Air Mattress Buying Guide

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Do you enjoy spending weekends with your entire family at home? Or do you often have scenic escapades with your friends away from the city? If your answer is yes to both questions, this may be the right time to consider buying an extra mattress for those occasions.

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Get-togethers and sleepovers are better spent when there is room for everyone. While pull-out sofas can be a good option, more people today are going for air mattresses. This is because air mattresses are more mobile, spacious and easier to store.

If you have not seen one yet, you can check out the nearest shop or browse the most popular online store so you may get a picture of how it looks like. It basically works like regular mattresses, the differences lie in how it works.

What is An Air Mattress?

When we speak of air mattresses, we are referring to inflatable mattresses crafted from rubber, vinyl, or plastic. These mattresses are more convenient and portable compared to regular mattresses. This is because these can easily be folded or rolled up when in it is deflated.

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If you decide to use it, you can easily inflate it by hand, mouth or an electric pump. If you do not want to go through the following inflating processes, you can always opt for air mattresses that are self-inflating. This will require no effort in terms of inflation.

Important Factors to Consider When Buying an Air Mattress

  • Consider the Size You Need

When looking for a mattress, you have to consider the space you have at home or wherever you plan to use the mattress. While these can be folded and rolled up for storage, you have to make sure that you can accommodate it once it is inflated. You can choose among the standard air mattress sizes like queen, full, twin or king.

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These may be bulkier than usual so it is vital to have the exact dimensions available for checking before purchasing one. The height and width when folded and inflated should be clear so you can easily store it at home or carry with you anytime you and your friends decide to spend a weekend in another place.

  • Know Who the Users Are 

It is important to know the target users for the air mattress. The big question is who will be using the air mattress? Will it be the kids? Will it be your parents? Will there be one person using it or will there be more than two people sharing the mattress?

Once you figure these out, you can now determine which type of air mattress you are to purchase. You can determine the size and the quality you need. If you have elderly people using the mattress, it would be good to go for those who are of higher quality and height. In this way, they won’t have to experience the struggles when getting into and out of the bed.

  • Consider the Ease of Inflation

Inflating the air mattress may seem like a walk in the park. However, knowing whether you can inflate it via mouth or hand is important. Inflating it manually by blowing or using a pump can be physically draining and time-consuming. So if you are not up for it, you can always go for an electric pump or a self-inflating air mattress.

  • Choose the Features You Want

There are a lot of amazing features that can come with your air mattress. A feature that offers the most convenience would be a USB port that allows instant charging throughout the night. Another would be LED lights that are found at the bottom of the bed to serve as a dim light to guide the user in case they decide to use the bathroom late at night.

One good feature that others have would be sensors that detect drops in pressure during use and signals automatic air pumping to restore the right amount of firmness in the mattress. If you have the extra budget to spend, you can easily get an air mattress with one or all of the features mentioned above.

  • Choose the Bedding You Like

With all the functionality brought about by air mattresses, there is another good news — it caters to give you premium comfort too. You get to choose whether you want a material that has a velveteen material that is soft enough to give you a luxurious feel. Or if you prefer to use other types of bedding, you can go ahead and do so.

  • Be Precise with the Height and Thickness You Want

Air mattresses come in different heights and thickness. If you want ones that you can occasionally use, you can always go with the thin ones. However, these types tend to lose air pressure faster than those that are thicker. You also have to decide on its height, will you go for the regular air mattress or would you want to have a raised air mattress? Raised mattresses are good for those who are fond of having bed frames for their beds.

  • Consider the Value for Money

While all the options available in the market seem tempting, you have to set a budget or a specific amount that you are okay spending. This narrows down the options you have and lets you allocate money for features that you may want to add.


Choosing air mattresses may seem like a walk in the park. However, if you consider all the pointers mentioned above, you will realize that there is more to it than just making the purchase. If you want your time with family and friends to be more comfortable, you should go for a good quality air mattress.

Having an air mattress that matches your needs and wants can prove to be very effective in making your days better. With additional features, you will surely enjoy resting or lounging while getting all the functionality and convenience you deserve. So before making that purchase, make sure to breeze through the guidelines above. This will lead you to getting an air mattress that you can enjoy for a long time.

Henry Carlson
Henry Carlson

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