Best Feather Mattress Toppers Reviews For 2022

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Do you want to level up your sleeping experience right in the comforts of your bedroom? Well, with some creativity and careful selection of the right bedding essentials any homeowner can mimic the comfort and lavish feel of five-star hotel accommodation. Yes, anyone can make it work. How to get started? Aside from having a quality bed mattress, pillows and bedsheets the one item that must not be missed out is the mattress topper.

A mattress topper main purpose is to serve as an extra cushioning layer on top of a bed mattress. Placement of a mattress topper has been proven to improve the sleeper’;s comfort while resting or sleeping on the surface of the mattress. Other than that, the mattress topper is often used as a protective barrier.

So, how will you know if you are buying the right mattress topper for your bed mattress? To make it more convenient on your end, I have specifically listed below the best feather mattress toppers. Hopefully, you will find the right brand that complements your type of mattress firmness or softest level.

Top 10 Best Feather Mattress Toppers Reviews

1. Superior Queen Mattress Topper

Now, that you some idea on the function of a mattress topper, let me give you a quick brief on this first brand that I’;m sure will fit into this category of bedding products, the Superior Queen Mattress Topper with a white down alternative featherbed mattress pad.

1 15

This brand is superiorly crafted to perfection. It noticeable even on the initial glimpse with the microfiber shell that has a silky soft surface. And, I must say the manufacturer has done a great job on the baffle boxed pattern design, plus the detailed double stitching visible all throughout the mattress topper. It just shows this product is made to perform at its fullest potential.

The material used in the production of Superior Queen Mattress Topper is 100% microfiber shell with down alternative polyfill. The microfiber shell is known to have the softest feel on the bedding surface. And, with down alternative fill, it’;s considered to have hypoallergenic features, making it suitable for people with allergies or skin sensitivity.

The design of this mattress topper projects a timeless beauty. It never goes outdated and can be matched with any bedding bed sheet, pillow covers, and blanket. The size measurement of this mattress topper is queen-size (60’’ x 80’’). It can fit snuggly on any queen size mattress.

As for care requirements, the manufacturer suggested this product is machine washable, then tumble dried at low heat mode temperature to prevent wrinkle formation. Customers are also advised to read the care instruction printed on the product’;s label to prolong the service life.

  • The product is made from premium microfiber with down alternative filling material
  • Design of this mattress topper shows boxed style patterns with double stitching to ensure lasting usage even when washed regularly
  • Manufacturer care instruction is machine washable and tumbles dry at a low heat temperature
  • Its queen size measurement promises a perfect fit on a queen size bed mattress
  • This bedding product will perform excellently when places on foam or spring type of mattress
  • The product is sold exclusively from its accredited resellers

2. puredown White Goose Feather and Premium Bed Topper

This next brand of mattress topper I’;m going to reveal has a solid track record in the manufacture of premium quality down and feather bedding products, the Puredown. This company has been in the industry for more than 20 years now and continually providing the market with various bedding products. Their products have reached outside USA territory, particularly concentrated in the European customers. Now, let’;s have a look at Puredown’;s White Goose Feather Bed Topper.

2 15

Overall, the construction of this mattress topper is exceptionally durable. Its boxed baffle design and double stitching application guarantee the user that the mattress topper filling material will remain in place, regardless of sleeper shifts from one side to another side of the bed.

Material composition of this brand of mattress topper includes shell and stuffing. The shell is made from pure cotton. The stuffing is divided into two layers; the top layer made from polyester and the bottom layer consisting of white goose feather. The size measurement of this mattress topper is approximately 60’’ x 80’’ x 3’’.

The product is professionally packed with a tightly sealed PVC bag, ensuring it remains in quality condition upon doorstep delivery. Manufacturer recommends customers to expose the mattress topper under the sun after unpacking for a few days to allow it to expand to the expected level of thickness.

As for the level of comfort, this mattress topper claims to provide sleeper the optimum level of comfort, super-soft surface, and noise-free.

  • The product is backed with manufacturer’;s 20 years of experience in the production of premium quality bedding products including mattress toppers and pads
  • This mattress topper has been OXIPOWER certified, meaning materials used are sourced carefully and underwent a disinfection process to ensure customer safety
  • Bedding product is composed of shell from 100% cotton fabric, the top layer has a polyester fill and bottom layer made from white goose feather
  • The mattress topper needs sun exposure for a few days to allow it to expand in fullest form and thickness

3. Pacific Coast Feather Luxe Loft Baffle Box Feather Bed

This next brand of mattress topper is a great addition to any potential buyer in need of extra loft and comfort, I’;m referring to the Pacific Coast Feather Luxe Loft Baffle Box Feather Bed Mattress Topper. I won’;t keep you waiting. Let’;s together explore this bedding product’;s best features.

3 15

The manufacturer behind the production of this top tier brand name of matter topper has been in the industry since 1884. That’;s absolutely an incredible achievement for being able to stay competitive in this heavily populated marketplace. Apart from that, the Pacific Coast mission is to combine the traditional method of craftsmanship with today’;s advanced technology in the production of all their bedding collections (comforters, pillows, blankets and feather beds). And, it has been a trusted partner of over 2 million international hotels for their bedding needs. Here’;s more of the best offers of this mattress topper brand.

The material used is guaranteed to be 100% cotton with 230 thread count, proven to have tightly woven fabric that securely holds feather fill. The mattress topper showcases 3D baffle boxed patterns. The sewing method applied is double stitches to reduce potential leakage of feather stuffing.

Is it a wise investment? Aside from the brand name that has made a global among hotels, the warranty coverage is truly a good deal for what you paid for. This product comes with a 30-nights comfort guarantee, meaning anyone can get a full refund if unhappy with its quality and performance. Plus, the manufacturer offers it with a 5-year limited warranty, conditions may apply.

  • This mattress topper has been a recognized bedding brand among hotels worldwide
  • Materials used include 100% pure cotton with Resilla feather stuffing
  • The manufacturer offers this product with 30-night refund guarantee and 5-year limited warranty
  • No storage bag included

4. Sweet Jojo Designs White Goose Feather Topper

This brand is for every potential buyer with a limited budget, but still don’;t want to sacrifice the quality and functionality of a mattress topper. I’;m talking about Sweet Jojo Designs White Goose Feather Topper and Down. Here are some of the highlights that this mattress topper is proud to have.

4 16

Reasonable pricing is one of the best offers of Sweet Jojo Designs White Goose FeatherTopper. I think the price tag of this mattress topper shows that it’;s possible to find an affordable bed mattress topper and enjoy some features that expensive brands can offer.

What about its material? Well, this mattress topper has approximately 95% composition of white goose feathers and 5% down. The outer cover is made from cotton fabric with a 240 thread count. The topper has two inches thickness with sides showing off gusset finish. The general comment of customers that recently bought this mattress topper is additional comfort on the bed’;s surface.

Where is this topper compatible? This brand of topper is highly recommended for bed mattresses classified to have queen or twin-size measurements.

The other awesome feature of this bedding product is the filling material has an antimicrobial feature, meaning it’;s not prone to mildew, mold, fungus or bacterial formation. It’;s considered to be safe for anyone diagnosed with allergies.

  • The product has been rated to be on the firm level, perfect for side sleepers
  • The outer cover is made from 100% pure cotton fabric material, certified 240 thread count
  • The antimicrobial filling material is made from two types of filler (goose feathers and white goose down)
  • Design of the topper exhibits baffle boxed pattern construction, proven to prevent leakage of feathers
  • The outer cotton fabric has been certified to have 240 thread count
  • This bedding products has a budget-friendly price tag, caters to potential buyers with limited funds
  • Sizes availability are only limited to Queen and Twin bed mattresses
  • The mattress topper may appear a bit flat

5. Bluestone Down & Duck Feather 4″ Gusset Topper

Another brand of mattress topper with gusset finish and suitable for queen size mattresses is the Bluestone Down & Duck Feather 4’’ Gusset Topper. And, here are some of the features that this topper is proud to have.

5 15

This brand has a budget-friendly price tag, perfect for buyers that want to save money.The mattress topper has 4 inches thickness, offering enough support and stability while lying on its surface. The outer cover of this topper is made from genuine cotton fabric material with 233 thread count.

The general feel on the body is tremendously soft. The stuffing material has a composition of 95% duck feathers and the remaining 5% comes from down. This combination of stuffing material ensures sleeper of better sleep all throughout the night and waking in the morning with no back pain. The care recommendation of the manufacturer is washable or dry cleaned.

  • The mattress topper outer cover is made from 100% pure cotton with 233 thread count
  • Stuffing material is 95% duck feathers, 5% down
  • It has 4 inches thickness, offering maximum support and comfort to the sleeper
  • Baffle boxed design patterns ensure no leakage of feather stuffing
  • The topper is available in two sizes, Queen and Twin only
  • The softness feels that this topper promised to deliver may perform differently on a hard mattress

6. Millsave Premium Hotel Quality Feather Mattress Topper Featherbed

For sleepers that prefer a thicker version of mattress topper the Millsave, an exclusive supplier of premium feather beds should be your top pick. Why? All Millsave bedding collections are produced and packed professionally with the utmost care to ensure they meet customers’; expectations. And, the same procedure is carried out with their White Goose Down & Feather Mattress Topper. This bedding product has undergone strict quality control prior to its shipment to a customer’;s designated delivery address.

6 15

With regards to the materials used for this topper, the shell or commonly referred to as outer cover is made from fabric with 300 thread count. The higher the thread count of fabric the stronger it can hold in place the feather fill despite frequent use.

The design of this topper is influenced by baffle boxed patterns. It’;s specifically crafted with this design to prevent the shifting of filling materials.

The topper has 5 inches thickness, which is a lot thicker than other brands sold in the market. I must say this is a plus point because thicker topper can provide maximum support to the user’;s entire body length and weight while reducing cases of back or hip pain associated with sleeping on a hard mattress.

The approximate weight of this brand of mattress topper is 21.6 pounds. This assures the user that the topper performs according to the manufacturer’;s description that it’;s not prone to sagging.

  • The outer cover of the mattress is made from 300 thread count quality fabric material
  • The baffle boxed patterns ensure the feather fill inside will stay in place and prevent potential leakage
  • The mattress topper is 5 inches thick, providing maximum body support while eliminating back and hip pain
  • Product has passed quality standards and professional packed, guaranteed to arrive in good condition
  • Filling material is composed of 95% goose feather and 5% down
  • The item has limited size availability, Queen size only to fit a Queen size bed mattress
  • The mattress topper may require few hours of exposure before it can expand to its fluffy form

7. QUEEN ROSE Mattress Topper 

One of the leading brands of mattress toppers in the USA is the QUEEN ROSE Mattress. This particular bedding product caters to moms, particularly breastfeeding mothers. The mission of the manufacturer of this well-sought topper is to provide moms quality sleep and greater comfort while nursing their babies.

7 15

If you will ask about the comfortability of this mattress topper, I must say based on my personal assessment is fluffy and soft. And, one good thing is the topper feels cool on the skin and this could be attributed to the topper’;s breathable feature.

How about its construction? This mattress topper has also baffle boxed construction, which I think is excellent in the prevention of filler from leaking including shifting. So, the user can enjoy uninterrupted sleep with no noise even while tossing from side to side of the mattress topper.

Is it a practical investment? If you will assess the level of comfort, plus improvement of sleep at night, the QUEEN ROSE Mattress Topper Pillow Top is worth every money spent. The manufacturer sells this product with a 3-year refund for any paying customer found to be dissatisfied and 30-night free trial.

Among the other featured highlights of this topper are the elasticized edges and anchor bands encasement. This method of craftsmanship keeps the topper in place without sliding along the edge of the mattress. Apart from that, the installation of anchor bands allows the sleeper to shift comfortably from one sleeping position to another.

  • This product has a 3-year refund and 30-night free trial added protection for unhappy customers
  • Constructed with elasticized edges and anchor bands, ideal for all types of sleeping positions
  • The mattress topper has an efficient airflow system, making it breathable and airy even on hot weather conditions
  • Designed for moms, specifically breastfeeding mothers as they nurse their babies in a lying position
  • Some customers that recently bought this topper complained of it getting flat after frequent use

8. Allied Essentials Luxe 100% Cotton Featherbed Mattress Topper

The next addition on my list of feather mattress toppers that are beneficial for individuals prone to allergies is the Allied Essentials Luxe 100% Cotton Mattress Topper with down and goose feathers. Below are some of my discoveries on this product’;s features.

8 15

Is it hypoallergenic? Yes, the product underwent a specific method of processing that has been RDS (Responsible Down Standard) certified, meaning the down material used has been thoroughly cleaned to remove all traces of allergens that can trigger allergies.

How about value for money? This mattress topper is affordable and with the claimed benefits such as hypoallergenic, machine washable and made from quality down, I must say it’;s a good bargain for what you paid for.

As for the construction, I did find it to have durable built. The topper has multi-layer construction. Topmost part boasts of turtle construction made from down while the bottom part consisting of goose feathers. The user can expect this topper to provide enough support and comfort while lying on the bed mattress.

Is it covered with a warranty? Potential customers are given peace of mind that this product has warranty coverage. Manufacturer offers this brand of topper with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If unhappy with the purchase, the manufacturer is willing to give a refund or replacement.

  • This mattress topper has been RDS (Responsible Down Standard) certified, the down material used has complied with strict cleaning procedure to ensure no trace of allergens
  • Manufacturer offers this bedding topper with 100% customer guarantee, full refund or replacement applicable on terms specified after proof of purchase
  • The mattress topper has multi-layered construction, top part composed of quality down and bottom part made from goose feathers
  • The mattress topper is only two inches thick, which may not be enough for some customers preferring a thicker version

9. ROSE FEATHER Premium Feather Mattress Topper

For customers that prefer bedding products that haven’;t harmed in any way animals during the production process can rely on Rose Feather Premium Quality Luxury Hypoallergenic White Goose and Feather Mattress Topper. This manufacturer assures that no live-plucking of feathers has been utilized in all their mattress toppers. They remain committed that no live feathered animals were harmed or put in danger. Let’;s take a virtual tour on this mattress topper’;s features.

9 15

The outer cover material is guaranteed to be 100% organic cotton with 233 thread count. The down and feather filling has been sourced humanely without hurting live feathered animals in the process. The mattress topper has been coated with anti-allergy so that people with allergies can safely sleep on it without fear of experiencing an allergic reaction.

The construction of this topper is relatively durable. The corners have been installed with anchor band for strong reinforcement as sleeper tosses from side to side. The topper has baffle boxed patterns and double stitched so that no feather fill will sneak out.

Care instruction of the manufacturer suggests user’;s hand wash it with cold water or via washing machine set at a gentle cycle. The topper can be air-dried naturally under sun exposure or tumble dried at low heat temperature. The topper has two inches of thickness. Sizes are available for mattresses are king, twin and twin XL measurement. Manufacturer is very confident that the product is expected to last for up to 15 years, as long as appropriate care in washing and drying is followed.

  • The feathers used in the production of this topper didn’;t harm or endanger live feathered animals
  • The topper promises premium comfort and excellent performance to all customers including pregnant women including individuals that have back pain or recovery from post-surgery procedure
  • The product is recommended for cold water hand washing, machine washable under gentle cycle, air-dried naturally or via tumble dryer at low heat setting
  • The feather fill may produce strong smell after unpacking and may require an initial wash
  • User is required to do frequent fluffing and turning over the topper is required to retain its original form, this could be tedious for a busy individual

10. Home Elements White Goose Down Feather Bed Mattress Topper

To complete my list of feather mattress toppers I’;m sharing with you a top-performing bedding product from Home Elements, their White Goose Down Feather Bed Mattress Topper. Let’;s go and closely inspect what this particular topper has to offer a potential buyer.

10 15

When it comes to quality, I can fairly say it exhibited detailed workmanship. Heavy stitching is evident all throughout the topper. The topper cover material used is pure cotton fabric, providing optimum comfort to the skin. The filling material is from goose down feather, ideal for all-season use. The mattress topper is also constructed with baffle boxed patterns, delivering maximum support to the sleeper.

Overall performance, this mattress topper can help promote quality sleep. With its 100% cotton outer cover and fluffy goose down feather, any type of sleeper can get the level of comfort he or she wants to achieve with the use of a mattress topper.

It’;s basically comfortable when placed on a bed mattress. And, with its hypoallergenic feature individuals susceptible to allergies like mildew, dust mites and mold formation can sleep peacefully without fear of having allergies.

  • The mattress topper outer cover is made from 100% cotton fabric, hypoallergenic
  • The stuffing material originates from white goose down feathers, proven to be extremely fluffy
  • This bedding product showcases detailed stitching, with baffle boxed patterns to prevent shifting of feathers
  • Product is professionally packed inside a PVC bag, ensuring it arrives in good condition
  • The care instruction recommended by the manufacturer is dry clean
  • The product’;s care guide is dry clean only, which can add up to the household expenses when done on a regular basis at a dry cleaner shop
  • Busy customer may find it time-consuming to go to a dry cleaner shop just to clean and maintain the freshness of this mattress topper

Different Types of Feather Mattress Toppers

Mattress toppers come in different designs and sizes. However, choosing the appropriate topper can be tricky because all of us have varied sleeping positions. Below are the common types of feather mattress toppers you may find from manufacturers including their affiliated resellers.

11 13

  • Baffle box Feather Mattress Topper

Mattress toppers showcase varied craftsmanship. One of the designs that are popular is the baffle box patterns. The visual appearance of a mattress topper with baffle box design is boxed patterns are sewn, mostly with double stitching method. Why? This construction ensures the baffle box feather mattress is durable, comfy and provides additional cushioning on the user’;s shoulders and hips. The baffle boxed patterns also prevent the feathers from sneaking out of the outer cover.

  • Baffle Channel Feather Mattress Topper

Another type of mattress topper that you may come across is the baffle channel designed mattress topper. This particular design has either vertical or horizontal channel-like patterns. The channel-like pattern is adapted to offer maximum support along the sleeper’;s spinal column. Many favor this type of mattress topper because its design contours the body and adjusts accordingly to sleeper’;s level of support requirement.

  • Universal Feather Mattress Topper

The next type of mattress topper is one that has no baffle boxed patterns or referred to as Universal Feather Mattress Topper. You will not find sectioned boxed patterns because the mattress topper is filled with stuffing. The downside is stuffing material is prone to clumping and shifting from one place to another as the sleeper moves or tosses while sleeping. You will need to fluff this type of mattress topper repeatedly in order for it to resume its fuller form.

Advantages of Using Feather Mattress Toppers

There are countless advantages that potential customers would get from placing mattress toppers on their beds and you might be missing them out if you haven’;t got one for you and the rest of your family members.

12 10

  • Budget-friendly

Yes, every potential customer can find a manufacturer selling budget-friendly mattress toppers. I’;m sure you will not be left empty-handed as you browse different brands and get a chance to pick a brand that meets your allocated budget.

  • Heat retention

The feather fill of feather mattress toppers is very efficient in retaining body heat temperature. This is advantageous, especially for areas that experience colder temperatures during winter months. There are also feather-filled toppers that have breathable feature, suitable for all-year-round use wherein it keeps you warm during winter season and cooler as the hot weather months arrive.

  • Lightweight

Unknown to many customers the feather stuffing isn’;t heavy. In fact, it’;s lightweight, approximately weighing 20 pounds.

  • Move without restriction

Yes, the design and construction of mattress toppers don’;t inhibit freedom of movement while lying or sleeping. Anyone that has a mattress topper placed on top of a bed can peacefully sleep and toss from side to side of the bed without worrying about the topper sliding or getting out of place. Most mattress toppers are designed to have elasticized edges and anchor bands along the corners to ensure they fit snuggly on the mattress.

  • Additional softness

Among the advantages that mattress toppers are known to deliver to their users is the additional softness feeling on the mattress. Imagine a two-inch-thick or 3 -inch thick topper is placed on a hard mattress you won’;t actually feel its firmness because the topper serves as an extra cushion to support the user’;s body weight.

  • Keep you warm and cozy

The major advantage any potential buyer could enjoy from buying a mattress topper is the feeling of coziness is achieved. The design and built of toppers are specifically intended to make any person feel extra warm during a chilly night. The feather filling of a mattress topper absorbs body heat and retains that heat for a longer period, allowing the user to sleep soundly without experiencing cold spots on the bed. The good thing about mattress toppers is that the feather stuffing is very lightweight, so you can use it at any season of the year.

What Key Features to Look For When Buying a Feather Mattress Topper

Feather mattress toppers are advertised with varied key features. If this is your first time buying a mattress topper here’;s a list of what to look for as you shop around.

13 10

  • Construction

Yes, the construction of a mattress topper plays an integral role in its expected service life. Any topper that has baffle boxed construction has been proven and tested to last longer than other toppers without this type of construction. Why? This construction ensures the topper is durable enough to withstand frequent usage and washing. Plus, the baffle boxed patterns are carefully sewn, so that no potential leakage of feather fill arise.

  • Weight of the feather fill

Another feature that you have to keep an eye while shopping for a mattress topper is the feather fill weight. Why? Of course, expect a feather-filled mattress with higher weight to contain more of feathers and down, and provide optimum support to where it’;s needed. For example, if you often complain of back or hip pain due to a hard mattress, investing in a heavier filled feather mattress topper will resolve this problem and guarantee quality sleep all throughout the night.

  • Flattening issue on mattress toppers

Similar to other products sold the mattress toppers are rated and reviewed based on their features. One of the complaints that previous buyers of feather mattress toppers is the flattening issue. Remember, the feather fill toppers are made from goose or duck feathers and down materials. These materials are prone to flattening over time and you have to re-fluff the topper often so that it resumes to its original fluffy form.

  • Hypoallergenic

Hypoallergenic is among the key features that any potential buyer must pay attention to. Why? Any brand of feather mattress topper that has been certified to be free from any allergens, undergone thorough cleaning and disinfection or have anti-microbial against dust mite, mildew or molds is definitely safe for persons suffering from allergies.

  • Warranties

Each brand of mattress topper may have specified warranty coverage. This is a bonus point if the brand you want to buy is covered with a warranty. There are manufacturers that offer a certain period of free trial like 30-night free or 5-year limited warranty coverage. Other manufacturers may offer a customer satisfaction guarantee stating a full refund or replacement applies if unhappy with the product’;s performance or quality.

  • Sleeping Position

We all sleep differently. Some of us prefer sleeping on their sides while others are accustomed to sleeping on their stomach or back. It’;s crucial you must look for a mattress topper that can accommodate all types of sleeping positions so that you can comfortably sleep without disruption regardless of which sleeping position you are at the moment.

  • Customer’s ratings

This feature is also vital among potential customers of mattress toppers, the customers’; ratings. While shopping around, take this opportunity to read previous customer’;s comments, both positive and negative. Any manufacturer that has generated more positive reviews and a five-star customer rating is a solid proof of top performance and quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a difference between feathers and down?

Yes, the feathers are usually located from the bird’;s outer covering and responsible for birds to fly efficiently. Feathers, in general, have quills (main wing or tail feathers of birds) and may sneak out from the mattress topper outer cover. As for down material, they don’;t have quills and these feathers are harvested from the underbelly of birds. They are known to be soft, lightweight and fluffy.

  • What to choose goose, duck or down feathers for a mattress topper?

Goose down feathers come in bigger clusters when compared with duck. If this is the case, expect the goose down feather mattress topper to possess higher fill power, meaning extra comfortable than duck or down mattress topper. However, the goose feather fill mattress topper can be costly than duck and down. If you are tight on budget, but still prefer greater comfort on a mattress topper, then, choose a brand that has combined stuffing material with goose feathers and down. The duck combination with down is more appropriate for heavy framed individuals or sleepers that prefer sleeping on a firmer surface.

  • Is feather mattress topper washable?

Not all feather mattress toppers sold in the market are washable. Some brands may require special care such as dry clean only. There are still manufacturers that sell washable feather mattress toppers, either by hand washing or washing machine. Read the care instruction of the brand of mattress topper you are eyeing and assess if you can comply strictly with it.

  • How to clean and maintain a feather mattress topper?

Most popular brands of mattress toppers have set clear care instructions on how to handle them. Some do require professional cleaning via a dry cleaner shop. Other budget-friendly feather made mattress toppers may provide easy-to-follow washing and drying instructions such as coldwater handwash, machine washable at gentle cycle, dried outdoor under sun exposure or tumble dried at low heat mode setting.


There you have it a complete list of the best feather mattress toppers and their specific features, pros, and cons including questions needing further enlightenment. Now is your chance to get to know more of the mentioned brands above and discover which suits your standards and available budget. Be sure to weigh things before arriving at a final decision. The successful outcome of your purchase relies heavily on you. So, make the most of this time to decide wisely based on facts and not by impulse. Goodluck and happy shopping. Hopefully, you chose a brand that complies strictly with your expectations.

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