How to Place a Rug under Sectional Sofa?

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If you have seen a well-designed home, then you must have noticed how their sectional sofa has been decked out too. Sometimes, the most beautiful homes are not the most expensive ones. Most of the time, these are modest homes accented and complimented with the finest and trivial details.

A homeowner who has seen various sectional sofa settings on interior designing sites can definitely relate to the designer’s creative side. If you have a sectional sofa at home and you feel like it has been ages since the last time you decorated your home, you are just in luck.

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You will be learning about ways to revamp your living room or patio’s sectional sofa without spending much. Get ready to step up your game and transform your living space into a more elegant, contemporary and cozy sanctuary.

Creative Ways to Decorate Your Sectional Sofa with a Rug

A lot of people feel frustrated when decorating their homes because most of them think that a beautiful home is equal to additional expense. But did you know that you can actually create a magazine-worthy setup for your living room through proper sectional sofa and rug placement? Let us show you how you can make it possible.

  • Iconic Rug under Your Sectional Sofa

If you have an iconic and fashionably designed rug, this would be a good option to try. The ideal size for this one would be around five feet by eight feet or bigger. Simply place the rug below your sectional sofa while making sure that none of the sofa’s legs are rested on the rug.

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Ideally, other furniture in the area is placed around the rug’s edges to complete the look. This is ideal for spaces where casual or occasional tea or coffee time happens. This is a rather formal or uptight interior design, mostly for households without kids.

  • Asymmetrical Design for Rug and Sectional Sofa

This design is usually created with an eight feet by ten feet or larger-sized rug. The key is to place your rug under your sectional sofa, noting that only the front sofa’s legs are resting on the rug. The excess or remaining borders of the rug should be filled by other furniture to complete the look. Though a bit asymmetric, this will give your place a chaotically beautiful interior. This is usually sported by those who want a modern yet artistic take on their interior. This usually goes well with artsy accents and furniture.

  • Put-together Design for Sectional Sofa and Rug

If you have a spacious floor space and a high ceiling area, then this interior design is for you. A larger size of rug should be used for this, it can be around nine feet by twelve feet. This features a well put-together look in your place. This is done by placing the rug below your sectional sofa while making sure that all its legs are rested on the rug. It strengthens the strong aesthetic elements in your space as the furniture and rug is in unison.

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Spare a small area of around three feet or more to make room for a center or coffee table. To keep it from looking awkward, make sure to leave a bit of rug area to extend on both ends of your sofa. In case a space is available at the back, make sure to widen it a bit to accommodate an area for walking. A comfortable walking space would allow a person to walk with both feet on the carpet instead of having one on the carpet and one on the floor.

  • Huge Rug under Sectional Sofa

This design also requires a larger size of rug, probably around nine feet by twelve feet or larger. This is ideal for those who want a more cozy design and space for family bonding and mini-parties. This also makes a good option for households with kids.

Put the huge rug under the sectional sofa, making sure that all the front legs are resting on the rug. Putting a coffee table in the middle can complete the look. For this look, the rug should be extended forward by around 4 feet or more.

  • Round Rug under Sectional Sofa

If you want to go beyond the conventional, you can always opt to get a round rug. All you have to do is position the rug under the sectional sofa, making sure that the middle part of the sectional sofa is resting on the rug. For this look, it is okay to have the outer legs of the sofa resting on the floor. You can include a center table in the middle for a cute and cozy atmosphere.

  • Two Round Rugs under Sectional Sofa

This uses two round rugs under sectional sofas. This makes an artistic theme for your living room. Simply place the round rugs under while making sure that both ends are resting on separate rugs. The centers or sides of both rugs can overlap with each other. You can place a coffee table on one rug and a side table on the other.


Some people think setting up their place will cost them an arm and a leg. What they do not know is that they can actually revamp and improve their home’s aesthetics without spending much. Sometimes, the defining factor is already there in the comforts of their own homes.

A simple rug can turn out to be an excellent accent and iconic decoration if it is strategically combined with your sectional sofa. Your arrangement defines your place’s atmosphere. You can always play with the rug’s design, size and shape to make it more expressive and reflective of your taste and style as a person.

Go back to the arrangements mentioned above the next time you decide to give your space a makeover. Who knows? Your next arrangement may give you a step-up and increase the kind of relaxation you feel when you spend time there after a long day. It’s time to rearrange and upgrade your sectional sofa’s aesthetic appeal.

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