Best King Size Down Comforter Reviews For 2022

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If you think all comforters are all the same, then it’;s time to correct what you think. There are different types of comforters available depending on your needs. Now that we live in a very competitive world, makers of comforters see to it that they have customized products to get their specific target customers.

One that is taking the limelight is the down comforters. It has been branded as the comforter of choice because of the many benefits it brings. One and on top is the maximum comfort it brings. This is made possible because of the material used which is a duck or goose feathers. There are also down alternatives which provide the same results as the genuine ones. Next is the warmth it can give that surpasses the cold of the night. It is also lightweight that it will not burden you of heavy loads (unlike the other comforters) in case you want to travel with it.

There are more to unravel about this product; and in this review, the best king size down comforter available in the market will be presented. Read on and choose your best fit.

10 Best Rated King Size Down Comforter Reviews

1. LINENSPA All-Season White Down Alternative Quilted Comforter

Shoo your allergies away when using this king size down comforter. Linenspa creates this hypoallergenic comforter to ensure that the feathers will not irritate you so you can enjoy a good rest. Worry not on the weight, it’;s light and easy to set.

best King Size Down Comforter

This has a quilt style or box type stitches to make sure that the feathers will be intact. The stitches are durable enough to safe keep the feathers inside. Not only that; this quilted comforter is reversible. There are different colors to choose from, each can match the color and mood of your bedroom. And in any case, you have no time to go to the laundry, you can just dust off and then reverse.

But if you prefer to wash it regularly, yes, this is machine washable. No need to worry about washing it by hand (but if you can, better do it by hand). For best results, gentle washing and air drying are recommended so you can maintain its fluffiness.

  • Lightweight which makes it easy to carry anywhere or easy to wash and clean
  • Since it has 8-side loops, you can easily attach this comforter to a duvet cover.
  • Many reviews say that this comforter is a real warmer, a good companion in a cold night
  • Confusing labels; says it’s not washable but it is indeed washable
  • Not recommended for too much machine wash, tendency of the stitches to loose
  • Too warm so not recommended during summer


So what’;s not to love about this comforter? This is also best if you have children who are sensitive to small particles like feathers.

2. Luxurious 1200 Thread Count Goose Down Comforter

Coming from the luxury line, this comforter comes in the frontline. It is made of 100% goose down and you are assured that no synthetic materials were inserted as fillers. You’;ll also love its 50-ounce weight made possible by 750+ fill power. With this, you won’;t have a hard time setting up your bed.

King Size Down Comforter reviews

When it comes to comforters, thread count matters. The higher the thread count the softer the comforter is and did you know that this comforter has 1200 thread counts? What else will make you love this less?

The sides are tightly sewn with multiple thread loops to secure the down inside. Adding to it are the box type stitches that add to its durability. What also makes this unique from other comforters is this is made from Long Staple Giza Cotton grown in the lush Nile River Valley since the time of the Pharaohs.

  • Thick and fluffy comforter as if you’;re sleeping on a pie
  • At par with the very expensive authentic European comforter
  • A perfect partner for a very cold sleeper
  • Tiny feathers leaking out the cover
  • Build up of odor after washing
  • There is a scratchy sound when moving in bed


The main reason why we need a comforter is to keep us warm. Luxurious did not fail to provide the warmth we all need especially on a cold winter night. Choosing this will give you your money’;s worth.

3. SNOWMAN White Goose Down Comforter

It’;s like hugging a huge teddy. This is what you will feel when you use Snowman White Goose comforter. The fluffy feel is cushioned in huge box type partitions. The stitches are tight making sure that all threads and feathers will be secured from being worn out.

cheap king size down comforters

Though it is huge, it is not bulky if you want to carry it. As you roll it, it becomes tight so it can fit a huge comforter bag. And when you unroll it again, you’;ll never worry as it will expand and return to its original size and softness.

As a comforter age, it’s but natural for that certain smell to develop. All comforters experience that. For Snowman, they already anticipated that to happen, that’;s why they formulated a freshness formula. When you begin to smell something, you can just air dry it for 4-5 hours, dust it off, then the fresh smell comes back.

  • Soft and fluffy, the quality is at par with those expensive comforters
  • Very light to handle and snuggle
  • Provide a genuinely warm feeling
  • There’;s a tarp-like sound when you move while under the comforter
  • Some reviews say that the advertisement photos are deceiving
  • There are square patches with uneven distribution of feathers


The softness is anchored to its 100% pure cotton and breathable material. All sides are also sewn with stitches that protects the comforter from loose threads when being washed or used. It is also anti-mite and hypoallergenic making it safe for the whole family.

4. WEEKENDER Hypoallergenic Quilted Down Alternative

Have a hotel staycation feel with this down comforter. You need not spend an amount like that of a five-star hotel comforter. You can have it all in the comfort of your bedroom.

king size white down comforter

The outer material is made from plush which makes it smooth to touch. In a down comforter, there’s a tendency for the feathers to be disoriented and displaced. That’;s why Weekender inserted microfiber filling in the quilt to make everything in place. The microfiber fill is also hypoallergenic making you free from irritants.

A comforter’;s weight plays a vital role in its capacity to keep the user warm. Good thing Weekender specially formulated the perfect weight so you will keep warm all year round without feeling the burden of a heavy comforter. There are also 8 loops for a partner duvet cover. This is to make sure that it won’;t sag (making you uncomfortable) as you use it. The sides are carefully sewn which adds to its elegant look.

  • You would not require a duvet cover since it is so fluffy by itself
  • The size is more than enough for two
  • Using it will take your snooze to the next level, provides real comfort
  • The material doesn’;t support thorough washing, you need to be careful
  • This fabric and not that durable looking
  • The actual size is different from what’;s on the label


If you’;re into the thin and light down comforter, then this is a good catch for you. Make sure you read all the labels before washing.

5. TEKAMON All Season Reversible King Comforter

To feel warm is the main purpose why we buy a most comfortable down comforters. It’;s good to note that TEKAMON took that in priority when they crafted their down alternative comforter. They even tested and measured the actual temperature their comforter would bring, and it is around 32-34 degrees celsius. Warm enough right?

most comfortable down comforter

TEKAMON also took into consideration the common issues that a down comforter owner has. First is durability. Most comforters are already worn out after a few washes. With TEKAMON, it won’;t happen. The polyfill protects makes the structure intact, eliminating sagginess and disoriented materials inside. The stitches are heavy-duty for the longevity of use. Free from irritants is next. The polyfill will protect you from sneezing with goose down and feather bedding.

One of the common complaints is the noise when turning and tossing. TEKAMON addressed that also. You will never hear any sound so you can enjoy a good night’s sleep. The smell will also stay fresh even when used for long already.

  • Reversible designed, ready to match the mood of your bedroom
  • Surprisingly warm according to many reviews, perfect for the cold winter
  • Perfectly comfortable to use, very light and feels good to snuggle inside
  • Not fluffy enough as expected from the usual down comforters
  • The actual size doesn’;t fit what’;s on the label
  • The filler tends to be flat


TEKAMON is confident to provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They are ready to prove all their claims regarding their comforter. In case you did not like something after purchase, their support group is just one call away.

6. Beckham Hotel Collection 1600 Series

When thinking of comforters, we also think of longevity. It’;s not something disposable after a few uses. That’;s why it is best to have a down comforter that promises a longevity of use. This is what Beckham hotel collection provides. The durability was made possible with the help of having hypoallergenic materials that prevent the attacks of mites, molds, or even mildew. This can also be washed in the tub under gentle pressure. Air dry or gentle tumble dry is recommended too.

king size grey down comforter

The stitches in the box type quilt also prove its longevity of use. The size of the stitches is carefully computed to make it perfect for each quilt and protect the alternative down inside. The hems are precisely heavy duty. This alternative down comforter is filled with synthetic goose feathers that make it lightweight and fluffy to hug.

The first 30 days of use is a bonus. If you’;re not satisfied, you can return it without questions asked. This only proves that Beckham is confident that their alternative down comforter will give whatever you’;re looking for in a comforter.

  • The stuffing is perfectly placed, all bunched up inside, making it soft and fluffy to hug
  • Washing machine friendly, unlike other comforters, it doesn’;t wear out easily even if dried in the machine
  • Smooth and silky to touch
  • Very lightweight that it becomes wrinkled after washed and used
  • The fillings are coming out of the quilt
  • Flat like a pancake


Way too flat and lightweight. This would only be a great companion for short travels.

7. ROSECOSE Luxurious Goose Down Comforter

Beautiful as it is, based on some reviews. This fluffy comforter doesn’;t need help from a duvet. But if you still want to have a duvet, it has ready loops to join in. The 1200 thread count calibrates its durability for longer use. The filling is 750+ and tucks all in its proper place inside the quilt.

best goose down comforter

Inside each tab are hypoallergenic materials that will prevent you from sneezing or from being irritable while sleeping. So this is great for those with heightened sensitivities to allergens. When used, it also promises a silent and serene night as no noise can be heard which is common to other down comforters.

The size is perfect for the bed. You and your partner can snuggle all day long without feeling uncomfortable. This is a type of comforter that you can use all year round. With proper care, you will not look for a new one.

  • Big enough and hangs down the bed, a great companion all day long
  • There is no feather leakage and the quilt are perfectly sewn that you won’;t see any ripping
  • A luxury comforter for a not so luxurious price
  • Unsatisfactory fluff, it did not puff up after opening from the package
  • Not really for the longevity of use, after 2 months, there are fillings on the bed
  • Dangerous to the health because of the loose feather that can irritate your breathing


This is not recommended if you have kids inside or elders that are sensitive to allergens. This may hamper breathing because of the loose feather.

8. WENERSI White Goose Down Comforter

Wenersi White Goose Down comforter is not the typical quilted comforter. Wenersi conceptualized the design for the filling to stay intact inside. Apart from being quilted, it has a twisted flower design at the center of each quilt. The center part is an added hem to hold all that’;s inside.

down comforter for king size bed

To ensure that it will be clean all year round, you may need a duvet cover. There’;s nothing to worry from sagging when with a duvet cover because it has ready loops to hold. Most of the reviews proved that the feathers do not poke from the inside and they’;re able to enjoy the comforter longer, unlike the other comforters.

When pulling from the package, don’;t be surprised to see some flatness. It will puff up in minimal time. This is a guarantee from Wenersi. They promise a soft and fluffy feel. The weight may be a little too heavy but this is something you can carry for sure.

  • Provide just enough temperature, not too hot nor too cold, just perfectly warm
  • The twisted flower center stitches make it very soft and fluffy
  • Better than a $500 worth of comforter
  • Confusing label, not goose down but duck down instead
  • Some kind of flat according to most reviews
  • Has a paper sound when in use


Fluffy but not fluffy enough to comfort you. The confusing label is also bothersome. So make sure you read other reviews before you purchase. Overall though, this will serve its purpose of being a good comforter.

9. ROYALAY Luxurious All-Seasons White Goose Down Comforter

As if sleeping on the clouds. This is the flaunting promise of this comforter. Royalay is a company known to have a principle that fears nature. Hence, all material is environment-friendly; and since it is, it guarantees safe, hypoallergenic, pure, and clean raw materials. It’;s perfect even for newborn babies. It prevents bacteria build-up when used for a long time.

king size white goose down comforter

This comforter works in two ways. It locks the warm temperature during winter so you will not feel cold while sleeping. During summer, the high temperature is released so the cold breeze can enter making you feel comfortable to give you a sound sleep.

The sides are durably piped to prevent leakage of what’;s inside. It is compatible with any duvet and is armed with loops to ensure that no sagging will happen during sleep. The look has an elegant touch as if you’;re on a royalty bed. The style will perfectly match the mood of your bedroom.

  • Proved the real definition of comforter’’ since it provides utmost comfort
  • It has a softness like no other, softness to another level
  • A comforter for all-season, winter or summer you can use it
  • Some reviews say it is not made of 100% down, but a mixture of other materials
  • Not recommended for machine wash, according to the label, it is for dry clean only
  • Has a factory smell even after a few uses


The level of comfort it provides surpasses the cons coming from other previous users. With proper care, you can manage the cons given. Still recommendable for use.

10. Lavish Comforts Hotel Luxury All Season Down Alternative Comforter

This comforter promises superior softness. This is made possible by the raw materials inside which is a premium double-brushed 1800 series microfiber. This seals the promise of softness while in use. It’;s even softer than Egyptian cotton.

king size down alternative comforter sets

Instead of square quilts, it is sewn in rectangular quilts that make it look huge with a touch of luxury. Not only that, the rectangular baffle ensures that all that’;s inside are intact and will not wear out. The sides are perfectly sewn and looped that stamps its durability.

Fluffiness is 10/10. You wouldn’t want to go outside the bedroom. Even your pets will love its softness. And of course, the micro polyfill is hypoallergenic. This is very important since you are breathing heavily when sleeping. The last thing that should happen is you inhale them and irritate your lungs.

  • The warm temperature is maintained, you will not feel cold when in use
  • The fillings are perfect places inside, not too thick not too thin
  • Bigger than the size in the label which gives you extra room in bed
  • Not machine washing friendly, review say that it has worn out after few washing
  • Has a horrible smell even after cleaning and washing
  • The material is not that durable


Though promising, this is not recommended for long use. Also not recommended to machine wash, you should be ready to hand wash if you still want to purchase one.

What to Consider When Choosing a King Size Down Comforter

Many companies are offering this kind of product. When you try to read their marketing labels, all promises are the same. They all claim that what they offer is the best product in the market. But the only way to prove that is to test for yourself. So buying one is crucial. You wouldn’;t want to have a trial and error series until you find the best fit for you.

11 17

The best that you can do before buying is to read reviews from actual users. Apart from the reviews, you might also want to consider the following tips. Combining the two major considerations (reviews and tips), you’;ll surely end up with the comforter of your dreams.

  • Quality of the Comforter

When it comes to quality, numbers matter. You should not rely on those plain and simple claims that their comforter is of high quality. Look at the labels and see the following:

  • Fill Power

This refers to the quality of the down feathers inside. Fill power dictates how fluffy, breathable, light, and warm the comforter is. The higher the fill power, the higher the quality. Fill power should be at least 700 before they can claim that their comforter is of high quality. 500 is of average quality, while anything lower than 400 is no longer recommended.

  • Thread Count

This is bonus. The higher the thread count, the tighter the fabric is woven. A thread count that is 200 and up is already a decent choice. Do not go lower than that if you want to use your comforter for long. If you can afford a thread count of 400 and up, then you’;re already buying a luxury comforter; and this is the best choice.

  • Barrier Weave

This is seldom declared on labels. What you can do is to call the customer support group of the product you are buying and ask for this. The barrier weave keeps the down intact in its place. It prevents leakage and irritating sounds from the comforter. Just like the thread count, the higher or the more barrier weave, the tighter the fabric is woven.

  • Feather Quality

You might wonder how can you determine if the duck or goose feathers inside the comforter you are purchasing is of high quality. This is again seldom declared in the labels. You can just call their customer support group to inquire about this information. Feathers coming from the underbelly of a mature duck or goose is the best quality.

  • Design and Construction

There are different ways a comforter is constructed. The top 3 most availed comforters are the box stitch, baffled box, and the diamond box designs. What you need to note when it comes to design and construction is how the down is protected inside. Does the design allow the down to slip? If yes, then it is not good because it loses the capacity to provide warmth because of displaced feathers.

There are more new designs available now. For added protection on the feathers, there are comforters designed as flowers having a center stitch to make the feather intact. You should look for this one.

  • Care Instructions

Comforters are not originally designed for machine wash. Most are for dry washing. For those who tried to do machine wash, most of them complained of ripped off feathers and loose threads. You need to consider this in priority if you want to use your comforter for long.

  • Raw Materials Used

Remember that you are hugging your comforters, you smell it, you breathe on it. Having hypoallergenic materials should be considered especially if you have a child. If the materials used are not hypoallergenic or are not gentle to the skin, the sooner you’;ll develop asthma and other related diseases.

  • Weight of the Comforter

The weight can determine the warmth level your comforter can give. Lightweight can keep you warm all night. The regular weight is enough for you to snuggle in bed all day long. There is also this summer weight comforters that are suited for those in warmer climate regions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Apart from reading the reviews, checking on the frequently asked question will help you choose the best down comforter that fits your needs. Besides, most companies do not divulge all information in their marketing labels unless asked. So here are some of them. If you don’;t find them in the labels or the reviews, don’;t hesitate to call their customer support group:

12 15

  • Is this Machine Washable?

One of the most common reasons why a comforter shortens its life span is cleaning it the wrong way. We all want to have a machine washable down comforter to save time, effort, and even money. Instead of bringing them in a laundry for dry washing, or instead of tiring yourself in cleaning it by hand, machine wash is the most comfortable way. Labels may say otherwise so it is better to seek answers from the actual users.

  • Is this fluffy or flat?

In contrary to what a down comforter should be, it’;s unfortunate that there are still flat instead of fluffy. The only way to know is for you to try it or to know the answers from the actual users. There are also some indicators to prove if a comforter is fluffy. You can also check fill power, weight, and the feathers used.

  • Do I still need a duvet cover?

Some comforters are already beautiful and useful as they are. There’;s no need to use a duvet cover. But if you’;re into using a duvet cover, check if there are loops to hold the duvet cover. This information is usually in the marketing labels.

  • Does it have noise?

If a comforter is noisy, it means that the stitches aren’;t good in quality. Noise means the feathers and the fillings inside are displaced. Even if they are partitioned with box stitches, the fillings inside tend to be displaced. One important factor you can consider is the thread count. The higher it is the better quality it has.


Considering the items discussed in this review, you are on your way to the best comforter that suits your needs. There’;s no need to spend that much unless you’;re into real luxurious living. But with just proper research by reading the reviews on the many products available, you will be able to find your best fit.

But don’;t be fooled by the false promises lurking on the internet. You need to be meticulous about what to believe from what’;s not. A comforter is not disposable and is designed for long usage, so make sure you made the right choice before purchasing one.

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