Tips to Keep Your Bed and Mattress Cool in the Summer

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Summer always comes with all the best things. There’s swimming, enjoying some quality time at the beach, barbecuing in the backyard with friends and family and finally, enjoying the light evenings with our loved ones.

But, behind all these, there’s the dark side of summer that is evident when it comes to sleeping. According to most forums, most sleepers face difficulty sleeping at night due to the soaring muggy temperatures.

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According to most health experts, an average adult should sleep for 6 to 8 hours under temperatures ranging from 60°F to 70°F. When you’re asleep, your body gets enough space to repair and rejuvenate itself.

So, if you’re reading this and you’re truly struggling to get enough sleep due to high temperatures, this article will give you some clever tips that will help you sleep soundly during the hot summer months.

  • Consider Cotton Sheets

When it comes to bedsheets, most people equate quality sheets to higher thread counts. But, when it comes to sleeping soundly, there’s more to just the thread count. During hot summer months, breathability is one factor you must consider.

Here, you need to shop for breathable cotton sheets as they have lower thread counts that allow cool air to circulate and hot air to escape. These sheets are soft, airy, and crisp as compared to their polyester counterparts.

  • Freeze Your Sheets

When it’s extremely hot at night, sleepers can get to any extent just to ensure that they sleep soundly without any interruption. If you are unable to find breathable sheets, sticking your sheets inside the freezer for a few hours before bedtime is one way of keeping your bed cool during hot months.

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Caution: If you’re looking to implement this hack, ensure that you stick your sheets inside a tightly zipped plastic bag just to be sure they don’t get wet.

  • Cool Your Pillow as Well

Imagine sleeping on a refreshingly cool pillow—it’s amazing, right? Now, there are two ways you can accomplish this. One, you can use a cooling pillow filled with temperature reactive gel to absorb excess heat to keep your body cool.

In case a gel-infused pillow is quite expensive for you, you can consider the second option that is putting the pillow inside the freezer to cool down.

  • Sleep Low

If you studied Physics, then we assume you already know that warm air rises. So, if you’re getting desperate to escape the heat during summer nights, it’s recommended that you consider sleeping low. Here, you can sleep either on the floor or on the sofa on the ground floor. Sleeping on the floor is usually considered the best move as you’re surrounded by cool air all around.

  • Get Rid of Blankets

One obvious trick of enjoying a sound sleep during summer is getting rid of your thick, heavy blankets and duvets. Now, in case of kids, you can’t afford to disperse the blankets and duvets from the bed entirely or else they might wake up with a chill.

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Instead, you can consider using cotton sheets or you can go for light down duvets that won’t weigh you down when sleeping.

  • Choose a Breathable Mattress

If you’re sleeping hot, one thing that is to blame is your mattress. The human body has an internal thermometer that tends to regulate core temperature. When you’re hot, your mattress and beddings absorb the excess heat cooling your body periodically during the night.

So, to ensure that your mattress alleviates heat retention, you need to shop for a breathable open-cell mattress that’s capable of increasing air circulation to keep you cool and comfortable throughout a hot night.

If you’re a fan of memory foam mattresses, a gel-infused memory foam mattress is the best to consider. Alternatively, if you’re not ready to switch your current mattress due to personal related reasons, then a gel-infused mattress topper and mattress protector can help to absorb and disperse body heat.

  • Draw the Curtains

This is the first thing you need to think of if you’re really determined to sleep cool. During summer, temperatures outside are always very hot during the day. So, to sleep cool, you need to keep the warm breezes out. By locking the windows and using blackout blinds, you’re able to keep your bedroom cool and perfect for sleeping.

  • Encourage Air Circulation

During the night, temperatures outside always tend to lower. Take this temperature fluctuation to your advantage by opening the windows and the doors to encourage air circulation throughout your bedroom. If your house has an attic, you can try opening the hatch to direct the hot rising air to the outside (since hot air rises).

  • Switch Off All Electrical Appliances

If you have electrical appliances in your bedroom, consider switching them off before getting to bed. Most people use laptops, desktop, television sets, and cooking appliances in their bedrooms to avoid getting out of their bedrooms time after time.

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Apart from distracting your sleep, electrical appliances generate a lot of heat that can raise your bedroom temperature making it totally unsuitable to sleep in. Therefore, if you’re not using your electrical appliances, it’s better to switch them off.

  • Wear the Right Sleeping Garments

Finally, you need to be very keen on what you wear when getting to bed. Sometimes, your mattress and beddings may not be the ones to blame. Instead, it’s what you wear. To stay cool at night, you don’t need to entirely sleep naked, but you have to mind what you wear such as putting on cotton pajamas.

Although silk pajamas are comfortable, cotton ones are breathable hence the best for absorbing perspiration.


Although we’ve mentioned ten of the best tricks that will keep you cool when sleeping during the hot summer months, there are so many other tips we’ve bypassed which when examined can make a huge difference.

However, the ones we’ve mentioned are some of the most critical as they can make a huge difference to your sleeping experience. So, as you stay cool during summer with friends and family, please don’t forget to share your thoughts about your experience in the comment section below.

Henry Carlson
Henry Carlson

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