OkiEasy Mattress Review 2022 – Is It Really Soft Yet Supportive?

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OkiEasy (Hybrid)

Design, Construction, and Materials 4.6
Firmness, Pressure Relief, and Edge Support 4.9
Motion Transfer and Temperature Regulation 4.7
Maintenance and Warranty 4.9
Delivery and Customer Service 4.6


  • Comfortable feel in any sleeping position
  • Affordable price tag
  • Removable ice yarn cover retains minimal heat
  • Super fast shipping and delivery
  • Impressive 365-day in-home trial, 10-year warranty


  • Slick cover may cause sheets to slip off edges
  • Cover not snug enough and may bunch or shift over time
  • Mattress too heavy to move or set up without assistance

Is your current mattress more than 10 years old? Does it have any noticeable indentations or can you feel it sag in the middle? Do you wake up with aches and pains in the morning? If so, chances are pretty good that it’s time to replace your mattress.

OkiOki is a fairly new online bed-in-a-box mattress company that promises to accommodate all sleep styles by way of their new line of mattresses. OkiOki currently makes four different mattress models: the OkiSoft memory foam, the OkiEasy hybrid, the OkiFlex hybrid, and the OkiFirm graphite foam. Based on Okioki mattress reviews that we read, their mattresses could be an excellent choice for different types of sleepers. OkiOki mattresses are designed to accommodate couples with a combined weight of up to 600 pounds.

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Our OkiOki Mattress Experience

hybrid bed in king size

While there are several Okioki mattress models available, this one specifically covers the OkiEasy hybrid king-sized mattress and evaluates it according to online ordering and sleeping experience.

This article discusses and reviews the entire OkiOki experience — from order placement to delivery and continuing all the way up to actually sleeping on the bed. This review also includes the reviewer’s personal insights on how the OkiEasy mattress performs compared to how it is advertised so you don’t have to rely on just one source for information.

In fact, it is prudent to check out other Okioki mattress reviews as well. After all, it helps to have multiple perspectives, especially when considering a large purchase like a mattress that you will sleep on for many years to come.

Features & Benefits

The following sections assess different mattress traits and gauge how the OkiEasy measures up, so you can determine if it aligns with your individual sleep needs. Is OkiOki a good mattress? We believe it is, but will it be a good mattress for you? Let’s find out in this comprehensive review!

1. Design, Construction, and Materials

11-inch hybrid bed

Designed in California, the OkiEasy mattress is a hybrid mattress consisting of 3 layers of foam and foam-encased pocketed coils.

Protecting the mattress is a hypoallergenic ice yarn cover that’s removable and machine washable. Cool to the touch, this special cover aids in thermoregulation and prevents sleepers from overheating. The mattress uses two different types of foam – memory foam and high-density polyurethane foam – to provide optimal contouring and support.

For your reference, below are detailed descriptions of the OkiEasy’s main layers from top to bottom:

  • Top cushion layer: 2″ of high-density contouring memory foam
  • Transition layer: 2.5″ of high-density, supportive polyurethane (PU) foam
  • Foam encased layer of pocketed coils: 5.5″ of high-density PU foam encasing the core coil system with 2.3mm coil gauge
  • Base layer: 1″ high-density PU foam

The OkiEasy is available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Cal King. It’s also worth noting that the other OkiOki mattress options have different designs and use varying materials for construction. Each mattress produced by OkiOki provides a different level of support and firmness, depending on the model.

2. Pressure Relief, Firmness, and Edge Support

Pressure relief, firmness, and edge support are often the most important areas to consider when choosing a new bed because they play a large determining role in the overall feel, comfort, and support you can expect to experience. Edge support falls into this section because it affects the total surface area and accessibility of the bed, both of which are directly related to comfort.

Pressure Relief and Firmness

lying on edge of bed
How soft or firm a bed feels and how well it relieves pressure in areas that carry most of the sleeper’s weight are the most important traits to focus on when comparing reviews and shopping for a new mattress. These characteristics are some of the easiest ways to gauge whether or not you will find a mattress comfortable. Fortunately, what you like is will most likely correlate with your preferred sleeping position.

If you sleep on your side you will most likely prefer a soft to medium-firm bed that prioritizes pressure relief. A softer feeling bed will prevent any aches and pains developing in your shoulder or hip regions, a common negative side effect associated with sleeping on your side on a firm bed. If you sleep on your stomach or back, you will most likely prefer a firmer feeling mattress. A firmer bed helps maintain even support while promoting proper spinal alignment. Larger couples or heavier individuals will also benefit from a firmer feeling bed.

On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the firmest, the OkiEasy ranks as a 7, which is considered medium-firm. Out of OkiOki’s four different mattress models, the OkiEasy is just behind the OkiSoft in terms of softness. The surface has a soft yet responsive feel throughout. It is safe to say that OkiEasy’s responsiveness is even better than a memory foam mattress or other types of all-foam mattresses.

Furthermore, this OkiOki mattress provides ample support and contour ideal for those who need pressure relief in their shoulder and hip regions. It is also supportive enough to prevent spinal misalignment if you frequently switch sleep positions and sleep on your stomach and back. The coils, located between the transition and base layers provide added bounce and support, something not normally found in a memory foam mattress.

What’s more, the OkiEasy also facilitates excellent contouring of your body without having to feel like you are sinking in or stuck on the top comfort layer of memory foam. A transition layer of PU foam is also added to give the OkiEasy enhanced pressure relief so you will not bottom out and feel the coils underneath.

The OkiEasy mattress is a hybrid mattress designed to ensure relaxing comfort and support for side sleepers and position shifters. OkiOki claims it has a soft and responsive feel, but it feels like a medium-firm mattress. Of course, to a larger person, it may feel softer but we thoroughly enjoyed the added support and the slightly firmer feel. We were able to sleep comfortably in all three positions as we change positions frequently throughout the night.

Edge Support

sitting on edge of bed

Good edge support is extremely beneficial for women in their third trimester of pregnancy, small children, and anyone else with limited mobility. When a bed lacks proper support at the edges, it may be difficult to sit on or lie near the edge of the bed without slipping off the side, or at least feeling like you might. We have tried beds without enough edge support and trust us when we say that you will feel like you’re rolling off the bed.

When a bed has the right amount of resistance on its edges, you can actually increase the usable surface area of the mattress by as much as 30%, which is nothing to scoff at if you share your bed.

Just like other top-rated hybrid mattresses on the market, the OkiEasy provides above support at its edges. It offers reinforced edge-to-edge support, thanks to the pocketed coils and the high-quality dense foam used for base and transition layer, or the sections below the cushiony memory foam layer.

We were able to sit on the edge with minimal compression and without feeling like we were falling off the edges. Lying right on the edge of the bed, gentle compression was still experienced. Indeed, OkiEasy provides just the right amount of support around the edges, making it a great choice for couples who want to maximize surface area.

3. Motion Transfer and Isolation

Motion transfer across the surface of your mattress can easily affect your sleep quality. Most mattresses with memory foam layers do an excellent job minimizing and isolating motion transfer. However, mattresses fitted with springs or coils have the potential to complicate things a bit.

What’s great about this OkiOki mattress is that although it not made of memory foam or PU foam throughout, it still significantly reduces motion transfer. Therefore, anyone who sleeps with a restless partner will value how well it performs in this category.

To achieve enhanced motion isolation, OkiEasy uses individually pocketed coils that move independently of one another. These coils are positioned between layers of high-density memory foam and polyurethane foam. Thus, motion on one side of the bed doesn’t have to be felt on the other side.

The dense transition layer of PU foam also provides a barrier to prevent excessive motion from transferring from the surface to the coils below. To go above and beyond, OkiOki also incorporated a dense foam encasement around the layer of coils to further absorb and disperse any pressure applied on the mattress surface.

We are pleased to report that OkiEasy has superior motion isolation and it nearly eliminated all motion transfer across the surface of the bed. We are light sleepers and sleep on different schedules so motion isolation is always a top priority for us. With this mattress, having uninterrupted sleep is possible although sleeping partners might have varying sleeping routines.

Motion isolation was also tested by taking turns jumping on one side of the bed while someone else tested the movement on the other side. There was minimal motion transfer so we tested it further by placing a glass of water on the mattress’ surface while one user bounced around and took note of the water level shifting. While the water did have noticeable ripples, the cup didn’t overflow or tip over.

4. Heat and Off-Gassing

Temperature regulation and off-gassing are equally important factors to consider when looking to buy a new mattress. You need to be particular with these traits if you sleep hot and tend to be sensitive to chemicals smells.

Temperature Regulation

washable ice yarn cover

You may be surprised to learn that many people struggle with becoming too hot while they sleep and this problem can easily be exacerbated by a mattress containing foam components. Foam, regardless of the type, has a reputation for retaining body heat.

If you overheat at night, sleep quality can easily be disrupted due to the need to get up or change positions frequently. Fortunately, many different methods have been employed to combat heat retention in mattresses today.

In order to effectively regulate temperature and prevent overheating while you sleep, the OkiEasy mattress features a cool to the touch cover constructed using OkiOki’s ice yarn technology. Additionally, the pocketed coils allow unwanted heat to circulate out of the bed instead of getting trapped with the mattress’ internal layers.

During the course of the testing period, we were delighted that not once did we overheat on the OkiEasy. We have tried several memory foam mattresses before and we had to return them due to poor temperature regulation. The cover does, in fact, feel cool to the touch and for a mattress with a memory foam layer, it performed really well when it comes to minimizing heat retention.

While we can’t completely prevent overheating while sleeping on a foam bed, OkiEasy makes a great attempt at maintaining a cooler sleeping environment. In the rare event that you do still find yourself overheating while using this mattress, just remember that the cover can easily be zipped off and washed clean whenever necessary.


The term off-gassing refers to the release of trapped chemicals in the form of gas from inside a material. Off-gassing is often associated with a harsh odor and can be detected in most new memory foam and other foam mattresses. This is largely due to the flame retardants and polyurethane used in construction. While off-gassing can be harmful to your health, companies like OkiOki follow strict guidelines to assure their consumers that their products are safe.

When we first took our OkiEasy mattress out of the box and removed the packaging, a faint off-gassing odor could be detected. This didn’t surprise us considering it had been tightly wrapped in thick plastic for, at the very least, 5 days. After letting the mattress decompress and air out for a couple of hours, the chemical smell had completely dissipated. The initial odor was very faint so we had to actually position our faces very near the surface of the mattress to detect it. The chemical smell was completely gone by the time it was time for bed just a few hours later.

5. Price, Customer Service, Trial, Warranty, and Delivery

set up guide and bed box

The following sections may not address the feel or comfort level of the OkiEasy mattress but they are equally important when deciding which mattress brand to choose. Many companies produce excellent mattresses but if they overcharge, have poor customer service, or don’t believe in their product’s quality enough to back it up with a trial period and warranty, it may discourage customers from doing business with them. Sometimes it’s all in the details.


In the end, many of our purchase decisions come down to price and mattresses are no exception. Prices for bed-in-a-box mattresses, especially those with memory foam components, are very competitive right now. And without the overhead cost of brick and mortar locations, many products on the market today are rather affordable. However, we don’t want to sacrifice quality in a mattress that should last you approximately 8-10 years, so assessing value in relation to price is also necessary.

Luckily, OkiOki mattresses are constructed with high-quality materials yet they come with affordable price tags. These mattresses are highly affordable and provide their consumers with excellent value. So whether or not you’re on a tight budget, purchasing an OkiOki mattress will not push you to overextend your finances.

Current OkiOki mattress pricing: Twin $340, Twin XL $385, Full $485, Queen $500, King $750, and Cal King $750.

In-Home Trial Period and Warranty

The in-home trial and warranty length provided by a company is a good indicator of how confident they are in their product’s features and durability. Through this OkiOki mattress review, we are delighted to let you know that the company provides an impressive 365-day trial and a 10-year warranty with each of their mattresses to ensure your satisfaction.

Unlike many other mattress companies, OkiOki will refund 100% of your total purchase amount if you decide you want to return it within the 365-day trial period. There are no hidden fees associated with restocking or shipping costs. Returned OkiOki mattresses are either donated to a local charity or recycled so you can rest assured they won’t simply become waste in a landfill.

We think the 10-year warranty provided by OkiOki is the right amount of time for a mattress warranty. This is because, ideally, you will want to replace your mattress every 8-10 years to ensure your bed stays sanitary and doesn’t accumulate a lot of dirt and bacteria.

Customer Service and Delivery

The customer service, including delivery, you receive from a company often determine whether or not you will be a repeat customer. When a customer finds a good mattress, he or she would want to experience a smooth and hassle-free ordering and delivery process.

For the purpose of this OkiOki mattress review, after deciding on the OkiEasy mattress, we placed the order and surprisingly received confirmation that it had already been shipped via FedEx the very next day free of charge. Three days later, the new mattress was delivered, only four days after the original order was placed. The ordering process is very efficient and clearly reflects excellent customer service. We certainly appreciate how quickly the new bed arrived and were super excited we did not have to wait in anticipation for very long at all.

We experienced one small issue with the delivery process though but it is more a reflection of FedEx than an issue with the kind of support OkiOki provides for their customers. The hybrid design of the OkiEasy mattress means it does not compress into quite as small of a package and weighs a considerable amount more than a pure foam bed would.

So, when the box arrived, it was very tall and very heavy, too tall or heavy for a 5’3″ person to move alone. And to make matters worse, FedEx didn’t bring it to our apartment door. Instead, they left it near the mail so there was a need to get help to move it upstairs, and even then, it required the aid of a dolly. We may have been able to slide and maneuver it upstairs without using one but it would have been very difficult.

We did not contact customer support over the issue because we were satisfied with OkiOki ‘s customer service overall.

Is an OkiOki Mattress Right for You?

affordable hybrid bed

In conclusion, we really enjoyed sleeping on the OkiOki mattress. If you are searching for a mattress with a soft yet responsive feel that supports various sleeping positions, the OkiEasy could be a great option for you.

The OkiEasy also provides great support and comfort and advanced cooling properties in addition to a host of other features such as superior motion isolation and minimal off-gassing. This affordable hybrid mattress, popular for its soft yet responsive feel, has nearly all the desirable qualities of a high quality memory foam or all-foam mattress and surprisingly very few of the disadvantages.

Definitely worth mentioning is the fact that OkiOki offers excellent customer service and a generous 365-day in-home trial and a 10-year warranty with each mattress purchase. Delivery is also free of charge and rest assured your new bed will arrive with a few days after ordering.

OkiOki mattress reviews like this are meant to help you get real-life insight on mattresses and other bed products and we hope our experience did exactly that for you. You may or may not think that the OkiEasy is the right mattress for you but at the very least, you now know what to look for the next time you are in the market for a new bed.

Sleeping on the right type of mattress improves your sleep quality and overall health. Explore your mattress options and narrow down your list of choices. Take time to test them out and choose the one that best fits your needs.

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