Dangers of Sleeping on an Air Mattress – Will It Do as a Regular Bed?

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Inflatable beds are pretty convenient. In a pinch, they can give you a great sleeping environment for guests, camping, and sleepovers. What’s more, an inflatable mattress is a lot cheaper to buy than a standard bed. The question is, what are the dangers of sleeping on an air mattress for more than just a one-off evening?

Could sleeping on an air mattress, long term periods, in particular, damage your health? Or can it lead to other issues that you might not be aware of?

If you’ve been wondering whether it’s safe to spend each night on an inflatable bed, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’re going to look at some of the risks associated with air mattress sleeping. We’ll consider whether you should bite the bullet and invest in a regular mattress instead.

Is It Bad to Sleep on an Air Mattress Every Night?

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Let’s start with the basics, what’s the problem with sleeping on an air mattress on a regular basis? Most of the inflated mattress products that you’ll find on the web today have been designed to be as comfortable as possible. Plus, if you can enhance your air mattresses with things like memory foam mattress toppers, they might offer a low-cost way to upgrade your bedding.

However, air mattresses generally aren’t made for long-term use. Every time you sleep on one of these beds, you’re exposing yourself to issues like:

1. Problems With Temperature Regulation

Temperature regulation is essential for a good night’s sleep. However, when you’re using an air mattress, you’re sleeping on something that’s made of synthetic material, usually plastic or latex. These materials can’t breathe, which means that heat generally builds up over time with nowhere to go. Your chances of waking up covered in sweat are much greater because of this.

In the winter season, you could find that you end up overly cold, too. Keep in mind that this could lead to an increased chance of illness.

2. Limited Body Support

An air mattress just doesn’t provide as much support for your body during a night’s sleep as a conventional mattress. This means that air mattresses are more likely to lead to problems with back pain and muscular discomfort. You may also find that you have problems with spine alignment which can harm your posture, too.

3. Extra Maintenance Required

If the threat of back pain from sleeping on an air mattress wasn’t enough to put you off, how about the fact that these mattresses need constant maintenance? Unlike a traditional mattress, you’ll need to constantly blow your mattress up if you want to enjoy a good night’s slumber. You will also need to check your air mattress for any signs of holes and damage regularly. In this way, you can fix any problems as soon as they emerge.

4. Limited Comfort

Even the highest quality inflatable mattress on the market isn’t going to give you the same comfort that you would get from a traditional bed. These mattresses rely on air to give you extra comfort. Although some products might come with additional padding and you might be able to add a mattress topper to them, still, you’re not going to get the best comfort.

The more time you spend sleeping on an air mattress that isn’t comfortable, the more disrupted your sleep becomes. You may end up suffering from sleep deprivation.

5. Sharing a Bed Is Difficult

If you sleep with a partner, then an air mattress is sure to cause even more problems. These mattresses are made for just one person. The motion transfer in an air mattress is quite apparent that every time you move, your partner is going to feel it. Additionally, sleeping with a partner on an air bed can make the mattress feel too firm.

6. Not the Best Materials

Finally, while a traditional bed will be made with the best possible materials for each all rights reserved model, an inflatable mattress will be composed of plastic and latex. Sometimes, these plastics can give off volatile organic compounds that cause horrible fumes. Additionally, these products aren’t nearly as good for your skin as natural fabrics like cotton.

Can You Sleep on an Air Mattress Permanently?

Ultimately, sleeping on inflatables beds isn’t ideal for the long-term. An air mattress is designed to be a temporary sleeping solution when you don’t have a more traditional bed available. In a difficult situation, you might be able to make do with an air mattress but continuing to use these items longer than necessary can cause serious problems.

If you do decide that you want to sleep in your air mattress more regularly, then the best thing you can do is make it more comfortable. For instance, you could:

1. Add bed linen.

If you’re going to be sleeping on an air mattress long term, then adding your own linens could make it feel more like a real one. You can choose luxurious cotton sheets and pillows to make it feel like you’re sleeping on a traditional mattress.

2. Use mattress topper products.

If you really want to make your mattress feel as comfortable as possible, then you can add a topper made out of memory foam to give you an extra layer of comfort. This could reduce your risk of back pain, too.

3. Make a headboard.

Your headboard can make a difference in how comfortable you feel on certain mattresses. Creating a headboard that you can place against a wall for extra support will make sure that your bed is less likely to move as you sleep.

4. Invest in a mattress stand.

If you’re too close to the ground on your air mattress, then you’ll have an even harder time regulating your temperature during the winter. A cot or stand can help to reduce this problem.

What to Look for When Choosing an Air Mattress

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When you’re picking an air mattress, it’s a good idea to know in advance whether you plan on sleeping on it consistently. Sleeping on an air mattress long term means that you need to think more carefully about how much you’re going to spend on your bedding, and how you can make it as comfortable as possible.

Look at things like:

1. Materials

Air mattresses are made of different materials depending on the company that you buy from. If you’re going to be sleeping on your air mattress for a while, look for one that has high-quality materials and plenty of cushioning. Plus, it may prove to be beneficial if you can adjust the firmness according to your requirements.

2. Customer Support

If you give your name, email address, and other information to the air mattress company, will they be able to help you if you need any repairs or replacements?

3. Durability

Just like any kind of mattress, air mattresses can lose their strength over time and become more prone to damage. It’s important to look for mattresses that are durable enough to withstand regular use.

4. Warranty

Some mattresses will come with warranties that will allow you to return your item if you notice that there are any problems sooner than you expected.

5. Size

If you’re planning on using your air mattress with a partner, then you’re going to need something that’s big enough for both of you. There are even mattresses out there that come with different firmness options for each size.

Are Air Mattresses Bad for Your Back?

As mentioned above, air mattresses can be problematic for your back because they often don’t provide the same level of support as their traditional counterparts. However, whether your mattress will cause back pain will depend on the kind of bed you choose.

Some options can come with adjustable firmness levels that allow you to customize the give of your bedding. Additionally, some people do find that extra firm inflated bedding allows them to get better spine alignment – similar to sleeping on the floor.

How air mattresses will affect your back pain will depend heavily on you. If you keep your bed inflated regularly, then you can definitely improve the quality of your sleep and the performance of your mattress. However, some people simply won’t like this kind of bedding.

How Can You Maintain an Air Bed

To keep your blow-up mattress from deflating and causing extra back problems, one of the best things you can do is make sure that you’re taking excellent care of your mattress. Inflatable beds can last for a reasonable amount of time if you look after them properly.

Using your air mattress every day will increase the risk of exposure to general wear and tear. With that in mind, make sure that you keep your bedding away from any sharp objects or items that might harm it. Additionally, be careful not to overinflate your bed, as this may pop when pressure is placed on it.

Check regularly for any signs of holes and ensure that you know how to patch them properly. Additionally, make certain that you’re using the right bedding. Regularly using sheets with your air mattress will help to reduce the risk of dirt, rocks, and hard objects damaging your bed. A topper can also offer some additional protection.

Should You Use an Air Bed?

Different people have different needs when it comes to bedding. Although there are dangers of sleeping on an air mattress that you need to be aware of, it’s important to note that there are benefits to using these kinds of beds, too.

For instance, a baby air bed or air mattress for adults could be a much more affordable way to keep your bedding up to date. It’s also an excellent option for portability if you find yourself moving from place to place quite often. Air mattresses can be taken from room to room quite easily, and they’re lightweight, too.

An air mattress can also be one of the better options for people who like a firmer bed, particularly if you are able to keep your mattress inflated every day. Since a firm bed can often be one of the best ways to treat a bad back, you might find that this kind of bedding can improve your condition, rather than cause them.

Air mattress options can also be a better choice for people who want to have a spare bed available for things like guests sleeping over. If you need a bed that you can use whenever you’re low on sleeping spaces or you’re on a camping trip, then this is the choice for you.

Finishing Thoughts

Clearly, it’s important to be aware of the dangers of sleeping on an air mattress, long term, in particular, due to several disadvantages. Still, on the other hand, these issues won’t affect everyone. True enough, there’s the risk of developing back problems, issues with temperature, and sleeping with partners. However, some people find that they have a much better evening of sleep when they pump their air beds up every night.

Your experience with this kind of bedding will depend on you and your distinct preferences. The key thing to remember is that if you do decide to choose an air mattress, you’ll have to assess the different types very carefully. Think about the stiffness or firmness that you might be able to achieve with a pump and how you can make your solution more comfortable using blankets and other kinds of bedding.

If you’re worried about your comfort levels, keep in mind that you can overcome this issue by using a mattress top solution made of memory foam. Remember that, although air bedding is great, it might not be the ideal solution for every evening. It’s more likely that you’ll get a better night’s sleep on a traditional bed most of the time.

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