Best Mattress for Side Sleepers (Ultimate Buying Guide & Reviews 2022)

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Sleeping is a habitual that needed to regain your stamina and feel refreshed every time and there are numerous style of sleeping, but the most common one is sleeping with one side, or known as the side sleepers. The majority of side sleepers need a mattress that support and at the same time release the pressure off the back.

Finding the best mattress for your maximum pleasure in sleeping is not easy to do. Sometimes, with the wrong mattress, your body feel more ache than before, to ensure that your body comfortable with its firmness, you need to find out which mattress is the best for you. When your body is adjusted and you know what you need, don’t forget to consider several mattresses first before you decide to buy. But how do you know which mattress that you have to buy?

There are several style for sleeping but 63% of Americans individuals sleep on their side, this sleeping style is the most common style for individuals all around the world. This buying guide hopefully will help the side sleepers to review and consider numerous mattresses before plunge into impulsive or reckless buying.

5 Best Side Sleeper Mattresses Recommendations


Top 5 Best Mattress for Side Sleepers Reviews

1. Brentwood Home Cypress Mattress

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers

This mattress have a deluxe softness, and enough firmness because of its multiple layer, it will help the side sleepers to have a comfort sleep and it claims to relieve the lower back pain which is true due to its extra layer that will contour the body.

Thus, it will also ensure your body with supporting its back by a 7 inch therapeutic base. Moreover, it will make you feel fresh every time you wake up because of its 3-inch gel infused HD Memory Foam Cool Comfort and their 2-inch Ventilated Cool Airflow Layer.

The cover was made from special wool that crafted from specific material which can be easily cover the bed. The mattress also have a bamboo zipper. With this bamboo materials, you can wash it easily and make sure there are no dust in the surface.

The Brentwood mattress also have the best materials that was made from the USA which was specially manufactured using the greatest materials combine with millions gel particles that formed into a HD layers with the best technology.

In addition, if you are going out, this mattress also can be easily packed, you can also bring it by rolling it. for allergic patients, this one also beneficial due its hypoallergenic and surrounded with the anti-microbial materials.

2. Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12-inch Memory Foam Mattress

Best Side Sleeper Mattresses

The Sleep Innovations mattress are known for its best cotton / polyester cover material that will keep the surface cool with its medium firmness because of its 2 layers of foam.

The top layer is 2.5 inch SureTemp memory foam and base layer is 9.5 inch premium support, it will deliver best body contour and help to adjust per your body contour with therapeutic support as well as proper spinal alignment. Always remember that this mattress came with anti-dust and mite, also allergen resistant that help the specific allergy people.

This mattress also have an advanced technology that will make the body temperature normal, reducing the heat and make it cool called the open cell technology, this technology will maintain the air flow circulation support and reducing the body heat.

Aside that, the mattress provide a pressure relief and eliminates motion when you sleep. But you cannot performed wash, just spot cleaning with water and mild detergent.

This mattress also have a minor odor but dissipated after 1 day. It has 20 years guarantee and no mattress flipping required.

3. DreamFoam Mattress Ultimate Dreams Firm Latex Mattress

Side Sleeper Mattress Reviews

Like it said, it is like a dream come true, the cover was made from the highest quality of biodegradable bamboo, it has multiple firmness that build from double layer materials gained from 3 inches of Talalay Latex foam and 1.5 hyper flex foam.

You can have a full back support and lessen the pain by sleeping in this mattress due to its orthopedic support that will reduce the pain with its latex contour. Other than that, this mattress is more soft compare than cotton

Because the materials made for this mattress were softer than cotton with its cool surface due to greater surface absorbent. Along with this, the mattress is hypoallergenic and anti-dust – mite that will make the easily allergic individuals more comfortable with its hypoallergenic materials. Not only that, it is anti-bacterial, mold and mildew.

What the best for this mattress is it provide the right firmness and deliver your body contour at its best, for individuals that have sleep apnea, it will reduce the apnea events. This is the best feature for the side sleepers. But while it is very good, the guarantee only given with additional price.

Although, the best of it came from the minimal odor that is gone after 2 days. This mattress also have a high durability but it required mattress flipping for its best outcome.

4. Signature Sleep Contour Encased Coil 8 Inch Mattress

Mattress For Side Sleepers Reviews

For about two years I have been using this mattress and I never felt restless or fatigued in the morning. For the reason that this contour mattress exceptionally gives the ample support to my vertebrae and keep it relaxed.

It is indeed a great mattress that, now, I am thinking to get for my kid’s twin bed-close to full bed. It would certainly be a perfect choice because of its apt fitting to any standard full bed frame.

It features independently encased coil that brilliantly minimize the motion transfer and hence give you comfy and restful sleep. This will also aid in relieving your body’s pressure points along your shoulders, neck, back and buttocks.

It comes in soft quilted jacquard cover and non-woven fabric insulation pad adding a lot to its quality and comfort quotient. In addition, the thick foam layer, extra cushioning and the polyester layering in midst of cover and the coil also brings optimal comfort for the user sleeping on this mattress.

It is durable, reliable and quit long lasting compared to many other contoured mattresses available on the market. For the specifications, softness and ease-in-sleep, this 8 inch mattress is an amazing choice for the price.

5. DreamFoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Full Crazy EuroTop Mattress

best mattress topper for side sleepers

This 9 inch mattress is durable and flexible enough to be used with any adjustable bed frame. I brought this for my wife constantly complaining about her restless sleep. Now, she simply loves to sleep on this brilliantly designed foam mattress.

Other than the edges, there is no bumpiness or lumps to trouble your sleep. Also the internal packaging is too good because I took it to the room very easily because once opened it would be hard to move it around.

This heavy-duty foam is of good quality, firm reliability and is also very much affordable in contrast to other foam mattresses of the same class but different brands. Without putting extra burden on your pocket you can get a great and comfortable bedding arrangement for relaxed sleep. Made in US, cotton is used in its manufacturing giving it a fine look and refined quality.

It owns double Convoluted Foam Core Layers coupled with TriZone Support making it the most comfortable foam mattress you might never slept on. Give it a try and I am certain that you would also love it as I do.

This mattress is Certipur-US and also meet up the world-class standards for the quality.

How to Choose Best Mattress for Side Sleepers – Infographic

best mattress for side sleepers reviews

Advantage of Using the right Mattress For Side Sleepers

The side sleepers have lots of benefits gained if they choose the right type of mattress. Thus, there are several advantages that might profit you to consider before you buy:

  • Reduce your pain

When you sleep with the right mattress, the pain that you have – despite all activities and pressures every day; will reduce and therefore, it will make you feel better after sleeping. Whether it is memory foam or latex, these materials mentioned as the best one for keeping the pain away from your body.

  • Make your spine aligned well

Due to its best support in align the spine and support your body contour, it will aid your body to give the best structure outcomes. The side sleepers tend to have more pressure in the shoulders and hips, therefore the right support from the mattress will reduce the pressure in those areas and help to align the spine.

  • Give a subtle feeling of being refreshed after you sleep

With a better sleep come a better healthy you! There is no doubt that the refresh feeling is the feeling that you are looking for

  • Decreasing the snoring noises

Because the right sleeping mattress can reduce the pressure, it will also make your joints well maintained in neutral position resulting the decrease in snoring.

Best type of Mattress for Side Sleepers

For most people who are sleeping on their side, or known as the side sleepers, need a special mattress to provide the best sleep and reducing the pain. It is commonly acknowledged by users that best mattress for side sleepers are the one who is firm enough but also soft and can support their back and shoulder at the same time. Aside that, the mattress also have to have a great density support and soft overlay.

If you are one of the side sleepers and wondering the art of beauty and wellness sleep because you haven’t feel it, then rest assured, this article will help you considering several types of mattress for the side sleepers that can be used as a guide to buy your mattress. So let’s start! Here are several types of mattress that are consider as the best type of mattress for side sleepers.

Botanical Bliss Side Cut 1024x536

  • The Innerspring Mattress

While this type of mattress is commonly acknowledged since years ago, many still finds this type of mattress as the best mattress for side sleepers. Even though the innerspring mattress have some concerns among their user, such as the uneven spring when you sleep on the same mattress over the time, but nevertheless, it still best when it comes to comfort.

The innerspring mattresses have coil spring that by far is the most broadly used in the world. The coil itself has experienced lot of changes compare than the old coil. The most recent coils have an enclosed individually wrapping that will reduce the possibility a ‘pop-out spring’ event. On the top layer of the spring, usually the producers placed various materials to add that covers from latex, memory foam and other materials to ensure your maximum comfort.

Although there are some mattresses that stated that they have lots of coils to give the best outcome, but the fact is, you don’t need more than 390 coils to have maximum coziness.

Here are some benefits for this type of mattress:

  • Although it is old/new fashion type of mattress, it is never get old to have this type. The innerspring revolution still the best pleasure.

  • There are wide range of options in terms of innerspring coil

  • Lot of innerspring coils have combination with other materials for their cover, therefore you can choose the best one for you

  • Because it is an innerspring that combines with other materials, the cost won’t be as expensive as the pure latex or memory – foam mattresses

  • It comes with several range of different mattresses.

But, like all the innerspring mattress, if the spring is too few, then you probably will feel less comfort, it need balance between the spring and the support to provide enough firmness. Thus, wrong spring or less spring will certainly cause you more aches.

This is one of the best innerspring mattress for side sleepers that we think is good: Signature Sleep Contour 8 Inch Twin Mattress

  • The foam mattress

There are a few mattress that is categorized as this type of mattress, ranged from the polyurethane, latex or memory foam with numerous variations in gel materials, shape, density and firmness. Here are some differences between each mattresses.

  • The polyurethane mattresses

This one is the most economical choice because it is economical, even cheap. The most commonly known as the benefits of polyurethane mattress are:

  • Cheap! – Of course

  • Several different variety to choose

  • Wide range of densities

While there are benefits, it also have it flaws, such as the highly flammable and the durability that last shorter than other foam mattress. Here is a great polyurethane mattress that fits with the side sleepers: DreamFoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Twin Crazy Quilt

  • The memory foam mattresses

Memory foam popularity is growing, these days, lot of manufacturers mention their foremost ability in the memory foam mattresses, there are many options related to the memory foam densities that depends on their weight and moreover, the temperature. You can choose various shapes with its different firmness. Several benefits of memory foam bed are:

  • Contour your body in right spot. For the side sleepers that sleeping on their side, this helps to contour the body to have the best support, because they are sleeping with minimal support of a few areas from their body.

  • Shift your weight appropriately

  • Reducing the pressure points that may occur

  • Lessen the pain

  • Absorbing the movement when you sleep – best part if you sleep with a partner

Therefore, with its many benefits, some individuals choose memory foam as their sleep partner, although it came with a very expensive range of prices. Moreover, sometimes even though they claim have a cool surface bed, but it tends to be hot sometimes. There is one mattress that we think best for this requirement such as the: Brentwood home 13-inch gel HD memory foam mattress

And there is another good mattress: Casper mattress review that you can choose.

  • The latex mattresses

The latex mattresses mostly made from synthetic rubber or natural one, it will provide the most firm and have a bouncy support. It known as one of the best materials for mattresses. So what are the benefits of latex mattress?

  • If you like the type of very firm, it usually is compare than the memory foam

  • The latex mattresses usually bounce back and give enough support for your body

  • Relieving the back pain – this is especially for the side sleepers person who have chronic pain

  • Great for combination if you look for enough support and comfort.

Knowing that latex is great for the side sleepers make it also as a great option for you. But, it also come with great price. Although, we do have an option for you that come in great price such as the: DreamFoam Mattress Ultimate Dreams Cushion Firm Latex Mattress

So, between all these types of mattress, choose the best one for you and have the best sleep ever! Don’t ever hesitate to search some reviews to ensure you get the greatest mattress.

The Top 3 mattress brands for you

There are several brands that has already known as the one who provide the best in sleep innovator, moreover these brands are always deliver advances in technology that not every brand can gained. In addition, for the side sleepers, these brand has known as the one who can aid the wellness and beauty of sleeping for them. So, what exactly make these brands so famous and leading in the mattresses world?

  • Sleep Innovations


As their name, the innovations in the technology that they have is their core at every single mattress they made. The Sleep Innovations brand is an affiliation of Sun Capital Partners, Inc., that was known as a leader in leverage buyouts. They offer numerous range of mattresses as well as other things to accompany the mattresses, such as toppers, pillows, furniture, kitchen, bathroom and utility mats

The Sleep Innovations always mention that they learned and study the sleep pattern, and how to make it better with the high-tech innovations that they have. Aside that, their ability to create something new is undoubted. While there are many brand arise, but Sleep Innovations keep their name as a leading brand that always exist and maintain their ability to innovate.

Their famous mattresses that people are looking for was widely various, the products materials ranges from the memory foam with gel materials up to SureTemp memory foam. Along with that, their mattresses also vary from the size, and firmness. Therefore, this is one of the main reason why the side sleepers fond of this brand.

  • Signature Sleep


The Signature Sleep is known as the one that always provide best mattresses for everyone’s sleep, moreover they claim to be one of the most affordable prices in mattresses world.

As the years of technology advances in their company lead to major innovation and commitment in their quality, they also provide high satisfaction in mattresses accessories that lead to a guarantee of satisfaction from every customer they have.

This brand also mention their ability to shipping worldwide, with vacuum sealed and compressed with a warranty of federal flammability standard 16 CFR 1633. Not only have that, the Signature Sleep had numerous mattresses start from the encased coil combined with gel memory foam to the CertiPUR-US® memory Foam. With its range options of mattresses, the signature sleep keep their brand as one of the leading mattresses brand, especially for the side sleepers.

Due to numerous choices of mattresses that offer various firmness, the side sleepers can gain a lot of advantage from reducing the pain, feel more refresh and give the best outcome to a good night sleep.

  • DreamFoam Bedding


The DreamFoam known with its ability to create something unique. John Merwin, as the leader of the DreamFoam Company know this very well.

The DreamFoam devote to their customer happiness, with its signature latex foam as well as the memory foam, the DreamFoam started to reach their customer with their special materials, furthermore, due to self-manufacturing they provide, the online selling become their specialties, with the ability of easy shipping and quick compress to send all over the world. The DreamFoam Bedding can make a personalized bed for every individuals that will provide the best outcome for their sleep.

Started as a small firm business, they arise as one of the leading company in mattresses and achieving their own dream by providing dreams to their customer. Not only providing mattresses, they also provide the toppers and pillows with special crafted and design.

For the side sleepers, this is a big advantage for their sleep, not only gaining the wellness but also aid their health and superiority in the sleep quality.

How to buy the best one for you?

Considering to buy a mattress is not simple, with best and details in choices you can have the mattress of your dream. Therefore you should know these tips before you decide to buy one mattress for you.

  • Choose the firmness

Ensure the firmness is right for you. The right mattress for the side sleepers should lessen the pressure in shoulder and hip, as well as reducing the tingling sensation due to the accumulative pressure in several points of your body.

  • Ensure the warrant

Some mattresses provide lot of benefits but doesn’t mention the warranty, don’t forget to check about the warranty every time you want to buy something. You don’t want to have a bad experience with your “going to be” long-term relationship with.

  • Help to support your spine

For the side sleepers, they need softer support to their back due to their sleeping style. Compare than the back sleepers that might not need softer support.

  • Don’t forget to measure your mattress needs

Consider the size when you want to buy the mattress since not all mattress can be adjusted, you really have to know first about your needs before you decide to buy.

  • Eliminate the motions transfer

Sometimes, the old innerspring will make sounds when you decide to turn around or change position, but ensure that your new mattress not doing the same thing to you.


Do you need to flip it around after using for long time?
Some mattresses yes, they tend to be more firm after you sleep in quite long time period, but otherwise, there are some recent mattresses that doesn’t need to be flipped

How to clean the mattress?
To clean the mattress, it really depends on the materials, some materials are not meant to be wash, but can be done a spot cleaning.
How to maintain the mattress?
Keep your mattress maintained is quite simple actually, don’t forget to vacuum your mattress regularly and wash the covers, beddings and any other related.

What if the mattress get stained?
The memory foam mattresses is easily absorb the water and as a result can be very difficult to dry and for that, ensure that you don’t give too much water. There were some ways to remove the stain using the peroxide but make sure that you have all the materials to clean it up. Otherwise, you should give it to the professionals.
How long does it takes until it full size?
It depends on the mattress, some mattress may have a fully expand in 30 minutes and only dent a bit around here and there, but there are numerous mattress that may have the fully expand after 24 hours or more. But even though it is different, usually the company mattress providers will let you know about it and you also can read the reviews given by the previous customer to measure the fully expand time needed.
Does it came with anti-mites, anti-bacterial?
Yes, majority of mattresses now are came with anti-mites, bacterial, fungus, and dust, therefore you don’t need to be afraid that your mattress may have it.
Where is the best place to buy mattress for side sleepers?
There are several website that offer many promotional, but the best that comes with variety of mattresses along with discounts are


To know what you need in choosing the right mattress will ensure you to achieve the best when it comes to buy one, thus you will hindered by disappointment when you buy it. For the side sleepers, make sure you buy the right firmness because it is important for you to have the right amount of combination in support as well as cushion involves your shoulders and hips. The right combo will make you sleep like a baby through the night.

Always keep in mind that not all people have the same preferences, therefore, it is important for you to know your preferences, even though you read some reviews that clearly state their likeness into a number of mattresses, but reviews is only a guide not clearly statement, the best way to decide is to consider it according to your needs and budget too.

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