Should You Wear a Bra While Sleeping?

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You have probably encountered the rumors about the benefits and disadvantages of sleeping with your bra on. You might be wondering who’s saying the truth and who isn’t. Wearing a bra to bed is comfortable provided you consider the right type and size.

A popular myth that supports wearing bras to bed is that it prevents your breasts from sagging and makes them perkier. You bra has no such benefits because of your bodies position while sleeping.

On the other hand, there are claims that sleeping with your bra causes breast cancer. There is no scientific evidence to support the claim.

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Why you shouldn’t wear a bra while sleeping

  • Your bra may hamper free circulation of blood

Tight bras, particularly those with an underwire, affect flow of blood. They may restrict the free circulation of blood to the breast and the breast area. Note that tight bras have the potential of injuring the breast tissue.

  • It may cause irritation to your skin

The potential to develop skin irritation is another reason you should avoid wearing a bra to bed. The straps and fabric of the bra can cause irritation and possibly lesions when they rub against the skin. The lesions may worsen if the bra has an underwire and you wear it for extended periods. You may the impression of a tight bra on your skin after the day. By sleeping without a bra, you give you skin a chance to recover and restore from these effects. The marks may turn long-term if you do not give your skin a chance to recover.

  • It may constrain the flow of lymph

Sleeping in a bra can impact the lymph function. The bra can constrain the circulation of lymph to lymph nodes in the breast tissue and armpits. Consequently, this hampers the lymph’s important function of filtering and flushing toxins from the body. The lymph plays an important role in defending the body against infections and foreign bodies. Poor lymph drainage has a negative effect on the proper functioning of other organs such as the liver and kidneys. Blocked lymph vessels can result in retention of fluids causing chronic inflammation, discomfort and edema of the tissues of the breast.

  • You bra may cause excessive sweating at night

Wearing a bra at night especially in the summer can cause excessive sweating. This is especially so if you wear bra made from synthetic materials like polyester.

  • There is the potential of fungal infection

Your bra may retain moisture around your skin. These trapped moisture and warmth create an ideal environment for the development of fungal infection around the areas covered with the bra. The problem is aggravated especially if you if you sweat at night or you live in a hot and humid area. Avoid a bra at night to allow your skin to breathe and stay healthy.

  • It may lead to sleep interruptions

Similar to wearing right clothing to bet, a tight bra to bed may cause discomfort. This discomfort may cause restlessness and consequently interfere with your sleep at night. Good quality sleep is essential for recovery and good health, so, avoid wearing a bra to bed.

  • It may cause uneven skin color

Hyperpigmentation is characterized by uneven skin tone or discoloration of your skin. Dark colored spots may start to appear on your skin as a consequence of pigmentation. The condition occurs due to increased melanin on some parts of your skin. Melanocytes (cells that produce melanin) present on the outer skin layer get irritated by friction on the skin. Where the bra parts rub the skin, the friction stimulates increased production of melanin by the melanocytes. The result is hyperpigmentation in the affected areas of your skin.

The benefits of sleeping without a bra

  • The most obvious one is improved sleep. As stated above your bra may hinder lymph and blood flow. Sleeping without a bra means your body will experience free circulation of blood and lymph. This is very important for your breast and general body physiology.
  • Without a bra, you maintain your bodily hygiene. You eliminate the chances of sweating at night and developing fungal infections. A skin that breathes freely at night is able to recover from the impressions left by your bra during the day. When you sleep without a bra, there are minimal chances that you will get injuries. There will be no straps to irritate your skin, result in lesions, poke your skin, or cause pigmentation.
  • You will also benefit from proper breathing. A tight bra limits the breathing movement of the chest making it difficult for air to pass into your lungs. This means shallow breaths. Hence no bra means proper breathing.

You can still wear a bra to bed

Despite the downside, many women still feel enjoy the comfort of wearing a bra to bed. Women with bigger breasts may find it uncomfortable to sleep without a bra. For this reason, the market has you spoilt for choice – there are numerous kinds of bras for you. While selecting a bra for bed time, consider a seamless bra made of soft material with wide, soft straps. Avoid a tight bras and bras with parts that tend to dig in or poke into your body. It is advisable to go for extra size bra. You can also opt for pajama tops with a camisole-style which come with an inbuilt bra.


With all the supposed benefits of wearing a bra at night, you cannot resist the temptation of sleeping in one. You have heard that it keeps the breast perky, which is unlikely. Sagging often results from the downward gravitational pull on the breast tissue. This happens when you stand or walk. However when you lie down, you breast push down on your chest rather than towards your feet. Thus wearing a bra to bed is not likely to offer the claimed benefits.

Generally, wearing a bra to bed isn’t advisable.

Henry Carlson
Henry Carlson

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