Best Futon Mattress Reviews 2022 (Top Picks )

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The best futon mattress is affordable, practical and durable, as well as thick enough to provide the right balance of comfort and cushion. Keep in mind that it isn’;t as thick, firm and supportive as a regular mattress but it’;s still thick enough to provide a comfortable barrier between you and the cold, hard floor. It’;s a great choice, too, when you want a space-saving bed it can be easily and quickly folded when it isn’;t in use or when you want to use your bed for other non-sleeping purposes.

A typical futon mattress consists of stuffing, which may be exclusively foam or a combination of foam and coils, and a cover. The cover can be made of a poly-cotton blend, a microfiber or microsuede fabric, or khaki fabric, among others, which can easily become stained or soiled. For this reason, it’;s best to cover your futon mattress with a specially-designed cover, which can be purchased separately, or with a standard bed sheet.

Best Futon Mattress Reviews List Of Top 10

1. DHP 8-Inch Independently-Encased Coil Premium Futon Mattress

With its combination of high-quality foam, polyester and independently-encased coils, this DHP 8-inch futon mattress provides adequate comfort and support and it’;s the best futon mattress according to many users for this reason. Such is the quality of its materials and construction that it’;s the nearest product to a regular mattress without actually being one. The 8-inch mattress is thick enough to accommodate two persons without sagging too much at the middle and ends.

best futon mattress

The tufted microfiber cover protects the foam, polyester and coils while also giving the futon mattress an attractive, even elegant, design. When folded over a futon frame, it looks like a modern sofa except that it can be used as both a sofa during the daytime and a full-sized bed at night, if needed.


  • Measures 75″ x 54″ x 8″
  • Fits standard full-sized futon frame
  • Available in black, charcoal, chocolate, cobalt, tan, and merlot
  • Made of quality foam, polyester and coils with independent casing
  • Convertible from sofa to bed when placed on a frame

  • It’;s a great alternative to a regular mattress in terms of a balance between price and features.
  • It has an attractive design that makes it suitable for apartments, studios, and lofts with modern design.
  • It provides a sleeping experience similar to a regular mattress.
  • Its materials are free from toxins like PBDEs, ozone depleters, lead, heavy metals, and flame retardants.
  • It feels dense and firm, as well as retains its shape well over the years.
  • It may require a cover to protect its surface although it’;s easy enough to clean.
  • It can be heavy to transfer.

2. Mozaic Cotton Twill Gel Memory Foam Futon Mattress

Unlike regular memory foam mattresses, this Mozaic memory foam mattress is more affordable and, thus, it’;s a recommended choice for people who want great value for the money. Its dual-sided, 8-inch thick memory foam provides similar benefits as a regular memory foam mattress; the benefits include pressure point relief, alignment and support for the back and spine, and reduced motion effect. It’;s also less likely to be infested with dust mites and it can last far longer than regular foam with proper care.

futon mattress reviews

While it can be placed on a standard bed platform or even on the floor, it is best placed on a standard full-sized futon frame (sold separately).  When placed on a frame, it can then be a convertible sofa bed sofa when folded, bed when laid flat.


  • Measures 75: x 54’’ x 8’’
  • Weighs 68 pounds
  • Made of quality polyurethane gel foam with cotton twill cover
  • Available in several colors (khaki, black, blue, burgundy, hunter green, navy, and red)
  • Foldable for sofa and full-sized bed configuration

  • It’;s a thick futon mattress that provides the right balance of support and comfort for its type.
  • It has a reasonable price considering its quality materials and durable construction.
  • It’;s a versatile mattress (i.e., sofa and bed uses).
  • Its attractive design makes it suitable as a living room furniture, too, especially in studio-type apartments.
  • It’;s easy enough to clean with a damp cloth and a cleaning liquid.
  • It requires several days for its wrinkles to smooth out and for its full loft to return after opening it from its package.
  • It has a fairly strong chemical smell but it will eventually fade over several days.

3. Serta Cypress Double Sided Innerspring Queen Futon Mattress

The use of safe materials is among the selling points of this Serta Cypress futon mattress. According to its manufacturer, the CertiPUR certified foam is free of toxins including flame retardants, formaldehyde, heavy metals, phthalates, and volatile organic compounds, among others. The safety of mattresses in terms of the substances used is of crucial importance for consumers since they are in direct contact with these products for at least 6 hours a day, and this futon mattress meets the brief.

most comfortable futon mattress

Aside from the CertiPUR foam, the mattress also has an innerspring unit that makes it bouncier than the traditional Japanese futon. The combination of foam and innerspring provides the desired relative comfort and support for its users. The mattress itself is covered with a cotton-like fabric and tufted for extra comfort.


  • Measures 60’’ x 80’’ x 8’’ (Queen size)
  • Weighs 118 pounds
  • Made of a combination of materials foam, innerspring and cottonique fibers
  • Tufted with 18 tufts for added stability
  • True box casing construction

  • It’;s more affordable than a regular mattress.
  • It’;s made of safe materials from foam to cover.
  • Its innerspring unit gives good support and its foam makes it comfortable for average-sized individuals.
  • It’;s easy to unroll from its package and place on a standard futon frame.
  • It’;s attractive without a cover.
  • It will take 48 hours for the mattress to be fully expanded but it can be used immediately.
  • It may have a slight smell upon opening but it fades away after a few hours.

4. D&D Futon Furniture Cotton

This D&D product is a traditional Japanese futon mattress that can actually be rolled up for storage and transport, when necessary. Keep in mind that it doesn’;t have the typical thick foam and innerspring coils of the typical modern futon mattress. As such, the 3-inch futon mattress only provides mild comfort and support, but it’;s usually sufficient when sleeping on the floor.

best futon mattress for sitting

Since it’;s light, easy to roll around and carry, and quick to be unrolled, it’;s a multipurpose futon mattress. Aside from its regular use, it can be used during picnics, as a play mat or exercise mat (e.g., yoga), and for massage sessions. It can also be placed virtually anywhere there’;s a flat surface on the floor, in the living room, or in the patio, not to mention that it’;s a good choice for small spaces.


  • Measures 30″ x 80″ x 3’’
  • Made of 90% white cotton with a one-inch layer of foam and a layer of polyester fiber
  • Covered with a black fabric
  • Comes with straps to tie the mattress when rolled up
  • It’;s a portable mattress that can be easily rolled and unrolled.
  • It can be used for a wide range of purposes (i.e., good value).
  • It’;s made with safe materials and it meets flame retardant requirements.
  • It’;s easy to clean and fluff.
  • It still offers comfort and support despite its relatively thin thickness.
  • When first opened from its box, it’;s slightly shorter and, thus, requires some stretching and pulling at both ends.
  • It isn’;t for everyone, especially for people who like medium to firm support and optimum comfort.

5. EMOOR Japanese Traditional Futon Mattress

While the Emoor Classe futon mattress has a simple and basic design, it’;s a truly practical mattress suitable for use by people who want a portable bed for a small space. Keep in mind that it’;s a relatively thin mattress it’;s just 2.5’’ thick so it doesn’;t offer as much comfort and support for your body as, say, an innerspring futon mattress or a regular mattress.

queen futon mattress

But if you’;re looking for a mattress that gives the feeling of sleeping on the bed’’ instead of in the bed’’, then it’;s a great choice. People who have back issues and, thus, who needs firm back support will also find it suitable for their needs.

Be sure to place a mattress cover on the futon mattress since it’;s non-washable. Spot cleaning can remove stains and spots on the futon itself; wash the mattress cover as needed.


  • Available in different sizes (i.e., Full size measures 55’’ x 79’’ x 2.5’’)
  • Weighs 14 pounds
  • Made of 100% polyester for its filling and 100% cotton for its outer fabric (i.e., 200 thread count)
  • Folded in three parts when shipped
  • Available with or without coverset and/or tatami mat

  • It’;s suitable for use as a mattress for sleeping indoors and outdoors (i.e., camping), as well as for lounging.
  • It’;s thin and lightweight enough to be folded and carried for storage and transport.
  • It doesn’;t become too thin even with regular use and with two people on it provided it’;s fluffed regularly.
  • It can be used in small spaces.
  • It’;s surprisingly comfortable to sleep on.
  • It takes an hour or so for the futon to expand to its normal size upon removing it from its package.
  • It doesn’;t have a bounce but it’;s a traditional futon mattress anyway.

6. DHP 6″ Microfiber Futon Mattress

With its 6-inch thick 100% polyester fiber pad filling, this DHP microfiber futon mattress is just the right thickness for people looking for medium comfort and support in their beds. Admittedly, there’;s little bounce in the mattress because of the absence of innerspring coils but it still allows for easy movement while sleeping. You should be able to move from your back to your side, for example, with relative ease and without waking your bedmate in the process.

mattress for futon sofa bed

This can be placed on the floor although it’;s better to place it on a full-sized futon frame to protect its fabric cover and to preserve its loft. Plus, you will have a two-in-one piece of furniture a sofa and a bed a great choice when you live in a small studio or apartment.

The tufted details not only add beauty to the futon but these also prevent premature sagging and sinking in places, especially in the middle and sides.  With proper care, the futon will last for several years without noticeable thinning in several places.


  • Made of quality polyester fiber pad and microfiber fabric cover
  • Available in several colors including black, indigo blue, and navy
  • Measures 75’’ x 54’’ x 6’’
  • Weighs 18 pounds
  • Fits standard full-sized futon frame

  • It’;s made of high-quality materials that can withstand daily use for several years.
  • It can be used as a sofa or a bed, as well as your bed or as a bed for guests.
  • It retains its shape well over the years.
  • It can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth although a cover is highly recommended.
  • It doesn’;t have a bad smell upon unrolling it from its box.
  • It doesn’;t offer as much support as a regular mattress.
  • It can become stained easily, thus, the need for a cover.

7. Home Life Independently-Pocket Coil Premium Futon Mattress

The layers of foam, polyester and independent coils in this Home Life futon mattress makes it among the more comfortable mattresses of its kind. The coils give the mattress a bit of a bounce so that changing positions becomes easier than, say, on a traditional Japanese futon although it isn’;t as bouncy as a regular mattress. The thick 8-inch foam provides the desired comfort level so there’;s a feeling of sleeping on the bed’’ instead of in it’’.

 full size futon mattress

If you already have a standard full-sized futon frame, you can place this Home Life mattress on it and make a convertible 2-in-1 furniture. The mattress is thick enough that the metal slats on the frame won’;t poke through it, thus, there’;s little to no risk for injury. Just remember that it isn’;t a platform stable and strong enough for jumping on the bed.


  • Made of quality materials including foam, innerspring coils, and microfiber fabric cover
  • With 15-gauge pocket coils
  • Weighs 60 pounds
  • Available in tan, chocolate brown, and black charcoal

  • It retains its shape, support and feel even after several years of daily use.
  • It’;s thick so that the innerspring coils and the metal parts of the futon frame don’;t poke through.
  • It provides fairly good comfort and support considering it’;s a futon only.
  • It’;s reasonably priced, especially since it has proven longevity.
  • It’;s relatively easy to clean with a damp cloth and air-drying; a mattress cover is recommended, nonetheless.
  • It has a slight odor when it’;s first opened but it fades away soon enough.
  • It doesn’;t have ribbons or Velcro ties that can be used in securing it to the metal frame.

8. Au Natural 8″ Loft All Cotton Filled Futon Mattress

People looking for an extra-firm mattress at a reasonable price may want to consider this Epic Furnishings Au Natural futon mattress. The extra-firm mattress offers more support for the body, especially the pressure points like the knees, elbows and hips where morning-after aches and pains are more common. Since it can also be used as seat when placed on a futon frame, it’;s also a comfortable seat or lounging chair with a firmer feel.

 best futon mattress for sofa use

According to its manufacturer, the futon mattress consists of 14’’ of premium cotton batting but it’;s been compressed to make an 8’’ futon mattress with a firm feel and look. There are a few handmade details that make it more durable, such as the hand-wrapped edges to ensure that the edges and middle areas are even (i.e., with the same number of layers and thickness).


  • Made of 100% cotton batting for extra-firm feel
  • Available in several colors cardinal red, celery green, chocolate brown, ebony black, crimson, hunter green, ivory, khaki, and navy
  • Available in two types of cover suede and twill
  • Available in several sizes queen (60’’ x 80’’); full (54’’ x 75’’), and twin (39’’ x 75’’), all 8’’ thick

  • It’;s very firm so it provides excellent support.
  • It’;s made of durable materials.
  • It remains relatively thick even after years of use on a daily basis.
  • It’;s available in several different colors, cover, and sizes so there’;s one for every need.
  • Its tufted design adds to its beauty and durability.
  • It may not be true to size, usually smaller by an inch or so.
  • It’;s heavier than expected so it may not be suitable as a portable mattress (i.e., camping or when having guests over).

9. Classic Brands Classic Black 8-Inch Futon Mattress

Beauty and durability come hand-in-hand in the Classic Brands 8’’ futon mattress, and it’;s such a beauty that it can even be used as a living room sofa when placed on an attractive wooden or metal frame. The tufted design and microfiber polyester cover make it seem like a high-end leather sofa even from a distance, while the black color makes it blend well with nearly every modern décor.

futon mattress

Of course, comfort and support when it’;s in use are the main aspects that make it a good choice. Due to its individually-wrapped innerspring coils, the mattress provides the support needed while the thick foam provides the cushiony comfort. While it isn’;t like a regular mattress, it still provides a good sleeping experience especially when it’;s placed on a flat, strong and stable frame.


  • Made of layers of supportive foam, innerspring coils, and microfiber polyester cover
  • Measures 54’’ x 75’’ x 8’’
  • Weighs 63 pounds
  • Available in black and brown
  • Fits standard futon frame and platform
  • Folds easily for use as a sofa

  • It’;s 540-coil count and 7’’ wrapped innerspring coils give the mattress a slight bounce.
  • It’;s an extra-firm mattress that provides excellent support for aching backs and hips.
  • It’;s made of durable materials and built with durability in mind, especially the seams and tufts.
  • It’;s thick enough to provide comfort even for heavy sleepers.
  • It’;s easy to place on a frame or on the floor.
  • It may slightly more expensive for some people.
  • It requires a mattress cover for longer-lasting use.

10. Royal Sleep Products New Replacement Futon Mattress

The Royal Sleep Products futon mattress also features a combination of innerspring coils and foam so it’;s thick, cushy, and comfortable. The coils are individually wrapped for long-term durability while the cotton cover makes for a soft surface to lie on no crackling noises. The mattress is thick enough that it can accommodate a 200-pound person or two lighter ones without noticeable sagging in the middle and edges.

cheap futon mattress

But it isn’;t too thick that it’;s too heavy to move from, say, the living room to the bedroom. The thickness, nonetheless, is sufficient for the mattress to be a comfortable place to sleep on, whether it’;s placed on the floor or on a futon frame or a platform. The cotton cover, however, may become stained when it’;s placed on the floor so it’;s best to place it on a raised platform.


  • Made of memory foam, innerspring coils, and cotton cover
  • Available in two sizes queen (80’’ x 60’’) and full (75’’ x 54’’)
  • Available in several colors ivory, blue, burgundy, hunter green, khaki, navy, red and black
  • Weighs 70 pounds

  • It’;s a comfortable mattress that provides medium firm support.
  • It has an attractive design with its tufted surface and bold colors.
  • It has an affordable price suitable for budget-conscious people.
  • It’;s light enough for transport yet heavy enough to stay put on the frame.
  • Its thick mattress means that there’;s ample protection between the floor/frame and the user.
  • It can be a bit unwieldy to fold into a sitting position.
  • It may have lumps in certain places after several years of regular use.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Futon Mattress

Buying the best futon mattress requires carefully considering several factors that affect its durability, comfort and support, and beauty. Keep in mind that you don’;t have to sacrifice function for form or form for function since the best futon mattresses meet both form and function.


  • Look at the aesthetics

While you may still cover it with a fitted sheet, you will want your futon mattress to have good aesthetics. In some cases, it can be placed on a frame as is to make a sofa that can be turned into an extra bed when guests arrive for the night. It should blend well with your modern décor so a tufted design, bold color, and quality cover material are a must.

  • Comfort and support are key

Where mattresses are concerned, comfort and support are the primary factors that should be considered. Where futon mattresses are concerned, however, there’;s another factor the mattress should be comfortable to sit on since it can also be used as a cushion for a frame.

Your desired level of comfort and support will influence the type of futon mattress that you will likely purchase. If you want extra-firm support, then your best choice is 100% cotton batting filling. If you want medium support and more comfort, you should consider an innerspring coil and foam mattress.

But if you want a futon mattress that can be easily carried around, you will want to buy a traditional Japanese futon mattress, perhaps with a cover set and a tatami mat to protect its surface from dirt and dust on the floor. You may be able to sleep well on it, too, if you’;re used to a thin mattress that provides a barrier between your body and the floor.

  • Determine the purpose

Ask yourself: What will I be using the futon mattress for? If you’;re using it as an extra bed for guests staying the night, then you may want to buy a less expensive mattress. But if you plan on using it on a nightly basis, then you should consider buying a mattress with more features, such as innerspring coils a good night’;s sleep is always a great investment for your good health.

Be careful about choosing a futon mattress that can also be moved around relatively easily, if you’;re planning on using it in other rooms, for example. An innerspring coil-and-foam mattress will be significantly heavier0 than a traditional Japanese futon so it isn’;t as portable as the latter.

Check the cover material, too. Suede is so supple and soft to the touch but it can also be more difficult to maintain while a twill cover or a cotton cover can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth. But for maintenance purposes, we suggest using a fitted mattress cover over the futon mattress to protect it from accidental spills and stains.

Be sure to inspect the futon mattress as soon as possible. Look for tightly stitched seams, well-made tufts, and strong fabrics, as well as check for the durability of the foam and innerspring by pressing on the mattress a few times.

And of course, be sure to make measurements to ensure that, indeed, a futon mattress being considered will fit into the frame.


Futon mattresses may be more affordable than regular mattresses. But don’;t take their affordability against them, so to speak, because these are comfortable and supportive, too! The trick is in choosing the best futon that will meet your specific needs in a product, whether it’;s your main sleeping area or it’;s an extra bed or a 2-in-1 piece of furniture.


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