Best Bed Sheets For Summer Reviews 2022 With Buying Guide

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When summertime hits the weather starts to get hotter and hotter. While you could use your year-round sheets, it’;s much more effective to switch to summer bed sheets. These sheets are specially designed to provide lasting cooling and comfort so that you can get a good night’s sleep.

Other sheets tend to either lack pores or trap body heat in which can easily keep you tossing and turning during the night. Winter sheets do the same as well, they trap heat so that you keep warm during the winter months. That’;s why it’;s best to switch your bedsheets with each season.

Now, there are plenty of different brands out there for bed sheets, so it may be difficult to find one you like. Instead of purchasing one that may potentially let you down, we’;ve done some research. The ones were mentioning on our list are the best bed sheets for the summer of 2020.

10 Best Rated Bed Sheets for Summer Reviews

1. CGK Unlimited Queen Size Sheet Set – 6

The CGK is a queen size bedroom sheet set that comes with six different pieces. For those looking for an all-around purchase, you won’;t need to think of the extras. Inside the set, there are four pillowcases (20’’x30’’), a flat sheet (88’’x99’’), and a fitted sheet (60’’x80’’).

best bed sheets for summer

To ensure that they fit all mattress types, the depth of the sheets can reach down to 16 inches. If your mattress is smaller than that size then you can always tuck it into the bottom of the mattress and make it fit.

If you’;re worried about feeling hot during the night then this can solve your problem. The CGK uses microfiber fabric that helps increase the airflow and allows you to stay warm while also cycling air through the sheets to keep you cool as well.

The sheets are also designed to be soft to the touch and lightweight. The microfiber material is made to be softer, finer, and is double brushed to ensure the yarns don’;t tear. Additionally, they won’;t weigh you down when you sleep.

For the price, these are some of the best items you can get as a bundle. If you’;re looking for a wide range of colors, you can find one that will suit your bedroom aesthetic. Overall, we’;d highly recommend these. The only downside we’;ve found is that the elastic wears down over time, but that’;s very common.

  • Lightweight design makes it easy to use and clean.
  • Multiple fabric colors are available to suit your bedroom aesthetic.
  • The sheets are so soft that you won’;t want to forget the feeling.
  • Lightweight fabric also enhanced airflow and is balanced.
  • The elastic gives out after a few months.

2. Utopia Bedding 4-Piece Queen Bed Sheets Set

If you’;re looking for a stronger and more durable sheet collection, then you can’;t go wrong with Utopia. It features four pieces that all fit a queen-sized bed. While the color we are reviewing is grey, there are also other neutral colors available. As for the dimensions, here’;s a quick overview of the different items; one flat sheet (90’’x 102’’), one fitted sheet (60’’x80’’), and 2 pillowcases (20’’x30’’).

bed sheets for summer reviews

The brushed microfiber is also a standout quality as it provides a soft surface against your skin. The microfiber fabric also allows increased airflow and can easily keep your body heat regulated during the night. It’;s the perfect combination for those hot summer nights.

When we said that this was a durable sheet we weren’;t kidding. In fact, it’;s made from fade and stain resistant properties to help prevent it from wearing down over time. The microfiber material also doesn’;t wrinkle and can keep its shape for years to come.

To keep this sheet set in the best condition possible the company suggests that they be machine washed. Machine washed fabrics need to be at 40C with cold water and then be put into tumble dry. You may iron at a normal temperature. However, avoid using bleach or any harsh cleaners.

  • The sheets are highly durable and stain-resistant.
  • Multiple pieces all made from high-quality fabrics.
  • Easy to wash and clean.
  • Soft to the touch and adds airflow.
  • Only comes in neutral colors.

3. Mezzati 1800 Thread Count Bed Sheet Set

Mezzati is very prestigious because they use the highest thread count on this set. It provides a lovely luxurious feeling which both looks amazing and feels amazing on the skin. Besides that, there are over 33+ different color options, making it easy to find one that suits your bedroom’;s aesthetics.

summer bed sheets

The queen size set comes in four pieces each of which is quite strong and durable. The one flat sheet (102’’x90’’), a fitted sheet (80’’x60’’) and two standard size pillowcases (30’’x20’’). Mezzati lists that their set also includes deep pocket fitted sheets with elastic all around. This will help prevent them from moving off the mattress in the middle of the night.

Plus, it includes 1800 threaded microfibers to ensure that the bed won’;t give out. It’;s top of the line and still stays soft to the touch. The fabric is also hypoallergenic which makes it breathable and easy to use without worrying if you have a dog or cats running around in your home.

The hypoallergenic properties tend to also help remove dust and mites. This helps keep your bed functioning without any surprise visits from pests, mites, and other small critters. It’;s also resistant to dust, breathable, and has been double brushed to help create longer-lasting cotton.

As for the care, it’;s important to wash the material in cold water only. If you don’;t do this then you will likely damage the exterior hypoallergenic coating. Always tumble dry on low, as it will help preserve the softness of the sheets.

  • Has one of the highest thread counts.
  • Durable material that’;s been double reinforced.
  • Soft to the touch sheets that are also hypoallergenic.
  • Easy to clean and not much of a hassle to keep clean.
  • The chemical smell is strong when first out of the package.

4. California Design Den 600 Thread Count Best Bed Sheets

The California Design Den is one of the most impressive when it comes to color and designs. These are rare to find when it comes to sheets for summer because most of them have traditional designs or are plain. The fabric itself also uses 100% long-staple pure cotton with a sateen weave.

summer bed sheets

The California Design provides the highest quality cotton sheets. It’;s similar to laying down in a luxurious hotel that offers only the finest amenities. The sheets and pillowcases have a 600 thread count and can make a perfect addition to your home’;s bed. To add to the luxurious feel of the fabric, the brand uses a unique mix of staple cotton fiber and sateen weaves. These make them incredibly;y soft even when you wash them.

The queen-sized set comes with four pieces. The first is one flat sheet (90’’x102’’) and a full elastic fitted sheet of (60’’x80’’+16’’) that includes a front pocket. These sizes generally fit mattresses that are either 9-18 inches deep. As for the pillows, they are also made from the same material.

On top of that, you know you’;re getting a quality product due to the certificate standard 100 by OEKOTEX. They’;ve been fully tested and researched so that they can provide you with maximized benefits for a comfortable sleep during the winter and summer months.

Additionally, they are also LEED v4 Gold Certified which means they use ethically and environmentally friendly fabrics that wouldn’;t hard any animals in the process of making them. So, if you’;re looking for an ethical sheet that can help you stay cool and collected during the summer nights you won’;t find much better than this.

  • Multiple colors and designs available.
  • Durable and sturdy sheets that last a lifetime.
  • Dimensions of each piece ensure that they fit a queen-sized bed.
  • Have official documentation of being an ethical bedsheet.
  • May lose color if not correctly washed.

5. Pizuna 400 Thread Count Cotton Twin Sheets Set

The 400 Pizuna is one of the most amazing twin sheets that you can find on the market. It promises long-lasting staple cotton sheets that have deep pockets. And while there are many of these colors available, it’s so easy to find one to your liking due to their 27 different sheet colors. Although, not all of these come in a set.

bed sheet material for summer

The fabric used is a 100% long-staple pure cotton, finished off with a Sateen weave. What this translates into, is that the fabric is ultra-plush and is less durable than others on the market. They’;re using premium quality fabrics which some companies tend to avoid. Besides that, it’s be factored ethically in India.

By using high-quality fabric it creates a lovely cooling effect that regulates your body temperature. The sheets also incorporates long-staple cotton into its twin sheet set which can help keep temperatures balanced in both the summer and the winters.

As for the sheets, they have a stitching pattern to help keep the elastic tight-fitting and in place. The top sheep is (66’’x96’’). While the fitted sheet is (39’’x 75’’ + 15’’). The pillows, on the other hand, are (20’’x 30’’). The sheets can reach a depth of 8-15 inches and include a four-inch detailed hem.

When we compare them to hotel sheets, they are much more pliable and comfortable to the touch. They use a high 400T cotton sheet which are known to be easy to clean yet still provide that soft like touch. Plus, the whole sheets are designed to be hypoallergenic because they don’;t use any chemicals that may trigger an allergic reaction. The OEKO-TEX ensures that they meet standard factory regulations.

  • Multiple designs and shades to choose from.
  • High-quality pure cotton bed sheets.
  • Hypoallergenic for most users.
  • High thread count to make them soft to the touch.
  • Unfortunate, not wrinkle-free.

6. Cosy House Collection Elegant Bed Sheets

The Cosy House Collection is another luxurious brand that features over 25+ color combinations just for this set. The set itself comes with one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and four pillowcases. You’;ll be surprised at how amazing this one will feel on your body and how it can add to your room. It’;s one of our favorites because of the high-quality fabrics, and color choices make it everyone’s bedroom aesthetic dream.

sheets good for summer

The sheets are both soothing and softening as well as comfortable. They’;re crafted using finely woven microfiber, which is softer than many others on the market. The elegant style also comes at an affordable price, which is something you wouldn’t want to overlook.

The sheets are also made from a hypoallergenic material which allows you to breathe with ease. In summer, they can keep you nice and ventilated. Although, when winter hits they make a lovely addition to your bottom sheets. Besides that, they propel against pollen, mites, and dust.

To help ensure that the covers don’;t slide around the company has used a super-sized stay put material. The sheets are designed to be 16 inches deep and feature elastic around the end. This elastic is durable, strong, and can keep the sheets in place throughout the night. The sheet dimensions are as follows; one fitted sheet (80’’x 78’’), one flat sheet (105’’x102’’), and 4 pillowcases (20’’x40’’).

  • It comes in various colors that can liven up a home.
  • Very smooth and soft to keep you relaxed at night.
  • Strong and durable elastic prevents slipping.
  • Hypoallergenic repels dust, grime, and dirt.
  • Three sheets are very thin, which could upset a few.

7. Shilucheng Queen Size Bed Sheets Set

The Shilucheng bed sheets are a super high-quality thread count that makes it soft and plush. It’;s very durable yet fits your bed like no others. There are at least 11 colors available right now, each of which matches well with neutral colored bedrooms.

best type of bed sheets for summer

The bedsheets are the softest ones you can find due to the fact that 1800 thread count is hard to find. The fabric is made from premium microfibers which allow you to sleep in style and replaced. It’;s even so comfortable you may be tempted to lounge in bed all day.

Unlike others on our list, the Shilucheng is suitable for those looking for a more sophisticated vibe. The colors meld well with luxurious attire and are excellent at complimenting a chic bedroom. It’;s perfect for bedrooms, guestrooms, and even in RVs. The style gives any area a pop of luxury and color.

The sheet dimensions are as follows; one flat sheet (92’’x102’’), and a fitted sheet of (60’’x80’’x16’’) with two pillowcases (20’’x30’’). You won’;t have to worry about the mattress sheets slipping off because 16 should be enough to lock them into space. However, this version doesn’;t have elastic to help hold it in. Nonetheless, it’s still worth it.

Lastly, the bedsheets only use microfiber and a blend of polyester fabric. This helps prevent adding and makes it stain resistant. However, the only major downside we’;ve found is that you need to use quick-dry or wrinkle-resistant solutions when washing.

  • Sensational bedsheet touch and feel.
  • Adds a pop of luxury to any bedroom.
  • Fading resistant and retains color.
  • Stays on any size of mattress due to deep pockets.
  • Sheets are very thin and may not be adequate for summer.

8. TEKAMON Premium 4 Piece Bed Sheet Set

TEKKAMON is another wonderful set of bedsheets that are amazing when it comes to high thread count and available colors. While other brands tend to supply neutral colors, TEKAMON has taken the reigns and created multiple vibrant colors to select from. On top of that, they are all fade-resistant and keep their color even after multiple washes.

good bed sheets for summer

All materials used are made from high-quality fibers. The high thread count is 1800 and keeps the fabric breathable, comfortable, and easy to clean. There’;s no worry about waking up in the middle of the night tossing and turning. Instead, you can easily rest with the high airflow and ventilation which is perfect for both summer and winter.

To help ensure that the sheets stay in perfect shape for years to come, the company has tested multiple spinning techniques. These techniques provide stain resistance, protection against dust mites, and can even help prevent the fabric from fraying from frequent use.

The queen-sized sheets include a set of four different pieces. Included are the following; a flat sheet of (102’’x90’’), a fitted sheet of (80’’x60’’x14’’), and two pillowcases of (20’’x30’’). The fitted sheets include a deep pocket surrounded by elastic which can stretch and adjust to the bed. This ensures that it fits any size bed with a depth of 10-16 inches.

Lastly, the microfiber fabric is easy to clean and can put up with most wear and tear. The sheets will stay durable, stretchy, and in perfect condition even after multiple uses. The unique spinning also prevents wrinkling and keeps the color intact. As for washing, the machine needs to be set to cold and dry you must use a tumble dry at a low temperature.

  • Soft to the touch and skin-friendly.
  • Breathable and comfortable to lay on.
  • Wrinkle-free and stain-resistant fabric.
  • Durable which is hassle-free to wash.
  • The sheets produce lint over time.

9. Prime Bedding Bed Sheets

The Prime Bedding Sheets are your affordable everyday sheets that can get the job done. The package includes a set of four and all are made using a 100% microfiber blend and over 21 different colors. The queen size includes; a flat sheet of (102’’x90’’), a fitted sheet of (80’’x60’’), and two pillowcases (20’’x30’’). The deep pockets can fit beds with a depth of up to 14 inches.

soft bed sheets for summer

The biggest difference with these sheets is that you can easily feel the difference from lower-tier bedsheets in the same range. They are soft to the touch and provide a silky smooth texture when laid on. These bed sheets are perfect for the bedroom, kids’; rooms, and anywhere else.

Additionally, they are easy to maintain without the worry of them damaging over time. The sheets are wrinkle-resistant, stain-resistant, and prevent shrinkage. Besides that, the colors also stay vibrant even after multiple washes. To wash, the settings must be on tumble dry and low and be washed in cold water.

While the microfiber isn’;t the highest of quality on our list, it does have the highest quality in its price range. If you’;re looking for a good gift for the holidays or a special occasion, we can say that this definitely won’;t disappoint.

  • Affordable price for high-quality sheets.
  • Multiple vibrant colors to choose from.
  • Easy to wash and durable even with multiple washes.
  • Silky and soft texture that doesn’;t fade over time.
  • Deep pockets that fit most standard mattress depths.
  • Chemical smell that must be aired out before use.

10. Comfort Spaces Coolmax Moisture Wicking 4 Piece Set

The last on our list is the unique Comfort Spaces Sheets. These sheets contain a unique property that helps you stay dry and cool throughout the night. They are made from 80% polyester blend with 20% Coolmax synthetic microfibers. What this does is absorb and repel sweat, keeping you cool throughout the night.

cool bed sheets for summer

Unlike others, the Coolmax blend also includes increased airflow and can keep the air that does get trapped cool. This is perfect for those hot summer nights where you need a little bit of extra cool air to rest well at night. The sheets are also perfect for any bedroom located around the equator.

Inside the package, you will be receiving a set of four. The package includes; a flat sheet (108’’x102’’), a fitted sheet (78’’x80’’x14’’), and two pillowcases (20’’x40’’). The depth is a standard 14 inches which are perfect for most bed types. Additionally, the dimensions of the sheets are a bit longer so that you can create a nice overfold on your bed.

Washing the sheets is quite easy as the machine washer must be set to cold and then put on a gentle cycle. The company recommends that you wash them separately to any other items, as this will prevent any issues with the coloring. To dry, tumble dry on low and then remove. They also don’;t recommend ironing, as the material is already wrinkle-free.

  • Unique fabric blend that keeps you cool.
  • Hassle-free washing and drying.
  • Multiple cool and calm colors to choose from.
  • Soft to the touch and wrinkle-free design.
  • Colors may be a bit off from what is displayed online.

Why You Need Summer Bed Sheets

Summer bed sheets are essential when it gets hot because it will help you get a restful night of sleep. We’;ve all suffered from those nights where we feel suffocated by our sheets and we toss and turn, ultimately never finding a comfortable position. By using sheets designed for the summertime we can easily avoid this problem.

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Throwing off the blankets causes us to be too cold but having them on makes us stuffy and hot. It’;s important to find a good balance which is why so many summer bed sheets are designed to provide resultful sleep. So, we’;ll list a few reasons as to why switching to summer bed sheets are a good idea;

  • Increased Airflow:

Air is driven both from the inside of the sheet and the outside. This allows cool air to flow inside the sheet while causing hot air to flow out. A perfect mixture for those who get hot and stuffy at night. The hot air that is trapped due to your body heat will then dissipate over time through the small air holes.

  • Lightweight:

The lightweight design can prevent heat from building up and is much thinner. The thin design allows any air trapped inside the sheet to travel through the fabric easily. It should go without saying, but thicker sheets tend to have more fabric which prevents air from being able to escape.

  • Breathable:

Air flows between the fibers of the sheets and allows body heat to dissipate. This is excellent for those who have high temperatures or tend to get hot during the night. Plus, it allows cool air to be drawn into the sheet which keeps you from becoming overheated.

  • Hypoallergenic:

Many summer sheets are made with hypoallergenic properties that may come in handy during the summer. Specks of dust, dirt, or other forms of dander is propelled from the sheets, preventing you from feeling a slight allergic reaction.

  • Perfect Year-round:

While summer sheets may be named summer sheets’’ they are also perfect year-round. This is due to their unique design which allows controlled airflow. In the winter, you can easily pile on extra blankets to help create a warm and mellow interior.

Different Types of Materials & Weave Ideal for Summer Bed Sheets

When it comes to bedsheets there’;s an ideal method for choosing them, which is the fabric and weave. These two factors are highly important, as they both can create higher airflow than any other method. So, here’;s a quick guide on the following;

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  • Linen:

Linen is the most popular when it comes to sheet fabric. The reason for this is because they have a soft texture and is good at wicking away moisture. They are cooler than cotton but still tend to be a breathable option for year-round use.

Are they the most cooling? No. However, they do tend to get the job done for either hot weather or year-round weather. Although they may not be warm enough for very cold winters.

  • Cotton:

Cotton is the most affordable and won’;t be breaking your bank when it comes to price-point. When it comes to breathability, cotton tends to be superior and a top choice for summer bed sheets.

The soft texture and moisture wick properties tend to keep the skin cool and dry, which can be beneficial on a hot night. Cotton is also the easiest to maintain due to its durable qualities.

  • Microfiber

Microfiber fabrics tend to be the best when it comes to keeping you dry and cool. The unique spacing in between the fabric allows proper airflow and keeps you from feeling stuffy and clammy.

Microfiber is also very affordable and can be synthetically mixed with other types of fabric to become more durable. If you’;re looking for a wrinkle-free and aesthetically pleasing sheet you can’;t go wrong here. Plus, they are also super effective at keeping you cool and comfortable.

  • Silk:

While silk may be the most luxurious of the bunch it’;s not the best at keeping you cool. They are silky smooth and continue to be soft even after multiple uses. However, they tend to trap air and create a heavy feeling. We’;d recommend staying away from silk sheets unless you want to use them year-round.

Although, silk fabric tends to be very thin which can be good in the summer-time. The main issue is that they are pretty expensive, need lots of care when washing, plus they may also wear down if used every day.

  • Bamboo:

Bamboo is the most expensive out of the bunch but tends to be the best when it comes to keeping you cool. It’;s highly breathable and prevents moisture from sticking to your body. This is an excellent blend if you’;re looking for a mixture of quality and effectiveness.

The only problem is that we rarely see sheets being made from high-quality bamboo. The price point is also very expensive and can sometimes get into ridiculous prices. However, it’;s one of the best to choose from besides cotton or microfiber.

  • Other Fabrics:

Other than the above-mentioned fabrics, you may run into a few other types. Synthetic fabrics are another popular type or polyester blends. While these may seem like they would work, they are often not favorable unless mixed with one of the above-listed fabrics.

Why is this? Many of them are very dense and include high thread counts. What happens is that air becomes trapped within the sheet without escape. This can be highly irritating if the main reason you’;re purchasing the sheet is to avoid the heat during the night.


  • Sateen:

While sateen sheets sound like they’;d be perfect and luxurious we’;d often recommend staying away from them in the summer. They are crafted to be dense and allow less airflow to pass through, making them less breathable.

  • Percale:

These tend to be better because they provide a better cooling experience. The under over construction of the fabric allows air to easily pass through, allowing you to sleep in comfort.

Things To Consider Before Selecting a Summer Bed Sheet

Selecting the right bed sheets may seem like an easy task, but you’;ll soon find out that you can’;t just grab anyone from the store. You need to do the research and find out what type of bed sheets would support your sleeping style.

After all, a good night’;s sleep is only done when you can comfortably fall asleep without any issues. Here are a few considerations you should keep in mind before purchasing your summer-time bedsheets;

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  • Always Consider the Fiber Count

Now, why would this be an important factor when it comes to bedsheets? Well, knowing what type of material the sheets are made out of is an excellent way to tell if they will be stuffy or not. Plus, if you’;re allergic or have sensitivities it’;s good to ensure you’;re grabbing one that won’;t give you an allergic reaction or sensitivities.

Check the ingredient and fabric list to help figure out what type of materials are used in the sheets. Often time, you’;ll also find other added dyes, softeners, or ingredients to help create a better blanket. However, you may also find low-quality materials that are blended into the fibers to help make them more affordable. The issue with this is that these low-quality ingredients may cause itchiness, rashes, and be uncomfortable to lay on for the whole night.

  • Don’;t Go By Thread Count

It may be tempting to go by thread count but the truth is that it can do more harm than good. High thread count allows for better quality control and makes the sheets much softer to the touch. However, this also allows for less airflow in the long run.

Unless it’;s made with microfibers or cotton, then it may not be necessary for a higher thread count than 500. We have some 1800 thread counts on our list, but these are because they are also made with unique threading techniques. This helps increase airflow and prevent them from feeling too dense.

  • Always Consider Weave

Between percale and sateen, it’;s important to know which type you prefer. Sateen tends to be highly preferenced due to the soft and silky texture. However, percale often is better for summer due to its cooling effects. Think hard, do you value texture over airflow? This can be a huge factor depending on what type of sleeper you are.

  • Check Sizing

Another common mistake we see buyers make is that they don’;t consider that every bed size is different. Yes, you may have a twin, queen, king, etc. but that doesn’;t always mean that the bed sheets will fit. Checking the dimensions can help prevent you from having a hard time when putting them on.

Also, checking for elastic or depth will help the sheets stay on the bed. It’;s far too often we see people purchase sheets without checking if it will fit their bed. The depth is also an important factor because it changes with each type of bed. Even if you have a queen-sized bed it may have a different depth.

  • Know the Return Policy

If you’;re paying a large sum of money for luxurious sheets then it’;s good to know the return policy. Buying in stores can guarantee that you can return them if they don’;t work. However, purchasing them online is a different story.

To prevent paying a large sum of money and then not working, check to see if the company includes a return policy. If so, you could be saving yourself the hassle of buying them and hating them. Plus, you can always switch sizes if the sheets don’;t fit your bed.

Additionally, if you have any other issues or if there is a manufacturing issue then you can easily get it swapped out. Paying over $100 for a few sheets can be devastating if they either come with frayed threads, unstitched edges, or stains.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we’;ve reviewed the following it’;s time to answer some frequently asked questions. Bed sheets are generally not that complicated, but it’;s important to know information regarding summertime bed sheets. Especially if you’;ve never had to shop for them before. So, here’;s a quick list of questions we see circulating around;

  • Do I need summer bed sheets?

No, you don’;t need summer bed sheets but they are a good idea if you tend to sweat or get stuffy during the night. Cotton blends or other microfiber sheets can also suffice for those hot summer nights but aren’;t necessary. Only invest in bedtime sheets if you tend to overheat, otherwise, you might find yourself too cold.

  • Are summer bed sheets expensive?

Yes and no. It depends on the thread count, quality, and type of material used. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from $30-100 for bedsheets. Although, these usually come with multiple sheets and/or pillowcases.

  • What comes in a bed sheet set?

A set of summer bed sheets tend to include four main pieces. First, the flat sheet is usually placed on top of the bed. Secondly, the fitted sheet which is used under your body and on top of the mattress. Lastly, two pillowcases are usually supplied but sometimes you can get more.

  • What’;s the best kind of bed sheet for summer?

The best bed sheet for summer is going to either be a microfiber or cotton blend. The thread count should be anywhere from 300-500 as it’;s not necessary to go any higher. Besides that, finding ones that are percale woven or spun can help increase airflow.

Other than that, try and avoid dense or thick sheets, as these will hinder the airflow and make you sweat during the night. A good addition to have is a wick sheet because it can help absorb and expel any extra moisture. Lastly, soft texture and fabric can go a long way, as it can make you feel more restful while you sleep.

  • How do you wash bed sheets for summer?

Depending on what brand and material type you get, there will be a list of instructions on how you should clean them. In general, you’;ll want to always set the sheets to cold water in the washing machine and avoid any harsh chemicals. Don’;t use bleach if you have colored bed sheets, as this will get rid of the beautiful vibrant color.

Additionally, always put on a light or tumble dry as this can help prevent the sheets from wrinkling. Over time, summer sheets may tend to lose their silky texture, but you can easily fix that by using light dryer sheets. Never iron sheets unless the product specifically lists if you can or can’;t.


Depending on what type of sleeper you are you may or may not find that summer sheets are for you. It depends on the weather, your sleeping style, and what additional blankets you are using. If we had to give some advice, it would be to invest in sheets for summer and use them year-round.

As for buying considerations, it’;s always best to read in-depth and learn what type of qualities make for a good sheet. There are so many brands out there that promise nothing but good things, but in the end, cause a whole host of problems.

Lastly, we’;ve done a majority of the research for you which can make the buying process relatively easy. We hope that you’;ve found our review helpful and have at least found a sheet to use during the summer. That being said, if you have any comments, questions, or concerns please leave a comment down below.

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