Best Cheap Twin Mattress You Can Buy in 2022

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Day in, day out, we are faced with the hustles of work. We end up so tired after our day job or even if you’;re at home. The next thing we would like to do is to head towards our bedroom and lie down to a very comfortable bed. If this is something you are still imagining to happen, perhaps your bed doesn’;t have what it takes. Maybe, your bed, instead of giving you that peaceful rest, is giving you so much agitation.

One thing you need to consider is this: your bed’;s comfort heavily relies on the kind of mattress it has. Not because it has a good design, it will give you comfort.

But before you complain and think that a good mattress comes with a high price, continue reading this article up to the last sentence. This is a product review that will showcase some of the best cheap twin mattresses in the market. Hoping that at the end of your reading, you’;ll go towards the nearest store and buy one of the products presented here.

10 Best Rated Cheap Twin Mattress Reviews

1. Zinus AZ-BTCM-12K Green Tea Mattress

If you’;re someone who loves sleeping with a scented humidifier, or incense, or anything that will release fragrance, Zinus memory foam is a good choice. It is infused with Green Tea extract and Castor Natural Seed oil to maintain its freshness and give you a relaxing sleep.

Best Cheap Twin Mattress

Not only that, the infused scent delays the accumulation of bacteria that releases an odor. Because whether you like it or not, the mattress will have its stinky smell after a few weeks or months of use. Helping the green tea scent is the active charcoal that also reduces odor and absorbs moisture.

It uses a high-density foam which is known to carry heavier weight compared to other types of foam. If you’;re on a set budget, this is also something you can rely on because of its cheaper price. However, if you want to stick to the US-made foam only, then you have to look for another one because it is from China.

  • CertiPUR US Certified that signifies durability for long use
  • Use bio-foam or natural plant oil and replaces the use of chemical-based petroleum
  • With green tea scent to prevent odor and bacteria to accumulate
  • Compressed packaging to ensure safe delivery at your doorstep
  • Takes 48-72 hours to fully expand when opened
  • Did not meet the exact mattress measurement; 5.5 inches instead of 6 inches or 11.5 inches instead of 12 inches
  • You will still be needing a box spring and waterproof cover for the mattress


Overall, Zinus memory foam is a good catch for Airbnb, dorm or hostels. This is not recommended for the luxury master’;s bedroom. Teens and children are the ones best suited for this kind of foam and not those with so much weight.

2. Linenspa 8 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

Linenspa has many mattresses to offer but particular to their 8 inch-mattress, there are things to consider before buying one. Here’;s a perfect mattress for back and stomach sleepers because of its medium-firm support. But first, you need to note that this is a hybrid mattress.

Cheap Twin Mattress reviews

A hybrid mattress is made from the combination of spring structure and memory foam. The lowest part is 6 inch-steel springs with a felt pad on top so you won’;t feel the pressure of the spring when lying down. A comfort foam which is around 1.5 inches is added for a plusher feel. Then lastly, the regular memory foam that is attached to the quilted mattress cover. Note that the cover is not removable, so you might want to add additional coverage.

Since this bed offers a firm feel, light folks won’;t feel that bounce brought by the spring. Heavier folks meanwhile will be more comfortable because the weight and the firmness are compatible with each other. Side sleepers will not enjoy this bed because of the firm feel. When you try this mattress, it’;s as if you’;re lying on a bed in a dorm or a children’;s ward, or a guest room.

  • Great for stomach and back sleepers
  • Firm and bouncy feel when lying on it
  • Affordable price
  • Minimizes pressure points in the spine
  • Not good for couples
  • You can hear the sound of the spring
  • The mattress does not inflate into full 8 inches after 48 hours


If you’;re on a budget but still would like to enjoy a decent mattress, Linenspa 8 inch-mattress is a good catch. But this is only good if you will be placing the mattress in the kids’; room or your guest room. If you’;re a couple, finding another one like Linenspa 12 inch is more recommendable.

3. Signature Sleep 5436096 Contour Encased Mattress

We all want a sound sleep, especially on a very tiring day. But if your bed doesn’;t give you this liberty, perhaps it is time to change your mattress. The question is what kind of mattress you will choose. Why not try a mattress with encased coils like the one from Signature Sleep? The encased coil is more user-friendly than innerspring.

cheap twin size mattress

When you toss and turn, only those coils being pressed are the ones in motion, the rest of the coils stay where they are. This is unlike a mattress that is composed of innerspring when you move, all the innerspring will move; this gives you a restless sleep for sure.

Added to the coiled mattress are two layers (top and bottom) comfort foam to relax the feel of your back. You wouldn’;t feel that you are lying on a coiled bed. The foam acts as a cushion even if you flip and rotate the mattress. It is okay to flip and rotate this mattress which is its advantage over other mattresses.

  • Composed of 17 inch-15 gauge independently encased coils
  • With high-density foam to support even those over 270 lb.-person
  • Foam that emits low VOC to lessen air pollutants
  • Okay for hot sleepers
  • The sides are too soft that you might slide off
  • Has a slight odor when opening
  • The fabric on top of the mattress is not that durable


If you’;re into comfort, then this one is for you. If you have a partner who keeps on tossing and turning while sleeping, then this one is a perfect catch. If you’;re a hot sleeper, then go get one to feel fresh every time you sleep.

4. Best Price Mattress 6-Inch Memory Foam Mattress

To define a comfortable sleep means your body is to dictate the sleeping position and not the mattress to limit your moves. It is better if your mattress will give you that comfort that you wouldn’;t want to move or change positions anymore. Then there’;s this Best Price Memory foam Mattress who has it all.

inexpensive twin mattress

Best Price Memory foam mattress has 3 layers of comfort to give you. At the bottom is the high-density base foam which will carry your weight (high-density foam is good for the heavier folks). The middle layer is a soft foam to even our firmness and softness feel. At the top is the memory foam that touches your body.

And we all know that memory foam will conform to your weight and body structure.  Adding to the comfort fees is the poly terry cover which gives you sleeping on a cloud feel. Poly terry is the fabric used in towels that are known to be soft and brings a plush feel.

  • Memory foam is infused with green tea and charcoal to prevent bacteria from accumulating
  • Padding is just right to give perfect firmness and softness
  • Good for back and stomach sleepers
  • Support any kind of bed frames
  • Not for the hot sleepers as there’;s a tendency to keep them moist
  • Some reviews say its very firm
  • Poly terry cover is not good for liquid spills so you need to be very careful


If you’;re looking for a cushy feel when sleeping, and if you want your bed to just conform to your body, Best Price Mattress is the best to purchase. This mattress is also affordable compared to others. You are getting more for the price.

5. AmazonBasics Memory Foam Mattress

Amazon Basics memory foam mattress is another bed in a box product provided in the market. As the name implies, its selling point is the memory foam. Digesting the layers of this mattress let’;s start with the base. Unlike the other mattress that has one base only, this mattress has 2 support base which is about 3 inches in thickness. The base support provides firmness enough to protect the mattress from heavyweight. The second layer is a 2 inch-soft foam that balanced firmness and softness. It has holes that allow air to flow within the mattress hence, preventing heat to build up. The topmost layer is the 3 inches memory foam which conforms to the contour of your body.

cheap twin mattress set

The cover on the top part is made from 100% polyester while the bottom part is made from fiberglass and viscose material. That is why it is recommended that you have an additional cover since fiberglass is brittle and viscose is not good especially when stretched.

When it comes to firmness, Amazon basics is very cushy. This will be enjoyed by those with light to average weight only. If you’;re on a heavier side, you should try this first before buying to ensure that you will be comfortable. The edge support is average only.

  • Good for side sleepers due to the memory foam that conforms to the contour of the body
  • Breathable second layer foam to allow air to flow within the mattress
  • Durability has been proven and tested via a successful laboratory test
  • Budget-friendly
  • Not for the stomach sleepers
  • The outer cover is not washable
  • The cool down process is a bit longer than the average


One of the selling points is its affordability. Since it has a cheaper price, you must set your expectations too. This mattress is good for light to medium weight only, can be placed inside the guestroom and kids’; room.

6. Home Life furMattBest803_8full Mattress

Homelife is another comfort feel mattress in the market today. The 8 inch-mattress has 2 strategically positioned layers. At the bottom is the 15 gauge pocket coils. When it comes to coil beds, it is important to know how much gauging is used. The higher the gauge the thinner the coil and vise versa. When it comes to mattress standardization, 12-15 gauge is the best measure that can promise a comfortable bouncy feel without compromising the firmness of the mattress. There is a padded foam at the bottom and top of the pocket coil so you won’;t feel that you are lying on pocket coils.

cheap memory foam mattress twin

The top layer is a 4-inch polyester foam to introduce a more comfortable feel because of its cushioning effect as well as the cooling effect brought by the foam’;s low thermal activity. On top of this is the quilted cover for another level of soft and smooth feel.

Homelife is a certified Green Foam’’ that followed the industry standards in creating mattresses. This means that the foam is environmentally friendly and user-friendly too. No chemicals added and flame retardant.

  • Double-sided so you can flip the mattress to prevent it from aging fast
  • Though 8 inches only, can hold as heavy as 300 lbs.
  • With double plastic wrapping to maintain good condition before opening
  • No sounding coils which add to a peaceful sleep
  • There were complaints of not expanding to 8 inches
  • Some feel the metal spring or coils when lying
  • Some say it is too soft


The reviews from current and previous users are of a wide variety. You can’;t detect through their reviews which is if it’s okay to note. You got to go to a physical store before the actual buy.

7. Modway Jenna 10’’ Twin Innerspring Mattress

A mattress that is intrinsically made is a show of true service to its user. Just like this Modway Jenna mattress that is made from several layers of support in aim to give comfort. The base is made from individually wrapped coils what is 8.5 inches. These coils serve as the innerspring which protects the mattress from sinking and sagging. When there’;s a motion on the bed, only the affected coils will also move. The others won’;t be affected.

cheap twin memory foam mattress

This is good so that the bed will maintain its durability. Every movement too is independent of each other. On top of the coils is a felt padded lining that serves as the cover for the coils so you won’;t feel it when lying on it. On top of the felt are two comfort foams in the form of egg crate and responsive foam. The role of these two foams is to ensure maximum comfort, cooling effect, and body support.

The top cover is made from quilted polyester with a beautiful design. The beautiful design will give you second thoughts of not buying another cover. But it is still advisable to buy for added protection to the mattress.

  • Packed coils guarantees sound sleep and avoid pressure on the hips, back, and neck
  • Encased spring limits the effects of any motion in the bed
  • Beautiful and Regal design of the top cover
  • Guaranteed durable because of the protective layers
  • There are some complaints that the mattress is too soft
  • There are complaints that it has a nail polish smell
  • The side where you most of the time sits or rest becomes saggy


The multi-layer set-up is impressive. It assures you that you’;re buying a durable mattress for an affordable price. However, the too soft’’ comments must be addressed so more will buy it.

8. Zinus 6 Inch Spring Twin Mattress

If you’;re looking for a mattress for your kids’; bunk bed or your guestroom, Zinus mattress is a great catch. Zinus 6 inch twin mattress has supportive layers that add to the proper firmness of the mattress. The bottom part is made from an innerspring support system. Innerspring is one of the oldest, tried, and tested spring set-up in the mattress industry. Its hour glass-shape reacts and aligns with the weight of the one using the mattress, making it bouncy enough to relax the user.

cheap twin mattress only

The high-density foam on top of the innerspring will allow the mattress to accommodate a user with a heavyweight. You have to note though that this mattress is best for kids’; room, guestroom, Airbnb, or for day beds. This is not recommended for couples or those on a heavier weight. Its comfort foam and microfiber layer brings a considerable thermal regulation. The topmost part is a beautifully designed knitted jacquard cover.

The overall feel of the mattress is average. Kids and other single mattresses users will feel relaxed.

  • Very affordable because this is a set of 2 beds
  • With good edge support preventing early sagging of the edges
  • 10-year warranty
  • Very smooth feel when lying on it
  • Gassing smell when you open the package
  • Lack of temperature regulator, tendency to heat up
  • Limited to kids and for day beds only, not for the heavier person


If it’;s not for a great deal of getting 2 mattresses, this will not be a good catch. Again, this is not recommended for long term use.

9. LINENSPA 5 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Nothing extraordinary but assures you of a comfortable sleep. Linenspa 5 inch-gel memory foam mattress is a conservative type of mattress that provides classic comfort when used. It is made from 2 layers only. The base part is a 4-inch high-density foam. A high-density foam guarantees support to any type of weight particularly to those on the heavier side. The support is firm enough not to feel the sinking and soft enough not to cause pain on your back, hips, or even stomach.

cheap twin bed frame and mattress

Adding to the good support is the 1 inch-gel memory foam. We all know the memory foam is a foam that allows the mattress to conform to the size, weight, and shape of the one lying on the mattress; and helps avoid sagging and sinking effect.

A soft plushy feel finish being on the top cover also made this ordinary mattress exceptional. The one using it will not feel any discomfort brought by heat, moisture, or even rough edges.

  • With a removable cover that allows you to clean it to be used again
  • Will only take 15 minutes to unpack and inflate
  • 10-year warranty
  • No stinky smell unlike the other usual mattresses
  • Not enough firmness to support the weight
  • Tends to leave moisture and heat after longer use
  • Some reviews say it doesn’;t expand to 5 inches


This is a mattress that is aligned to its price. Very affordable and you will just benefit from it conservatively. This is great for kids and guestrooms. Not recommended for couples.

10. Inofia Sleeping Super Comfort Hybrid Innerspring twin Mattress

Inofa is a cheaper version of comfort. It is cheap yet can provide the comfort you are looking for in a mattress. Another multi-layered mattress starting from the coil as base support. The coil will provide the conforming support to the body. Next to the coil is the dual-cool technology fiber that will regulate temperature and prevent odor and bacteria to build up.

cheap twin mattress

Then there’;s air-cool wave foam, comfort feel foam, and fire retardant barrier that all add to the comfort and protective purpose of the mattress. Topping it is the knitted fabric breathable cover that gives the cloudy feeling when being used.

  • Very easy to set up, will take you no longer than 72 hours
  • The price is affordable yet the mattress is full of good points
  • Comes with a 100-night free trial and 10-year warranty
  • Provides medium-firm feel
  • It has unsupportive edges, tendency to slide off when sitting
  • Has a squeaky sound when tossing and turning
  • Sinking feeling when used over time


Still a nice catch for an affordable price. However, you need to gauge the comfort it can being despite the many positive reviews. It still depends on your weight. For some, it may be too soft or maybe too firm.

Different Types of Twin Mattresses

When it comes to buying a mattress, it is not enough that you find it soft or firm. The knowledge of the materials used will help you to land on the perfect mattress according to your needs. Do not be misled with the beauty of the top cover without knowing what is beneath. One thing you should be knowledgeable is the type of twin mattresses available in the market. Here are some of them.

11 1

  • Memory Foam:

This is the foam of choice for most of the mattresses of today. This is known to conform to the shape and contour of the one using the mattress. Great for those feeling cold when sleeping as it will provide the right temperature to keep you warm. You need not worry about the dangers of bacteria, bugs, and mites since this foam is resistant to those.

  • Innerspring:

The oldest type of mattress available. Made from coil independently positioned at the inner of the mattress. The more coil inside, the more support the mattress can provide. This lost its popularity over memory foam because this is not resistant to bacteria, bugs, mites, and the likes.

  • Hybrid:

The best of both worlds as they call this. A hybrid mattress is a combination of the memory foam and innerspring mattress. The innerspring being the base support while the memory foam is the top support.

  • Latex:

Latex is an environment-friendly mattress because it is made from plant or petroleum-based material. This gives support similar to memory foam. It provides motionless support so if you have a partner who keeps on tossing and turning, this mattress is a good choice.

Air bed as most called this mattress. Remote control will blow out the air to inflate the mattress. Then you can deflate it again after use. This is great for camping.

What Features to Look for in a Twin Mattress

Buying a mattress is not as easy as 1-2-3. If you’;re serious in buying for a mattress that will last longer and will give the comfort you are looking for, you might want to consider these buying guides. Here are some of the important features to check before buying your twin mattress.

12 1

  • Materials Used:

A mattress is composed of several layers. Each layer is made from a particular material. Each material targets a specific purpose and you have to be aware of that purpose. Coil mattresses, for example, will not be suitable if you’;re very particular to the build-up of bacteria, bugs, or mites.

  • Firmness:

A side sleeper, for instance, will not enjoy a firm mattress. That is why you need to review how firm the mattress is. How heavy you are and your sleeping position will be your deciding factors.

  • Thickness:

Twin mattresses come in various thicknesses. This is also an important consideration. Where you will place your mattress is a factor. Say you will place it on a top bunk bed, the smaller size must be chosen.

  • Hot or Cold Sleeper:

Some mattresses leave a warm feel when being used. So before you buy one, check for that option. You wouldn’;t want to end up buying a mattress that has a temperature regulator if you’;re a certified hot sleeper otherwise, you will just be wasting your money.

  • Performance of the Mattress:

Good thing the internet provides lots of information on how a mattress is performing. Is it durable? Does it conform to your contours? Does it have motion sensitivity? Of all the buying guide, this is the most important. At the end of the day, your satisfaction depends on these factors.

  • Price:

Price is a very critical deciding factor. But the price is relative to the performance. If you’;re on a tight budget and can only afford the cheaper ones, then you must set your expectations on the performance your mattress will give.

  • Warranty and Aftersales Support:

You need to be careful about the warranty claim. Most that you will see is the limited’’ warranty claim. You need to call the manufacturer and ask what the warranty will cover. Aftersales support is also critical. Don’;t buy from someone who has poor aftersales support.


You will never go wrong if you will consider the items highlighted in this product review. Product, buying guide, and other information were carefully embedded to give you a good glimpse of the things you need to consider before buying a new mattress. Do not just go for comfort, or the low price, or even other perks and performance. You should be combining all these factors and then weigh-in which will be your primary deciding factor.

Bottom line, everything should be a deciding factor so you won’;t end up wasting your money and effort.

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