Best Cooling Comforter Reviews 2022 (Our Top Picks)

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Sleep is essential for everyone because it allows the body to recharge from everyday stress and activities. However, you would find it difficult to sleep or find it almost impossible to sleep at all if you’re not comfortable.

Hindrances to this comfort usually involve what kind of material you’re sleeping with is made of and how warm is the room you’re sleeping in. It feels challenging to sleep when you’re trying to sleep while sweating like you’re in a sauna. This is where cooling comforters come in to bring down the heat. Cooling comforters are made with materials utilizing temperature-regulating cooling technology.

The mechanism on how it works depends on what material is used as well as consideration of other comfort-inducing factors such as thickness, breathable materials, and moisture-absorbing capabilities. The best cooling comforter doesn’t need to be the most expensive brand out there, but it can be the one that goes best with your bedroom’s conditions.

10 Best Rate Cooling Comforter Reviews

1. LINENSPA All-Season Reversible Down Alternative Quilted Comforter

Gone are the irritating warm nights when you finally decide to buy a cooling comforter. The LINENSPA All-Season Reversible Down Alternative Quilted Comforter comes with Corner Duvet Tabs, and microfiber fills. It is also box-stitched and can be machine washed.

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It is also hypoallergenic, making it a sound choice even for those prone to allergies and sensitive skin. This cooling comforter uses high-quality materials, this 98″ x 98″ oversized Queen size premium microfiber comforter can be used for all seasons. The Linenspa comforter also has a reversible design that allows you to transform the look of your bedroom instantly. There are several reversible color designs to choose from, so you have a lot of options to suit your taste.

It features 8 Duvet Loops you can use to secure them instead of the usual four loops, allowing you to add a duvet cover easily. The box stitch design also helps keep the microfiber fill from shifting or clumping, ensuring they stay in place, look smooth, and maintain their soft feel for a long time.

  • The product comes with a three-year warranty period
  • The microfiber down alternative offers more comfort compared to products using different materials.
  • It can be easily maintained by machine washing in cold water on a gentle wash cycle.
  • It features 8 Duvet Loops and Box-stitch construction to help secure the fill in place.
  • It’s hypoallergenic, which means it can be used even by those susceptible to allergies.
  • It’s a bit more expensive compared to other products.
  • It has a larger size compared to most bed sizes.

2. Utopia Bedding Down Alternative Comforter

Suffering from hot flushes at night? With the Utopia Bedding Down Alternative Comforter, you can say goodbye to night sweats caused by the warm season. The Utopia Bedding comforter is made to provide you comfort for all seasons, no matter how cold or warm it is. You will instantly feel comfy enough to sleep when you want.

2 32

The Utopia Bedding comforter is designed for both quality and functionality. It is built ensuring durability with its robust stitching design, and it is made using high-quality filling. The Box Style Stitching Pattern features a gorgeous design. Still, its best feature is how it functions to prevent the polyester filling from clumping and shifting. This prevents uneven distribution of the filler, allowing you to enjoy a uniform soft surface for conducive sleep for any season.

The 88″ x 88″ queen size comforter is fully washable via washing machine set to 2-rinse gentle wash cycles with cold water, which is easy to maintain. It comes with features similar to a duvet, enabling you to change the look of your bed in an instant.

  • The Utopia Bedding comforter features a soft and comfortable surface made only with high-quality soft material and siliconized fiber filling.
  • It is one of the great cheap alternatives out in the market.
  • It is a great sleeping companion for all seasons thanks to its splendid and quality materials.
  • It comes with a convenient 88″ x 88″ queen size that is compatible with a lot of bed sizes.
  • Overall, it has a super cozy feel. It is not too hot at warm times, and it works great during cold times.
  • The stitching can be vulnerable to tearing, but it all comes down to the care of use.
  • The cover material is a little thin, so additional handling and care are needed.

3. Beckham Hotel Collection 1300 Series Down Alternative Comforter 

Imagine getting the perfect fluffiest present. No, we’re not talking about pets although, sure enough, your pets would love it too. The moment you open that small box, you’ll see a compact, vacuum-sealed bag containing the Beckham Luxury Linens All Season Down Alternative Comforter! This premium present isn’t just useable for all seasons, but it is also a perfect gift for any occasion!

3 31

The Beckham Alternative Comforter is the comfiest and lightest comforter available commercially. The Beckham can function either as a duvet insert or as a stand-alone comforter. It is made using long-lasting hems and accurate stitching, making it capable of lasting for a long time. It is the ideal comfort partner for your bed. Indulge yourself in a cozy sleep in the comfort of your room, no matter what kind of weather comes.

The Beckham is hypoallergenic, providing protection against frequent problems such as dust mites, mold, allergens, and mildew. It is also the right choice for those prone to allergies and with other sensitivities. It is also machine washable, enabling you to maintain its freshness. Furthermore, as a down alternative comforter, it is less likely to get damaged from machine washing so there is no need to have it washed professionally.

  • Comfortable and fluffy, you will have no trouble sleeping on it.
  • Soft and lightweight
  • Durable and made with high-quality materials
  • Made with hypoallergenic material
  • Full 30-day satisfaction period
  • Comfortable and fluffy, you will have no trouble sleeping on it.
  • Soft and lightweight
  • Durable and made with high-quality materials
  • Made with hypoallergenic material
  • Full 30-day satisfaction period

4. TEKAMON All Season Queen Comforter

Do you think you’ve experienced true fluffiness? Then the Tekamon All Season Comforter would like to have an appointment with you. Boasting an incredible softness that exceeds other products, the Tekamon offers light and a balanced comfort that will keep you warm in cold weather and fresh during hot times. You’ll never experience real fluff with anything else like you’ll experience with the Tekamon!

4 31

The Tekamon comforter is a versatile comfort partner that can be used as a stand-alone comforter or a duvet insert. It fits well inside a duvet cover which can be taken out and washed when necessary. Duvet covers also allow you to change the look of your bed on a whim without a hassle.

With high-quality materials used in its construction, the Tekamon is built to last thanks to its elastic recoverable microfiber. These are diamond-stitched through to make sure the filling stays in place. Using a brushed microfiber shell and an incredibly light Down Alternative fill ensures a soft and smooth sensation so you can cuddle to it at your heart’s content.

  • Extremely fluffy for a comfortable and dreamy sleeping experience
  • Made with sturdy and breathable materials
  • Retains comfort and fluffiness no matter the season.
  • Remarkable thermal ability
  • Well-packaged and vacuum-sealed for easy transport
  • Will have a hard time fitting on a king-sized bed
  • It takes time to make it fluffy when first opened

5. Equinox All-Season White Quilted Comforter

Ever wondered how it feels to sleep under a cloud? With the Equinox All Season Goose Down Alternative Quilted Comforter, you’ll experience the same thing! This premium down alternative comforter is built for comfort utilizing 100% brushed microfiber cover with 6D hollow siliconized fiber fillings that simulate the feeling of sleeping with the clouds.

5 32

The Equinox is also lightweight and allows you to move more comfortably when you’re under its cover. The comforter is designed to be conducive to sleep at all times. It is cozy enough to keep you warm in cold weather and relaxed during warm seasons.

The evenly-distributed filling thanks to the square style stitching with piped edges of the Equinox ensures even comfort all across its surface. This constant state of having an elegant, fluffy comforter that retains its shape gives a clean and refreshing look at all times.

  • The Equinox is a great cheaper alternative that is worth the price.
  • It perfectly balances both being lightweight and comfortable.
  • It uses materials that are safe to those prone to allergies and sensitive skin.
  • It comes with a protective plastic zippered case.
  • It is easy to maintain and can be machine washed.
  • It needs careful handling when cleaning as has a tendency to tear
  • Material may not be as comfortable as you might expect

6. downluxe Lightweight Solid Comforter Set

Enjoy premium comfort with the Downluxe 3-Piece Down Alternative Comforter Set. Relax for a luxurious indulgence in your bed with this comforter set that comes with an 88″ x 92″ comforter and 2 reversible pillow shams measuring 20″ x 26″ with a 2-inch flange.

6 31

The Downluxe is ideal for all-season comfort, featuring remarkable softness thanks to its brushed microfiber material that boasts a premium layer of breathable warmth and coolness. It is diamond-stitched to secure and maintain a smooth softness and comfort across its surface, enabling it to last for many years to come.

Both the comforter and the pillow shams are easily maintained via gentle machine wash, but make sure not to apply any bleach in the process. Drying can be done naturally or by tumble drying on low.

  • The Downluxe is a premium quality product with astounding softness.
  • For its price, it comes with 2 reversible pillow shams.
  • You can liven up your bedroom with its premium design that utilizes both functionality and aesthetics.
  • The product is machine wash-friendly and is easy to not only maintain.
  • This product has a full refund guarantee to ensure that you deserve only the best product.
  • The Queen size might be smaller compared to some Queen-sized beds.
  • Despite its luxurious feel, the product is thinner than some other products in the market.

7. Buffy Cloud Alternative Down Comforter

Surround yourself with the coziness of the clouds with the Buffy Cloud Alternative Down Comforter. The Cloud gets its moniker for its cloud-like fiber filling that feels like you’re sleeping on a cloud. What makes the Cloud stand out from its competitors in the market is its super-soft eucalyptus fabric that is naturally softer than cotton. For an added lofty feature, it is filled with layers of gossamer fiber.

7 28

Still can’t picture out what it feels like to lie on top of a cloud? Then try imagining yourself sleeping under a pile of cotton candy. This amazingly soft and fluffy comforter is designed to be used all year round, keeping you cool or warm whenever you need it.

The Cloud is made with hypoallergenic materials making it resistant to mold and dust mites. This also allows it to be used by those with sensitive skin. Not only is it friendly to its users, but it is also environmental and cruelty-free. Instead of goose feathers, the filling is made from plastic bottles that are then transformed into an ultra-soft fluffy fill! A heavenly soft and fluffy comforter that’s also part of the solution to reducing environmental waste? It’s undoubtedly a win-win!

  • The Cloud has a luxurious ultra-soft filling making it one of the softest and fluffiest in the market.
  • It is made with hypoallergenic materials that makes it safe to use for a lot of people
  • The Cloud will keep you warm or cool no matter the season all year round.
  • It is part of the solution to reduce environmental waste.
  • The gossamer fiber used as its fill gives you that extra snuggly feel.
  • Even for a premium-quality product, the Cloud is a very expensive product but worth its price.
  • It requires a lot of careful handling as it is more delicate than other products.

8. WhatsBedding 100% Cotton Down Comforter

Relax in a heavenly sleeping experience with the WhatsBedding 100% Cotton White Feather Down Comforter. The White Cotton Feather comforter is made with 100% cotton, down, and feather filling. This makes it lightweight while being thick enough to remain comfortable no matter the weather.

8 27

The box quilting and box-stitched pattern provides a stylish look and also protects the filling from shifting and preventing down leakage, ensuring that the surface stays even throughout its lifespan.

The White Cotton Feather is made from high-quality breathable fabric. This makes it highly adaptable in keeping you warm or cool, no matter what climate condition. This 90″ x 90″ comforter has passed quality certification to ensure that the product is as legit as it can get and to satisfy customer satisfaction.

  • The White Cotton Feather Comforter can easily be used with or without a Duvet cover.
  • It has passed feathers/fibers escaped and air permeability testing certified by EEIQ.
  • It comes in a quality vacuum-packed package that easily fluffs up after opening.
  • It features a clean, stylish and lightweight design without compromise on functionality.
  • The product guarantees customer satisfaction. If a customer is dissatisfied with the product, a full refund can be offered.
  • The product can produce a slight crinkle noise but it softens after being used for a long time.
  • The filling contains feathers aside from cotton and down filling.

9. DOWNCOOL 100% Cotton Quilted Down Comforter

Do you believe in angels? You will, when you experience a comfy and cozy sleep with the Downcool 100% Cotton Quilted Down Comforter. This 90″ x 90″ comforter is lightweight and super-soft thanks to its down and feather filling. The cover itself is made with 100% cotton to guarantee smoothness and a gentle feel for the skin.

9 26

Keeping functionality and design in harmony, the Downcool features a stylish box-stitch quilting design duvet filler insert. This prevents the feather and down filling from shifting when used to ensure an even filling at all times. Additional methods were used to avoid the filling from escaping.

Exquisite hemming using double-needle sewing is effective at keeping the feathers intact. The binding and having four corner tabs on the quilt help ensure longevity in its use as well as letting you sleep comfortably and safely. Nothing beats a pleasant sleep more than sleeping on an angel’s lap!

  • EEIQ has certified the Downcool’s feathers/fibers escaped and air permeability testing.
  • It features a remarkably soft shell made of 233 thread count cotton fabric.
  • The 100% cotton cover that helps protect your skin from the feather and down filling is easy to clean and maintain.
  • The stylish quilting design and duvet insert feature provide a layer of security and even distribution of comfort.
  • It is made of breathable materials and can be dry cleaned.
  • As an added precaution, the product’s use of down and feather filling may not be suitable for those susceptible to allergy and skin sensitivities.
  • It can produce a slight crinkly noise due to the feather filling but it can be alleviated by using a duvet cover and by continued use for a long period.

10. WEEKENDER Hypoallergenic Quilted Down Alternative

Indulge in comfortable luxury with the WEEKENDER Hypoallergenic Quiltden Down Alternative Comforter. It is fashioned in hotel-style design, giving that premium quality look and texture. With the Weekender comforter, you can enjoy the comfort of a hotel bed in your bedroom at home.

10 26

The Weekender can be used as an insert or stand-alone comforter. It sports a stylish quilted box stitching design with 8 sewn-in corner duvet loops and side tabs to secure your favorite duvet cover in place. This prevents shifting or clumping of the fill, making it significantly more comfortable than other similar products.

Designed to give premium hospitality to your home without the stay-in fee, it would cost you in a fancy hotel. The Weekender uses hypoallergenic microfiber filling to prevent allergies and to protect customers with other associated problems. It is crafted to be used for all-season use to keep you warm and cozy in winter and cool and comfy during summer.

  • The Weekender down alternative comforter lets you experience 5-star luxury comfort in your home.
  • Its 88″ x 92″ measurement and mid-weight design makes it a great match for most Queen-sized beds.
  • Hypoallergenic materials are used to ensure allergen-free comfort.
  • It is easy and safe to maintain using a washing machine and dryer.
  • The product comes with a 3-year warranty period to guarantee replacement and a 30-day return period in case of issues.
  • It requires extra care and precautions when handling the product for washing to avoid tearing and other unwanted mishaps.
  • The fabric feels thin and not as sturdy as other products in the market.

Different Types of Fills Used in Comforters

There are two main categories of fill materials used in comforters. These are Down and Down Alternative types. There are a lot of options available that can be used for each kind, each with corresponding advantages and disadvantages.

11 19

  • Down Type

Down type fillers are generally better when used in comforters because of their superior ability to provide warmth and comfort. Not only that, but this type of fill is also lightweight and has high breathability. This means that despite its ability to provide better warmth, it still promotes air circulation to prevent yourself from being too warm and find yourself sweating in the process.

Down type fills are usually difficult to maintain compared to Down Alternative fills. It requires further care when handling it during machine washing, like using a duvet cover to protect it from damage. Because this fill usually contains feathers as well as other down materials, it has the potential to trigger allergic reactions and asthma attacks.

Despite protective shells used to make sure the filling won’t leak, some necessary precautions are needed to avoid these problems. In light of this, unique down materials are currently being developed and produced, which companies claim to be hypoallergenic.

  • Down Alternative Type

Down Alternative comforters usually use cotton, polyester, or rayon in their fill. Because the materials used can mimic the benefits of down type materials, the down alternative is a popular choice for those who are prone to allergies and susceptible to asthma attacks. It is also due to the materials used that the down alternative is usually cheaper compared to down type comforters. Furthermore, they are less prone to tearing and are easier to maintain and clean when machine washed.

Despite being able to mimic down type materials, down alternatives cannot beat the former when it comes to warmth-to-weight ratio, and they are usually less breathable. And surprisingly, some down choices are less durable than other types because of their tendency to shrink when washed. They suffer more from wear and tear due to frequent use and washing.

Benefits of Using Comforters

Comforters are the perfect sleeping companions for all seasons. Why settle for mere blankets when you can indulge yourself underneath a cozy and comfy sheet of fluff? Not only do comforters offer more warmth, but some products promote air circulation enough to make you comfortable without making you sweat. Unlike blankets that can only keep you warm, comforters can both keep you warm during cold times and keep you fresh during warm times.

12 17

  • Comfort

A good night’s sleep is always associated with your level of comfort. Comforters are designed to keep you cozy and produce a conducive sleeping environment for you. They are crafted meticulously to ensure an even premium fluffy surface that doesn’t leak or clump so that you can enjoy every inch of that beautiful fluff.

After a day’s hard work, it’s natural that you’d want to feel relaxed. When pillows aren’t enough to keep you snug, comforters will help make you feel cozy so you can relax without trying to.

  • Design

Comforters are also designed to go well with your bedroom. Depending on your choice of design and colors, comforters add more interest and enhance the visual appeal of your bed and room. That bundle of fluff isn’t just meant to make you feel all comfy. After all, a beautiful place adds another level of satisfaction to make your bedroom so cozy to look at, you’d just want to lay there and sleep.

Perhaps the only downside you’d get from buying a comforter is when it is too cozy. You can sometimes end up getting late for your appointments because you just wouldn’t want to get up and leave this soft, sinful pleasure.

  • Quality Sleep

Lastly, everyone needs quality sleep. Quality sleep is needed by the body to de-stress and function properly. You sleep more and feel more relaxed when you wake up if you sleep comfortably. And what better way to help you get some comfy sleep is there than having a night of uninterrupted sleep.

How to Choose a Cooling Comforter

Everyone needs a good night’s sleep. Trying to sleep in a hot room caused by seasonal weather can be a terrible ordeal. This is especially true when you need to sleep to refresh yourself for the next day. It is almost impossible to rest while you’re sweating uncomfortably in your bed.

When you’re unable to get enough sleep, your body can’t function properly. Thus you can’t perform your tasks efficiently for the day. If this keeps up, your body’s immune system will be affected, and your body will eventually be plagued with metabolic disorders.

13 5

  • Temperature

Getting the right temperature plays a huge part in getting a good night’s rest. According to studies, the ideal temperature for sleeping lies between 60- and 67-degrees Fahrenheit. The body will be reluctant to put itself to sleep if the room temperature is hot, although it can do so at times when it has no other choice but to turn itself off. However, doing so means you’ll wake up cranky and annoyed, completely dissatisfied with your sleep.

Thankfully, cooling comforters exist to make you comfortable and also help alleviate the heat you’re experiencing on those hot nights. They are not only a cozy companion for your bed. But they are also remarkable temperature regulators that allow you to feel comfortable no matter what time or season it is. They keep you warm or cold, depending on your needs, whenever you need them.

  • Breathability

Cooling comforters are crafted to facilitate airflow between you and the room as well as redistribute body heat, making you feel more relaxed. Some products incorporate the use of cooling gels. Still, most cooling comforters on the market are designed with fabric that wicks away moisture from sweat.

To differentiate regular from cooling comforters:

  • Regular comforters are made to keep you warm to prevent you from shivering at night.
  • Cooling comforters, however, are designed to promote improved air circulation and to reduce or stop sweating.

  • Materials Used

The first thing you should note when choosing the right cooling blanket for you is by checking its material. If you have allergies or asthma, you should go for products that use hypoallergenic materials. Is the material breathable? Breathable materials promote air circulation further, making you feel more relaxed.

  • Durability

The next thing to consider is how sturdy the design is. Will it hold and keep the fill in place? How good is the shelling to prevent leakage and spills? Cooling comforters may be bundles of fluff and comfort, but they are also delicate. No matter how careful you are in handling them, if the safety design is weak from the get-go, it is susceptible to damage through wear and tear.

  • Size

Lastly, you should take measurements of your bed and make sure the cooling comforter you plan to purchase snugly fits your bed. You don’t want a cooling comforter that’s smaller than your bed. Not only does it look bad aesthetically, but if you can’t enjoy the full comfort of your bed and your comforter, then what’s the point?

So always aim for the right size or something slightly more significant than your bed to fully immerse yourself in the wondrous cooling experience cooling comforters have to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which offers more comfort? Down or Down Alternative fills?

Down and Down Alternative fills usually give the same level of comfort and fluffiness. This is because down alternative type fills can mimic the comfy benefits of down type fills. Finding out what is best for you, however, all comes down to a matter of two factors: warmth-to-weight ratio and being a ‘safer’ alternative.

Of course, down type comforters are unbeatable when it comes to the former. On the other hand, down alternative comforters are always the go-to choice for customers who prefer the latter, utilizing hypoallergenic materials for their security due to health concerns.

  • What should I do to prevent my comforter from tearing during machine wash?

Comforters are generally delicate despite having been crafted to be sturdy. As such, they need to be handled with care and not to be taken for granted. Always remember to set the machine to gentle washing to avoid damage during the wash cycling period and also use cold water. However, down comforters are more susceptible to damage, and it can be stressful to wash them yourself. The best thing you can do is to have them professionally cleaned.

  • Why should I get a cooling comforter when a blanket is a far cheaper option?

A blanket can only cover you and warm you up on cold nights. A Cooling comforter does not just warm you up when you need it. Still, it also helps regulate your body temperature to make it cool enough for you to sleep comfortably. A blanket is just a flat and dull piece of fabric, while a cooling comforter lets you feel snug and cozy. Comforters may be far more expensive than sheets, but they offer far more benefits that make it worth the investment.


When it’s so hot that not even turning on the air conditioner or opening the windows can solve those irritable and sweaty nights. You might want to get yourself a cooling comforter. It is a heavenly-sent solution that will embrace you with its lovely fluffiness and lull you to sleep.

Cooling comforters are designed for thermoregulation and provide comfort that not even your pillows can suffice. They are also intended to be useable for all seasons, which means you can use them anytime and on every occasion. Never again will you have to experience difficulty sleeping or even sleepless nights when you have the best cooling comforter in your bedroom.

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