulling. There is also a handle at the back of the sofa that doubles as a support leg for the backrest when using it in bed mode.

The metal armrests feature a pair of plush and firm cylindrical cushions on top of it that you can remove when using them as support when unfolding them to be used in bed mode. The Delmango has a measurement of 35″ x 31″ on sofa mode and a size of 35″ x 76″ and a height of 10 inches above floor level when used as a bed. The wheels on its hind legs can rotate 360 degrees and feature brakes to make it stable during both bed and sofa mode.

  • Features an adjustable backrest that you can set into any of 5 angles
  • It has wheels on its hind legs with brakes function for ease of mobility
  • It includes a set of detachable comfy armrest cushions
  • It has a removable pulley that you can use as a support during bed mode
  • Has a removable and washable cover
  • It’s quite expensive
  • Others might find it too low on the floor during bed mode

8. Cortesi Home Savion Convertible Accent Chair

A simplistic design made right, and the Cortesi Home Savion Sleeper Chair is a fold-out type with metal feet support. These metal feet add some height to the sleeper chair for the comfort of those who like to sleep with some height above the ground. The Taupe-colored, modern minimalist design makes it compatible with any room design, so you don’t have to worry about it blending into your living area.

sleeper lounge chair


The Savion doesn’t have armrests like what you see on sofa beds but is incredibly comfortable regardless. There are hidden legs inside the compartment at the back and under the seat cushion covered by the pillow. These hidden components are used to convert the sleeper chair into a bed and make it stable.

The Savion is quite generous with its size: Measuring 34″ x 36″ when used as a chair and 34″ x 78″ when used as a bed. It rests 10.5 inches above the floor. It comes with a Pillow that conveniently covers the zipper under the seat cushion. The pillow serves as comfortable support when using it as a chair.

The cushion is quite firm, so those who like some resistance to their cushion would definitely like this.The Savion is excellent for use in the office and at home. It’s also a great piece of furniture to accommodate your guests and clients.

  • Has a decent width and length, giving you more sleeping space
  • It comes with plush and comfortable pillow
  • Sturdy build and construction
  • It has a practical design
  • Firm cushion
  • It’s almost twice or thrice the price of some items on this list
  • This is probably not for those who prefer soft and plush cushions

9. Fun Furnishings Chair Sleeper

While most sleeper chairs in this list are generous with their seating size, the Fun Furnishings Sleeper Chair is quite the opposite. It provides a snug comfy fit for a single person. Thanks to its high-quality density foam and fabric, this sleeper chair feels like one of the comfiest piece of furniture to rest on – if you’re a small kid.

sleeper chairs for small spaces


The first thing to notice with the Fun Furnishings Sleeper Chair is its beautiful red fabric. It comes with high-quality microsuede material that feels incredibly soft and soothing to the touch. This color makes it a perfect gift for the holidays.

The construction design also shows how durable this sleeper chair is. It has thick and firm armrests that double as a side rail or guard during bed mode. It’s easy to convert as a bed, and it feels stable.

This 25″ x 25″ sleeper chair is perfect for the smaller kids. It gives them snug and comfy fit so they can enjoy watching television, playing with their tablets or phone, or enjoy taking naps on it. It only weighs 10.4 lbs, so it’s easy to move around the house and even transfer from your home to another on special occasions.

  • Snug and comfy fit
  • Designed to be stable and durable
  • Has an incredibly soft fabric
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • It makes an excellent gift for kids in the holiday season
  • It’s too small for larger kids and adults
  • It’s the smallest-sized item in this list

10. Wakrays Folding Sleeper Flip Chair Convertible Sofa Bed

The Wakrays sleeper chair is the perfect chair to have at home and in the office thanks to its dark grey accent, which can easily complement any setting. The dark grey-colored fabric gives its a professional look, which, in turn, makes an excellent impression to your room, adding visual aesthetics and interest to it.

flip chair sleeper


The Wakrays Sleeper chair has five levels of adjustable backrest angles so you can choose how you want to feel comfortable. It can easily be converted into a chaise lounger or a sofa bed thanks to the hidden legs found at the back of the backrest and to the armrest that doubles as the feet support when the seat cushion is unfolded.

The fabric is made up of high-quality faux suede giving it a pleasant and smooth comfy texture to sit and lie on. The cover is also removable so you can easily wash and maintain it. The foam and metal frames are also made from high-quality materials, giving it an overall stable and robust build. A pillow is included to complete the set,adding more comfort when used as a chair and as a cushion for your head when used as a bed.

The Wakrays has the following measurements: 25.6″ x 27.2″ when used as a chair, and 23.6″ x 73.2″ and the cushion rests 9.8 inches above the floor when used as a bed.

  • Made with high-quality materials
  • The fabric feels smooth and comfortable
  • Has a strong and solid build
  • Features 5 levels of adjustable backrest angles
  • Includes a pillow that adds a level of comfort in all three modes
  • It’s quite expensive
  • The space is quite narrow for a bed and may cause discomfort for larger people

Different Types of Sleeper Chairs

Sleeper Chairs are very flexible pieces of furniture that are great for homes with ample floor space and even for homes that do not. What’s more, there are different types of sleeper chairs to choose from, each with features that would tickle your fancy.

13 5

  • Pull-out Sleeper Chair

The Pull-out Sleeper Chair is the most common type of sleeper chair. It is found in most households and features a classic armchair design with a pull-out cushion to convert as a bed. You can accommodate your guests a place to sleep with using this type of sleeper chair without the need for a bed. What makes it the usual go-to choice is its flexibility for different situations. You can use it as a comfy chair during the day and as a small comfy bed during the night. Sleeper chairs are sturdy, so you can quickly fold and spread it whenever you need it.

  • Fold-out Sleeper Chair

The Fold-out Sleeper Chair is the most convenient and most straightforward to move around. When it’s folded, it’s a comfortable sofa that’s good for one person. This is perfect for those who live alone and have a small living space. This type is all cushion with no other wooden or metal frames, so it’s easier to move around.

  • Inflatable Sleeper Chair

This type is a unique type of sleeper chair that you can bring along with you. From camping to other activities such as yoga, this is the type that you can bring the comfort of home with you anywhere outside. It’s inflatable, meaning you can deflate it when transferring it from one place to another and then inflate it when you’re going to use it.

  • Twin bed Pull-out Sleeper Chair

The twin bed type is a Pull-out Sleeper Chair designed for two people. However, this is usually built and upholstered better compared to a regular pull-out sleeper chair meant to accommodate a single person.

  • Loveseat Set Sleeper Chair

This type is the widest sleeper chair design available in the market. The Loveseat Set Sleeper Chair usually has an extra-supportive headrest included and better upholstery. It has an armrest on each side, and some products of this type come with removable comfy seat cushions and pillows.

Benefits of using Sleeper Chairs

Sleeper Chairs are designed to provide benefits and usage that conventional furniture is unable to offer. Although they aren’t as good as full-fledged furniture that specializes in certain functions, they are capable of providing enough comfort and satisfaction with several perks to make up some shortcomings.

11 5

With the following benefits of using sleeper chair, it’s true when they say that great things sometimes come in smaller packages.

  • Minimal Use of Floor Space

Smaller and lighter than regular sofas and far more comfortable than ordinary chairs, sleeper chair is easier to move around and place around the house. Even with limited floor space, sleeper chairs can easily fit in your home without making it feel cramped.

  • Multi-purpose

Sleeper chair enjoys the best of several worlds: It’s as comfy as a sofa, albeit smaller, good enough to sleep with as a single bed, and cozier than your regular chair. Having the ability to convert it whenever you want it to is also a great benefit to have. If you’d instead relax and take it easy in the living room instead of your bedroom, then these are great to have. Considering the fact you can’t simply let your guests sleep in your bedroom, having sleeping chairs solves the problem of accommodating your guests whenever they have no place to spend the night.

  • Socializing

Most homes use the living area as a place to socialize with family, friends, and other guests coming over. Sleeper chair gives a great impression and also suitable accommodation to people coming over to your place. These are also great when hosting slumber parties or sleepovers since it wouldn’t be appropriate to leave your guests alone, enjoying themselves without you.

  • Living Room Aesthetics

Sleeper chairs also liven up the room depending on what design and type of ambiance you plan on. The aesthetic appeal it adds makes the room more exciting and gives guests a good impression of your place regardless of how modest its size may be.

  • Sleeping Alternative

If you’re renting a place to stay and it’s simply too small, getting a sleeper chair is the best alternative to have thanks to the small living space it takes up.

  • Enhanced Comfort

Some sleeper chairs are high for home offices. If you work at home or in a studio that allows some break time for rest, then this is the perfect furniture for you! These office-type sleeper chairs can beat even the comfiest standard office chairs by a long shot.

What Key Features To Look For When Buying A Sleeper Chair

Finding the right Sleeper Chair for your home isn’t a hard task. However, it’s important to note what you need so that you won’t regret your choice of product. With a lot of products out there in the market, you can find yourself lost in finding the right one and make lapses in your judgment in the process.

12 3

To avoid having a lapse in judgment, the following are the key features and factors you should note when buying a sleeper chair that will fit perfectly well in your home.

  • Size

For many, floor space is an essential part of the living space they have in the place they call home. Naturally, no one wants to live in a crowded place, even if it’s just you in your home or your room. This is why size is the first and most important feature to note. If you live in a house with a much more generous and spacious living area, then good for you. But for those living with limited living space, getting a smaller sleeper chair with just the right size is good enough.

Your relationship status can also affect your choice of size, as well. If you’re single, the odds are high that you’d want a sleeper chair that’s only good for one. However, if you have a partner living with you, then it’s natural you’d want the twin-sized sleeper bed. If you have kids, then take it up a notch and get the widest one available.

  • Armrests

Some types of sleeper chairs have armrests by default, but it doesn’t mean some products have to follow the same design. If you fancy having armrests in your sleeper chair, then you should scout for products that have them. Some products have adjustable armrests out there, so don’t give up trying to find one.

  • Thickness

Comfort is a major key feature of sleeper chair. It won’t be called a ‘sleeper chair’ if it’s not comfy enough for you to sleep on. Despite what type of sleeper you are, having a thicker foam is always a good thing when it comes to sleeper chair. However, having thicker foams means you have to shell out more money. So as far as thickness is concerned, you should consider how much overall budget you are willing to invest.

  • Quality

The foam material is essential to take note of when it comes to quality. Some foams thin down quickly and are just too soft to feel comfortable with. Additional research of the product would help avoid encountering these mishaps.

Some sleeper chair types are pure foam and cushion, while some have wood furnishing or metal frame constructs in their design. For the latter, it’s vital to research how sturdy they are based on verified purchases and feedbacks if you’re able to inspect the products before purchase, the better personally.

  • Mobility

There are sleeper chair products that feature wheels installed for ease of movement. This is especially good for office-style sleeper chairs that may require moving around from one place to another. If you don’t like fancy wheels, however, then you can stick to regular non-wheeled models.

  • Fabric Cover

Because you or your guests would be spending some time with the sleeper chair now and then, it’s crucial that the cover can be removed and washed easily. You should also decide on what kind of texture you like so you can rest with a comfortable tactile experience.

Fabric Cover also affects the aesthetic appeal of your sleeper chair. It’s important to decide what kind of visual theme you’d want your sleeper chair to go along with your room.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Sofa Beds the same as Sleeper Chairs?

Although they serve a similar function, sofa beds and sleeper chairs are not the same. The primary reason why they are different is because the former is a sofa and a bed by design while the latter is essentially a chair and a bed mattress by design. Despite some sleeper chairs having similarities to sofas, these are usually meant only to accommodate one person. Despite some types being capable of accommodating two or more people, the fact that one is designed as a chair that can convert as a bed mattress means it’s mostly a chair and not entirely a sofa.

Sofa beds also have a different type of convertible: it has a memory foam mattress hidden within its frame so you can unfold it whenever there is a need for its use.

  • What is the Best Type of Sleeper Chair?

It depends on several factors:

  • Available Living Space

If you have a smaller living space, your choices narrow down to a Pull-out Sleeper Chair, a Fold-out Sleeper Chair, and an Inflatable Sleeper Chair.

  • Relationship Status

If you live alone, you can opt for smaller or larger sleeper chairs. If you’re living with someone in the same house, then a twin sleeper bed type is most suitable. However, if you have kids or a large family and you want to bond with them sometimes in the living room, then the Loveseat Set type would be the most recommended choice.

  • Are Sleeper Chairs hypoallergenic?

Sleeper chairs use foam materials as a cushion. Since a fabric cover covers the foam and foam can be hypoallergenic, there is a slight risk of allergen build-up that can cause discomfort and allergies. However, to be entirely sure of not getting any allergies, take note of what kind of fabric the cover is and check if the material has hypoallergenic properties or not.


Sleeper chairs enjoy a recent increase in trend because of how versatile they are and how much floor space they can save. Imagine comfy sofa beds and sleepers but smaller – and you have sleeper chairs! Because of their smaller size, they are usually affordable than sofa beds or sleepers; and they are easy to move around too.

Sleeper chairs are best for any setting: be it casually lounging in your living room, working at home, or enjoying the comforts of home outside. Having best sleeper chairs around will help keep you, and your guests feel relaxed and comfortable.

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